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Leon Cemetery E-F

Thank you to Bob Bixby and to the City of Leon for making these records available to us. This is a transcription directly from the city records of the cemetery.

Deceased NameLocation IDOwner NameDate of DeathDate of BirthSexVet
EALS, Carl S.Sec.A,Lot 80Eals, carl S.00/00/1941  N
EALS, Charles M.Sec.A, Lot 80Eals, Carl S.08/06/1953  Y
EALS, FredSec.A,Lot 80Eals, Carl S.07/26/1903  N
EALS, HannahSec.A,Lot 80Eals, Carl S.00/00/1944  N
EALS, Irene B.Sec.A,Lot 80Eals, Carl S.00/00/1970  N
EARLEY, Norma LeeSec.N,Lot 65Owens, Bill & Marilyn08/09/199510/10/1938 N
EARNEST, Emily J.Sec.B,Lot 51Earnest, Elbert05/13/1909  N
EAST, Hazel G.Sec.2,Lot 11Ellis, H.A.12/26/1981  N
EASTER, Claude E.Sec.BManchester, Pearl00/00/1959  N
EASTER, Verna A.Sec.BManchester, Pearl00/00/196204/17/1923 N
EASTIN, GladysSec.N,Lot 56Eastin, Oscar01/29/2000  N
EASTIN, OscarSec.N,Lot 56Eastin, Oscar07/15/1993  N
EASTON, Harold E.Sec.G,Lot 56Easton, John E.01/04/2000  N
EASTON, John E. "Phil"Sec.G,Lot 56Easton, John E.03/11/1978  N
EASTON, MarjorieSec.G,Lot 56Easton, John E.00/00/1963  N
EASTON, StephenSec.E,Lot 23Babyland00/00/1970  N
EATON, Charles DavidSec.A,Lot 112Jackson, Josie04/09/1996  N
EATON, Francis X.Sec.C, Lot 38Eaton, E.X.01/18/1892  N
EATON, James O.Sec.C,Lot 38Eaton, E.X.07/26/1910  N
EATON, LessieSec.C,Lot 38Eaton, E.X.06/22/1888  N
EATON, SarahSec.C, Lot 38Eaton, E.X.11/23/1912  N
ECKARDT, EmilSec.BEckardt, Rosa00/00/1931  N
ECKARDT, RosaSec.BEckardt, Rosa02/26/1968  N
ECKARDT, VeraSec.BEckardt, Virgil & Vera07/24/2002  N
ECKARDT, VirgilSec.BEckardt, Virgil & Vera03/09/1981  N
EDGERTON, Rboert L.Sec.E,Lot 32Christensen, Paul & Roberta09/26/1981  N
EDMINSTON, OdaSec.A,Lot 77Beck, C.W.01/05/1901  N
EIKER, Bert L.Sec.4,Lot 13Eiker, B.L.05/06/1932  N
EIKER, EdithSec.4,Lot 13Eiker, B.L.02/22/1931  N
EIKER, James M.Sec.4,Lot 24Eiker, B.L.01/05/1918  N
EIKER, NoraSec.4,Lot 24Eiker, B.L.03/25/1932  N
ELDER, Cecil M.Sec.CGrimes, Forest02/12/1969  N
ELLARS, Clarence Riley "Dick"Sec.E,Lot 57Ellars, Clarence R. & Opal I.05/23/1989 married 25 Oct 1923 Leon IA
Opal Irene BRIGHT
ELLARS, Opal Irene (BRIGHT)Sec.E,Lot 57Ellars, Clarence R. & Opal I.03 Dec 2003
AE 96
Leon IA
14 Aug 1907
Decatur Co. IA
daughter of Lewis Ezra & Carrie M. (MARTINDALE) BRIGHT
married 25 Oct 1923 Leon IA
Clarence Riley "Dick" Ellars
ELLIS, AlgernonSec.4,Lot 12Ellis, A.E.00/00/1917  N
ELLIS, Clarence WilliamSec.E,Lot 60Ellis, Earl H.06/26/1988  N
ELLIS, Earl H.Sec.E,Lot 60Ellis, Earl H.12/22/1990  N
ELLIS, EllaSec.E,Lot 60Ellis, Earl H.   N
ELLIS, Ella W.Sec.4,Lot 12Ellis, A.E.00/00/1932  N
ELLIS, Grace R.B.Sec.E,Lot 60Ellis, Earl H.08/01/1976  N
ELLIS, Harley A.Sec.2,Lot 11Ellis, H.A.10/29/1944  N
ELLIS, Harley A.Sec.2,Lot 11Ellis, H.A.00/00/1955  Y
ELLIS, JennieSec.D,Lot 27Ellis00/00/1923  N
ELLIS, John M.Sec.D,Lot 86Ellis10/13/1871  N
ELLIS, LucindaSec.D, Lot 27Ellis00/00/1867  N
ELLIS, Max Rollo  18 Jun 1933
Decatur Co. IA
20 Mar 2016
AE 82y
Lamoni IA
son of Earl Henry & Grace Ruth Beatrice (DAVIS) ELLISN
ELLIS, W.W.Sec.D, Lot 27Ellis00/00/1890  N
ELMORE, AudreySec.B,Lot 90Elmore, Olin & Audrey10/05/1987  N
ELMORE, Earl L.Sec.N,Lot 67Elmore, Earl & Thelma05/11/1983  Y
ELMORE, EdgarSec.4,Lot 10Bell00/00/1928  N
ELMORE, Gary EarlSec.N, Lot 67Elmore, Earl & Thelma08/13/1990  N
ELMORE, Olen R.Sec.B,Lot 90Elmore, Olin & Audrey09/24/1982  Y
ELSBERRY, Donald R.Sec.G,Lot 30Elsberry, Donald R.03/27/1991  N
ELSBERRY, Dorothy E.Sec.G,Lot 30Elsberry, Donald R.01/17/2000  N
ELSBERRY, George H.Sec.G,Lot 49Elsberry, Donald R.00/00/1970  N
ELSBERRY, Linda K.Sec.5,Lot 20Elsberry, Linda & Rebecca02/16/1993  N
ELSBERRY, Luella K.Sec.G, Lot 49Elsberry, Donald R.00/00/1959  N
ELSBERRY, RaymondSec.G, Lot 49Elsberry, Donald R.03/20/1993  N
ELSBERRY, Richard EugeneSec.G, Lot 30Elsberry, Donald R.00/00/1955  N
 ELSON, Charles "Lee"  
04 Oct 1921
Corydon IA
World War II Veteran
U.S. Army
Sgt. 9th Armored Div.
son of Charles Wesley & Eleanor (BEMIS) ELSON
spouse of Nancy NETHERTON
ELWELL, Josephine M.Sec.G,Lot 83Elwell, Mr. & Mrs. Louis00/00/1967  N
ELWELL, Louis W.Sec.G,Lot 83Elwell, Mr. & Mrs. Louis00/00/1955  N
ELWELL, SarahSec.C,Lot 20Myers, Frank00/00/1924  N
EPPERLY, Almyra (ROCK)Sec.B,Lot 69Epperly, Thomas G.00/00/1928 spouse of Thomas G. EPPERLYN
EPPERLY, Clyde Raymond  06 Oct 196909 Nov 1896 N
EPPERLY, Earl O.Sec.BEpperly, Rose00/00/1959  N
EPPERLY, Edgar H.Sec.BEpperly, Edgar H.26 Jun 1979  N
EPPERLY, Elsie L.Sec.3,Lot 26Epperly, Fred T.17 Apr 1997  N
EPPERLY, Frances L.Sec.E,Lot 32Epperly, Mrs. Harold22 Dec 2000  N
EPPERLY, Fred ThomasSec.3,Lot 26Epperly, Fred T.19 Dec 1973  Y
EPPERLY, Harold E.Sec.E,Lot 32Epperly, Mrs. Harold20 Aug1967  N
EPPERLY, Harold GlenSec.B,Lot 69Epperly, Thomas G.00/00/1901  N
EPPERLY, HuldahSec.3,Lot 26Epperey, Fred T.00/00/19361869spouse of William C. EPPERLYN
EPPERLY, Iona Emm (HARDINGER)Sec.3,Lot 26Epperly, Fred T.16 Feb 1923
Leon IA
11 Aug 1887
Osceola IA
daughter of J.B. & Alice HARDINGER
married 21 Apr 1909
EPPERLY, John C.Sec.B,Lot 69Epperly, Thomas G.00/00/1961  N
EPPERLY, Lavern (HOHN)Sec.BEpperly, Edgar H.22 Mar 1978
AE 71y 6m 14d
Leon IA
08 Sep 1906
Page Co. IA
daughter of Charles E. & Jane HOHN
married 13 Sep 1926
EPPERLY, Leta R.Sec.BEpperly, Edgar H.00/00/1945  N
EPPERLY, Lyda BelleSec.BEpperly, Edgar H.18 Mar 1971
Leon IA
21 Jan 1884
Leon IA
daughter of Thomas G. & Almyra (ROCK) EPPERLYN
EPPERLY, MaeSec.BEpperly, Edgar H.28 Oct 1969  N
EPPERLY, RaymondSec.BEpperly, Edgar H.08 Oct 1969  N
EPPERLY, Rose EdithSec.BEpperly, Rose18 Jun 1986  N
EPPERLY, Thomas G.Sec.B,Lot 69Epperly, Thomas G.00/00/1945 spouse of Almyra ROCKN
EPPERLY, William C.Sec.3,Lot 26Epperly, Fred T.00/00/19341862spouse of Huldah EPPERLYN
ERNEST, ElbertSec.B,Lot 51Earnest, Elbert   Y
ERNEST, SarahSec.B,Lot 51Ernest, Elbert   N
ESTES, Maude P.Sec.CEstes, Maud00/00/1964  N
ESTES, Orel P.Sec.CEstes, Maud00/00/1953  N
EVANS, Bertha E.Sec.4,Lot 6Evans, E.J. & Bertha01/03/1948  N
EVANS, Charles A.Sec.5,Lot 21Evans, Charles & Ruth00/00/1971  N
EVANS, Clifton C.Sec.G,Lot 22Evans, Clifton12/02/1988  Y
EVANS, Donald L.Sec.N,Lot 9Evans, Donald Lee03/15/1990  N
EVANS, Edwin G.Sec.D,Lot 7HEvans, Edwin G.03/12/1906  N
EVANS, Elijah J.Sec.4,Lot 6Evans, E.J. & Bertha03/15/1947  N
EVANS, Elnora A.Sec.D,Lot 14HBaker, M.G.00/00/1930  N
EVANS, Hannah LoreySec.C,Lot 17Smith, Frank01/12/1927  N
EVANS, I.E.Sec.A,Lot 138Evans, J.E.00/00/1923  N
EVANS, James J.Sec.D,Lot 14HBaker, M.G.00/00/1922  Y
EVANS, James RaymondSec.4,Lot 7Evans, Wilma00/00/1961  N
EVANS, James W.Sec.D,Lot 10HEvans, James W.02/19/1902  N
EVANS, JaneSec.D,Lot 1HEvans, J.H.05/03/1903  N
EVANS, J.H.Sec.D,Lot 1HEvans, J.H.00/00/1925  Y
EVANS, JohnSec.5,Lot 9Evans, Mrs. John00/00/1941  N
EVANS, Lula FayeSec.4,Lot 6Evans, Roy09/07/1979  N
EVANS, Lyman ConreySec.5,Lot 21Evans, Charles & Ruth06/07/1995  Y
EVANS, Mary A.Sec.5,Lot 9Evans, Mrs. John00/00/1950  N
EVANS, Mary J.Sec.A,Lot 138Evans, J.E.00/00/1929  N
EVANS, MelvelSec.B,Lot 71Varga, Stephen00/00/1913  Y
EVANS, PearlSec.A,Lot 138Evans, J.E.00/00/1912  N
EVANS, Raymond C.Sec.4,Lot 7Evans, Wilma00/00/1940  N
EVANS, Roy LesterSec.4,Lot 6Evans, Roy03/09/1985  N
EVANS, RuthSec.5,Lot 21Evans, Charles & Ruth12/26/1974  N
EVANS, Viola I.Sec.G,Lot 22Grim, Harold04/23/200200/00/1914 N
EVANS, Wilma J.Sec.4,Lot 7Evans, Wilma00/00/1947  N
EVANS, Winnie EstellaSec.5,Lot 22Shira, El & Em09/21/1987  N
EVERETT, Lyla B.Sec.E,Lot 62Everett, Lyla01/20/1985  N
FAIN, Isaac AdamSec.F,Lot 52Bracewell, Grace05/10/1996  N
FAIRCHILD, Alice F.Sec.A,Lot 110Fairchild, W.H.10/09/198100/00/1893 N
FAIRCHILD, FrancesSec.A,Lot 110Fairchild, W.H.00/00/1923  N
FAIRCHILD, LeoSec.E,Lot 43Fairchild, Leta M.09/09/1977  N
FAIRCHILD, LesterSec.E,Lot 18Fairchild, Lester02/05/1999  N
FAIRCHILD, WilliamSec.A,Lot 110Fairchild, W.H.00/00/195300/00/1889 N
FAMILY MARKERSec.1,Lot 23Griffin, Vergene   N
FAMILY MARKER ON SPACESec.1,Lot 13Higdon, Lois   N
FANN, Maida B.Sec.B,Lot 122Philps, Roy00/00/1921  N
FARLOW, John A.Sec.D,Lot 74Munster02/11/1966  N
FARLOW, Mary IsabelleSec.D,Lot 74Munster11/20/1962  N
FARNES, Harry M.Sec.C,Lot 21Farnes, D. Henry02/19/1900  N
FARNES, Hazel T.Sec.C,Lot 21Farnes, D.Henry02/27/1897  N
FARNES, JamesSec.B,Lot 72Farnes, Dora05/06/1904  Y
FARNES, Pheba E.Sec.B,Lot 72Farnes, Dora05/14/1899  N
FARQUHAR, AliceSec.B,Lot 53Farquhar, Horace00/00/1938  N
FARQUHAR, EdwinSec.AFarquhar, George R.00/00/1947 married 23 Jun 1917
FARQUHAR, Fay (BENEFIEL)Sec. AFarquhar, George R.07 Mar 1953
Leon IA
26 Sep 1890
Concord NE
daughter of Elliott & Mary BENEFIEL
married 23 Jun 1917
FARQUHAR, FrankSec.B,Lot 53Farquhar, Horace00/00/1922  N
FARQUHAR, George R.Sec.A,Lot 92Farquhar, George R.00/00/1943  N
FARQUHAR, HoraceSec.B,Lot 53Farquhar, Horace00/00/1933  N
FARQUHAR, Margaret H.Sec.AFarquhar, George R.00/00/1920  N
FARQUHAR, Mary F.Sec.A,Lot 92Farquhar, George R.00/00/1926  N
FARQUHAR, SamuelSec.A,Lot 92Farquhar, George R.00/00/1909  N
FARQUHAR, W. FaySec.AFarquhar, George R.00/00/1953  N
FELL, Patrick JoeSec.E,Lot 23Babyland04/14/1980  N
FENDER, Isaac D.Sec.G,Lot 31Fender, I.D.00/00/1971  N
FENDER, Nettie F.Sec.G,Lot 31Fender, I.D.00/00/1958  N
FERREN, William A.Sec.4,Lot 9Ferren, William (Estate) A.00/00/1937  N
FESLER, Edward S.Sec.A,Lot 82Fesler, E.N.   N
FETTY, Loren S.Sec.G,Lot 32Fetty, L.S. & Sadia00/00/1959  N
FETTY, Sarah F.Sec.G,Lot 32Fetty, L.S. & Sadia00/00/1961  N
FEUQUAY, Mary A.Sec.D,Lot 5Unknown00/00/1923  N
FIESLER, Hazel M.Sec.3,Lot 32Fiesler, W.06/12/1985  N
FIESLER, Walter W.Sec.3,Lot 32Fiesler, W.02/03/1992  N
FILICAL, ChristopherSec.B,Lot 71Filical, Nancy R.00/00/1894  N
FILICAL, Nancy R.Sec.B,Lot 71Filical, Nancy R.00/00/1915  N
FILICAL, William H.Sec.B,Lot 71Filical, Nancy R.00/00/1926  N
FINCH AlbertSec.A,Lot 85Finch, Albert E.01/01/1911  N
FINCKBONE, EmilySec.D,Lot 2HFinckbone, Emma00/00/1941  N
FINCKBONE, H.C.Sec.D,Lot 2HFinckbone, Emma03/07/1915  N
FINCKBONE, MarySec.2,Lot 10Finckbone, A.N.00/00/1946  N
FINCKBONE, NewtonSec.2,Lot 10Finckbone, A.N.00/00/1961  N
FINLEY, Charlo P.Sec.B,Lot 50Finley, C.R.00/00/1904  N
FINLEY, Elam G.Sec.D,Lot 41Finley08/17/1855  N
FINLEY, EllaSec.B,Lot 50Finley, C.R.11/14/1967  N
FINLEY, James W.Sec.D,Lot 41Finley01/12/1866  Y
FINLEY, Jennie C.Sec.D,Lot 30Finley06/16/1877  N
FINELY, John P.Sec.D,Lot 41Finley03/11/1883  Y
FINELY, J.P.Sec.D,Lot 30Finley04/10/1903  Y
FINLEY, Maria L.Sec.D,Lot 41Finley01/05/1865  N
FINELY, Paul E.Sec.G,Lot 23Snare, Esther00/00/1960  N
FISHBURN, FloraSec.D,Lot 85Fishburn00/00/1916  N
FISHBURN, InfantSec.C,Lot 14Yarrington, E.00/00/1899  N
FISHBURN, JohnSec.D,Lot 85Fishburn01/23/1879  N
FISHBURN, Sarah G.Sec.D,Lot 85Fishburn06/05/1888  N
FISHBURN, William T.Sec.D,Lot 85Fishburn09/11/1880  N
FISHER, BerthaSec.BFisher, David F.00/00/1948  N
FISHER, BessSec.A,Lot 76Oney, Irene09/04/1948  N
FISHER, ClarenceSec.2,Lot 14Fisher, C.A.00/00/1949  N
FISHER, DavidSec.BFisher, David F.04/18/1990  Y
FISHER, Forrest L.Sec.3,Lot 16Fisher, Mrs.00/00/1935  N
FISHER, Ida M.Sec.2,Lot 33Fisher, Ike00/00/1955  N
FISHER, Ike K.Sec.2,Lot 33Fisher, Ike00/00/1940  N
FISHER, KaySec.2,Lot 14Fisher, C.A.00/00/1945  N
FISHER, Mary JaneSec.2, Lot 14Fisher, C.A.06/03/1958  N
FISHER, RaymondSec.A,Lot 76Oney, Irene01/14/1927  Y
FITCH, Clarence WilliamSec.E, Lot 36Fitch, Velma L. & Ronald E.06/16/1977  Y
FITCH, HarleySec.5, Lot 10Fitch, Mrs. Harley00/00/1927  N
FITCH, Maude Victoria Sec.2, Lot 11Ogden, W.M.00/00/1967  N
FITCH, W.B.Sec.D,Lot 7HFitch, J.H. & Minnie09/15/1895  N
FLAGGARD, Charles W.Sec.2, Lot 12Flaggard, Cora00/00/1928  N
FLAGGARD, Cora LeeSec.2, Lot 12Flaggard, Cora00/00/1959  N
FLAGGARD, HarlanSec.2, Lot 12Flaggard, Cora08/02/1968  N
FLAGGARD, MauriceSec.2, Lot 12Flaggard, Cora03/17/1969  N
FLANAGAN, Harold S.Sec.1, Lot 16Flanagan, Harold & Mrs.07/18/1969  N
FLANAGAN, Hazel M.Sec.1,Lot 16Flanagan, Harold & Mrs.08/16/1984  N
FLANAGAN, Johnny P.Sec.1, Lot 11Flanagan, Mayme V.08/02/1965  N
FLANAGAN, Mayme V.Sec.1, Lot 11Flanagan, Mayme V.10/24/1993  N
FLANAGAN, Michael HaroldSec.1, Lot 16Flanagan, Harold & Mrs.07/28/1968  N
FLEMING, Francis A.Sec.2, Lot 30Fleming, J.P. & Frances A.00/00/1962  N
FLEMING, Jesse P.Sec.2, Lot 30Fleming, J.P. & Frances A.09/01/1972  N
FLEMMING, James FloyedSec.E,Lot 43Flemmin, Josephie A. & Franklin09/09/1977  Y
FLEMMING, Josephine AdelineSec.E,Lot 43Flemmin, Josephie A. & Franlin11/09/1997  N
FLETCHER, Eliza A.Sec.D, Lot 12HFletcher, W.F.00/00/1956  N
FLETCHER, FlorenceSec.2, Lot 28Fletcher, O.A.00/00/1961  N
FLETCHER, HomerSec.CFletcher, Homer L.04/01/1988  N
FLETCHER, J.R.Sec.2, Lot 28Fletcher, O.A.00/00/1922  N
FLETCHER, MarthaSec.B, Lot 104Fletcher, William F.   N
FLETCHER, MaymeSec.CFlecther, Homer L.09/08/1981  N
FLETCHER, Ora (Infant)Sec.D,Lot 12HFletcher, W.F.   N
FLETCHER, Orra O.Sec.2,Lot 28Fletcher, O.A.00/00/1961  N
FLETCHER, W.F.Sec.D,Lot 12HFletcher, W.F.00/00/1947  N
FLETCHER, WilliamSec.B,Lot 104Fletcher, William F.   N
FLINT, Dale E.Sec.E, Lot 15City of Leon10/13/1992  N
FLOCKHART, William Thomas Jr.Sec.CFlockhart, William00/00/1964  N
FLORA, VirginiaSec.ACox, Louise04/06/1958  N
FLUMMER, Albert L.Sec.E,Lot 58Flummer, Helen02/05/1973  N
FLUMMER, Jennie F.Sec.2,Lot 8Flummer, Jennie01/09/1976  N
FLUMMER, William M.Sec.2, Lot 8Flummer, Jennie08/08/1970  N
FLUMMER, William S.Sec.2, Lot 8Flummer, Jennie03/30/1944  Y
FOGLEMAN, Mary JaneSec.2, Lot 21Middleton, Della00/00/1941  N
FOLAND, Ada Belle (MOORE)  25 Mar 2007
AE 69y
Leon IA
27 Sep 1937
Harrison Co. MO
daughter of Walter C. & Daisy Marie (NORRIS) MOORE
married 27 May 1956
Richard Cloyd FOLAND
FOLAND, Richard Cloyd  18 Oct 2015
AE 78y
Leon IA
06 Feb 1937
Van Wert IA
son of Cloyd Vandel & Doris June (STUBBS) FOLAND
married 27 May 1956
Ada Belle MOORE
FORBES, ArthurSec.A, Lot 79Forbes, Arthur00/00/1937  N
FORBES, FrankSec.A, Lot 79Forbes, Arthur   N
FORBES, MargaretSec.A,Lot 79Forbes, Arthur00/00/1930  N
FOREMAN, GeorgeSec.B,Lot 65Foreman, George06/24/1905  Y
FOREMAN, Rachel W.Sec.B, Lot 65Foreman, George04/01/1892  N
FORMAN, Timothy KyleSec.E, Lot 30Forman, Don00/00/1970  N
FORREY, SamueSec.D, Lot 29Stookey, Mrs. Willard00/00/1914  N
FORSYTHE, GlennSec.4, Lot 3Forsythe, Thomas00/00/1923  Y
FORSYTHE, Hattie S.Sec.4, Lot 3Forsythe, Thomas   N
FORSYTHE, Lillie M.Sec.E, Lot 17Forsythe, Tom B. & Lillie07/12/1982  N
FORSYTHE, Thomas B.Sec.E, Lot 17Forsythe, Tom B. & Lillie05/08/1977  N
FORSYTHE, Thomas M.Sec.4, Lot 3Forsythe, Thomas00/00/1957  N
FOX, Georgia A.Sec.E, Lot 20Owens, George02/09/1995  N
FOX, Victor C.Sec.E, Lot 20Owens, George02/20/1986  Y
FOXWORTHY, Mary E.Sec.5, Lot 1Foxworthy, O.W.00/00/1929  N
FOXWORTHY, Oliver W.Sec.5, Lot 1Foxworthy, O.W.00/00/1935  N
FRANCE, MurielSec.3, Lot 23Murray, Mary05/30/2001  N
FRAZIER, ClaraSec.D, Lot 41Varga, F.06/17/1906  N
26 Nov 1833
Gillford Co. NC
FREEMAN, Mary B.Sec.D, Lot 26Unknown05/01/1960  N
FRENCH, FransieSec.D, Lot 76Unknown08/22/1861  N
FRIDAY, Calvin N.Sec.G, Lot 26Friday, Calvin & Helen11/20/1988  N
FRIDAY, Helen G.Sec.G, Lot 26Friday, Calvin ^ Helen08/06/1997  N
FRISBIE, Leonard DeweySec.AKing, Edith00/00/1936  N
FRISK, CloverSec.1, Lot 24Buckingham, John W.02/22/2005  N
FROST, BettySec.1, Lot 12Frost, Walter & Betty09/09/2005  N
FROST, CecileSec.5, Lot 5Frost, John00/00/1934  N
FROST, Hannah E.Sec.1, Lot 23Frost, Walter & Betty00/00/1941  N
FROST, HimeniaSec.G, Lot 57Frost, Oral & Himenia01/31/1994  N
FROST, John D.Sec.AFrost, John D. & Le Loie08/10/1998  N
FROST, John W.Sec.5, Lot 5Frost, John00/00/1961  N
FROST, Julia MainSec.1, Lot 22Frost, Dillon01/19/2000  N
FROST, Julian B.Sec.E, Lot 43Frost, Julian B. & Ruby10/26/1984  Y
FROST, Le LoieSec.AFrost, John D. & Le Loie11/24/1976  N
FROST, Malinda J.Sec.5, Lot 1Frost, William H.00/00/1918  N
FROST, Oral E.Sec.G, Lot 57Frost, Oral & Himenia08/16/1977  N
FROST, Ruby L.Sec.E, Lot 43Frost, Julian B. & Ruby11/02/2002  N
FROST, WalterSec.1, Lot 12Frost, Walter & Betty06/30/1987  N
FROST, William DillionSec.1,Lot 22Frost, Dillon06/10/1973  N
FROST, William H.Sec.5, Lot 1Frost, William H.00/00/1918  Y
FROST, William M.Sec.1, Lot 23Frost, Walter & Betty00/00/1947  N
FULLER, BerthaSec.AFuller, Hoddy01/27/1990  N
FULLER, EddieSec.G, Lot 110Fuller, F.H.04/28/1954  N
FULLER, ForrestSec.G, Lot 110Beavers, Erle00/00/1976  Y
FULLER, Hody M.Sec.AFuller, Hoddy01/27/1990  N
FULLER, JesseSec.B, Lot 119Fuller, Gertie M.00/00/1939  N
FULLER, John J.Sec.B, Lot 119Fuller, Gertie M.00/00/1954  N
FULLER, Lawrence WayneSec.3, Lot 16Fuller, Lucille00/00/1963  Y
FULLER, LucilleSec.3, Lot 16Fuller, Lucille03/06/1996  N
FULLER, TedSec.G, Lot 110Beavers, Erle02/18/2003  N
FULLERTON, FrankSec.3, Lot 29Fullerton, Pearl00/00/1957  N
FULTON, AlbertSec.3, Lot 13Fulton, Jeff00/00/1933  N
FULTON, AlonzoSec.5, Lot 14Fulton, Alonzo & Mary00/00/1929  N
FULTON, Alpha T.Sec.G, Lot 97Fulton, W.J. & Alpha00/00/1962  N
FULTON, Amanda K.Sec.3, Lot 13Fulton, Jeff00/00/1919  N
FULTON, Beatrice M.Sec.G, Lot 98Fulton, Leslie & Bea08/13/1972  N
FULTON, Clyde OrvilleSec.E, Lot 20Owens, George28 Jan 2003
AE 87Y
19 Feb 1915
Decatur Co. IA
WWII VeteranY
FULTON, David HenrySec.D,Lot 34Fulton, David Henry00/00/1944  N
FULTON, FernSec.3, Lot 13Fulton, Jeff   N
FULTON, Florence C.Sec.E, Lot 46Fulton, Lester & Florence01/29/1982  N
FULTON, GeraldSec.3,Lot 13Fulton, Jeff   N
FULTON, HaroldSec.3,Lot 13Fulton, Jeff   N
FULTON, Harriet E.Sec.D,Lot 54Fulton04/02/1903  N
FULTON, Harriett MSec.D, Lot 80Fulton, Wade H.00/00/1919  N
FULTON, John A.Sec.5,Lot13Fulton, John A.07/30/1978  N
FULTON, Josephene L.Sec.D,Lot 54Fulton12/24/1870  N
FULTON, Kittie J.Sec.D, Lot 54Fulton05/26/1890  N
FULTON, Lester B.Sec.E,Lot 46Fulton, Lester & Florence07/11/1983  Y
FULTON, Margaret A.Sec.C, Lot 34Fulton, David Henry10/28/1899  N
FULTON, Mary E.Sec.E, Lot 20Owens, George09/15/1994  N
FULTON, Mary L.Sec.5, Lot 14Fulton, Alonzo & Mary00/00/1940  N
FULTON, Maude M.Sec.5, Lot 13Fulton, John A.00/00/1961  N
FULTON, Maurice A.Sec.N, Lot 22Fulton, Maurice & Brenda07/11/2004  N
FULTON, T.P.Sec.D, Lot 80Fulton, Wade H.00/00/1923  N
FULTON, Wade A.Sec.G, Lot 97Michael, Maud00/00/1949  N
FULTON, Wade H.Sec.D, Lot 80Fulton, Wade H.00/00/1914  Y
FULTON, William J.Sec.G, Lot 97Fulton, W.J. & Alpha00/00/1961  N

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