The Davis City Advance, Davis City, Iowa
Thursday, November 30, l899

MRS. ABSALOM W. COX died at her home in Eden Township, three miles northeast of Davis City, on Wednesday, Nov. 8, l899. The deceased was born in Anderson County, Tennessee, June 6, l830, where she lived until grown, then moved with her parents to Mercer County, Mo. Her maiden name was LIENALLEN. While residing in Mercer County, she was married to ABSALOM W. COX in the year, '55, and from there they moved to this county where she has since resided. Sister COX was the mother of eight children, five boys and three girls, her husband and two sons having preceded her to the Great Beyond. The rest of the children were all present at the funeral.

Brother A.W. COX was widely known as a Minister of the Gospel and died Aug. 30, l893. Sister COX united with the Bethel Baptist church in l855, and remained a faithful member until death. Her death came suddenly Wednesday morning while her son, FRANK and wife, were out to milk. On their return to the houe they found her lying on the floor with life almost extinct, and death came in spite of all that could be done.

The funeral services were held at Bethel Church by Rev. Harry A. Bennett, after which her remains were laid to rest in the church cemetery. The sorrowing relatives, and the children, who fully realize that they have lost their best earthly friend, have the deepest sympathy of their many friends and neighbors.

O Mother, thy gentle voice is hushed
Thy warm true heart is still,
And on thy pale and peaceful face
Is resting death's cold chill.
Thy hands are clasped upon thy breast,
We have kissed thy marble brow
And in our aching hearts we know
We have no Mother now.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
October 8, 2003