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Date: Sunday, June 10, 2001 9:01 PM

Decatur County Journal

October 20, l898

The Mt. Ayr News gives a full account of the death of FRANK CRITCHFIELD

of that place, Friday morning at the Cottage Hospital at Creston. FRANK

and his brother, W.N. CRITCHFIELD, left Tuesday in a buggy. In crossing

the railroad in the yards at Creston, a train struck him, cutting one

foot off and mashing up the other. He was found crawling on his hands

and knees and was taken to the Cottage Hospital. He suffered intensely

and rallied for the amputation but did not live but a short time.

The funeral services were held at his home last Sunday afternoon. This

young man was known to many of the Leon people and they regret the

unfortunate death.


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