Decatur County Journal
February 6, l890

Death has once more visited our community, this time taking a loved one,
in the bloom of youth, just stepping upon the threshold of life.

WESLEY CHANDLER was born January 28, l869, and died at the residence of
his parents, MR. and MRS. W.S. CHANDLER, January 29, l899, aged 2l years
and l day.

He had been attending the normal school at Garden Grove, but not feeling
well he came home one week previous to his death.  His health did not
improve much but he was not considered in a dangerous condition until
the evening before he died, when he suddenly grew worse and passed
quietly away at 4 o'clock Wednesday morning.

WESLEY will be sadly missed by parents, brothers, sisters and friends.
His death has left a vacancy in the family circle which can never be
filled, and has cast a gloom over the community.  He was a favorite with
all, and by his kind disposition he had won and retained the respect and
confidence of everyone.

The funeral took place at the Dunkard Church, being conducted by REV.
KOB and PROF. BEARD, after which the remains were laid to rest in the
hope that to him, indeed, "Death has opened the door of immortal
happiness, his soul returning to its own beautiful and glorious home, to
go no more out forever".
                                       JENNIE FROST
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Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert