The Decatur County Journal
August 24, l887

In another column will be found a letter from MR. VARGA, in answer to the articles by "Union" in The Reporter. We have really never considered these articles in reference to the management of the poor farm as worthy of an answer.

No one doubts MR. KETCHAM's honesty or efficiency. The Reporter well knows that there is no ground for its attack on him. One of the prominent workers in the party even told MR. KETCHAM himself that they had no quarrel with him. That all they wanted was to make political capital.

The truth of the whole matter is that MR. HULL, desiring to make an attack on our county officials and not finding any vulnerable point, has singled out the poor farm management as the one to which he would turn his attention. Not because he found anything wrong, but simply because he thought that by making a great outcry he could make the people believe there was. But failing in making a point, he has turned his venom into a scurrillous personal attack on MR. VARGA.

This has always been a favorite method of the democratic party of Decatur County, and it seems that no change is to be made in their policy. There has scarcely been a campaign in the last twenty years, during which the democratic organ has not made a personal attack on MR. VARGA. And still they have not shown a single instance of his having betrayed any trust which the people have placed on him. It would seem as though they would become discouraged after while.

In reference to the matter of depositing the surplus of certain funds, that matter was fully discussed two years ago and the people said by their votes that they approved of the plan. The interest received on the money deposited pays the deputy hire ($600), and the people do not desire that the funds should lie idle in the treasurer's vaults, simply that they might have the pleasure of going down in their pockets and paying $600 more taxes. Neither do they care what bank it is deposited in so long as it is secured by a good bond. We presume that if any other bank should offer better terms or better security than the one where it is now deposited, the Board would put it there, but that is a mere private matter and one in which the people take little interest so long as the money is safe.

FYI -- The newspapers of the City (Leon) are three in number -- The Decatur County Journal, edited by JOHNSON & STOOKEY; The Reporter, edited by BOYDSTON & HULL; and The Fact, edited by STOCKTON & WATSABAUGH. The Decatur County Journal is republican in its tone, and has been an influential factor in the community, dating its existence back to l868.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
"With permission from the Leon Journal Reporter"
March l6, 200l