The Davis City Advance
Davis City, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, February 4, 1897

Some parties from the country brought a jug of liquor to town last Friday afternoon and proceeded to load up, and make themselves generally obnoxious by loud, profane and indecent language. It appears that about night, FRANCE and SAM HAMILTON secured the jug, and were soon loaded, also.

They hold a grudge against JOHN GRIMES on account of his statements at Des Moines at the trial of young ALLEN, and they concluded this would be a good time to settle it, so about 11 o'clock they went into the office of the Horton House where young GRIMES was sitting with ALPH SPARKS, G.A. BARBER, O. WILSON and MR. SHIRLEY. No attention was paid to them and the party soon rose to retire. FRANCE had taken up a position behind GRIMES and as he rose from the chair, struck him in the back of the head with a brass knuckle. GRIMES turned and grappled him when SAM rushed to the rescue with a poker. for this he got a tap with a chair that he will remember by the scar.

The row was soon quieted, Marshall Sylvester was called in and soon the blood was cleaned up and all parties went home. It is to be regretted that FRANCE did not get a good clip, for his assault was most cowardly and brutal.

Both were allowed to go, and next day, realizing the gravity of the deed, they emigrated to Missouri, where it is to be hoped they will go.

The real cause of this occurrence lies in the fact that parties are allowed to drink whiskey and carouse around the streets, without hindrance until a row is started. We need a set of officers in Davis City who will promptly suppress the first symptom of disorder.

These disorders have occurred frequently for many years, and have been winked at by the officers, and it is time a change occurred.

A few prompt arrests, and the hoodlum element would take a back road to Davis City. It is not believed our boys are worse than those in other towns, for we believe they are better than some of our more pretentious neighbors. The trouble has been nearer the head and should be remedied.

The Davis City Advance
Davis City, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, September 15, 1897

The officers from Leon came down Monday evening and secured FRANCE HAMILTON on the warrant issued last winter after his attack upon JOHN GRIMES. He is now out on bail. On Tuesday evening the officers went down to Pleasanton and nabbed SAM HAMILTON, for his share in the same fracas. It seems that SAM's brave and chivalrous heart has got him into more serious trouble which will likely keep him busy for some time. It is reported that he has again been using his knife, this time upon a man in Cainsville, Mo. The man may die, and in that case he will be apt to get a heavy dose of Missouri justice.

When a young man develops a propensity for using a knife as SAM did while in Davis City, it is mistaken kindness in both parents and officers to let him off without punishment. It may be natural, but it is very unwise.

Copied by Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert, September 23, 2003
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