The Independent Patriot
Lamoni, Iowa
November 29, 1894

Considerable stealing has been going on in this city for some time without any clue to the perpetrators. Suspicion pointed to Willie and Ralph HOGUE, aged 8 and 9 years respectively, grandsons of N. N. ORSLAN. A search warrant was being taken out to search Mr. ORSLANS's house, but he appeared and gave them permission to search the premises. On Saturday City Marshal CARMEAN, accompanied by Henry BRIGHT and Robert HAMM, commenced the search. The bicycle which Mrs. Etta BOBBITT lost some three weeks ago was found stored away in the cellar and a tool chest of Mr. HAMM's was discharged in the wood house. Some smaller articles were found in a subsequent search. On Saturday evening the boys were arrested on a charge of larceny and gave pleads in the sum of $100 each. On Monday N. N. ORSLAN and Mrs. Etta HOGUE were arrested for receiving and concealing stolen property, which under the laws of Iowa is larceny. A preliminary examination was held Tuesday before "Squire" DORR. ORSLAN and Mrs. HOGUE waived examination and were bound over to court in the sum of $500. The boys took a change of venue to "Squire" GARDNER of Center township and their preliminary will come off next Tuesday. Marion WOODARD appeared for the defendants.
- Leon Journal

Copied by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
September 1, 2003

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