Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, August 25, l904

Among the new cases filed is a suit for thirty thousand dollars brought by Fuller & Fuller against the C.B. & Q. Railroad. Their client is WM. T. MINNEAR, and judgment is asked in amount named by reason of injuries sustained by the said plaintiff in being pushed off a moving freight train by the agents of the railroad at a stated point in Missouri. MINNEAR's leg was run over by the wheels of the cars and had to be amputated, and he also received internal injuries which he thinks entitles him to the judgment asked.

DENNIS RUSH, formerly of Grant Township, has instituted a suit against G.W. OVERLANDER for ten thousand dollars, and that amount he thinks will be sufficient to reimburse him for the alienation of his wife's affections, as it is alleged in the petition, by the said OVERLANDER. Notice of the suit was served on MR. OVERLANDER by Sheriff Miller on Tuesday evening. The defendant to the suit came here on a visit recently, and RUSH at once concluded to start the suit. RUSH and wife secured a divorce from each other at a late term of the district court. Spence & Smith will appear as the attorneys for RUSH in the damage suit.


Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
August l9, 2003

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