The Lamoni Chronicle
August 23, 1906

The Princeton reunion was closed on the night of August 10 by a shooting affray in which one man was killed and another mortally wounded. City marshall, Abe TRENT, was passing along the street with a drunken prisoner when "Buck" MCHARGUE, a tough character with whom the marshall had previously had trouble, interfered and demanded the release of the prisoner. Hot words ensued and TRENT knocked MCHARGUE down with his billy. On arising MCHARGUE pulled his gun and began firing, mortally wounding TRENT. At the same time Orlie TRENT, a son of the marshall and himself a deputy, took a hand in the shooting and when the smoke cleared away MCHARGUE was found with a bullet in his brain and another in his abdomen. No arrests have been made.

Copied by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
May 23, 2003

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