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Decatur County Schools

History of Decatur County Schools, 1915

The township maps below are from the "Decatur County Quilt" located at the Decatur County Historical Society Museum in Leon, Iowa. Locations of Decatur County's rural schools are included in these maps. If the school doesn't have a link, I don't have any additional information for that school.

If you would like to add to these pages, contact the county coordinator - link is at left - "Contact Us."

Maps courtesy of Bob Bixby.

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Richland Twp.

1. Brick

2. Glenwood/Cashen/Conwell

3. Dunham/Denham

4. Daughton

5. Grand River County

6. Comstock (Union)

7. Foland (Liberty)

8. Westerville

9. Grand River (Town)

   1917 Public School Sovenier

   probably Grand River School


Long Creek Twp.

    1. Woodard

    3. Good Hope

    4. West

    5. Round Knoll

    6. Hawkeye

    7. Hazel College

    8. Elm Grove/Goin

    9. Spring Valley

        Van Wert (Town)




Franklin Twp.

    1. Lone Star

    3. Hollingshead

    4. Popcorn

    5. Center

    6. Lillard

    7. Wilson

    8. Fairview

        Weldon (Town)

        Franklin Twp. Schools




Garden Grove Twp.

    1. Garden Grove (Town)*

    2. White Oak

    3. Gospel Ridge

    4. Tick Ridge

    5. Pleasant Ridge

    6. Leroy (Town)*


*Present day Mormon Trail School





Grand River Twp.

1. Jefferson/Funktown

2. West Elk (King)

3. Centennial

4. Elk (Union)

5. East Elk

6. Center

7. Diamond

8. Welcome

Decatur Twp.

    1. Decatur (Town)

    2. Woodmansee

    3. Pleasant Hill

    4. Stone

    5. Washington

    6. Wells

    7. Hickory Grove

    8. Lone Star

Center Twp.

    1. SunnySide

    2. South White Oak

    3. Crown

    4. Franklin

    5. Pleasant View

    6. White Hall

    7. North White Oak

        Franklin/Old Dunkard

        Leon (Town)

High Point Twp.

    1. Spunky Ridge

    2. Pleasant Hill

    3. Bradney

    4. High Point

    5. Reynolds
        Brant, closed 1922
        Rocky Paint/Point
          closed 1920


Bloomington Twp.

1. Baker

2. Battle Hill

3. Bathe/Tuskeego

4. Bloomington Center

5. Wion/Sweet Creek/
    Cracker Box

6. Scott

7. Zion

8. Happy Hollow

Burrell Twp.

    1. Jack Oak

    2. Rauch

    3. Terre Haute

    4. Valley

    5. McNeil

    6. Center Hill

    7. Hill

    8. Union Ridge


        Round Top

        Davis City

Eden Twp.

    1. East Eden

    2. Soper/W. Eden

    3. Welcome Ridge/Welcome

    4. High Briar

    5. Hard Scrabble/Mushroom/

    6. Eden Center

    7. Brush College/Brush Creek

      8. Buzzard Roost/Orphans

Woodland Twp.

    1. Riddle (No. 9)

    2. Beavers/Iowa Beavers

    3. Burr Oak Ridge

    3. Scratch Eye

    4. Ireland

    5. South Woodland

    6. Gnat Ridge

    7. Pleasant View

    8. Charm

    9. Woodland

Fayette Twp.

2. Barr/Spurrier

3. Black

4. Evergreen/Green

5. Athens

6. Greenville/Brenizer



    Amish School

    Lamoni West Side

    Lamoni East Side

    Lamoni Schools

New Buda Twp.

    2. Jackwood/Stringtown

    3. New Buda

    4. Bethany/Togo

    5. Bonnett

    6. Liberty

Hamilton Twp.

    1. Boothtown

    2. Vine Oak

    3. Holden

    4. Scott

    6. Oak Seminary

    7. Moffett

    5. Pleasanton

Morgan Twp.

    1. Elm

    2. Pioneer

    3. Union

    4. Fairview

    5. White Oak

    6. Morgan Center

Unknown Schools:

    Franklin Twp.?, ca. 1912

    Decatur County, year unknown

    Boothtown?, ca. 1912

    Lamoni?, ca. 1914
Miscellaneous Items:

        Teachers' Exams, 1897

        Class of 1897 Entertainment

        Common Schools Commencement, 1917

        Manual Training, 1917

        Ringgold-Decatur Study Center, 1917

        State Flags to Schools, 1922

NOTE: During 1975 and 1976, The Leon Journal-Reporter ran a series honoring Decatur County's history
in conjunciton with the Nation's Bicentennial festivities.
Many of the newspaper clippings - if not all - which are included above came from these articles. ~ SRB

Decatur County Normal School

A normal school was a two-year institution designed to train and certify high school graduates in preparation to enter into the teaching profession. It's purpose was to establish teaching standards or norms, hence the name 'normal school.'

Decatur County's Normal School opened in 1880/1881 at Garden Grove with Profressor R. A. HARKNESS in charge with two assistants. Enrollment in 1913 was 610 scholars. 

There was also a Lamoni Normal School.

In March of 1897, 22 Decatur County residents took an examination which was preliminary to obtaining their teaching certificate.

Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa

Sisters Marietta WALKER and Minnie WICKES, along with Brother W. A. HOPKINS donated land which, with the 26 acres of land purchased by the RLDS Church from Brother HOPKINS, provided 66 acres located in the southeastern portion of Lamoni for a college site. Due to the gentle slope of this site, the school was named Graceland College. The corner stone of the present-day administration building was laid with elaborate ceremony on November 12, 1895. The building proper was dedicated on January 1, 1897. Graceland College became a 4-year college in 1960, and Graceland University on June 1, 2000.



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Decatur County's Teachers

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1912    1919-20    1923    1924 - 1957

John C. Duffield's Students, 1903 - 1912

Grand River Teachers 1899-1910

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