Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, August 25, l904



'Mrs. Henry Walters Takes Two Shots at Her Loving and Trusting Spouse.'

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It was supposed until Sunday morning that MR. and MRS. HENRY WALTERS lived on Paradise valley, which is located in the southeast part of town. But their home was not much of a paradise about the time most people were donning their Sunday linen in order to attend divine services. MRS. WALTERS dispensed with the family worship that morning, and proceeded to make a rough house for MR. WALTERS. She threw his trunk out of the front door and with it most of his wearing apparel, and he was told to make himself scarce about his own domicile.

MR. WALTERS did not show the proper inclination to make himself scarce, and MRS. WALTERS insisted on having her mandate obeyed. She accordingly got down MR. WALTERS' trusty revolver, and fired a couple of shots at her spouse who lingered about the premises. The shots did not scare MR. WALTERS very much, because he was in numerous battles during the war, but he finally concluded to quite the ranch and let his wife run things to suit herself. MR. WALTERS is hopeful that when the cold and chilly blasts of December blow around, and the time arrives for laying in a winter's supply of coal, his wife will come to her senses and invite him to return home and once more live in peace and happiness.


Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert

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