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Leon Reporter
Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, July 19, 1923

Both Died Last Wednesday from Terrible Burns:

Both of the men burned at the Lamoni Steam Laundry on Tuesday afternoon of last week when a mangle exploded, died the following day. The two men, H.A. STURDYVIN and RAY CHASEY were brothers-in-law, MR. CHASEY having been married only a copule of months, and his wife was painfully burned from the knees down. The following particulars of the terrible accident are taken from the Lamoni Chronicle:

An explosion at the Lamoni Steam Laundry which very seriously injured the proprietor, H.A. STURDYVIN, and his assistant, RAY CHASEY, occurred about 3 p.m. Tuesday.

The valve in the index and exhaust pipes leading from the mangle were leaking and MR. STURDYVIN was down on the floor close to the drum where the steam pressure is held endeavoring to tighten a bolt which he thought might remedy the trouble when the mangle exploded throwing boiling water and steam all over him. The force threw him back against a water tank and in order to reach the door he had to pass through the steam and hot water which was splashing and running everywhere. He was badly burned all over, the worse burns being about the face and neck.

RAY CHASEY was standing near the end of the mangle on the opposite side and sustained severe burns on his body. MRS. CHASEY was also near enough to the escaping steam and water to receive burns on the lower limbs.

When the plate on the hand hole blew off, the boiling water in an instant flew everywhere causing the helpers to flee before it. MRS. LILLIE ENNIS and MRS. BLATT were working in the south end of the same room sorting clothes and before they could reach the door they were wading to their ankles. MRS. ETTA MARTIN and other helpers were in the basement and the noise of the explosion was so terrific they lost no time in their fright in an exit through the basement window.

The noise soon brought a crowd. MRS. BLATT rushed to the telephone and summoned surgical aid. The three sufferers were rushed to Dr. Hill's office where he and Dr. King dressed the wounds. They were then removed to the STURDYVIN home on West Tenth Street, where trained nurses, MISS HELENE FLEET and MRS. PAUL TEALE are attending them, and everything possible is being done to alleviate their suffering.

~ ~ ~ ~

Leon Reporter
Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, July 26, 1923


HERBERT ALBERT, son of EDWARD and MAIZIE STURDYVIN was born October 16, 1885, at Topeka, Kans., died July 11, 1923, at Lamoni, Iowa, aged at time of death, 37 years, 8 months and 25 days.

About 18 years of his life were spent at Topeka. From there he moved to St. Joseph, Mo., where he lived for about 9 years. The remainder of his life has been spent in Lamoni.

He became a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Sept. 26, 1909.

He was married October 12, 1914, to MISS HELEN BENTLEY at Des Moines, Iowa. To this union were born two children, FRANCES LOIS and HERBERT MAX. He is survived by his wife, two children, one sister, MRS. JOHN NIXON, and a number of cousins.

~ ~ ~ ~

Leon Reporter
Leon, Decataur County, Iowa
Thursday, July 26, 1923


RAY HOBART, son of T.W. and OTTUMWA CHASEY was born in Decatur County, Iowa, Sept. 5, 1896, died at Lamoni, Iowa, July 12, 1923, being at the time of his death, aged 26 years, 10 months and 7 days.

Practically his entire life has been spent in and near Lamoni. With the exception of the time spent in the Army he made his home with his parents until the time of his recent marriage.

He was a graduate of the local High School, graduating with the class of 1913. He enlisted in the U.S. Army July 22, 1917, remaining in the service until March 22, 1919, when he received an honorable discharge. He served in France for slightly over a year in the 482d Aerial Squadron.

He was married on the 17th day of May, 1923, to MISS LILLIAN BENTLEY, of Lamoni, the marriage occurring in Mt. Ayr, Iowa. For sometime previous to his marriage and continuously since, RAY has been in the employ of the Sturdyvin Pantitorium and the Lamoni Steam Laundry.

He leaves his wife, parents, one brother and three half-sisters besides a number of other relatives.

Both of these men were members of the I.O.O.F. and K. of P. Lodges, both of which marched in uniform at the funeral.

A double funeral was held at the L.D.S. Church, Friday afternoon and was one of the most largely attended funerals ever held in Lamoni.

MRS. CHASEY whose burns about the limbs sustained in the same accident, made it impossible for her to walk, was able to attend the funeral in a wheel chair. Elder C.E. Wright preached the sermon and was assisted by Rev. J. Vincent Gray. Members of the American Legion and I.O.O.F. and K. of P. Lodges marched with the mourners. Music was furnished by a mixed quartet, Miss Aliene Brackenbury, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Wright and A. Otis Whitte.

At the cemetery the Oddfellows took charge at the grave of MR. STURDYVIN while military ceremonies in charge of Commander McElroy were held over the grave of MR. CHASEY.

Both were laid to rest in Rose Hill Cemetery.

MRS. CHASEY is recovering rapidly from the burns sustained which were very painful though not from the first considered serious.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
"With permission from the Leon Journal Reporter"
August 11, 2002