Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, February 5, l903

Our little city was almost thrown into convulsions Sunday night when bang! bang! went a revolver, and halt! stop! was vibrated and echoed over town, calling people to the streets and causing the more timid to draw the curtains thinking that some awful deed or murder was being committted. But this was the ending. A few minutes before, in front of T.J. GRAVES' Store, J.W. BICKNELL's anatomy was being cut to pieces by CHARLES HENDERSON and his brother, HENRY, and they were making fast their escape followed by Constable Chas. Cornett and James Estes and who used the "persuader" to get the boys to stop, but having the start and the iron bars of the county jail coming before them, it acted as a stimulant and made the boys more fleet of foot in seeking a place of refuge, across the line.

The trouble came up very unexpectedly, JAKE says as he was coming from milking. HENRY HENDERSON accosted him in front of GRAVES' Store and then HENRY's brother, CHARLES, came up and of course some words were used, then blows. JAKE did not see any knife as it was dark, and did not know that they had a knife until he received a gash in the shoulder blade, another one in the back, the ball of his thumb taken off and felt several slashes in his clothing. By that time help came, officers and doctors sent for. Dr. Macy and son arrived and examined and dressed the wounds, and did not think any of them fatal or serious unless the healing process was arrested. JAKE was up town early next morning having his hand in a sling and doing what he could at his work in Haag & Co.'s Store. He says it is giving him no pain unless he gets in a strain and pulls the wounds open, but he is very careful and an uninterrupted recovery is expected. The phone wires were brought into active use after the boys made their flight, but as yet they have not been apprehended, that we have heard of.


Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert

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