The Davis City Advance, Davis City, Iowa
Thursday, March 28, l895

There was quite a little excitement on our streets last Saturday. About a week ago, J. BURRELL traded horses with ELMER BOZARTH and received a set of harness gratis. Last Friday MR. STUTEVILLE came up from near the Missouri line and identified the same harness as a set stolen from WILSON STONE of Hamilton Township, one week ago last Saturday night. MR. BURRELL then drove to the residence of MR. STONE and the harness was recognized as the one stolen from him. Returning to Davis City, a warrant was sworn out for ELMER BOZARTH's arrest and early Saturday morning Constable Wm. Hamilton arrested him and brought him to Davis City, where he was given a hearing before Justice Kling, who informed him he would have to give $l00 bonds.

Before the bondsmen were secured MR. STONE came up from his home and BOZARTH informed him that he could prove his whereabouts on the night the harness was taken. This he did to the satisfaction of all concerned. He says he bought the harness from a mover for the sum of $8.

MR. STONE is the grandfather of BOZARTH and requested that he be released. This request was granted and he is only out about $l0.

Although evidence pointed directly toward BOZARTH, we are very glad to state that he came clear, as he has always borne a good repoutation and has never before been suspected of doings either dishonorable or dishonest, and we think that such matters should be thoroughly investigated before arrest is made, as such proceeding often brings distress to the defendant and mars his honest reputation, although innocent.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
August 29, 2003

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