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Leon Cemetery M-N

Thank you to Bob Bixby and to the City of Leon for making these records available to us. This is a transcription directly from the city records of the cemetery.

designates a Veteran

Deceased NameLocation IDOwner NameDate of DeathDate of BirthSexVet
SAGE, Bonnie KathrynSec.B,Lot 58Sage, Gideon L08/05/1936  N
SAGE, Eugene RalphSec.N,Lot 67Sage, Eugene R & Frances L08/18/1982  N
SAGE, Gideon LSec.B,Lot 58Sage, Gideon L00/00/1955  N
SAGE, Ida NSec.B,Lot 58Sage, Gideon L00/00/1958  N
SALES, ElectaSec.D,Lot 82Sales03/11/1877  N
SALES, Frank KnoxSec.D,Lot 82Sales12/13/1909  Y
SALES, LCSec.A,Lot 87Sales, LC07/01/1908  Y
SALES, LHSec.D,Lot 82Sales03/09/1887  Y
SALES, Mary AnnSec.D,Lot 82Sales02/13/1910  N
SAMS, EdwardSec.ASams, Mrs Edward   N
SAMS, Jerald LSec.G,Lot 50Wells, GF00/00/1954  Y
SAMS, Mary EttaSec.G,Lot 56Sams, Warren05/12/1977  N
SAMS, Maud MarieSec.ASams, Mrs Edward12/31/1973  N
SAMS, Warren SSec.G,Lot 56Sams, Warren00/00/1970  N
SANBORN, Jubal DonovanSec.N,Lot 37Sanborn, Donovan & Martha12/18/1992  N
SANDERS, Bessie MSec.C,Lot 21Sanders, Charles00/00/1915  N
SANDERS, Charley SSec.C,Lot 21Sanders, Charles00/00/1940  N
SANDERS, Glada FSec.ASanders, Paul L00/00/1957  N
SANDERS, Henry William "Bill"Sec.ASanders, Paul L02/20/1980  Y
SANDERS, Leonard ISec.C,Lot 21Sanders, Charles11/23/1961  Y
SANDERS, Merle MSec.C,Lot 21Sanders, Charles00/00/1915  N
SANDERS, NinaSec.ASanders, Paul L12/04/2003  N
SANDERS, Paul LSec.ASanders, Paul L05/12/2000  N
SANDERS, RossSec.C,Lot 25Sanders, T Ross00/00/1930  N
SANDERS, Thomas WSec.C,Lot 21Sanders, Charles00/00/1946  Y
SANDERS, VirgeSec .C, Lot 25Sanders, T. Ross03 Jan 1889
AE 14y
09 Jul 1875 N
SANDUSKY, LucySec.A,Lot 80Ray, Lucy00/00/1934  N
SANDY, Lena ASec.5,Lot 20Sandy, Lena A00/00/1956  N
SANDY, William ElmerSec.5,Lot 20Sandy, Lea A00/00/1949  N
SANFORD, EMSec.B,Lot 44Sanford, EM04/19/1885  N
SANFORD, H ClaySec.D,Lot 1Sanford08/17/1875  Y
SANG, Ella SSec.A,Lot 83Sang, Ella00/00/1930  N
SANG, Orran CSec.A,Lot 83Sang, Ella00/00/1905  Y
SANGER, AdinSec.C,Lot 3Sanger, Mr01/31/1900  N
SANGER, Charles MilanSec.E,Lot 34Sanger, Charles M & Minnie12/25/1973  N
SANGER, Clara DSec.ASanger, Clara00/00/1942  N
SANGER, Esther MSec.C,Lot 3Sanger, Mr00/00/1911  N
SANGER, George WSec.ASanger, Clara00/00/1931  N
SANGER, Jennie MSec.C,Lot 3Sanger, Mr02/12/1934  N
SANGER, Kenneth LSec.B,Lot 121Sanger, William A05/10/1919  N
SANGER, Leander WSec.C,Lot 3Sanger, Mr00/00/1881  N
SANGER, Marcus RSec.A,Lot 79Lyman, Harry & Nellie00/00/1936  N
SANGER, Mary EdnaSec.B,Lot 121Sanger, William A02/17/1978  N
SANGER, MinnieSec.E,Lot 34Lyman, Harry & Nellie00/00/1933  N
SANGER, William ASec.B,Lot 121Sanger, William A00/00/1955  Y
SANKEY, CarlSec.5,Lot 26Lea, James A01/05/1964  N
SANKEY, ElizabethSec.B,Lot 44Sankey, EJ03/20/1991  N
SANKEY, EulaSec.5,Lot 26Lea, James A03/26/1973  N
SANKEY, Ezekiel J.Sec.B,Lot 44Sankey, EJCivil War Veteran
29 Sep 1935
Leon IA
02 Aug 1843
Potters Mills PA
SANKEY, KatherineSec.5,Lot 12Sankey, M   N
SANKEY, LoisSec.5,Lot 26Lea, James A   N
SANKEY, MarySec.B,Lot 44Sankey, EJ03/27/1907  N
SANKEY, MoreauSec.5,Lot 12Sankey, M00/00/1923  N
SANKEY, ThomasSec.B,Lot 44Sankey, EJ07/25/1980  N
SANKEY, Warren "Jack"Sec. 5, Lot 12Sankey, M.22 Dec 1931
San Diego CA
15 Jun 1882
Leon IA
SAVELY, Carl N. Sec.N,Lot 81Savely, Ben & Louise09/12/2003
AE 60y
 U.S. Army Veteran
married 23 Apr 1971
SAVELY, Dock N. Sec.G,Lot 31Savely, Mr. & Mrs. D.N.12/30/1983  Y
SAVELY, George Benjamin Sec.N,Lot 81Savely, Ben & Louise01/25/199703/26/1923 Y
SAVELY, Irene (ROMERO)Sec.N,Lot 81Savely, Ben & Louise15 Nov 2015
AE 70y
27 Nov 1944
San Diego CA
married 23 April 1971
SAVELY, Olive E Sec.G,Lot 31Savely, Mr & Mrs DN01/23/1989  N
SAXTON, Agnes Virginia (NIELSEN)  01 Feb 2016
AE 87y
Leon IA
26 Dec 1928
Atlantic IA
married 04 Apr 1947
Russel Johnson SAXTON
SAXTON, Russel Johnson  19 Oct 2013 married 04 Apr 1947
Agnes Virginia NIELSEN
SCADDEN, Delmer W Sec.N,Lot 68Degard, Patricia04/17/1999  N
SCADDEN, Ethel F Sec.G,Lot 109Tolly, IS01/19/1968  N
SCADDEN, Flossie MSec.N,Lot 68Degard, Patricia10/20/1979  N
SCADDEN, Floyd LSec.G,Lot 109Tolly, IS02/16/1985  N
SCHAEFFER, DanielSec.D,Lot 67Schaeffer10/15/1962  N
SCHAEFFER, Oliver PSec.D,Lot 67Schaeffer04/05/1961  N
SCHAMP, Clarence CSec.G,Lot 21Schamp, Mabel00/00/1961  N
SCHAMP, Mabel MSec.G,Lot 21Schamp, Mabel09/17/1981  N
SCHENCK, Edgar HSec.B,Lot 68Schenck, Tilghman H04/25/1903  N
SCHENCK, Jennie MSec.B,Lot 68Schenck, Tilghman H07/23/1905  N
SCHENCK, Lydia MSec.B,Lot 68Schenck, Tilghman H11/06/1904  N
SCHENCK, Mattie ASec.B,Lot 68Schenck, Tilghman H07/23/1925  N
SCHENCK, Tilghman HSec.B,Lot 68Schenck, Tilghman H08/15/1918  N
SCHENCK, Willah BSec.B,Lot 68Schenck, Tilghman H12/25/1904  N
SCHMITT, Fred WilliamSec. 5, Lot 3Schmitt, Mrs. Fred20 Jun 1985
AE 99y
Torrington WY
02 Nov 1885
Upper Sandusky OH
SCHMITT, Virginia (WEST)Sec.5,Lot 3Schmitt, Mrs Fred05/12/1984  N
SCHNIBER, Frank ESec.1,Lot 24Schniber, Mrs Ruth00/00/1938  N
SCHNIBER, Ruth ESec.1,Lot 24Schniber, Mrs Ruth10/00/1976  N
SCHOONOVER, Dorthee Marie (HOWARD)Sec. ASchoonover, Harlan11 Nov 1985
AE 85y 4m 23d
Leon IA
19 Jun 1900
Vliets KS
SCHOONOVER, Harlan ButlerSec. ASchoonover, Harlan24 Jun 1985
AE 90y 2m
Leon IA
26 Apr 1895
Corning KS
SCHROEDER, WilhelmSec.E,Lot 20Schroeder, William06/25/1971  N
SCHULER, Arlie ASec.E,Lot 15City of Leon07/15/1991  N
SCHULER, John JrSec.E,Lot 15City of Leon00/00/1988  N
SCOTT, AliceSec.G,Lot 52Scott, CD11/30/1993  N
SCOTT, Alice VSec.B,Lot 58Scott, CE00/00/1933  N
SCOTT, Alta MaeSec.B,Lot 107Snyder, Dwight E10/02/1979  N
SCOTT, Andrew F.Sec. B, Lot 107Snyder, Dwight E.16 Nov 1978
AE 84y 6m11d
Springfield MO
05 May 1894 N
SCOTT, Anna ESec.3,Lot 12Scott, James A00/00/1917  N
SCOTT, Betty JoanSec.3,Lot 6Scott, KB08/16/1972  N
SCOTT, C.D.(Dr.)Sec.G,Lot 52Scott, CD03/30/199100/00/1899 Y
SCOTT, CE NedSec.B,Lot 58Scott, CE00/00/1965  N
SCOTT, DortheaSec.F,Lot 56Scott, Robert F & Dorthea08/12/1969  N
SCOTT, Etta MaeSec.G,Lot 55McCullough, Willard L00/00/1954  N
SCOTT, Evelyn MaeSec.3,Lot 6Scott, KB11/30/1992  N
SCOTT, Floyd C "Curt"Sec.G,Lot 75Scott, Floyd S & Vera02/11/1984  N
SCOTT, Gail GSec.G,Lot 34Scott, Steve G12/20/1997  Y
SCOTT, Gerata LaVaughn (McGAHUEY) KIRK  19 Sep 2014
AE 88y
Mount Ayr IA
13 Jun 1926
Davis City IA
SCOTT, GraceSec.3,Lot 11Scott, HG00/00/1922  N
SCOTT, Helen FSec.F,Lot 49Scott, Mr. & Mrs. Roscoe10/21/1972  N
SCOTT, Herbert FSec.G,Lot 52Scott, CD00/00/196900/00/1932 N
SCOTT, HGSec.3,Lot 11Scott, HG00/00/1944  N
SCOTT, Inez ESec.C,Lot 30Scott, Bert00/00/1911  N
SCOTT, James ASec.3,Lot 12Scott, James A00/00/1917  N
SCOTT, Jean HSec.B,Lot 58Scott, CE07/23/1934  N
SCOTT, Kenneth Baker "K.B."Sec. 3, Lot 6Scott, KB19 Jun 2003
AE 87y
Leon IA
10 Jan 1916
Blaine Co. MT
son of Pearl Albert & Margaret M. (BAKER) SCOTT
married 1st
19 July 1936
Evelyn Mae HIGDON
married 2nd
04 Aug 1997
SCOTT, ManfordSec.B,Lot 58Scott, CE09/01/1942  N
SCOTT, Manford "Mike"Sec.E,Lot 44Leahy, Clara A08/30/1979  Y
SCOTT, MattSec.G,Lot 104Kirk, Carol01/08/2007  Y
SCOTT, Myrtle MSec.CScott, Bert00/00/1946  N
SCOTT, Ralph BSec.G,Lot 52Scott, CD00/00/195500/00/1897 N
SCOTT, Robert FSec.F,Lot 56Scott, Robert F & Dorthea12/03/1973  Y
SCOTT, Roscoe ASec.F,Lot 49Scott, Mr. & Mrs. Roscoe06/20/1980  N
SCOTT, S BertSec.CScott, Bert00/00/1957  N
SCOTT, Sada CSec.G,Lot 34Scott, Steve G05/09/1975  N
SCOTT, Stephen GSec.G,Lot 34Scott, Steve G09/16/1979  Y
SCOTT, Velva ASec.G,Lot 52Scott, CD04/22/2002  N
SCRIVNER, Edmond F "Ed"Sec.E,Lot 32Scrivner, Ed F & Elna11/08/1971  N
SCRIVNER, Elna HSec.E,Lot 32Scrivner, Ed F & Elna04/03/1993  N
SCRIVNER, Grady EdmondSec.N,Lot 52Scrivner, Shannon & Lorrie03/25/2005  N
SCRIVNER, Richard "Dick"Sec.E,Lot 32Scrivner, Ed F & Elna02/10/200306/17/1931 Y
SCRIVNER, Edmond F "Ed"Sec.E,Lot 32Scrivner, Ed F & Elna11/08/1971  N
SCRIVNER, Elna HSec.E,Lot 32Scrivner, Ed F & Elna04/03/1993  N
SCRIVNER, Grady EdmondSec.N,Lot 52Scrivner, Shannon & Lorrie03/25/2005  N
SCRIVNER, Richard "Dick"Sec.E,Lot 32Scrivner, Ed F & Elna02/10/200306/17/1931 Y
SCUDDER, Dorothy JSec.AMartin, Charles & Dorothy01/20/1997  N
SCUDDER, Howard LSec.F,Lot 26Scudder, Howard10/30/1987  N
SCUDDER, Irene Lavern (ROSS)Sec. F, Lot 26Scudder, Howard14 May 1970
AE 60y
Leon IA
24 Mar 1910
Conway IA
daughter of Cleve & Lottie ROSS
spouse of Howard Lee SCUDDER
SCUDDER, Joan Louise (PETERS)  20 Aug 2014
AE 80y
Leon IA
27 Jun 1934
Leon IA
daughter of Clifford Merrill & Jessie Marie (BIVENS) PETERS
married 10 Oct 1953
Kenneth Alan "Kenny" SCUDDER
SCUDDER, Kenneth Alan "Kenny"  03 Sep 2015
AE 81y
Mount Ayr IA
15 Feb 1934
Sharpsburg IA
son of Howard Lee & Irene LaVerne (ROSS) SCUDDER
married 10 Oct 1953
Joan Louise PETERS
SEARS, (Baby)Sec.4,Lot 9Sears, William H08/24/1936  N
SEARS, Adrienne GSec.5,Lot 11Sears02/28/1973  N
SEARS, Alice CSec.4,Lot 9Sears, William H03/15/1982  N
SEARS, Bryant O'NealSec.F,Lot 48Sears, Eula & Bryant29 Dec 1977 World War II Veteran
U.S. Navy
son of Bryant & Eula SEARS
SEARS, Bryant O'NealSec.5,Lot 11Sears28 Apr 1921
AE 29y 4m 3d
St. Louis MO
25 Dec 1891
Leon IA
World War I Veteran
U.S. Navy
son of A.D. & Ellen SEARS
SEARS, Ernest JSec.E,Lot 19Sears, Mr & Mrs Ernest J07/08/1972  Y
SEARS, Estella AdaSec.A,Lot 138Sears, Sameul W00/00/1966  N
SEARS, Eula MSec.F,Lot 48Sears, Eula & Bryant04/28/1996  N
SEARS, Harry LSec.F,Lot 48Sears, Eula & Bryant01/12/1969  N
SEARS, Lillian KSec.E,Lot 19Sears, Mr & Mrs Ernest J12/31/1991  N
SEARS, Ralph ASec.5,Lot 11Sears08/08/1964  N
SEARS, Samuel WSec.A,Lot 138Sears, Saumel W00/00/1941  N
SEARS, William HSec.4,Lot 9Sears, William H04/14/1973  N
SELL, Daisy ESec.4,Lot 9Sell, Daisy E04/22/1971  N
SELL, Harry ESec.4,Lot 9Sell, Daisy E00/00/1939  N
SELL, J WylieSec.4,Lot 9Sell, Daisy E00/00/1948  N
SELL, JohnSec.2,Lot 35Sell, Mrs John00/00/1922  N
SELL, Lenore WSec.4,Lot 9Sell, Daisy E00/00/1946  N
SELL, M LesterSec.2,Lot 35Sell, Mrs John00/00/1924  N
SHANK, Addie MSec.D,Lot 57Burns03/08/1888  N
SHARP, BertSec.D,Lot 33SHarp03/20/1875  N
SHARP, Kate MSec.D,Lot 66Harrow10/12/1884  N
SHARP, Lillian DSec.A,Lot 137Dekalb, BD00/00/1937  N
SHAW, David CSec.A,Lot 86Wills, Mabel E05/13/1911  N
SHAW, John HSec.G,Lot 76Shaw, John06/08/1994  N
SHAW, Lester "Pete"Sec.G,Lot 49VanPelt, Mrs Otto05/26/1999  N
SHAW, Mary RexSec.AShaw, Carl & Mary00/00/1963  N
SHAW, Ruth BSec.A,Lot 86Wills, Mabel E04/14/1991  N
SHAW, William CarlSec.AShaw, Carl & Mary00/00/1963  Y
SHAW, Zulma ASec.G,Lot 76Shaw, John00/00/1951  N
SHEPHERD, BettySec.AShepherd, Holland & Betty08/01/2006  N
SHEPHERD, HollandSec. AShepherd, Holland & Betty29 Oct 1985
AE 80y
Leon IA
16 Sep 1905
Boston MA
SHEPHERD, Holland JrSec.AShepherd, Holland & Betty06/04/2003  N
SHEPHERD, LeonaSec.AShepherd, Holland & Betty12/05/2004  N
SHIELDS, Amy SSec.4,Lot 17Sheilds, WH00/00/1938  N
SHIELDS, Ruth ESec.4,Lot 17Sheilds, WH00/00/1952  N
SHIELDS, William HSec.4,Lot 17Sheilds, WH00/00/1945  N
SHINN, Aseneth ReeseSec.B,Lot 62Shinn, DW & M12/08/1918  N
SHINN, David WSec.B,Lot 62Shinn, DW & M02/03/1905  N
SHINN, Frank DSec.B,Lot 62Shinn, DW & M03/28/1892  N
SHINN, Leander RSec.B,Lot 62Shinn, DW & M02/28/1899  N
SHINN, Otis LloydSec.B,Lot 62Shinn, DW & M12/08/1882  N
SHIRA, Elizabeth MaySec.5,Lot 22Shira, EL & EM00/00/1944  N
SHIRA, Elmer LSec.5,Lot 22Shira, EL & EM00/00/1956  N
SHORT, AnnaSec.B,Lot 53Short, David00/00/1918  N
SHORT, David PSec.B,Lot 53Short, David09/18/1899  N
SHORT, DaySec.CShort, Day02/14/1971  Y
SHORT, HelenSec.CShort, Day04/14/1993  N
SHORT, LincolnSec.B,Lot 53Short, David05/01/1888  N
SHORT, Matilda SSec.CShort, Day00/00/1963  N
SHORT, Oscar FSec.CShort, Day00/00/1962  N
SHOWERS, Bessie Margurite (BAGLEY)Sec. E, Lot 20Showers, Bessie & Raymond18 Nov 2002
AE 84y
Des Moines IA
04 Jun 1918
Mercer Co. MO
daughter of Everett Monroe & Hazel Katheryn "Katie" (ROGERS) BAGLEY
married 1941
Lawrence Leo SHOWERS
SHOWERS, Lawrence LSec.E,Lot 20Showers, Bessie & Raymond08/25/1969  N
SHOWERS, MadgeSec.G,Lot 95Showers, Vernon E04/24/2004  N
SHOWERS, Vernon ESec.G,Lot 95Showers, Vernon E02/13/1999  N
SHRAKE, LeonaSec.N,Lot 64Higdon, Jim & Taunjia09/04/2003  N
SHREWSBURY, HughSec.B,Lot 41Shrewsbury, CM06/04/1993  N
SHRINER, Mariah JSec.A,Lot 84Wheeler, DR00/00/1943  N
SHULAR, CeliaSec.A,Lot 77Bashaw, JR00/00/1916  N
SHULAR, Clella BSec.A,Lot 77Bashaw, JR00/00/1938  N
SHULAR, Robert ASec.A,Lot 77Bashaw, JR00/00/1924  N
SHULTZ, Alice LSec.A,Lot 94Schultz, Edward S00/00/1943  N
SHULTZ, Edward SSec.A,Lot 94Schultz, Edward S00/00/1949  N
SHULTZ, Floyd VSec.A,Lot 94Schultz, Edward S00/00/1910  N
SIBOLE, Clifford LSec.GSibole, Opal09/07/1985  N
SIBOLE, OpalSec.GSibole, Opal09/13/1992  N
SIEH, Maurine KaySec.N,Lot 88Dobson, Vernon & Dorothy08/27/2002  N
SIGLER, Fannie ASec.B,Lot 66Sigler, Lyman P00/00/1921  N
SIGLER, Lyman PSec.B,Lot 66Sigler, Lyman P00/00/1911  N
SIGLER, NellieSec.B,Lot 66Sigler, Lyman P   N
SIGLER, RalphSec.B,Lot 66Sigler, Lyman P00/00/1923  N
SILKETT, Bertha LSec.3,Lot 7Silkett, Bertha & Vince00/00/1951  N
SILKETT, W EdwinSec.3,Lot 7Silkett, Bertha & Vince00/00/1943  N
SIMER, LucilleSec.3,Lot 6Simers, Herschel Mrs00/00/1962  N
SIMER, w HerschelSec.3,Lot 6Simers, Herschel Mrs00/00/1938  N
SIMMONDS, George ASec.N,Lot 70Simmonds, Lora L08/04/1984  Y
SIMMONS, Eliabeth KSec.2,Lot 6Old BabyLand   N
SIMPSON, Art ASec.N,Lot 70Simpson, Irene D02/12/1985  N
SIMPSON, Eldon RogeneSec.N,Lot 70Simpson, Irene D09/08/2002  N
SIMPSON, FrankSec.E,Lot 46Walters, Jessie07/25/1978  N
SIMPSON, Frank HSec.BHarvey, Ernest & Ida00/00/1978  N
SIMPSON, Irene DSec.N,Lot 70Simpson, Irene D09/03/2000  N
SIMPSON, Jessie WalterSec.E,Lot 46Walters, Jessie12/19/1989  N
SIMPSON, Keith LavalleSec.E,Lot 38City of Leon06/07/1995  Y
SIMPSON, LenniusSec.C,Lot 13Simpson, L00/00/1908  Y
SIMPSON, LewisSec.2,Lot 30Simpson, WS   N
SIMPSON, Ruby ISec.BHarvey, Ernest & Ida00/00/1970  N
SIMPSON, ShermanSec.2,Lot 30Simpson, WS   N
SIMS, John A Sec.BSims, John A00/00/1941  N
SIMS, LESec.BSims, LE00/00/1931  N
SIMS, Victoria ESec.BSims, John A00/00/1941  N
SIRES, Arthur NSec.C,Lot 19Sires, Lydia00/00/1940  N
SIRES, BessieSec.3,Lot 38Sires, Bessie04/26/1979  N
SIRES, ChesterSec.C,Lot 19Sires, Lydia03/25/1917  N
SIRES, HarlinSec.3,Lot 38Sires, Bessie00/00/1950  N
SIRES, Lydia ASec.C,Lot 19Sires, Lydia00/00/1941  N
SISSEL, Bonnie SSec.N,Lot 88Sissel, Bonnie & Rosanna12/01/1989  N
SISSEL, Donald OSec.G,Lot 29Sissel, Donald09/18/1979  Y
SISSEL, Gary LynnSec.G,Lot 29Sissel, Donald00/00/1949  N
SISSEL, George WSec.G,Lot 24Sissel, Osmen & Nora00/00/1951  Y
SISSEL, Nora JSec.5,Lot 12Johnston, George O00/00/1970  N
SISSEL, Osmer DSec.5,Lot 12Johnston, George O10/01/1972  N
SIVITS, Juanita MSec.2,Lot 14Pearson, Robert11/14/2000  N
SKIPPER, Rose MaySec.4,Lot 18Harden, John03/12/2000  N
SLADE, FrankSec.3,Lot 26Slade, Frank11/02/1983  N
SLADE, Frank NSec.3,Lot 26Slade, Frank00/00/1941  N
SLADE, Lyda SSec.3,Lot 26Slade, Frank06/01/1985  N
SLADE, MarionSec.3,Lot 26Slade, Frank   Y
SLADE, Mary VSec.3,Lot 26Slade, Frank00/00/1923  N
SLAMA, Elizabeth Jane (LEWIS)Sec. G, Lot 21Slama, Joe01 Feb 1971
Leon IA
04 Aug 1889
Sac Co. IA
daughter of George & Mary LEWIS
married 1907
SLAMA, JoeSec.G,Lot 21Slama, Joek01/26/1973 married 1907
Elizabeth Jame LEWIS
SLUTZ, Bethel JSec.E,Lot 62Slutz, Bethel11/01/1994  Y
SMITH, Adrian ASec.5,Lot 29Smith, Garland00/00/1948  N
SMITH, AngelineSec.B,Lot 45Smith, Angeline04/14/1917  N
SMITH, Arthur ASec.BSmith, Floyd11/19/1983  N
SMITH, Artist LeroySec.E,Lot 31Smith, Artist Leroy & Opal02/19/1997  N
SMITH, Ashley DawnSec.E,Lot 23Babyland05/23/1992  N
SMITH, BenjaminSec.A,Lot 140Smith, Frank & Ora   N
SMITH, Brian KSec.G,Lot 48Landon, Gladys04/13/1962  N
SMITH, Calvin ESec.B,Lot 45Smith, Angeline00/00/1948  N
SMITH, Carlton TSec.G,Lot 4Smith, Veta09/04/1977  N
SMITH, CatherineSec.D,Lot 87Smith00/00/1909  N
SMITH, Charles HenrySec.G,Lot 24Smith, Edna09/23/1975  Y
SMITH, Charles K "Keith"Sec.F,Lot 49Smith, Flossie01/18/2000  Y
SMITH, Charlotte MSec.N,Lot 37Smith, Donald A01/29/1996  N
SMITH, Chester OSec.3,Lot 21Smith, Mrs Chester00/00/1926  N
SMITH, Clark FrancisSec.ASmith, Roy10 Jul 1971
Leon IA
14 Jul 1901
Mt. Morris IL
son of William K. & Frances E. (ARTZ) SMITHY
SMITH, Danny F. & Kenneth D.Sec.2,Lot 4Smith, Floyd   N
SMITH, David LSec.G,Lot 24Smith, Edna00/00/1953  N
SMITH, Donald ESec.E,Lot 58Smith, Donald E & Alberta11/25/1997  N
SMITH, Dorothy ESec.BSmith, HI04/29/2000  N
SMITH, DueanSec.5,Lot 9Baker, Lily11/15/1973  N
SMITH, Ed CorySec.B,Lot 45Smith, EC00/00/1941  N
SMITH, EdithSec.AKing, Edith10/17/1984  N
SMITH, Edna FSec.G,Lot 24Smith, Edna00/00/1961  N
SMITH, ElizabethSec.C,Lot 17Smith, Frank12/07/1883  N
SMITH, EloiseSec.3,Lot 31Smith, George04/09/2004  N
SMITH, Elwin HSec.3,Lot 31Smith, George02/06/1988  N
SMITH, ElzaSec.3,Lot 30Smith, Elza00/00/1963  N
SMITH, Ernest RSec.4,Lot 4Smith, WD00/00/1921  N
SMITH, Eva CSec.B,Lot 45Smith, EC00/00/1948  N
SMITH, Everett ESec.3,Lot 5Harris, ES00/00/1948  N
SMITH, Fae LSec.BSmith, Floyd03/17/1987  N
SMITH, Fannie ESec.ASmith, Roy00/00/1966  N
SMITH, Florence ASec.4,Lot 6Smith, Fred00/00/1962  N
SMITH, Floyd LesterSec.2,Lot 4Smith, Floyd111/23/1993  N
SMITH, Floyd PSec.BSmith, Floyd00/00/1954  N
SMITH, FrancisSec.C,Lot 17Smith, Frank02/11/1900  N
SMITH, Francis AlbinaSec.A,Lot 85Smith, John Frances Jr11/08/1971  N
SMITH, Francis MSec.B,Lot 102Smith, Frank00/00/1912  Y
SMITH, Fred RussellSec. 4, Lot 6Smith, Fred09 Nov 1970
AE 66y 3m 15 d
Leon IA
25 Jul 1904
Decatur Co. IA
son of Isaac & Lavada (ATHERTON) SMITH
married 1st 07 Jan 1928
Florence EVANS
married 2nd 01 Oct 1962
SMITH, FreddieSec.D,Lot 87Smith00/00/1878  N
SMITH, FredericSec.DSmith, Fred00/00/1962  N
SMITH, George ESec.3,Lot 31Smith, George00/00/1964  N
SMITH, GeraldSec.AKing, Edith01/11/1991  N
SMITH, Guy RSec.5,Lot 29Smith, Guy R00/00/1971  N
SMITH, H. MaudeSec.3,Lot 31Smith, George00/00/1965  N
SMITH, Harlan WSec.3,Lot 31Smith, George05/14/1987  Y
SMITH, HarriettSec.B,Lot 72Smith, Mrs Jacob04/06/1910  N
SMITH, Harry PSec.C,Lot 18Smith, RC00/00/1948  N
SMITH, Ida CSec.F,Lot 30Smith, Ida C01/17/1969  N
SMITH, Ida LSec.B,Lot 45Smith, Angeline02/11/1894  N
SMITH, Ida Matilda (GIBSON)  25 Aug 2011
AE 87y
Olathe KS
31 May 1924
Hancock MO
daughter of Bert McClellan & Mary E. (BARTLETT) GIBSON
30 Jun 1947
Leon IA
James Robert SMITH
SMITH, Irene BSec.5,Lot 29Smith, Irene00/00/1962  N
SMITH, Irvin HSec.BSmith, HI00/00/1930  N
SMITH, J.J.Sec.2,Lot 18Smith, Lavada00/00/1958  N
SMITH, James MelvinSec.2,Lot 7Smith, IR00/00/1956  N
SMITH, James Robert  06 Apr 2011
AE 87y
Olathe KS
1923World War II Veteran
U.S. Navy
30 Jun 1947
Leon IA
Ida Matilda GIBSON
SMITH, Jean LouiseSec.4,Lot 4Smith, WD00/00/1926  N
SMITH, Jeff LSec.G,Lot 34Smith, Jeff00/00/1965  Y
SMITH, John FrancisSec.A,Lot 85Smith, John Frances Jr09/22/1956  Y
SMITH, John Francis JrSec.A,Lot 85Smith, John Frances Jr10/30/1933  Y
SMITH, John GSec.BSmith, J.A.P.   N
SMITH, Joseph NSec.B,Lot 45Smith, EC08/03/1922  N
SMITH, Justin GabrielSec.E,Lot 41Smith, Mark & Sarah07/28/1973  N
SMITH, Katherine Louise "Kay" (FORSYTHE)Sec. 2, Lot 4Smith, Floyd25 Nov 2015
AE 90y
Leon IA
11 Jan 1925
Pleasanton IA
WWII Veteran
U.S. Navy medical corpsman 1945 - 1946
daughter of Thomas Bennett & Lillie May (McKINNEY) FORSYTHE
married 29 1st Oct 1945
Thelmar Sophus LANGAGER
married 2nd 21 May 1973
Floyd Lester SMITH
SMITH, KittieSec.BSmith, Floyd01/01/1975  N
SMITH, LavadaSec.2,Lot 18Smith, Lavada08/30/1973  N
SMITH, Leo LSec.A,Lot 95Gardner, Anna M00/00/1967  Y
SMITH, LeonaSec.A,Lot 140Smith, Frank & Ora   N
SMITH, Lillie OSec.3,Lot 30Smith, Elza12/23/1978  N
SMITH, Lucretia ESec.B,Lot 45Smith, Angeline09/09/1919  N
SMITH, Mabel FSec.G,Lot 34Smith, Jeff11/17/1978  N
SMITH, Marjorie VSec.F,Lot 27Smith, Thomas00/00/1962  N
SMITH, Mary ESec.BGrimes, Lillian00/00/1932  N
SMITH, Mary JSec.B,Lot 45Smith, Angeline08/18/1887  N
SMITH, Mary JaneSec.4,Lot 4Smith, WD00/00/1923  N
SMITH, Maurice ISec.4,Lot 4Smith, WD00/00/1937  N
SMITH, MaynardSec.5,Lot 19Smith, Maynard04/05/1989  Y
SMITH, Maynard CharlesSec.5,Lot 19Smith, Maynard01/10/2000  N
SMITH, Nancy ESec.C,Lot 17Smith, Frank12/22/1954  N
SMITH, Nancy ESec.B,Lot 102Smith, Frank00/00/1911  N
SMITH, NellieSec.4,Lot 16Smith, Walter00/00/1961  N
SMITH, Nora GSec.A,Lot 95Gardner, Anna M00/00/1955  N
SMITH, Ollie MSec.5,Lot 13Fulton, John A00/00/1960  N
SMITH, Opal ISec.E,Lot 31Smith, Artist Leroy & Opal12/17/1987  N
SMITH, Ora Beatrice "Bea"Sec.5,Lot 19Smith, Maynard06/05/1999  N
SMITH, Otis ASec.5,Lot 13Fulton, John A00/00/1967  N
SMITH, PatriciaSec.1,Lot 22Leahy, Mr. & Mrs. Charles02/27/2002  N
SMITH, Pearl ESec.A,Lot 85Smith, John Frances Jr00/00/1914  N
SMITH, Pearle ASec.5,Lot 29Smith, Guy R00/00/1965  N
SMITH, RebeccaSec.C,Lot 18Smith, RC00/00/1923  N
SMITH, RichardSec.D,Lot 87Smith00/00/1935  N
SMITH, Robert LouisSec.G,Lot 48Landon, Gladys00/00/1967  N
SMITH, Roberta ASec.C,Lot 18Smith, RC00/00/1885  N
SMITH, Roy SSec.BSmith, HI06/27/1981  N
SMITH, RussellSec.2,Lot 10Smith, IR00/00/1957  N
SMITH, Sandy SueSec.N,Lot 70Smith, Dennis E10/11/1988  N
SMITH, Sarah MaeSec.2,Lot 4Smith, Floyd11/27/1971  N
SMITH, SelmaSec.DSmith, Fred00/00/1961  N
SMITH, SuffronaSec.B,Lot 57Smith, Thomas00/00/1957  N
SMITH, Susan JSec.A,Lot 140Smith, Francis E00/00/1914  N
SMITH, Terry RSec.5,Lot 19Smith, Maynard09/27/1992  N
SMITH, Thomas ASec.B,Lot 57Smith, Thomas00/00/1935  N
SMITH, Thomas CSec.BGrimes, Lillian00/00/1940  N
SMITH, Thomas JSec.B,Lot 45Smith, Angeline03/01/1985  Y
SMITH, Thomas WSec.F,Lot 27Smith, Thomas09/17/1993  N
SMITH, VadaSec.2,Lot 10Smith, IR00/00/1954  N
SMITH, Veta ESec.G,Lot 4Smith, Veta06/30/1997  N
SMITH, Vicki LynneSec.E,Lot 62Phelps, Betty12/18/1980  Y
SMITH, Walter CSec.4,Lot 16Smith, Walter00/00/1935  N
SMITH, Wanda FayeSec.5,Lot 19Smith, Maynard04/01/1948  N
SMITH, WDSec.5,Lot 29Smith, Irene00/00/1948  N
SMITH, William JasperSec.BSmith, J.A.P.   N
SMITH, William KSec.ASmith, Roy00/00/1934  N
SMITH, Willliam MSec.F,Lot 30Smith, Ida C00/00/1966  N
SMITH, Wonda LSec.E,Lot 49Smith, Mansel L & Wonda L01/24/2001  N
SMYTH, VaughanSec.2,Lot 20Smyth, E Vaughan11/30/196  Y
SNARE, M V "Bud"Sec.G,Lot 23Snare, Esther00/00/1956  Y
SNIDER, ElizabethSec.E,Lot 21Snider, Mrs Rex10/05/1983  N
SNIDER, Rex WSec.E,Lot 21Snider, Mrs Rex04/22/1966  N
SNYDER, A. ClairSec.B,Lot 122Snyder, Clair00/00/1946  N
SNYDER, Anga L.Sec.E,Lot 19Starry, W Virgil03/13/1970  N
SNYDER, Anga L.Sec.E,Lot 18Johnson, Howard & Opal B00/00/1970  N
SNYDER, Benjamin E.Sec.3,Lot 3Snyder, JB00/00/1960  N
SNYDER, Betty Lou (HOUSEMAN)  18 Apr 2015
AE 57y
Thayer IA
20 Apr 1957
Des Moines IA
SNYDER, C. FrederickSec. B, Lot 122Snyder, Clair00/00/1922  N
SNYDER, Carl ASec.4,Lot 4Snyder, Paul & Vernita00/00/1926  N
SNYDER, CelestaSec.D,Lot 2Snyder, celesta07/20/1867  N
SNYDER, Clyta ArleneSec.B,Lot 107Snyder, Dwight E01/19/1914  N
SNYDER, Dwight ESec.B,Lot 107Snyder, Dwight E00/00/1964  N
SNYDER, Earl CSec.4,Lot 7Snyder, M00/00/1959  N
SNYDER, Edwin GSec.A,Lot 115Snyder, Edwin10/13/1986  N
SNYDER, Edwin HSec.A,Lot 115Snyder, Edwin00/00/1935  N
SNYDER, Ethel JSec.B,Lot 107Snyder, Dwight E06/08/1980  N
SNYDER, Everett BuryleSec.3,Lot 3Snyder, JB07/00/1976  Y
SNYDER, FloSec.B,Lot 122Snyder, Clair00/00/1927  N
SNYDER, Francis LSec.3,Lot 28Braden, Jennie00/00/1966  N
SNYDER, GeorgiaSec.D,Lot 60Potts, William W00/00/1927  N
SNYDER, Gerald V Jr.Sec.A,Lot 115Snyder, Gerald & Linda09/04/1989  N
SNYDER, Helen LSec.A, Lot 115Snyder, Edwin03/08/1991  N
SNYDER, Ida ESec.3,Lot 3Snyder, JB00/00/1927  N
SNYDER, James PSec.3,Lot 3Snyder, JB00/00/1965  N
SNYDER, John BSec.3,Lot 3Snyder, JB00/00/1942  N
SNYDER, MargaretSec.A,Lot 113Reed, Frank L Jr11/05/1994  N
SNYDER, Mergie MSec.4,Lot 7Snyder, M00/00/1970  N
SNYDER, Paul Julian  22 Jul 2001
AE 80y
Corydon IA
30 Nov 1920son of Carl & Zoa (GAMMON) SNYDER
married 1941
SNYDER, Vada M.Sec.3,Lot 28Braden, Jennie10/21/1977  N
SNYDER, Walter SSec.E,Lot 19Starry, W Virgil02/27/1969  N
SNYDER, William RSec.A,Lot 115Snyder, Edwin00/00/1940  N
SOAPER, JamesSec.D,Lot 31Soaper09/01/1871  N
SOAPER, Uriah BSec.D,Lot 31Soaper12/18/1881  N
SODERSTROM, Earl WilliamSec.5,Lot 5Soderstron, Earl & Pauline09/26/1988  N
SODERSTROM, Pauline RuthSec.5,Lot 5Soderstron, Earl & Pauline08/28/200200/00/1911 N
SOLF, Jean MarieSec.C,Lot 20Myers, Frank00/00/1935  N
SOMES, MarySec.C,Lot 14Yarrington, E00/00/1927  N
SOMES, Sherman SSec.C,Lot 14Yarrington, E00/00/1892  N
SOWERS, AnnaSec.A,Lot 101Sowers, Anna00/00/1911  N
SOWERS, Emma DSec.A,Lot 101Sowers, Anna00/00/1938  N
SOWERS, Emma ZSec.A,Lot 101Sowers, Anna00/00/1960  N
SOWERS, JohnSec.A,Lot 101Sowers, Anna00/00/1927  Y
SOWERS, JosephineSec.A,Lot 101Sowers, Anna00/00/1927  N
SOWERS, William LSec.A,Lot 101Sowers, Anna00/00/1934  N
SPALDING, ElleanorSec.2,Lot 30Spalding, Reverend L.L.12/10/1979  N
SPALDING, Leland LeslieSec.2,Lot 30Spalding, Reverend L.L.00/00/1956  N
SPALDING, Velma HiattSec.2,Lot 30Spalding, Reverend L.L.00/00/1939  N
SPENCER, BarbaraSec.CSpencer, Ralph B04/27/2006  N
SPENCER, EdSec.3,Lot 32Spencer, Myra00/00/1954  N
SPENCER, GladysSec.ASpencer, Gladys Chambers00/00/1961  N
SPENCER, MyraSec.3,Lot 32Spencer, Myra03/16/1986  N
SPENCER, RalphSec.CSpencer, Ralph B04/27/2006  N
SPENCER, RaymondSec.3,Lot 32Spencer, Myra11/18/1997  N
SPENCER, Richard USec.CSpencer, Ralph B06/08/1950  N
SPENCER, William JSec.ASpencer, Gladys Chambers00/00/1938  N
SPICER, BerthaSec.A,Lot 109Spicer, Bertha00/00/1957  N
SPICER, BurtSec.A,Lot 109Spicer, Bertha00/00/1914  N
SPICER, CarolSec.ARouth, Lon00/00/1938  N
SPICER, CurtisSec.A,Lot 109Spicer, Bertha00/00/1914  N
SPICER, Earl "Spike"Sec.A,Lot 109Spicer, Bertha01/29/1998  N
SPICER, EdithSec.G,Lot 58Spicer, Ray12/15/1985  N
SPICER, FrankieSec.G,Lot 48Spicer, William Clair01/13/2005  N
SPICER, George WSec.A,Lot 93Dunham, Cora00/00/1923  N
SPICER, Harry JSec.A,Lot 112McDaniel, William F09/20/1974  Y
SPICER, IolaSec.ASpicer, Rolla09/07/1979  N
SPICER, JackieSec.ARouth, Lon00/00/1947  N
SPICER, June EllenSec.A,Lot 109Spicer, Bertha01/08/1998  N
SPICER, Martha BSec.A,Lot 112McDaniel, William F05/04/1997  N
SPICER, Martha JSec.A,Lot 93Dunham, Cora00/00/1938  N
SPICER, Ray AncilSec.G,Lot 58Spicer, Ray10/25/1994  N
SPICER, RollaSec.ASpicer, Rolla00/00/1957  N
SPICER, Roy WSec.A,Lot 93Dunham, Cora00/00/1946  N
SPICER, William ClairSec.G,Lot 48Spicer, William Clair09/01/1997  N
SPIDLE, Carl LelandSec.CSpidle, Eldon12/28/1974  N
SPIDLE, EldonSec.CSpidle, Eldon02/15/1965  N
SPIDLE, James RichardSec.E,Lot 23Babyland07/13/1976  N
SPIDLE, MarieSec.CSpidle, Eldon03/01/1995  N
SPIDLE, Richard L "Dick"Sec.CSpidle, Eldon02/15/1965  N
SPIDLE, Robert L. "Bob"  15 Sep 2010
AE 85y
Johnston IA
04 Apr 1925
Garden Grove IA
WWII Veteran
U.S. Navy
son of Carl Melvin & Hilda (PHIPPS) SPIDLE
married 1st
married 2nd
SPRAGUE, Ina BSec.D,Lot 15HSpurgean, S04/23/1902  N
SPRAGUE, Mary BSec.D,Lot 15HSpurgean, S09/10/1905  N
SPRINGER, Jim Sec.A,Lot 136Springer JG00/00/196400/00/1922 Y
SPRINGER, MargaretSec.A,Lot 136Springer, JG08/02/1911  N
SPRINGER, Margaret ThomasSec.A,Lot 136Springer, JG01/15/1928  N
SPRINGER, MarySec.A,Lot 74Springer, MF00/00/1955  N
SPRINGER, MichealSec.A,Lot 74Springer, MF00/00/1962  N
SPRINGER, Rose BSec.A,Lot 136Springer, JG03/25/197600/00/1890 N
SPRINGER, William JSec.A,Lot 136Springer, JG00/00/1936  N
STALNAKER, H MarieSec.2,Lot 16Norman, VD04/30/1973  N
STANFORD, Bert MSec.B,Lot 57Stanford, Bert00/00/1955  N
STANFORD, Charles WardSec.F,Lot 30Smith, Ida C08/03/1974  N
STANFORD, Clara BSec.B,Lot 56Stanford, Solomon G00/00/1944  N
STANFORD, FrederickSec.B,Lot 56Stanford, John00/00/1955  N
STANFORD, Glenn MSec.B,Lot 56Stanford, Solomon G03/31/1915  N
STANFORD, Isaac PSec.BStanford, Issac P00/00/1937  N
STANFORD, John MSec.B,Lot 56Stanford, John00/00/1959  N
STANFORD, Lillian MSec.B,Lot 57Stanford, Bert03/12/1973  N
STANFORD, Martha ESec.BStanford, Isaac P00/00/1945  N
STANFORD, Ralph LSec.CStanford, Ralph & Beulah08/30/1985  N
STANFORD, Rose ZellaSec.B,Lot 56Stanford, John00/00/1927  N
STANFORD, RuthSec.E,Lot 21Stanford, Mr & Mrs Willard12/13/1985  N
STANFORD, Solomon GSec.B,Lot 56Stanford, Solomon G00/00/1937  N
STANFORD, Steven Dewayne "Steve>  09 Oct 2016
AE 64y
Des Moines IA
08 Jul 1952
Long Beach CA
son of Willis Dewayne & Treva Mae (ADAIR) STANFORD
married 12 Feb 1972
Lamoni IA
Roberta Marie CRAWFORD
STANFORD, Willard MonroeSec.E,Lot 21Stanford, Mr & Mrs Willard00/00/1968  N
STANFORD, Willis DSec.E,Lot 63Stanford, Willis & Treva09/21/1999  N
STANLEY, Edward HSec.2,Lot 33Pullen, Matte00/00/1921  N
STANLEY, Frank BSec.2,Lot 33Pullen, Matte00/00/1938  N
STANLEY, IowaSec.D,Lot 7HStanley, J Henry00/00/1916  N
STANLEY, Mahala ASec.B,Lot 51Bowman, JW00/00/1902  N
STANLEY, Mamie BSec.E,Lot 49Stanley, Mamie01/27/1986  N
STARMER, Alice LevadaSec.G,Lot 108Starmer, Betty & Lawrence00/00/1953  N
STARMER, Bethel M. (WOODS)Sec.G,Lot 108Starmer, CD06/11/1990 married 24 Jun 1944
STARMER, Bonnie JeanSec.G,Lot 105Starmer, Elvis00/00/1945  N
STARMER, Carl Dean  09 Jan 2016
27 Jan 1925
Washington Center MO
married 1st 24 Jun 1944
Bethel M. WOODS
married 2nd 21 Sep 1991
Virginia HAVENER
STARMER, Charles ESec.G,Lot 105Starmer, Charles N03/15/2000  Y
STARMER, Charles Jr "Charley"Sec.G,Lot 105Starmer, Charles N12/07/1977  N
STARMER, Charles SrSec.G,Lot 105Starmer, Charles N03/02/1968  N
STARMER, ElvisSec.G,Lot 105Starmer, Elvis11/15/1990  N
STARMER, FayeSec.G,Lot 105Starmer, Elvis07/09/1994  N
STARMER, Gerald VintonSec.E,Lot 61Starmer, Vern & Brenda01/29/1980  N
STARMER, Leona Jane (SNEAD)Sec.G,Lot 105Starmer, Charles N09 Mar 1970
05 Oct 1882
Harrison Co. MO
daughter of James O. & Emily Elizabeth (HAMBLIN) SNEAD
married 31 Aug 1902
Charley Nathaniel STARMER
STARMER, Rory "Took"Sec.E,Lot 61Starmer, Vern & Brenda12/12/1998  N
STARMER, VerneSec.E,Lot 61Starmer, Vern & Brenda01/11/2005  N
STARMER, Vicki J.Sec.G,Lot 108Starmer, CD00/00/1949 daughter of Carl Dean & Bethel M. (WOODS) STARMERN
STARRY, Lois ISec.E,Lot 19Starry, W Virgil04/14/2000  N
STARRY, MarySec.5,Lot 6Hill, Ora08/11/1969  N
STARRY, W VirgilSec.E,Lot 19Starry, W Virgil03/30/1995  N
STATLER, BFSec.4,Lot 20Statler, BF00/00/1931  Y
STATLER, B.F.Sec.4,Lot 20Statler, BF00/00/1931  Y
STATZELL, George ISec.B,Lot 42Statzell, Jasper00/00/1949  N
STATZELL, Harry JSec.2,Lot 13Statzell, Harry Jr00/00/1951  N
STATZELL, JasperSec.B,Lot 42Statzell, Jasper00/00/1920  N
STATZELL, Leland DelosSec.2,Lot 13Statzell, Harry J00/00/1939  N
STATZELL, LydiaSec.B,Lot 42Statzell, Jasper00/00/1916  N
STATZELL, Mary ISec.2,Lot 13Statzell, Harry J00/00/1954  N
STEPHENS, Alexander CSec.A,Lot 110Stephens, AC00/00/1929  N
STEPHENS, Charles FSec.1,Lot 16Stephens, Charles & Rita01/06/1992  Y
STEPHENS, Elizabeth JaneSec.A,Lot 110Stephens, AC00/00/1951  N
STEPHENS, Grace ESec.B,Lot 107Stephens, JF00/00/1913  N
STEPHENS, Jennie DSec.A,Lot 110Stephens, AC00/00/1925  N
STEPHENS, John LSec.3,Lot 9Stephens, Della02/12/1927  N
STEPHENS, Rita FSec.1,Lot 16Stephens, Charles & Rita04/15/1986  N
STEPHENS, Wayne MSec.4,Lot 6Stephens, Wayne M10/29/1998  Y
STEVENS, Sybil OSec.A,Lot 140Smith, Frank & Ora00/00/1918  N
STEWART, (Infant)Sec.3,Lot 10Fuller, FS02/20/1941  N
STEWART, DennisSec.C,Lot 9Arnold, TS00/00/1884  Y
STEWART, Esther MSec.3,Lot 24Stewart, James00/00/1925  N
STEWART, Frank SSec.3,Lot 10Fuller, FS02/20/1941  N
STEWART, GraceSec.3,Lot 10Fuller, FS01/28/1969  N
STEWART, Harriet ESec.C,Lot 39Stewart, Peter C04/06/1915  N
STEWART, J RalphSec.3,Lot 10Fuller, FS00/00/1924  Y
STEWART, James TSec.3,Lot 24Stewart, James00/00/1930  N
STEWART, John CSec.3,Lot 10Fuller, FS01/19/1992  Y
STEWART, John StephenSec.N,Lot 39Stewart, John Stephen & Mar06/12/2004  N
STEWART, Leo MSec.A,Lot 141Stewart, Winifred00/00/1932  N
STEWART, Lewis ESec.4,Lot 10Warford, AR00/00/1930  N
STEWART, Marilyn (LEUZ)Sec.N,Lot 44Stewart, Robert C09/23/1993 married
1964, Iowa City IA
Robert Cowl "Bob" STEWART
STEWART, Millie MSec.4,Lot 10Warford, AR00/00/1946  N
STEWART, Peter CSec.C,Lot 39Stewart, Peter C05/13/1903  N
STEWART, Robert Cowl "Bob"Sec. N, Lot 44Stewart, R.C.20 Jul 2017
AE 75y
Chicago IL
31 Dec 1941
Leon IA
son of
John Cowl & Mary Emmagene (LOUGE) STEWART
1964, Iowa City IA
Marilyn LEUZ
STEWART, Watt CSec.3,Lot 10Fuller, FS00/00/1897  N
STEWART, Winifred FSec.A,Lot 141Stewart, Winifred10/27/1994  N
STILES, BertSec.3,Lot 8Stiles, Bert Mrs00/00/1936  N
STILES, Bessie CSec.3,Lot 20/td>Stiles, Glenn & Paul11/05/1973  N
STILES, Carlos CSec.3,Lot 21Stiles00/00/1936  N
STILES, Claude WSec.3,Lot 22Stiles, WW00/00/1954  N
STILES, Clela LSec.3,Lot 21Stiles00/00/1955  N
STILES, Gail DSec.3,Lot 21Stiles00/00/1941  N
STILES, Glenn WSec.3,Lot 20Stiles, Glenn & Paul00/00/1950  N
STILES, Lois MSec.3,Lot 22Stiles, WW08/30/1975  N
STILES, MargaretSec.3,Lot 8Stiles, Bert Mrs00/00/1955  N
STILES, Mary ESec.3,Lot 22Stiles, WW00/00/1934  N
STILES, Paul WSec.3,Lot 20Stiles, Glenn & Paul00/00/1956  Y
STILES, Pearl ESec.3,Lot 20Stiles, Glenn & Paul05/04/2000  N
STILES, Rolla RSec.3,Lot 21Stiles02/17/1973  N
STILES, Virgil MSec.E,Lot 62Stiles, Virgil M05/31/1988  Y
STILES, William WSec.3,Lot 22Stiles, WW00/00/1927  N
STILL, ClellaSec.C,Lot 30Farms, AB00/00/1915  N
STILL, Edith WSec.B,Lot 119Still, John Earl & Edith05/00/1981  N
STILL, Ellen CSec.B,Lot 119Still, James A09/16/1952  N
STILL, Georgia MSec.E,Lot 18Still, Georgia02/07/2003  N
STILL, Harold JSec.2,Lot 9Still, J Harold00/00/1947  N
STILL, Henry GlossenSec.E,Lot 18Still, Georgia06/25/1969  Y
STILL, J EdwardSec.3,Lot 19Still, Kathleen00/00/1958  N
STILL, James ASec.B,Lot 119Still, James A08/16/1930  N
STILL, James Harold JrSec.2,Lot 9Still, J Harold00/00/1947  N
STILL, John EarlSec.B,Lot 119Still, John Earl & Edith01/02/1980  N
STILL, KathleenSec.3,Lot 19Still, Kathleen11/04/1959  N
STILL, Lila MaeSec.2,Lot 9Still, J Harold00/00/1966  N
STILL, Mary JSec.C,Lot 30Farms, AB00/00/1927  N
STILL, Veta NaomiSec.B,Lot 119Still, James A10/03/1915  N
STITT, Julia CSec.1,Lot 23Daughton, Elizabeth10/14/1998  N
STOCKTON, ElsieSec.B,Lot 66Stockton, John C06/27/1900  N
STOCKTON, Isabel MSec.B,Lot 66Stockton, John C00/00/1942  N
STOCKTON, John CSec.B,Lot 66Stockton, John C00/00/1916  N
STOCKTON, StellaSec.B,Lot 66Stockton, John C01/19/1900  N
STONE, Charles A (Infant)Sec.D,Lot 16Stout02/22/1961  N
STONE, James RSec.A,Lot 136Stone, Rue Birchem04/08/1941  N
STONE, John SpringerSec.A,Lot 136Stone, Rue Birchem08/30/1993  N
STONE, Julia ESec.A,Lot 136Stone, Rue Birchem11/17/1996  N
STONE, KittieSec.D,Lot 29Stookey, Mrs Willard01/31/1978  N
STONE, Mary ASec.A,Lot 136Stone, Rue Birchem12/10/1962  N
STONE, Mary HSec.D,Lot 29Stookey, Mrs Willard03/20/1966  N
STONE, MinnieSec.5,Lot 23Stone, J Orr00/00/1927  N
STONE, OrrSec.5,Lot 23Stone, J Orr00/00/1958  N
STONE, Rue B "RB"Sec.A,Lot 136Stone, Rue Birchem07/06/1953  N
STOOKEY, Jessie FSec.D,Lot 29Stookey, Mrs Willard00/00/1934  N
STOOKEY, Marion FloydSec.A,Lot 77Stookey, ElizabethCivil War Veteran
02 Apr 1919
Leon IA
19 Mar 1846
STOOKEY, Millard FSec.D,Lot 29Stookey, Mrs Willard00/00/1934  N
STOREY, Margaret CSec.BBrooks, JC00/00/1963  N
STOUT, Clara FSec.N,Lot 20Stout, Gordon & Clara05/30/1994  N
STOUT, Irma ISec.N,Lot 67Stout, Robert06/07/1993  N
STOUT, John ASec.AStout, Mary A00/00/1929  N
STOUT, Mary ASec.AStout, Mary A00/00/1936  N
STOUT, MaxSec.G,Lot 96Stout, OR10/07/2005  N
STOUT, Orval RSec.G,Lot 96Stout, OR00/00/1961  N
STOUT, RobertSec.N,Lot 67Stout, Robert01/25/1992  Y
STOUT, RoxieSec.G,Lot 96Stout, OR04/03/1949  N
STOUT, Roy ESec.3,Lot 40Stout, Roy00/00/1960  N
STOUT, SadaSec.3,Lot 40Stout, Roy00/00/1969  N
STOVER, Caroline GSec.D,Lot 12HStover, Mrs James01/15/1940  N
STOVER, Delana DSec.G,Lot 33HStover, Walter11/08/1983  N
STOVER, James HunterSec.D,Lot 12HStover, Mrs James06/11/1903  N
STOVER, Walter VSec.G,Lot 33Stover, Walter00/00/1970  N
STRAND, JackeySec.A,Lot 114Strand, Lyle   N
STRANGE, Andrew JacksonSec.C,Lot 4Gardner, William Millard00/00/1960  N
STRAUSER, Leo JamesSec.E,Lot 15City of Leon09/20/1997  N
STUBER, EdwardSec.5,Lot 25Teale00/00/1928  N
STUMP, Johnnie CSec.C,Lot 27Lummax, Mrs AJ11/07/1988  N
STUMP, Marion FSec.C,Lot 27Lummax, Mrs AJ11/28/1988  N
STUMP, Susanna Jane (MARTIN)Sec.C,Lot 27Lummax, Mrs AJ12 Aug 1932
AE 81y 10m 5d
Leon IA
07 Oct 1850married
17 Mar 1867
David F. S. STUMP
(d. 28 Mar 1870)
STUMP, SylviaSec.4,Lot 19Stump, Melvin00/00/1944  N
SUCHY, Gregory Jon "Greg"Sec. N, Lot 55Suchy, Greg & Linda30 Oct 2014
AE 65y
Davis City IA
06 Jul 1949
Worthington MN
SUCHY, Jon William (Baby)Sec. N, Lot 55Suchy, Greg & Linda06/22/1983 son of Greg & Linda (HILL) SUCHYN
SULLIVAN, CharlesSec.B,Lot 65Sullivan, William J00/00/1892  N
SULLIVAN, Harriet LSec.B,Lot 65Sullivan, William J00/00/1924  N
SULLIVAN, JosephSec.E,Lot 48Sullivan, Lenoir09/26/1978  N
SULLIVAN, Philip-Dr. JSec.E,Lot 48Sullivan, Lenoir05/01/1991  N
SULLIVAN, William JSec.B,Lot 65Sullivan, William J   Y
SUTHERLIN, Blanche HSec.G,Lot 97Southerland, Mrs Earl02/02/1969  N
SUTHERLIN, Earl JSec.G,Lot 97Southerland, Mrs Earl00/00/1950  N
SUTHERLIN, NoreneSec.G,Lot 97Southerland, Mrs Earl   N
SWEARINGEN, Mary CSec.B,Lot 63Swearangern, A08/31/1979  N
SWIM, Albert ESec.3,Lot 38Swim00/00/1920  N
SWIM, EvaSec.3,Lot 38Swim00/00/1938  N
SWIM, Hugh ESec.3,Lot 38Swim00/00/1937  N
TABLER, OlieSec.C,Lot 7VanPelt, Madge03/10/1998  N
TAFF, Mary MSec.N,Lot 22Taff, Clyde L02/13/1992  N
TALLMAN, Carl TSec.3,Lot 7Tallman, Grace M00/00/1944  N
TALLMAN, George NSec.B,Lot 48Tallman, George00/00/1903  N
TALLMAN, Grace MSec.3,Lot 7Tallman, Grace M00/00/1952  N
TALLMAN, HarriettSec.B,Lot 48Tallman, George00/00/1906  N
TALLMAN, IsaacSec.B,Lot 48Tallman, George01/21/1981  N
TANNER, ClaraSec.C,Lot 33Armstrong, CM   N
TANNER, Clara JSec.CTanner, William & Clara00/00/1956  N
TANNER, William SSec.CTanner, William & Clara00/00/1950  N
TANNER, William SSec.C,Lot 33Armstrong, CM   N
TAYLOR, Bruce ASec.4,Lot 1Gardner, JM02/23/1986  N
TAYLOR, Elizabeth ESec.4,Lot 1Gardner, JM04/20/1991  N
TAYLOR, Mary HSec.C,Lot 36Johnson, WL12/01/1979  N
TEALE, CharlesSec.5,Lot 25Teale   N
TEALE, EdithSec.A,Lot 83Teale, Thomas06/03/1910  N
TEALE, Elizabeth MSec.5,Lot 24Teale00/00/1969  N
TEALE, LucindaSec.5,Lot 25Teale00/00/1877  N
TEALE, ThomasSec.5,Lot 25TealeCivil War Veteran
07 Mar 1923
Leon IA
10 Jan 1842
TEATER, C ElmerSec.B,Lot 120Teaters, Mrs Sylvester08/14/1974  N
TEATERS, IsabelSec.B,Lot 120Teaters, Mrs Sylvester00/00/1934  N
TEATERS, LizzieSec.G,Lot 58Tutor, Elmer   N
TEATERS, Margaret JaneSec.B,Lot 120Teaters, Mrs Sylvester00/00/1941  N
TEATERS, Sylvester MSec.B,Lot 120Teaters, Mrs Sylvester00/00/1918  N
TELLIER, Connie JSec.N,Lot 76Tellier, Chester04/21/1996  N
TEMKOW, Norene VSec.E,Lot 56Temkow, Gary05/04/1996  N
THARP, Elia MSec.D,Lot 13Tharp09/12/1964  N
THARP, Hattie DellSec.D,Lot 45Tharp   N
THARP, James TSec.A,Lot 133Tharp, James T00/00/1914  N
THARP, Mary ESec.3,Lot 16/td>Crawford, Mrs WW00/00/1939  N
THARP, Mattie MSec.D,Lot 45Tharp07/06/1862  N
THARP, MinnieSec.A,Lot 133Tharp, James T00/00/1917  N
THARP, SalinaSec.B,Lot 61Tharp, William04/20/1885  N
THATCHER, IsaacSec.D,Lot 13Thatcher02/09/1966  N
THISIUS, MarionSec.A,Lot 78Luse, CW03/13/2004  N
THOMAS, Dorothy MSec.A,Lot 94Thomas, Charles09/10/1911  N
THOMAS, Lucille KarenSec.E,Lot 38City of Leon12/13/1995  N
THOMAS, Martha NSec.A,Lot 94Thomas, Charles10/12/1908  N
THOMASON, BerthaSec.C,Lot 10Thomason, Flora00/00/1909  N
THOMASON, FloraSec.C,Lot 10Thomason, Flora00/00/1916  N
THOMASON, MillisaSec.C,Lot 10Thomason, Flora00/00/1917  N
THOMPSON, Altha MSec.AFrost, John D & Le Loie01/10/1972  N
THOMPSON, Eva JSec.C,Lot 13Simpson, L00/00/1956  N
THOMPSON, FloydSec.AFrost, John D. & Le Loie02/24/1964  Y
THOMPSON, Frank ESec.B,Lot 44Thompson, Frank00/00/1947  N
THOMPSON, George Marvin Sr.Sec. N, Lot 13Thompson, Susan25 Feb 2003
AE 61y
Leon IA
10 Dec 1941
Greenfield IA
THOMPSON, JamesSec.D,Lot 98Thompson03/30/1869  N
THOMPSON, LucindaSec.2,Lot 28Benefiel, James W00/00/1929  N
THOMPSON, LuluSec.B,Lot 44Thompson, Frank00/00/1943  N
THOMPSON, Mary ESec.B,Lot 89Thompson, Cary02/12/1908  N
THOMPSON, Mrs FFSec.B,Lot 44Thompson, Frank01/30/1909  N
THOMPSON, Uel ESec.B,Lot 44Thompson, Frank08/26/1960  N
THURMAN, David BSec.2,Lot 3Thurman, David & Minnie00/00/1965  N
THURMAN, John WSec.2,Lot 3Thurman, David & Minnie00/00/1946  Y
THURMAN, Mary FSec.B,Lot 64Thurman, Dan05/07/1880  N
THURMAN, Minnie TSec.2,Lot 3Thurman, David & Minnie12/12/1985  N
TILFORD, Eugene NSec.Baker, Clarence00/00/1929  N
TILFORD, James ASec.3,Lot 19Tilford, Wilma00/00/1960  N
TILFORD, WilmaSec.3,Lot 19Tilford, Wilma08/04/2005  N
TINKLIN, Nora MaudeSec.ASchoonover, Harlan04/05/1981  N
TITTLE, ElmiraSec.C,Lot 14Cooper, JM00/00/1915  N
TITTLE, LorenSec.C,Lot 14Cooper, JM00/00/1913  N
TOLLY, Hazel IreneSec.5,Lot 12Dyer, Herbert12/26/1928  N
TOLLY, Elizabeth BSec.G,Lot 109Tolly, I.S.12/18/1969  N
TOLLY, Hazel ISec.G,Lot 109Tolly, I.S.   N
TOLLY, IsaacsSec.G,Lot 109Tolly, I.S.00/00/1963  N
TOLLY, Lillian IvySec.G,Lot 109Tolly, I.S.04/16/1999  N
TOLLY, Robert GSec.G,Lot 109Tolly, I.S.10/31/1993  N
TOLLY, Russel "Rut"Sec.G,Lot 109Tolly, I.S.02/27/1985  N
TOMS, George WSec.3,Lot 34Toms.04/26/1928  Y
TOMS, Hiram ESec.3,Lot 34Toms07/31/1984  Y
TOMS, LSec.A,Lot 131Toms, L00/00/1976  N
TOMS, Lura MSec.3,Lot 34Toms00/00/1937  N
TOMS, Madge LSec.3,Lot 34Toms02/03/1992  N
TONEY, Darrell LeeSec.F,Lot 29Miller, Hope G02/04/1999  Y
TONEY, GarySec.F,Lot 29Miller, Hope G01/16/1985  Y
TONEY, John WSec.F,Lot 29Miller, Hope G00/00/1966  N
TONEY, Julia AlbertaSec.F,Lot 29Miller, Hope G00/00/1966  N
TONEY, VernonSec.2,Lot 21Toney, Vernon02/00/1986  N
TONEY, William ForestSec.F,Lot 29Toney, Forest & Georgia01/20/1997  Y
TOWNSEND, Robert GSec.5,Lot 8Davis, CP09/30/1946  Y
TOWNSLEY, Elizabeth E "Lizzie"Sec.5,Lot 15Townsley, Mrs Homar12/03/1973  N
TOWNSLEY, Homer WSec.5,Lot 15Townsley, Mrs Homar00/00/1964  N
TREMBLY, Donald AlvinSec.2, Lot 14Trembly, Donald Alvin07/05/1989 married
28 Oct 1935
Elizabeth Waitstill HAMPTON
TREMBLY, Elizabeth Waitstill (HAMPTON)Sec.2, Lot 14Trembly, Donald Alvin14 Aug 2016
Joplin MO
18 Mar 1916
Eden Twp.
Decatur Co. IA
daughter of Martin Ethan & Cassie (CLARK) HAMPTON
28 Oct 1935
Donald Alvin TREMBLY
TREMBLY, Ivan Jr.Sec.2,Lot 14Trembly, Donald Alvin00/00/1945 son of
Donald Alvin & Elizabeth Waitstill (HAMPTON) TREMBLY
TREMBLY, RebeccaSec.D,Lot 2HBoyd, John06/22/1895  N
TRISLER, EarlSec.B,Lot 103Trisler, EH10/09/1968  N
TRISLER, IreneSec.B,Lot 103Trisler, EH11/09/1968  N
TRISLER, MartinSec.B,Lot 103Trisler, EH07/20/1908  N
TROTZ, Ivan RSec.E,Lot 25Trotz, Ivan R & Mae01/02/1983  Y
TROTZ, Mae BSec.E,Lot 25Trotz, Ivan R & Mae10/13/1995  N
TRUESDALE, Aimee HSec.3,Lot 35Hoffhines, J00/00/1957  N
TRUITT, ClarindaSec.BTruitt, Martha06/07/1997  N
TRUITT, GMSec.BTruitt, Martha05/22/1931  Y
TRUITT, MarthaSec.BTruitt, Martha00/00/1938  N
TRUMAN, Mildred KSec.N,Lot 41Truman, Mildred K & Loren F12/18/1986  N
TULLER, Eugene DSec.4,Lot 12Tuller, Ed & Fay09/13/1977  N
TULLER, Faye CSec.4,Lot 12Tuller, Ed & Fay02/20/1972  N
TULLIS, Bertie BSec.B,Lot 53Tullis, Oliver E00/00/1916  N
TULLIS, CharlesSec.BTullis, Mamie00/00/1930  N
TULLIS, EmmarillahSec.D,Lot 45Tullis02/15/1865  N
TULLIS, Harry ESec.BTullis, Mamie11/17/1964  Y
TULLIS, John MSec.B,Lot 53Tullis, Oliver E01/02/1891  N
TULLIS, LeoSec.BTullis, Mamie00/00/1928  N
TULLIS, MercedesSec.ABarlean John00/00/1934  N
TULLIS, Oliver ESec.B,Lot 53Tullis, Oliver E01/09/1892  N
TULLIS, TheresaSec.BTullis, Mamie00/00/1949  N
TURNER, Nellie BSec.B,Lot 50Lawhorn, NB00/00/1932  N
TURNER, Robert RSec.A,Lot 132Turner, Dean   N
TURPIN, Alice JSec.A,Lot 110Fairchild, WH   N
TURPIN, Earl BSec.E,Lot 43Turpin, Earl & Leona E04/07/1999  N
TURPIN, Elsie MSec.N,Lot 70Butcher, Neil & Evelyn09/29/1983  N
TURPIN, JosephineSec.C,Lot 23Adair, WJ   N
TWOMBLEY, EverttSec.G,Lot 48Twombley, Mary11/14/1977  Y
TWOMBLEY, LoureeSec.G,Lot 48Twombley, HV & Lourel00/00/1962  N
TWOMBLEY, Rebecca L (Baby)Sec.G,Lot 31Twombley, Francis00/00/1958  N
TWOMBLEY, Rebecca RSec.G,Lot 48Twombley, HV & Lourel10/04/1972  N

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