Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa,br> Thursday, March l5, l900

GLADYS E., the sixteen-month-old daughter of MR. and MRS. LYSS JENKINS, died yesterday morning after a short illness. The funeral will be held from the home this afternoon.

Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, March 22, l900

GLADYS E. JENKINS, daughter of F.L. and FANNIE JENKINS, was born Oct. l8, l898, and died at their home in Leon, Ia., March l4, l900, aged l year, 4 months and l6 days. She was sick but a short time, having been taken with an acute disorder. Little GLADYS was their only daughter, and in her brief stay became a dear and precious object of interest and affection, but can we not say with the poet --

"Twas better to have loved and lost
Than never to loved at all?"

There is now the heart's choicest treasure in the beautiful City beyond. Baby is safe (*can't read). The parents and the two brothers are the bereaved. The sympathy of friends and neighbors are with them in their deep affliction.

MR. and MRS. JENKINS wish to express their thanks for the kindly interest and help of friends during the intense care and anxiety accompanying their child's illness.

Copied by Nancee (McMurtrey) Siefert
"With permission from the Leon Journal Reporter"
December 23, 2002