Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, January l6, l902

LUCINDA HARRIS vs. SARILDA STANLEY, administratrix of estate of DANIEL STANLEY deceased, ED. H. STANLEY, FRANK STANLEY, DAISY L. STANLEY, PLUMA STANLEY and SARILDA STANLEY. Plaintiff in her petition states she was born near Decatur City on December 2l, l866, out of wedlock, her mother's name being SARAH MITCHELL and her father was DANIEL STANLEY. That she is the illegitimate daughter of DANIEL STANLEY, deceased. That her mother, SARAH MITCHELL, brought an action in bastardy in Decatur County against DANIEL STANLEY which was tried to a jury in the District Court in l869, and the jury rendered a verdict of guilty and found that DANIEL STANLEY was the father of this plaintiff, and he satisfied said judgment by paying damages assessed against him for the support of this plaintiff. That the records were destroyed by fire and she is unable to secure a copy of the records. That on the trial of the case it was shown plaintiff's mother was an unmarried woman and DANIEL STANLEY was an unmarried man, and they were living and cohabiting together as man and wife although no marriage ceremony was every performed. That during the life of DANIEL STANLEY he openly acknowledged plaintiff as his daughter, and told divers persons prior to his death that she was his daughter and was just as dear to him as any of his children, and it was his intention that she should inherit his property the same as his other children. That he had not visited her or assisted her in life for the reason that it would make things unpleasant at his home, and he did not intend to make any will as her parentage had been fully established in court and he had asked counsel on the matter and that she could inherit from his estate without a will; that if he made a will he would be compelled to name her in the will and that would make it unpleasant for him with his wife and other children, and he would rather let the law take its course. That when plaintiff had her leg broken a number of years before he died he contributed to her support and directed parties living in Decatur County to go and see her and see that she did not suffer for the necessaries of life, and that whatever was necessary within his means that he would contribute; that he frequently visited her and always recognized and acknowledged her to be his daughter and expressed as much regard for her as any father would to his daughter. That when DANIEL STANLEY died at Leon on April l3, l90l, he possessed money and credits to the value of $l,685 and real estate in Leon valued at $l,500. That SARILDA STANLEY was appointed administratrix of his estate and as such has possession of all the property and her children are listed as the sole heirs of DANIEL STANLEY, the plaintiff not being named. She asks that a decree be made establishing her rights to a one-fifth interest in the estate as a daughter of DANIEL STANLEY. Marion Woodard and Geo. W. Baker, attorneys

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert

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