Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, March l5, l900

A.E. HOLZER, of this place, who is teaching at the Hickory School House, 3 l/2 miles southwest of Lineville, seems to have had some misunderstanding with the ELLIS boys of that neighborhood, and on last Friday evening came into town laboring under excitement and reported that he had been waylaid on his way home and shot at by one of the ELLIS brothers. He stated that he drew his revolver and returned the shot and thought that he had hit one of his assailants, as he saw him throw his hand to his head and stagger, but later reports from the neighborhood are to the effect that no one was hit and that the boy was merely doubled up and holding his side from laughter at the sight of HOLZER "scorching" up the road for town. Another reporter of that neighborhood who seems to take a humorous view of the case says that HOLZER's pace was so hot that the snow and ice between the battlefield and town was melted from the road and the sleighing completely ruined. MR. HOLZER is going on with his school, however, and carries a dangerous look on his face that bodes no good for those who may attempt to scare him again.


Copied by Cordelia Suzann

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