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> Decatur County Journal
> April 5, l888
> DIED--SISTER LOUISA CHASTAIN, wife of LEVI, fell asleep in Jesus, Friday
> night, March 23rd, l888, at l2 M. o'clock at their home in Leon, Iowa.
> She was born in Montgomery County, Kentucky, October, l8ll.  Her maiden
> name was MARTIN.  She was married to her now lonely and bereft husband,
> February 3, l83l. Three years after their marriage they moved to Putnam
> County, Indiana, where they lived twenty-one years after which they
> removed to Eden Township, this county, where they lived until last
> September when they moved to Leon.
> She leaves a husband, five children, fifteen grandchildren, three great
> grandchildren and many friends to mourn her loss.
> In her seventeenth year she united with the Baptist Church, being
> baptised by JOHN SMITH, the well- known pioneer preacher.  Not long
> after, the congregation to which she belonged, with its preacher,
> entered the union movement for the restoration of primitive Christianity
> and ever since she has been satisfied to be simply a Christian.  During
> all her life in Christ of three score years, she was an active and
> willing worker in the church - her life was clean.  Especially did she
> love the praise of her Maker and Savior.  Being a leader in singing, her
> songs often stirred the souls of the brethern to nobler and purer
> living.  For the past three years she has been a suffering invalid and
> therefore her condition is bettered, but a wife and a mother's place is
> left vacant and the sorrow is unknown except to the motherless.
> May God bless and comfort these stricken ones and may her example never
> fade from their vision.
>      Farewell, my husband dear, farewell.
>        Adieu, farewell to thee,
>      And you, my dear children all,
>        Farewell, farewell to you.
>      Our mother is gone and we are left
>        The loss of her to mourn
>      But may we hope to meet with her
>        With Christ before God's throne.
>                                   H.A. LEMON
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