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Date: Thursday, May 24, 2001 9:12 PM

Decatur County Journal
July l5, l897

NICHOLAS C. CREEDE, the millionaire founder of Creede, Col., committed
suicide at his home in Los Angeles, Cal., last Monday night.  His true
name was WILLIAM HARVEY and HON. JOHN W. HARVEY of this city is a

He was born in Wells County, Ind., about 60 years ago.  In l846 he
located Jasper County with his mother, one sister and four brothers.
When sixteen years old he went to the plains where he was called
"Creede" by the cowboys.  He finally adopted the name and was ever
afterwards known as NICHOLAS C. CREEDE.  He served for a number of years
in the regular army and participated in many campaigns against the

He then became a prospector and followed the occupation for eight years
in Colorado.  In l888 he made his first strike, clearing $20,000.  A few
years later he discovered valuable silver mines and founded the town of
Creede.  In l892 he was a millionaire, with an income estimated at
$l,000 per day.

Several years ago, MR. CREEDE married MRS. KYLE, of Pueblo, Col.  They
lived in an elegant home in Los Angeles, Cal., which cost $48,000.  The
first of the present year the couple separated, the wife accepting
$20,000 in full of all claims against the estate.  Recently she returned
to Los Angeles from Alabama and insisted on a reconcilliation.  CREEDE
could not agree to this and took the fatal poison as the easiest
solution of the problem which presented itself.
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