Decatur County Journal
April 28, l892

On last Thursday MR. DANIEL COLE, of this place, received a telegram
from his son, C.R. COLE, in Chicago, saying that his second son, E.J.
COLE, was dead.  The parents started for Chicago on Friday morning.

From the Inter Ocean of the l5th, we gather the following facts relative
to the sad calamity:  Young MR. COLE had gone out to the lake.  There
was a great storm on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, and some
misfortune happened to him, incident to the storm.  The report says:
"That all day Thursday the lake shore along the entire city was in
commotion and the police were called several times during the day to
remove the bodies cast up by the waves.  Early in the morning the
brakers washed ashore a body and the linen was marked, E.J. COLE. There
was little on his person to identify, beyond this.  The body was that of
a man about 25 years old, six feet tall and weighing about l75 pounds.
It was identified last night by C.R. COLE as that of his brother, E.J.
COLE.  He had left home on Wednesday night."

MR. COLE was a printer, and had learned his trade in Mt. Ayr.  Here he
spent his youth and school days.  He has largely made his own way in the
world and was a young man of promise.  To his parents, his death is
nothing short of a sore calamity and many friends bow with them in
grief.  To many old school mates and companions here, the accident will
be a great disappointment and sorrow.  In this overwhelming affliction
there is this comfort, that the cruel waves which engulfed E.J. COLE, so
soon gave him back again, and that the body out of which the young,
bright life went so suddenly, is now resting beside his kindred in
beautiful Waukesha.

                                  --Ringgold Record
Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert