Decatur County Journal

January 3, l907

WILLIAM BROWN CAMPBELL, born in Scotland, died at his home in Eden

Township, December 28, l906, aged 79 years and 9 months. MR. CAMPBELL

joined the Presbyterian Church as a boy in Scotland. After coming to

this country he united with the M.E. Church. In all these years, he

never lost faith in Jesus Christ, and he died in hope of the

resurrection of the just.

For fifty-three years, he had lived on one farm in Eden Township. His

companion preceded him by twenty-four years. Six children are left to

mourn the loss of a loving father. The funeral services were conducted

from the old home Sunday by Rev. C.W. Reeder. All of the children were

present, and a large number of the old friends. The remains were laid

to rest in the Meek Cemetery.

Father, sleep the sleep of the just,

To pay this debt we all must.


Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert

September 28, 200l