The Lamoni Chronicle
Lamoni, Iowa
January 5, 1905

County Attorney W. B. KELLEY certainly means business. On the very day he took the oath of office, Monday, he disposed of one of the most important criminal cases before the court, and the court is now considering another case of equal importance. On Monday Ed YOUNG having plead guilty, was given two and one half years in the penitentiary. Mr. YOUNG was charged with manslaughter, alleged to have, through criminal carelessness, shot and killed Harry ALLEN, near DeKalb, June 16, 1904. And the court is now trying the Charles WOODARD case. Mr. WOODARD, of Decatur City, is charged with having poisoned his wife, in December 1903. The WOODARD case is probably the only criminal case that will come before the court this term. In the prosecution of these cases, Attorney KELLEY has made a commendable beginning as county attorney. It is the opinion of his friends that he will carry out the work of his entire term in the manner indicated by this beginning.

Copied by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
July 9, 2003

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