Decatur County Journal
June 8, 1905

Team Frightened by Dog Runs Away Throwing Him From Wagon. Death Results.

Thursday morning of last week between the hours of 7 and 8 o'clock, JOSIAH GORDON, an old and respected resident of Woodland Township, met a terrible death as the result of a runaway.

The accident occurred between the Henry Stewart and Fletcher Taylor farms about half way between Woodland and Lineville. MR. GORDON was driving past the Stewart farm when a dog ran out and began barking at the team. The horses became frightened and the dog is said to have bitten one of the animals on the leg. The team became unmanageable and before help could reach MR. GORDON, the terrified beasts were plunging madly down the road headed south. They passed out of sight of those at the Stewart farm and then the runaways, an empty wagon careening along the highway behind them, was sighted by Mr. Taylor who managed to stop the flight of the team.

An immediate search was made for MR. GORDON who was found just above Mr. Taylor's place injured unto death. He was tenderly carried to the Taylor house and a physician hastily summoned from Lineville. Medical skill was of no avail and after lingering between life and death for about three hours, the latter prevailed.

MR. GORDON owned a farm one and one half miles from Woodland and was in comfortable circumstances. He leaves a wife and four children, three girls and one boy, at home to mourn the loss of a kind and loving husband and father. He has been a resident of Decatur County for many years and with his family enjoyed the respect and esteem of the many who knew them. The funeral occurred Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock at Big Springs. The family have the sympathy of our people.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
August 27, 2001

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