Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, May 7, l896*

Quite a little romance was brought to an abrupt end on Tuesday by the arrest at Sheldon, Neb., of GEO. W. SPICER and MRS. ORA SPICER, wife of J.H. SPICER, who eloped from this city a week ago last Monday. GEO. W. SPICER is about 45 years old, his home being at Pulaski, Ill., where he has a wife and several children. He visited his brother, J.H. SPICER in this city, last fall for a few weeks, and returned to Leon a short time ago. A week ago last Sunday, he went to Davis City and on Monday, J.H. SPICER went to work as usual, leaving his wife and little two year old daughter at home. When he returned to the house in the evening, he found his wife and child gone. It seems that shortly after he left the house, MRS. SPICER, who is about 23 years old, packed up her personal effects and leaving the child at her mother's, MRS. RICHARD DARR, boarded the afternoon north bound passenger train, being met by GEO. W. SPICER at the depot. The deserted husband followed the couple to Chariton the next day, where he learned they had registered as man and wife and occupied a room at a hotel over night. The next morning they purchased two tickets for Sheldon, Neb. Returning to Leon, the husband filed an information before Esquire Albaugh charging the couple with adultery and the officers at Sheldon were instructed to arrest the guilty pair and hold them until an officer with a requisition arrived. Gov. Drake issued a requisition on Tuesday and Sheriff Beck will leave for Sheldon today.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert

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