Decatur County Journal
July 5, l888


She was born in Ohio, January 23, l84l.  Was a member of the M.E.
Church.  She was baptized when about two years of age.  Was converted
and joined the church when a child and continued faithful until death.

She was married to her now bereaved husband in Osceola, August l, l869.
She testified that when converted she received a very clear and
satisfactory testimony that she was indeed the Lord's.  This witness she
never lost.  A husband, son and daughter, with many other friends, are
left behind to mourn her departure.  A true Christian she could be no
less than a faithful wife and a loving, tender mother.  Though a great
sufferer no word of complaint ever passed her lips.  With Christian
fortitude and patience she endured it all with scarcely a thought of
self, always for others.  Like the careful Christian she was, she set
her house in order and left directions as to all her affairs, a love
token and kindly message for her loved ones left behind.  Yet in all her
advice and loving counsel, the theme was ever of Heaven and Heavenly
things.  A wife, mother and friend has left us but "we sorrow not as
those who have no hope".  She left a bright evidence behind her that--

                "When the silver cord is loosed,
                 When the veil is rent away,
                 Not long and dark shall the passage be,
                 That leads to endless day."

She said before she died, "I see my Savior, He smiles but does not
becken yet", but soon the summons came, her spirit free from earth,
"returned to the God who gave it".

MRS. CREIGHTON was a woman of strong character and left the impress of
that character upon all who knew her, ever ready to work in a good
cause, always looking to a higher power for aid in times of sorrow and
affliction, consoling the bereaved with that Christian faith and hope
which marked her pathway through life.  With unselfish devotion she gave
to her friends her best energies, always showing blessings, but never
imposing burdens, always cheerful, never despondent, always making her
husband and children a cheerful, bright and happy home.  The light and
sunshine of the wife and mother have gone out of that home, but not
without hope.  Her admonitions on a dying bed to husband, children and
friends and her request for all to "meet her in Heaven" was evidence
sufficient that she had made her calling and election sure.  She was
ready, and the angel of peace winged her spirit away through the realms
of space to the God who gave it.

We desire to return thanks to friends and neighbors who were so faithful
to us during the sickness and death of our wife and mother.  May you be
blessed with such friends in your hour of bereavement.

                        WM. CREIGHTON AND FAMILY
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Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert