Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, August 11, l904

One of the boldest robberies that ever occurred in Leon took place at the residence of O.E. TULLIS Monday evening. MR. TULLIS was moving from the south part of town to the residence just north of W.A. Boone's home, and was engaged about 9 o'clock in putting down a carpet in the bed room. He left his parlor carpet, consisting of 35 yards of almost new Brussels carpet lying outside the house on the porch and when he finished putting down the bed room carpet, went out for the parlor carpet, but it was gone, some sneak thief having carried it away bodily, notwithstanding the large bulk and heavy weight. Mrs. Boone who lives just across the street says that about dusk she noticed a tall woman dressed in black looking in at one of the windows of the house, but a woman could hardly have carried the heavy carpet and it is thought she was watching the people in the house while a man carried off the carpet.

Later: The carpet was found the next day in a bunch of weeds behind Mrs. Julia Chase's woodhouse, the thief either finding it too heavy to carry away or decided to hide it and get it later.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
June 19, 2003

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