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Decatur County, Iowa

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Births, Birthdays and Adoptions
Decatur County, Iowa


  Several of the items below are newspaper articles from The Leon Reporter. They have been transcribed and added to our website with permission from The Leon Reporter.



Miscellaneous Birth Records

"B" Births, 1884    "B" Births, 1886-92    "L" Births, 1900-1903
2 Sisters have 3 babies, 1922    METIER Baby Boy    MILLER, MOORE Births, 1909
MILLER Baby Girl    SPURRIER Baby Girl   Electa Jane WOODS, 1893


1880's Births

Births Feb. 6, 1884    Births Nov. 12, 1889    Births Davis City June 1895
Births Davis City July 1895    Births Davis City Sept. 1896    Births Jan. 1899


1900 Births

Nov. 15, 1900    Births Davis City Aug. 9, 1900    Births Davis City Sept. 1900
    Births Davis City Oct. 1900  

1901 Births

Births Davis City Feb. 1901    Births Davis City April 11, 1901    Births Davis City Aug. 22, 1901


1915 Births

1919 Births

October 1919


1920 Births

December 1920


1921 Births

Jan. 1921    Feb. 1921    March 1921    April 1921
May 1921    June 1921    July 1921    Aug. 1921 


1922 Births

April/May 1922    June 1922    July 1922
Aug. 1922    Sept. 1922    Oct. 1922


1923 Births

Jan. 1923    Feb. 1923    April 1923    May 1923    July 1923
Aug. 1923    Sept. 1923    Oct. 1923    Nov. 1923    Dec. 1923


1924 Births

Jan. 1924    Feb. 1924    March 1924    Nov. 1924    Dec. 1924


1925 Births

Jan. 1925    Feb. 1925    April 1925    May 1925    June 1925
July 1925    Aug. 1925    Sept. 1925    Oct. 1925

July 1938

1940 Births

1965 Births


Birth Announcements

Baby Girl FARQUHAR, 1895
HUTCHINGSON Grandchildren, 1917
Michael Edwin RICHARDS, 1956



Orphan Train Riders, 1904



Bertha BAILEY Birthday    Mrs. A. BULLARD Birthday    A. A. Burchett's Birthday
CASH Birthday    Hannah CHANDLER'S 84th    COCHRAN/SEARS Birthday
Gertrude CRAIG'S 20th    W. F. CRAIG Birthday    J. W. CUMMING Birthday
G. H. DERRY Birthday    Armina (RAMSEY) EDWARDS 88th    J. H. EVANS CA Birthday
Minerva FRANKLIN Birthday    Prudy GOINS 103 Years Old    Evan GRAY Birthday
John HAMILTON Birthday    Linda HAMILTON'S 80th    James HENDERSON Birthday
Mary IRONSIDE 18th Birthday    Birthday at Frank LILLARD'S    Jessie LLOYD Birthday
Willie McCALLUM Birthday    Emma MULLINIX'S 71st    Paul NEWBERRY Birthday
Mrs. PUTERBAUGH Birthday    Carrie REDMAN 100th    Grandpa RIDGEWAY'S 89th
   Mrs. C. L. RUDIBAUGH 39th'S
   & Georgia RUDIBAUGH'S 11th
Georgia RUDIBAUGH Birthday    Richard SCHWALBE
   Samuel SHELINE Birthday    STEARNS 100th Birthday Clara STEBBINS 100
   L. W. SULLIVAN Birthday    Olive THOMAS BirthdayHenry TURPIN Birthday
   A. VANDERPOOL'S 84th    G. D. VANBEEK Birthday Lawrence E. VOGEL 100th Birthday
   Jeff WEST Birthday    WOODS Birthday