Decatur County Journal

March 4, l909


was born in Leon, Decatur County, Iowa, December l2, l890, and died at

the home of her father in Perry, Okla., February 24, l909, aged l8

years, 2 months and l2 days.

February l2, l89l, her mother died. Her Grandmother JOHNSON took her

and she lived with them most of the time until her Grandmother's death

in l903. NELLIE then came to Oklahoma to her father's home where she

has since lived, except two school years spent in Stillwater, where she

was with Grandpa BULLOCK. In the Tabor neighborhood she was known as

DOLLY, and had many friends who will sincerely mourn her early death.

She was converted during the protracted meeting held near Tabor by

Evangelist, Elder and Father Samson, of Van Wert, Iowa, in l899, and has

ever since been a faithful, consistent Christian girl. After coming to

Oklahoma, she united with the Baptist Church and at the time of her

death was organist for that Sunday School and B.Y.P.U. Services.

She was sick with typhoid fever two weeks. All that skill or nursing

could do was done, but to no avail. She leaves father, mother, three

sisters and five brothers, and many friends and relatives to mourn her

sudden departure. She was a member of the senior class of the Perry

High School. Her classmates were pall bearers and the school attended

in a body. Her oldest brother, ROBERT B., was so low at the time with

typhoid that no services could be held at the house. NELLIE will be

greatly missed in the home, school and church. Yet, we sorrow not as

those without hope, for we know she has joined the grandparents, mother

and sister who have preceded her, and that they will be there to greet

us as we pass over the silent river of death.

The funeral text was the same used for each of the Grandparents JOHNSON,

found in Psalms 96:l2 "So teach us to number our days that we may apply

our hearts unto wisdom," and given by the Pastor, Rev. J.E. Eldredge, of

Perry Okla. We do not know why this cross was placed, but that it may

bear fruit for eternity was the prayer of the Pastor.


Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert

October l0, 200l