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Decatur County Journal
June 29, l90l

ALVIN HENRY CHASE was born May l, l836, died May 28, l90l, aged 65 years
and 28 days. He was born near Pawling, New York, where he remained
until his parents came in l855 to Garden Grove, Decatur County, Iowa,
and located. Here on the 20th of January, l856, he was united in
marriage with BELINDA COOLEY NORRIS, and they "climbed the hill
together" till January 7, l900, when she was taken and he left to finish
the journey alone. To them were born seven children, one son and six
daughters, of whom but three are living, the others having died in
youth. These three are ARA, who lived with her father, MRS. EVA DAWSON
of Washington, and MRS. ADA CRABTREE of Nebraska.

At the age of seventeen years, MR. CHASE began preaching and was known
in the part of New York where he lived as the "boy preacher." He
continued in the active work of the ministry until l890 when by reason
of failing health he was forced to retire, his last pastorate being at
Humeston, Iowa. In l876 he came with his family to Redfield where he
remained till his death, with the exception of two years spent at

February 29, l864, he enlisted in his country's service as a private in
Company D, 39th Iowa Volunteer Infantry and received his discharge at
Louisville, Kentucky, July l2, l865. During his service he participated
in two regular battles and a number of skirmishes. He was with Sherman
on his famous "march to the sea", and it was always a matter of great
pride that though the march was excessively arduous, he never failed to
answer at roll call or to stack arms with his company each night when
halt was made. He was an active member of the G.A.R. and for many years
he held the office of adjutant in the local post.

The funeral services, which were conducted by Rev. Geo. W. Ladd of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, and Marshall Post G.A.R., were attended by
great numbers of true friends of whom he had so many here where his home
had been for so long. Once more the ranks are broken by the falling of
a comrade. "Taps" have sounded and his light is out. A true, tender,
brave heart has ceased to beat, a cheering voice is stilled, a friend
will be missed. For him, however, it was but transition and he has only
entered into life. Behind him is the priceless memory of true Christian
manhood, and he "Being dead, yet speaketh."

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
July l2, 200l

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