Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, April 28, l904

Last Thursday night some person or persons entered the home of WM. KANTER in the east part of town while the family were absent, and committed the worst acts of vandalism ever committed in this community. They tore into shreds lace curtains, pillowcases, sheets, fine dresses of both MRS. KANTER's and baby MAYER's, furs, bedspreads, broke into pieces two or three dozen photographs and done a lot of other devilment. They then wrote a lot of threats and insulting things on a pack of playing cards. Several persons have been under suspicion but we understand that the ones first suspicioned have proven their innocence. It is to be hoped that the guilty ones will be severely dealt with as we don't know of any punishment that would be too severe for such a fiendish offense.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert

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