The Lamoni Chronicle
July 19, 1906

Deputy U. S. Marshall Wesley Bryant, of Creston, took Francis Stuteville and Ernest Ellston, two young farmer boys who reside between Davis City and Pleasanton, to Creston, Friday afternoon, where they were held by U. S. Commissioner Hanna to appear before the next federal grand jury under bonds of $250 each to answer to the charge of destroying United States mail boxes on one of the rural routes by shooting holes in them. The offense was committed on April 28th. The lads, who are about fifteen years old, filled up on forty-rod whiskey and tore down some of the mail boxes on their way home, threw them into the river and shot others full of holes. The post office inspector was put on the case and Inspector Caine of Des Moines, filed the information against the boys. The boys made a clean breast of the affair admitting they were the ones who did the work. Young Stuteville is the son of J. M. Stuteville, and young Ellston makes his home with his grandfather, Tyre Henderson, both being among our best families. They will probably plead guilty when their case comes up for trial and escape with a fine. It is reported that the parties who sold the boys the liquor which got them into trouble will be prosecuted also.-Leon Reporter

Copied by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
April 25, 2003

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