William A. Curry was born in Virginia (actually Pennsylvania) November 24,
1852, and died in Leon, Iowa, September 27, 1939 at the age of 86 years and
10 months. He came to Iowa as a pioneer from Hillsboro, Ohio. From early
boyhood he was an industrious, cheerful, and frugal American citizen. His
greatest pleasure was to help someone less fortunate. Until his hands
forgot their cunning, he loved to do little things that helped to make life
more comfortable to others. In 1875, he was united in marriage to Ellen M.
Riddle, who passed from this world in May, 1881 to join a son and three
daughters leaving now to mourn a fathers care, one daughter, Cora Curry
Woods, of Wichita, KS. In 1885 he was married to Mary Deisher who passed
away in June, 1928. He is also survived by four grandchildren, Floyd, Fay,
Fred and Nelle Woods; four great-grandchildren. Billy Floyd and Gary Arnold
Woods (sons of Floyd) and Lou Ann and Cora Faye Woods (daughters of Fred
Woods), a host of friends and loyal neighbors who did everything to make his
departing days more comfortable. Funeral services were held on Friday,
September 29, at the State Funeral Home with Rev. A. V. Hart officiating.
Interment was in the Lentz cemetery.

Submitted by great-granddaughter, Gayle Frances Woods Gardner