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Compiled by

JUNE, 1961


Transcriber's Note: Links to obituaries that I have on-site may be found at the bottom of this web page.



  Arthur Ray Baker born November 28, 1893 near Grand River, Decatur Co., IA. Attended Welcome and Diamond Rural Schools. Graduated from Grand River High School in 1911 and from CCC College in Des Moines, in 1913. Married September 25, 1915 in Blair Brennaman home to Mary Margaret Brennaman, born May 13, 1895 near Grand River, Ia., daughter of Blair and Mary (Jennings) Brennaman. Margaret attended Grand River School and was graduated in 1912. She attended Highland Park College in Des Moines, majoring in Home Economics, graduating in 1915.

They began their life together on the farm southeast of Grand River for one year, then moved to town and ran a grocery and dry goods store for a few years. Then sold Proctor and Gamble products for about four years while living in Osceola and Creston. In February 927 they moved to Des Moines, Ia. In April 1929 they bought an IGA store, and later changed it to Super Valu. They sold it in February 1956. In 1961 Arthur and his son Dick bought a Super Valu store on Southwest 9th Street, which they sold April 11, 1960. He is a member of the Masonic Organization and they are both members of the Methodist Church. Margaret is a good seamstress and homemaker. They have bought a home in Scottsdale, Arizona, and are moving there in June 1961.

Transcriber's Note: Arthur died March 3, 1989. Mary "Margaret" (Brennaman) Baker died December 6, 1982. They were interred at Highland Memory Gardens Cemetery, Des Moines, Iowa.

              Four children:

  Wilma Lucille Baker  b. June 26, 1916   Grand River, Ia.
  Richard Blair Baker  b. Sept 12, 1917   Grand River, Ia.
  Lucia Virgene Baker  b. Feb. 28, 1922   Osceola, Ia.
  Daniel Arthur Baker  b. Apr. 12, 1926   Creston, Ia.


  Clarence William "Carney" Baker born January 10, 1901 near Grand River, Decatur Co., Ia. Attended Diamond rural school, and Grand River to the 10th grade when he enlisted in Service. When he came back he finished High School and graduated in 1920, and then went back and finished his four years of Service. He went to State Teachers College in Cedar Falls, Ia., and graduated in June 1930. Married November 28, 1931 in the home of a Frat brother in Chicago, Ill., to Agnes (Betty) Nelson, born August 11, 1906 near Ruthven, Ia., daughter of Nels and Anna (Johnson) Nelson. Betty attended Ruthven School and graduated in 1926. She attended State Teachers College at Cedar Falls, Ia., two years. She worked as a Western Union Telegraph operator in Chicago, Ill., for three years.

They began their life together in Waterloo where their three girls were born. Clarence worked for the Waterloo engraving service for a number of years and for the city. He is a member of the Methodist Church, member of the Masonic Organization and they are both members of the Eastern Star.

They moved to California in the fall of 1943, lived in Culver City for a time and settled in Big Bear Lake for a couple of years, and since have lived in Big Bear City, Calif. They own their own business as a Real Estate Broker.


- 47 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

              Three children:

  Beverly Ann Baker  b. Feb.   9, 1934   Waterloo, Ia.
  Connee Louise Baker  b. Jan.   1, 1937   Waterloo, Ia.
  Carol Jean Baker  b. Dec. 23, 1939   Waterloo, Ia.


  Ruby Estella Baker born August 2, 1903 near Grand River, Decatur County, Ia. Attended Grand River School (placed basketball 5 years) and graduated in 1922. Went to summer school at Clarinda, Ia., and taught school two years before going to Wyoming. Married at Methodist Church in Torrington, Wyo., September 27, 1924, Elden (Johnny) Neal Foland born June 4, 1902 near Grand River, Ia., son of Frank and Tersa (Young) Foland. Attended grade school at Westerville and to the 11th grade in Grand River. Did farm work before going to Wyoming in 1924.
They began their life together near Torrington, Wyo., where she taught a rural school two years and he worked with a construction company. In 1925 moved to YBO Ranch where they lost their home and belongings by fire. Moved to the irrigated community in 1926 and farmed near Huntley and Veteran for nine years. Returned to Iowa in 1935 and farmed four years near Monroe, Hamblin and Audubon. Moved back to Grand River in 1939 and rented until 1943 when they bought the farm where they now live.

Ruby has been an active member of the Grand River Methodist Church since 1913. Has held an office in the Women's Society of the Christian Service since becoming a member in 1939. Received an Adult Life Membership Pin in 1959.

Transcriber's Note: Elden Neal "Johnny" Foland was injured when he fell off of his horse while driving cattle. He suffered a heart attack following spleen surgery and died August 27, 1967, Iowa Methodist Hospital, Des Moines, IA. Ruby Estella (Baker) Foland died at Clarke County Hospital, Osceola, Iowa on December 14, 1969, aged 66 years, 3 months and 12 days old. Johnny and Ruby were interred at Grand River Cemetery, Grand River, Iowa. Johnny and Ruby's obituary links are at the bottom of webpage.


- 47 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

              Two children:

  Richard Franklin Foland  b. Jan.   1, 1928   Scottsbluff, Nebr.
  Robert Bruce Foland  b. Feb. 20, 1930   Torrington, Wyo.


  Olive Pearle Baker born November 17, 1905 near Grand River, Decatur County, Ia. Attended Grand River School and was a 1923 graduate. She had two years of college at Cedar Falls, Ia. Taught two years are Dunlap, Ia., and one years at Leon, Ia. Married at Denison, Ia., October 6, 1928, Joseph (Jack) Wilson born May 11, 1900 in Troy, Oregon, son of William and Emma (Wilson) Wilson. He moved to Moorhead, Ia., when 10 years old and attended school there. Has been in the grocery business in Ute, Ia., since 1927.

When they married Jack was in partnership with his brother Dale. He has been sole owner since 1930. Pearle works in the store, and also works for the Women's Society of Christian Service in the Methodist Church of which she is a member. Jack is a member of the Latter Day Saints Church of Moorhead, Ia. Has been a councilman a number of years.

Transcriber's Note: Joseph Lyman "Jack" Wilson died August 20, 1983, Mapleton, Iowa. Olive "Pearle" (Baker) Wilson died December 12, 1999, Mapleton, Iowa. Jack and Pearle were interred at St. Clair Cemetery, Ute, Monona County, Iowa. Pearle's obituary link at bottom of webpage.

                Two children:

  Sharon (Sherry) Joline Wilson  b. Feb. 16, 1935   Sioux City, Ia.
  Richard (Dick) William Wilson  b. July 17, 1940   Ute, Ia.

  Richard (Dick) William Wilson attended school in Ute, Ia., was a cub scout and then a boy scout. Graduated from High School in Ute in 1958. During the summers of 1956, 1957, 1958 he worked in the store for his father. In the fall of 1958 he entered Morningside College at Sioux City and is a Junior in 1961. He


- 48 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

is a member of the Methodist Church. In the summer of 1960 he worked for a Service Station in Ute.




  Helen Vie Baker born August 1, 1893 near Grand River, Decatur Co., Ia., in the Grandpa Baker home. She attended rural school at Funktown to the 8th grade. She moved with her family to South Dakota where they lived one year and moved back to Iowa in the fall of 1911. Married August 21, 1912 in Leon, Ia., Fred Van Laar born January 13, 1885 at Alton, Ia. He had two brothers and two sisters. Three were put in a home, Fred was adopted by John and Dorothy (Fisk) McKee, but he kept his own name. Fred spent his entire life farming.

They started their life together on the John McKee farm east of Grand River and made a home for Mr. McKee until his death n 1916. Later they moved to the Joe Brown farm where two children were born. In 1921 they bought and moved to the Charley Kelly farm. They lived there for 10 years and moved to the Bill Brennaman farm (now owned by Harland Greenland), and lived [there] until he retired and moved to their present home in Grand River in December 1948. After moving to town, Fred was in partnership with his sons for a number of years.

Helen is a member of the Women's Society of Christian Service and takes an active part. Also attends the Methodist Sunday School and Church services.

Transcriber's Note: Frederick John "Fred" Van Laar died in 1964. Helen Vie (Baker) Van Laar died in 1995. Fred and Helen were interred at Oak Hill Cemetery near Grand River, Iowa.

                Six children:

  Elma Lucille Van Laar  b. Apr. 16, 1913   Decatur Co., Ia.
  Lena Lurene Van Laar  b. July 17, 1915   Decatur Co., Ia.
  John Francis Van Laar  b. Apr. 24, 1919   Decatur Co., Ia.
  Dorothy Harriet Van Laar  b. Nov. 12, 1920   Decatur Co., Ia.
  Raymond Wayne Van Laar  b. Mar. 31, 1927   Decatur Co., Ia.
  Frederick Donald Van Laar  b. May   8, 1930   Decatur Co., Ia.


  Sherman William Baker born July 2, 1895 on the farm he now owns in Decatur Co., Ia. He attended Funktown School and farmed with his father. Married June 21, 1916 at Leon, Ia., Gerna Vivian Boles born August 3, 1898 near Grand River Iowa, Ia., daughter of Charley and Jennie (Foland) Boles. Gerna attended Foland grade school and worked out for several different people in their homes before she was married.

They started their life together in the John Baker home and later moved to the "old Wall Evans Farm" later known as the Hewlett farm S.W. of Grand River for two years, where their daughter was born. In 1919 they lived on a farm in Ringgold Co. In 1920 they lived on the farm now owned by Roy Hopkins S.E. of Grand River where their first son was born. The next seven years they rented and lived on the John Baker farm where they now live, and their second son was born. In 1928 they moved near Kellerton and lived [there] three years, one year on the Mary Kier Baker farm and seven years on the Switzer farm, now owned by Jr. Harris. They lived on the Ralph Boles farm five years then bought the John Baker farm where they now live in 1943.


- 49 -

  Third Generation - Continued.


      Sherman raises and prizes his purebred sheep. He has served on different county committees and has served as a Director of the Clarke County Electric Cooperative Inc., since 1952, of which he is still a member. Gerna worked five spring seasons for her daughter, cleaning and casing turkey eggs. In 1955 and 1956 they put a new foundation under their home and remodeled and redecorated it.

Transcriber's Note: Gerna Vivian (Boles) Baker died November 21, 1975, at Grand River, Iowa. [Link to Gerna's obitary at bottom of webpage.] Sherman William Baker died in 1992. Gerna and Sherman were interred at Oak Hill Cemetery near Grand River, Iowa.

                Three children:

  Norma Pauline Baker  b. Feb. 18, 1917   Decatur Co., Ia.
  Norris Eugene Baker  b. Aug. 19, 1920   Decatur Co., Ia.
  Charles Keith Baker  b. Aug. 24, 1922   Decatur Co., Ia.


  Ralph Henry Baker born July 2, 1898 near Grand River, Decatur Co., Ia. Attended Funktown rural school and farmed with his father. Married August 321, 1918 Zelma (Jim) Beatrice Foland born May 21, 1900 north of Grand River, Decatur Co., Ia., daughter of Frank and Tersa (Young) Foland. She attended rural school at Westerville and to the 10th grade in Grand River.

They started their life together on the Peter Street farm where their first son was born. They moved to Ringgold Co., on the section where their second son was born for two years. Moved back to Decatur Co., and farmed the Tip Beck farm, the Varga farm and the Redman farm when two daughters were born. On March 1, 1930 they moved to Wyoming near Bordeaux for a few years, then to the farm where they now live near Slater, Wyoming.

In 1935 their house burned down. They bought a homestead shack and moved it on the old basement and in 1953 they built a new house, Ralph doing most of the labor on it. Ralph has been a farmer all of his life in Iowa and a wheat farmer in Wyoming, and did a lot of carpenter work on the side. During the hunting season, friends and relatives often gather at their home to hunt deer and antelope.

Transcriber's Note: Ralph Henry Baker died June 29, 1975, Wheatland, Wyoming. Zelma Beatrice (Foland) Baker died May 18, 1991, Wheatland, Wyoming. Ralph and Zelma were interred at Wheatland Cemetery, Wheatland, Platte County, Wyoming.

                Five children:

  Edgar Earl Baker  b. Oct. 22, 1919   Grand River, Ia.
  Eston Devere Baker  b. Dec. 10, 1922   Grand River, Ia.
  Iva Verlene Baker  b. Apr. 29, 1924   Grand River, Ia.
  Randena Jean Baker  b. Nov. 23, 1926   Grand River, Ia.
  John Franklin Baker  b. May   8, 1936   Wheatland, Wyo.


  Francis (Frank) Marion Baker born January 24, 1903 near Grand River, Decatur Co., Ia. Attended Funktown Grade School and later was a 1925 graduate of Grand River High School. Married November 25, 1927 at "The Little Brown Church" at Nashua, Ia., Delma Delene Boles born July 26, 1906 near Grand River, Ia., daughter of Charley and Jennie (Foland) Boles. Delma is a sister of No. 19's wife [Sherman William Baker married Gerna Vivian Boles]. Two brothers married two sisters. She was a 1926 graduate of Grand River. They started their life together in Grand River. Frank did carpenter work and interior decorating. They moved to California in the fall of 1929, where they still live at 3549 Schaefer St., Culver City, Calif., where they own several homes.


- 50 -

  Third Generation - Continued.


      Franklin and Delma both attended school at Cedar Falls, Ia., and Frank did carpenter work. He works for the Disney Studios, painting scenery for movies. They are members of the Methodist Church in Culver City.

Transcriber's Note: Frank Baker died in 2003. Delma died in 2007. They were interred at Palm Memorial Park, Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada.

                One child:

  Sharlyn Ann (Sherry) Baker  b. Apr. 22, 1937   Culver City, Calif.


  Hazel Lucille Baker born March 15, 1909 near Grand River, Decatur Co., Ia. Was only nine years old when her mother died. She attended Funktown and Grand River School and was a 1927 graduate. She worked in Waterloo for a year or so. Married May 20, 1920, Dale Collier Emley born May 17, 1908 in Decatur Co., Ia., son of Edward and Elizabeth (Foland) Emley. He attended school in Grand River and graduated in 1925. They separated and she married August 11, 1939, Willard Henry Tuttle born May 26, 1912, son of Isaac Henry and Florence (Ping) Tuttle.

When they were married Hazel was working at Globe Mills Macaroni Factory and he at M.G.M. Studio. She retired from work in 1942. Her two girls were born in February 1943 and August 1944, which kept her busy. In May 1847 they moved to Paradise, Calif., where they had an ice cream business, but returned to Culver City in September 1949. By October they were settled once more in their own home at 313 1/2 Robert's Ave., Culver City, Calif., where they still live.

In October 1951 Hazel went to work for Wen-Mac Corp., who make plastic toys with cylinder engine[s] installed. She worked on the assembly of these, besides driving for the company over the city. Then later she took care of the service department. In August 1958 she had an operation and retired from work. Willard had worked for Hal Roach Studio, Fox's 20th Century, Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Desi Lu and others.

Transcriber's Note: Hazel Lucille (Baker) Tuttle died February 4, 1986, Las Vegas, Nevada. Willard Henry Tuttle died February 29, 1994, Whittier California.

                Two children:

  Willa Jane Tuttle  b. Feb. 23, 1942   Culver City, Calif.
  Joellen (Jodie) Tuttle  b. Aug. 23, 1944   Culver City, Calif.

  Willa Jane Tuttle attended school in Culver City and was graduated in 1960. She joined Crescent Bay Rainbow, a Masonic Order for girls, in 1957, being introduced by her cousin Carney Baker, and it was very helpful to her. Willa was a princess for the 1959 Homecoming football game and dance. She has had several modeling jobs during the year. She was also princess for the 1959 track meet. She loves to sew and makes a lot of her dresses and formals. Willa Jane attended college in the fall semester of 1960 and the first of 1961 she began working in the office for Reynolds Metals Company.
Transcriber's Note: Willa married Don Scruggs and had daughter Kelly and son Cannon. Willa died April 17, 2015 at age 72. [Willa's obituary link at bottom of webpage.]

  Joellen (Jodie) Tuttle attended school in Culver City and is a Jr. in High School. She also joined the Crescent Bay Rainbow in 1957. She was crowned queen at the 1958 Junior High Christmas Dance. Both Willa Jane and Jodie were Bluebirds and later Campfire Girls in grammar school. Jodie loves to cook, but does a lot of sewing too.

Transcriber's Note: Willa's obituary states that Jodie preceded her in death.


- 51 -

  Third Generation - Continued.




  Alice Pearl Street born March 31, 1901 in Decatur Co., Ia. Attended rural schools in So. Dak., and high school at Quinn. After her mother died in 1918 she kept house and sent her sister and brother to school. Attended summer school at Spearfish, So. Dak., and taught school three years. Married January 3, 1923 at Rapid City, So. Dak., Floyd Lewis Flatt born June 3, 1900 at Bijou Hills, So. Dak., son of Lewis and Emma (Graves) Flatt. Attended schools near Quinn and in Rapid City, So. Dak. Did road and contract work.

In 1925 they moved on a farm and also did road work. At the time of his death he was working for the Resettlement or Soil Conservation out of Wall, So. Dak. He died January 24, 1945 of uremic poisoning following an accident on Gov't work. Buried in Quinn, So. Dak., Cemetery.

Pearl has taught most of the time since her husband's death, with the exception of two years when she and her son managed an oil station and restaurant, in Wall, So. Dak. The 1960-61 term she taught near White Salmon, Washington.

Transcriber's Note: Alice Pearl (Street) Flatt died in 1973. Floyd and Alice Pearl were interred at Wall Cemetery, Wall, Pennington County, South Dakota.

                Five children:

  Olin Floyd Flatt  b. Oct. 14, 1923   Rapid City, So. Dak.
  Merl Lewis Flatt  b. July 16, 1925   Rapid City, So. Dak.
  Alice Belle Flatt  b. Feb. 12, 1927   Rapid City, So. Dak.
  Elmer Edward Flatt  b. May 27, 1928   Quinn, So. Dak.
  Ione Ruth Flagg  b. July 11, 1932   Quinn, So. Dak.


  Carrie Olive Street born February 25, 1905 near Osceola, Ia. She moved to Quinn, So. Dak., with her family when three years old. She attended grade school near Quinn. Married July 10, 1926 at Rapid City, So. Dak., Alvin Carl Larsen born August 10, 1902 at Oldham So. Dak. He moved with his family to Farmingdale, So. Dak., in 1907. He was crippled with polio at the age of 16 in 1918. They have farmed near Farmingdale most of their married life. He also does taxidermy work and worked with the county road drag as long as he was able.

Transcriber's Note: Alvin Carl Larsen, the son of Lars Peter & Helena Ida Greta (Schwartz) Larsen, died January 6, 1993, Sturgis, South Dakota. Carrie Olive (Street) Larsen died March 1, 2000, Caputa, South Dakota. They were interred at Larsen Cemetery, Pennington County, South Dakota.

                Ten children:

  Viola Adeline Larsen  b. June 17, 1927   South Dakota.
  Rollo Awold Larsen  b. Sept. 13, 1928   South Dakota.
  Walter Douglas Larsen  b. July 10, 1932   South Dakota.
  Leslie Alvin Larsen  b. Dec. 23, 1934   South Dakota.
  William Roger Larsen  b. Dec. 29, 1938   South Dakota.
  Wilma Theolinda Larsen  b. Dec. 29, 1938   South Dakota.
  Willard Roy Larsen  b. Dec. 29, 1938   South Dakota.
  Verlyn Carl Larsen  b. July 14, 1940   South Dakota.
  DeElda Neysa Larsen  b. May   9, 1941   South Dakota.
  Nela Helena Larsen  b. Dec. 31, 1943   South Dakota.

  Transcriber's Notes: Rollo served in the Military in Germany. While there he married July 5, 1952 Katharina Knappe. They returned to Farmingdale, South Dakota and had two sons, Carl and Michael R. "Mike". Rollo worked as a cowboy for the Dustman Ranch for 9 years before settling on the Larsen Family Ranch. He worked with Roush Moving and Storage as warehouse manager for 37 years. He retired at the age of 70, only to return to the work force and drove fuel transports for M.G. Oil Company for 7 years. Rollo died October 28, 2014, Pennington County, South Dakota. Katharina K. (Knappe) Larsen was born November 30, 1931, Lampertheim, Hessen, Germany, and died February 21, 2013, Rapid City. South Dakota. Rollo and Katharina were interred at Larsen Cemetery, Pennington County, South Dakota. Their son, Michael R. "Mike" Larsen was born October 27, 1955, and died April 12, 2002. He was interred at Larsen Cemetery.

  Leslie attended grade school at Farmingdale, So. Dak. He was in the 109th Engineers National Guard. He was in the army six months and was stationed at at Ft. Leonard Wood in 1957. He spent the winters of 1958 and 1969 in Phoenix,


- 52 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

  Arizona, moving trailer houses. He has traveled in six different states with his work.

  Wilma Theolinda (Larsen) Winston, triplet sister of William Roger "Bill" and Willard Roy, died February 10, 1993, Brush Creek, Faribault County, Minnesota. She was interred at Larsen Cemetery, Pennington County, South Dakota.

  William Roger "Bill", Alvin Carl and Carrie (Street) Larsen's last surviving triplet, died November 16, 2011. Sacramento, California. He was the father of four daughters (Veronica, Laura, Kathy and Jody) and six sons (Billy, John, Jr. Runion, Bob Crongeyer and Josh Larsen). Son Philip Larsen was born May 27, 1969, and died November 14, 1990. Bill and Philip were interred at Larsen Cemetery, Pennington County, South Dakota. [Obituary link at bottom of webpage.]

  Willard married Laurel McLean in 1958. He worked in ranching in the western and central United States, and was self employed in the trucking business from 1968 until his death. He moved his family and business to Nebraska in 1969. Willard died August 11, 1999, Alda, Nebraska. He was interred at Wood River Cemetery, Wood River, Hall County, Nebraska. [Obituary link at bottom of webpage.]

  Verlyn had spinal meningitis when a little over three years old and died February 15, 1944. Transcriber's Note: Verlyn was interred at Larsen Cemetery, Pennington County, South Dakota.

  DeElda attended grade school at Farmingdale, So. Dak., and high school in Rapid City, So. Dak. She was confirmed in the Lutheran Church in Rapid City in June 1957. Transcriber's Note: DeElda died July 13, 2009, Black Hawk, South Dakota. She was the wife of Dale Kursave.

  Nela attended grade school at Farmingdale, So. Dak., and high school in Rapid City, So. Dak. She was confirmed in the Lutheran Church in June 1958.


  John Weston Street born October 21, 1914, Quinn, So. Dak. Attended Kruse Grade School at Quinn, So. Dak., and was in the 9th grade when he quit to work in the CCC camp near Custer. Married June 12, 1941 at Huron, So. Dak, Yvonne H. Lambert born June 12, 1921 at Wessington, So. Dak., daughter of Roy L. and Lillian M. (Alger) Lambert. She attended grade school at Hermosa, So. Dak., and was a graduate from Rapid City High School in June 1939. She graduated from Green's Beauty School in Rapid City in March 1940 and worked at Ralph's Beauty Shop in Rapid City.

John served in the Army [Air Force] 36 months in Europe and Middle East in China, Burma and India [World War II]. Was discharged at Santa Ana, Calif., Nov. 15, 1945 as Sergeant. He attended school (G. I. Bill of rights) ay Wahpeton, N. Dak., graduating in June 1948. He majored in Sheet Metal, Heating and Refrigeration. Yvonne worked in Boeing Aircraft Co. at Wichita, Kansas, while John was in the service.

They own their heating and sheet metal business in Rapid City, So. Dak., and attend South Park Congregational Church. She is a member of Golden Link #14 Order of Eastern Star, Rapid City, and he is a member of Battle River Masonic Lodge at Hermosa, S. Dak.

Transcriber's Note: John Weston Street died March 27, 2005, Rapid City, South Dakota. Yvonne Hope (Lambert) Street died November 12, 2002, Rapid City. John and Yvonne were interred at Black Hills National Cemetery, Sturgis, South Dakota. [Yvonne's obituary link at bottom of webpage.]

                Two children:

  Steven Michael Street  b. Dec. 26, 1950   Rapid City, So. Dak.
  Susan Renee' Street  b. Dec. 18, 1954   Rapid City, So. Dak.




  Goldie Esther Street born April 18, 1898, Decatur Co., Ia. Attended schools in South Dakota and Missouri. After her mother's death in 1914, she had to care for the family at the age of 16. Married June 15, 1916 in Leon, Ia., R. T. Allen born August 4, 1888

                One child:

  Alva Lee Allen  b. Feb. 24, 1917   Gilford, Mo.

  Alva attended school and graduated from Scottsbluff High School in 1936. He had one year of college at St. Joseph, Mo., and finished at Kansas City, Mo. He served overseas in World War II as a Radio Technician. He was wounded in the right arm, radial nerve severed. He has a degree in Law and also Social Science. He founded and operates Oznam Home for Boys near Kansas City.


- 53 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

  They [Goldie and R. T.] were divorced in 1928 and Goldie married second, November 25, 1929, John Thomas Powell born December 6, 1884, son of Julian Franklin and Martha Ellen (Liggett) Powell. Tom was a trucker for a number of years. They are now operators and managers of a nursing home in Scottsbluff, Nebr.

Transcriber's Note: Goldie Esther (Street) Allen Powell died in 1992. Thomas "Tom" Powell died in 1974. They were interred at Sunset Memorial Park, Scottsbluff, Nebraska.


  Hazel Marie Street born July 17, 1902 in South Dakota. She attended school in South Dakota, Gilford, Mo., and Grand River, Ia. Married January 1919 to Phillip Collins born in 1894

                Two children:

  Dorene Collins  b. Dec. 7, 1919   St. Joseph, Mo.
  Floyd Collins  b. Apr. 8, 1925   Parnell, Mo.

  Transcriber's Notes: Dorene May Street married [private] February 23, 1938, Lusk, Wyoming, and died February 4, 2000, Newcastle, Wyoming.
Floyd Lee Collins married Lois Irene Lindberg who was the daughter of Oliver L. & Garnet E. (Smith) Lindberg, born May 26, 1928, Newcastle, Wyoming. Floyd died June 21, 1995, Mountain Home, Idaho; Lois died April 7, 2004, Mountain Home, Idaho. They were interred at Mountain Home Cemetery.

  [Phillip and Hazel] divorced and Hazel married second, June 27, 1934, Harry McGee born March 3, 1889. He came to Wyoming in 1929. They have a ranch near Edgemont, So. Dak. Harry died July 3, 1960 and is buried at Lusk, Wyoming.

              One child:

  Duane McGee  b. Oct. 2, 1935   Edgemont, So. Dak.

  Duane attended school and graduated from high school at Edgemont, So. Dak., in 1954. He helped on the ranch and since his father's death is helping his mother on the ranch.

  Transcriber's Note: Hazel Marie (Street) Collins McGee died March 8, 1984, Newcastle, Wyoming. She was interred at Lusk Cemetery, Lusk, Niobrara County, Wyoming. [Hazel's obituary link at bottom of webpage.] Philip Lee Collins was born December 14, 1884, Inman, Nebraska, the son of Cornelius and Lucinda (Smithson) Collins, and died in November, 1974, Hot Springs, Wyoming.


  Robert Lee Street born December 11, 1913 at King City, Mo. Attended school at Gilford, Mo. Began working at the Flour Mills at St. Joseph in 1936 and is still with the same company. Married March 1, 1936 at St. Joseph's Cathedral to Winnie Edna Owens born July 19, 1908 [daughter of Charles Marion and Laura May (Cremeen) Owen]. She attended and graduated from the Sacred Heart Convent School in St. Joseph. St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nurses. State Nurses Association and American Nursing Home Association. She is now operator of the Parkview Nursing Home in St. Joe. They live at 1916 So. 39th St., St. Joseph, Mo. They adopted a son 11 years old ____ 25, 1955. They are both members of Immaculate Conception Church.

Transcriber's Note: Edna W. "Winnie" (Owen) Street died November 12, 1994, St. Joseph Missouri. Robert Lee "Bob" Street died at age 93 January 7, 2005, St. Joseph, Missouri. They were interred at Mount Olivet Cemetery, St. Joseph, Missouri. [Winnie and Bob's obituary links at bottom of webpage.]

                One child:

  Daniel William (Green) Street  b. May 10, 1943   St. Joseph, Mo.

  Daniel attends Immaculate Conception Parochial School in St. Joseph.



  Rupert "Zell" Street born September 27, 1908 in Decatur Co., Ia. Attended Grand River School and was a 1927 graduate. The next year he attended University of Commerce in Des Moines. Married April 4, 1929 in Rockford, Ill., Rosamond "June" Brennaman born June 29, 1901 in Decatur Co., Ia.,


- 54 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

        daughter of Blair and Mary (Jennings) Brennaman. (See Record following). She was a 1926 graduated of the Grand River High School and attended Penn College in Oskaloosa, Ia., and Iowa State College [present day Iowa State University] in Ames, Ia.

After managing an A and P store in Rockford and Rochelle, Ill., for five years, they got a trailer house and went to Florida, accompanied by her mother and Dan Baker. They ran a refreshment stand at Atlantic Beach and Zell did carpenter work for a couple of years. In 1936 they came to Des Moines and purchased a grocery store. In 1940 Zell began working for Mrs. Clark's Foods Incorporated in Des Moines, and has been Sales Supervisor over several men for a number of years and is still with the same company. They live at 1021 - 66th St., Des Moines, Iowa.

Transcriber's Note: Rupert "Zell" Street died July 15, 1978, Oceanside, California.

                  Two children:

  Nicholas Zell Street  b. Aug. 13, 1934   Rockford, Ill.
  Nancy Katheryn Street  b. Jan. 12, 1939   Des Moines, Ia.


  Blair and Mary (Jennings) Brennaman had 6 ch:
    (1) Esther [Obituary link at bottom of webpage.].
    (2) Florence m. John Madison (no children).
    (3) Irwin m. Carrie Edwards (ch: Evelyn, William), m. second Margaret Davidson Bright.
    (4) Jessie m. Homer Griffin (ch: Sarah Mae).
    (5) Margaret m. Arthur Baker (ch: Wilma, Richard, Lucia, Dan).
    (6) June m. Zell (See Record above).


  Cloyd Leolan Street born November 12, 1910 near Grand River, Decatur Co., Ia. Attended Grand River School and was a 1928 graduate. He attended Bloomfield College a few months. During his school days Cloyd had Perthy's disease in his hip and had to wear a cast several years, but he really got around on crutches. He married November 17, 1929 in Rockford, Ill., Vera E. Carson born January 6, 1911 in Riceville, Ia.

                  One child:

  Zelda Joyce Street  Mar.   2, 1932  Rockford, Ill.


      They separated and divorced May 10, 1933 and he married second February 20, 1937 in Chicago, Isleta Faye Wanders born October 1, 1913 in Chillicothe, Ill., daughter of Daniel and Mary (Galbreath) Wanders. Isleta attended school in Chillicothe, Ill., for 11 years and the last year of High School in Ft. Madison, Ia., and graduated in 1931. She worked for Sheaffer Pen Co. in Ft. Madison.

They started their life together in Rockford, Ill., for about four years, living a few months in Peoria and a few months in Chicago., Ill. In 1942 they moved to Ft. Madison for a couple of years and then to Des Moines, where they have lived since. After coming to Des Moines, Isleta worked 10 years at a Cafe, and at the present time she is employed at Drake University. In 1958 they bought a large home on Cottage Grove Ave., and rent out rooms. She is a member of the Order of the Eastern Star and they are both members of the Cottage Grove Presbyterian Church. Cloyd has worked at Wimp's Steak House as cashier and at different jobs, but his health prevents him from doing hard work. Now works in the office of Central Ready Mix Company.

Transcriber's Note: Cloyd died May 12, 1986, Waukee, Iowa. Isleta died August 9, 1999, Collins, Iowa.


- 55 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

              Five children:

  Lorna Lee Street  b. Dec. 26, 1937   Rockford, Ill.
  John Worden Street  b. May 11, 1939   Rockford, Ill.
  Joe Henry Street  b. May 10, 1940   Rockford, Ill.
  Max Allen Street  b. May 13, 1944   Des Moines, Ia.
  Marcia Lynne Street  b. July 16, 1950   Des Moines, Ia.

  Max was a cub scout. Attended Kirkwood Grade School and Tech High School. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Marcia attends Grant Grade School.


  Marcia Mae Street born May 2, 1917, Decatur Co., Ia. She attended Grand River School and was a 1934 graduate. She worked at Rockford and stayed with her brother Zell, for a time. Married April 21, 1935 at the Rolland Shield's home in Rockford, Ill., Phillip (Phil) Wesley Letts born in August, 1913, son of Sherman and Winifred Letts. Attended school in Rockford and clerked in an A. and P. store and later worked for Miller Paton Baking Company. Phil had an accident with his bread truck which caused his death April 13, 1937.

                One child:

  Robert Victor Letts  b. Apr. 15, 1936   Rockford, Ill.


      Marcia married second March 11, 1939 in Fort Madison, Charles (Chuck) Monroe Covert born in Buffalo, New York, son of Charles and Harriet (Sears) Covert. Charles worked for Wire Works Company and Marcia did clerical work for A. H. Shumway. Charles was in the Army from July 1944 until May 1946, most of the time in California. He has worked from Sunbeam Bakery for a number of years and is now Agency Manager for that company.

                One child:

  Joanne Covert  b. July 9, 1941   Rockford, Ill.


      Marcia and Chuck have lived most of their life in Rockford, with the exception of the past two or three years they are at 432 So. Hubbard, Algonquin, Ill. Marcia is the manager of an Insurance Agency in Elgin, Ill.

  Joanne attended school in Rockford and graduated from High School. She also attended Olivet Nazarene College.


  Richard Rolland Street born December 24, 1933 in Grand River, Decatur Co., Ia. Attended Foland and Grand River Schools and was a 1952 graduate from High School. He enlisted and took Reserve Navy Training in Des Moines, Boot training at Great Lakes. Married July 19, 1954 at a church wedding in the Grand River Methodist Church, Eileen Evans born January 18, 1936, Decatur Co., Iowa., daughter of Garel and Frances (Bohn) Evans. Eileen attended school in Grand River, was a cheerleader with Carol Brown and Adriene Parker in a three-some. She played basketball all four years of H. S. and was one of the girls that won so they could play at the State Basketball Tournament in 1953. She was also in the girls chorus, sextet and band. She graduated in 1954 as Valedictorian of the class.


- 56 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

      Richard left for overseas about two weeks after they were married. He was in Japan and Korea and then to Hawaii. Eileen went to Hawaii just in time to spend their first anniversary together. They came back and Richard was discharged in November 1955. Eileen took a business course in Omaha and has worked on and one-half years in the State Office of State Bureau of Investigation. She is now working at the Commercial Credit Equipment Corporation. Richard worked for Central Life Insurance Company for a while, but is now employed at Bell Telephone Company. They live at 1320 - 46th Street, Des Moines, Ia.

Transcriber's Note: Richard served in the Korean War as MM/3, U.S. Navy. He died October 2, 1972, and was interred at Grand River Cemetery, Grand River, Iowa.

                Two children:

  Christy Lynn Street  b. Oct. 24, 1956   Des Moines, Ia.
  Deedra Sue Street  b. Mar.   7, 1959   Des Moines, Ia.



  Clair Albert Street born November 14, 1907, Decatur Co., Ia. Attended school at Bonneville, Wyo., Creston and Chariton, Ia. Transcriber's Note: Clair was a World War II Veteran, serving as a Pvt. in the U.S. Army.

Married Helen O'Dell.

                One child:

  Clayton Lewis       


      When he was three years old [?], married Dorothy Frances. In 1954 was manager of a grocery store.

Transcriber's Note: Clair's gravestone gives his birthdate at November 13, 1907. Clair died September 3, 1962, and was interred at Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, San Mateo County, California, Plot Y, Grave 901.

                One child:

  Ronald Street       


  Vivian Irene Street born June 19, 1912. She attended schools in Creston and Chariton, Ia. Married in 1936, Paul Hockinsmith. They were divorced in 1938 and Vivian married second in 1940, Albert Carrier.

                One child:

  Caranne Carrier  b. 1940    


  Chester Carl (Bill) Street born February 23, 1914 in Creston, Ia. Attended school in Creston and Chariton, Ia. Married January 31, 1948 in Los Angeles, Josephine Speckulant, daughter of Andrew Speckulant, Columbia Heights, Minn.

They started their life together in Palo Alto, Calif., with Chester working as a clerk in a grocery store. They built a home at 662 Cuesta Vista Drive, Los Altos, Calif., where they now live.

                Three children:

  Brad Mark Spekulant Street  b. Jan.   6, 1949   Calif.
  Brent Joseph Street  b. Apr.   9, 1950   Calif.
  Gena Josephine Street  b. Dec. 29, 1951   Calif.


- 57 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

(40)  Roquel Arolo Street born December 24, 1916. Married September 13, 1941 in Reno, Nevada, Betty Mosher. They live at 1139 Carlton Ave., Menlo Park, Calif.

                Three children:

  Calvin Street       
  Debbie Street       
  Larry Street       


  Catherine (Kate) Elizabeth Street born July 29, 1918. Married in 1935, Lawrence Moore from Chariton, Ia. They lived in Chariton at the time of her father's death in 1937. Now are living in Portland, Oregon.

                Three children:

  Leonard Moore       
  Joanne Moore       
  Steve Moore       


  Alice Weston Street born September 12, 1921. Married to Byron K. Monroe. He has his own roofing business and own their home at 16380 E. La Chiquin, Los Gatos, Calif.

                Three children:

  Byron Junior Monroe       
  Carol Jean Monroe       
  Doris Ann Monroe  b. Aug. 22, 1954   Los Gatos, Calif.



  Leta Alice Mary Maus born November 27, 1905 (in the same house where her mother was born and married) near Grand River, Ia., Decatur Co. Married May 31, 1925 (the same day as her sister Isla), Roy Landon Anderson born November 22, 1902 in Chicago, Ill., son of Walter and Martha (Michaelson) Anderson.

When they were married Roy was working for Babcock and Wilcox Boiler Co., in Des Moines. The first nine years they were married they lived in nine states. A good share of their married life has been in Chicago. They had the thrill of building their own new home in Palos Park, Ill., in 1949 where she still lives.

Leta lived in So. Dak., for 4 years, near Grand River, in Leon, Ia., and then to Valley Junction, Ia., (now known as West Des Moines). She graduated from Valley High School in January 1924. She worked as cashier and bookkeeper for F. W. Woolworth Co., in Des Moines until she married. Leta is a member of Utopia Chapter of the Eastern Star. A Past President of Chesterfield Women's Club. Was active in Second District Federation Club work as chairman of the 2nd Dist., Junior Clubs and 2 years as 2nd Dist. luncheon chairman. She is a member of Past Presidents Club of the 2nd Dist.


- 58 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

      Roy attended school in Chicago then worked for Babcock and Wilcox Boiler Co. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge and the Scottish Rite. Is Past Worthy Patron of Utopia Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star. Both Roy and Leta are members of the Vincent Methodist Church of Chicago. Roy died of cancer January 7, 1960 and was buried at Chapel Hills Cemetery [Des Moines, Iowa].

                Two children:

  Roy Landon Anderson, Jr.  b. June 25, 1926   Chicago, Ill.
  Richard Gene Anderson  b. Aug. 24, 1930   Chicago, Ill.


  Isla Esther Maus born September 3, 1907 on [the] Dunbar place southeast of Grand River, Ia. Married May 31, 1925 (the same day as her sister Leta - they stood up for one another), Orville Gibson born September 27, 1902 in Valley Junction, Ia., son of John and Nettie (Bullington) Gibson. They spent their life together in Valley Junction.

Isla attended grade school in So. Dakota, Leon, Ia., Valley Junction and North High In Des Moines, to the 10th grade. She worked at Mandelbum's Dept. Store and also at Bell Telephone Co. In 1932 she worked as baby sitter for a Colonel at Ft. Des Moines.

Orville attended Valley grade and high school and graduated from Valley High. He was an All-State Star in basketball. He worked as carpenter and contractor. He developed heart trouble and was affected the last 5 years of his life. He died of a heart attack on April 25, 1940.

Transcriber's Note: Other sources give Orville's father's name as William Henry Gibson and his mother's name as Mary "Etta". Orville was interred at Jordan Cemetery, West Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.

                One child:

  Colleen Jeanne Gibson  b. Sept. 13, 1927   Valley Junction, Ia.


      They were divorced. Isla married second August 12, 1933, Ray Hays born February 4, 1905 in Des Moines, Ia., son of John and Maude (MConnell) Hays. Ray attended school in Clarinda, Ia., to the 10th grade.

They have spent their life living in Des Moines. Ray has done several lines of work. He worked as a clown, does carpentry work and drives a city bus. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge. Isla attended Open Bible Institute and graduated in 1954. In 1960 they moved to a new home at 8005 Dema Drive, Des Moines, Ia. Ray has worked for Des Moines City Transit since 1943. Isla worked at the Hotel Ft. Des Moines for one and one-half years as a PBX operator, since January 20th she has worked at Brown Hotel as the same thing.

Transcriber's Note: Raymond Marion Hays died March 3, 1980, Pomona, California. Isla Esther (Maus) Hays died January 9, 2004, Duarte, California. She was interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, California.

                One child:

  Jerry Lee Hays  b. Sep. 27, 1935   Des Moines, Ia.

                One child adopted:

  Judith Rae Hays  b. July 21, 1943   Des Moines, Ia.

  Judith attended Sabin Grade School and was a campfire girl. Joined Open Bible Church Easter 1956. Is a Rainbow girl. Attended Warren Harding Jr. High


- 59 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

and North High School. She played in the school orchestra and band during Jr. and Sr. High School, she plays an Oboe and also the Bells. She has been in the All-City Band all through High School. Judith has excelled in shorthand and passed the test of 120 words per minute for 3 minutes. She will graduate from North High School in June 1961. She is working at Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. as an information operator.


  Henry (Hank) Albert Maus born July 6, 1910 near Plainview, So. Dak., 60 miles from a railroad, in a sod house. Henry moved with his family to a farm near Grand River in 1912. He attended elementary school in Leon, Valley Junction and Des Moines and North High School in Des Moines. He was in Maritime Service, known as the Merchant Marines, during the second World War in 1942 and achieved the rank of Chief Petty Officer in Radio. Married August 19, 1944, Vera Catherine (Katie) Harvey born August 23, 1923 in Chicago, Ill., daughter of Michael James B. and Evelyn Adelia (Eggleston) Harvey. Katie attended Parker High School and graduated in June 1941. During the war she worked for Rheem Manufacturing Co., then worked for the Telephone Company and after they were married.

They started their life together in Chicago, Ill. In May 1951 they bought the place where they now live at 12904 S. Parnell, Chicago, Ill. Hank has worked for the Berry Bearing Co. since before he was married and still with the same firm. Mrs. Harvey makes her home with them.

Transcriber's Note: Henry Albert "Hank" Maus died October 1, 1991.

                Four children:

  Patricia Louise Maus  b. Aug. 16, 1949   Chicago, Ill.
  Dorothy Kathryn Maus  b. Aug. 26, 1952   Chicago, Ill.
  Mikail Jean Maus  b. Nov. 30, 1953   Chicago, Ill.
  Michael James Maus  b. Apr.   5, 1957   Chicago, Ill.

  Patricia attends St. Catherine of Genoa School. First Communion in April 1957. Confirmation May 21, 1959.

  Dorothy attends St. Catherine of Genoa School. She was highest first grade student and only one on school honor roll in that grade in 1959. She made her First Holy Communion May 8, 1960.

  Mikail attends St. Catherine of Genoa School. Graduated from kindergarten in 1959. She made her First Holy Communion May 7, 1961. All three girls studying piano, their teacher, their Aunt Betty Maus.


  Rodney Algernon Maus born February 14, 1912 near Plainview, So. Dak., in a sod house. Rodney moved with his family to a farm near Grand River, Ia., in 1912. In 1915 they moved to Leon, Ia. In 1917 they moved to Valley Junction (now West Des Moines) where he attended grade school. In 1923 they moved to Des Moines where he attended grade school and graduated from Henry Sabin Grade School in 1924. He attended High School one year in Des Moines and one year in Chicago, where he quit and started working for Ernst Kaufman Inc., a Church and Sunday School Supply House. He continued his education attending continuation school, night school at Fenger and Englewood High Schools. Also attended Bryant & Stratton Business College, studying accounting. Married July 3, 1937, Dorothy Bohlman born August 24, 1914, daughter of Otto and Anna Marie


- 60 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

      (Goerres) Bohlman. Dorothy attended Sacred Heart School in Chicago and was a 1931 graduate. Dorothy worked at Marlos Foods Company before she was married. She works with ceramics as a hobby.

They started their life together in the home of his sister Leta for about seven months, when they moved into their apartment on Yale Street and lived [there] until April 1950, when they purchased their first home, on Eggleston Street. In June 1956 they sold this home and purchased the home where they now live at 9130 S. Harding Ave., Evergreen Park 42, Ill.

In 1940 Rodney left the book store and worked for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. In 1950 he was promoted to Assistance Manager. In 1952 he became a Service and Sales Representative for the same company. In December 1958 he was promoted to the position of Assistant Manger, supervising service and sales representatives, the job he now holds.

Transcriber's Note: Rodney Algernon "Rod" Maus died April 2, 1991. Dorothy M. (Bohlman) married second Porter James Pierce who had been married first to Rod's sister, Myrna Olive Maus (See following Record 47). Dorothy died January 12, 2005, Oak Lawn, Illinois, at age 90 [obituary link at bottom of webpage].

                Three children:

  Larry Allen Maus  b. Aug.   9, 1938   Chicago, Ill.
  Robert William Maus  b. May   6, 1942   Chicago, Ill.
  Donald James Maus  b. May 26, 1948   Chicago, Ill.

  Larry attended Parker School. He is a letterman from swimming achievements. June 20, 1956 he graduated from Parker High School. He attended Jr. College three years taking Mechanical Engineering. Now he is studying Engineering at Ill. Institute of Technology in night school, and during days working at Link-lok Systems by Velton & Pulver as a draftsman.

  Robert graduated from Parker Elementary School June 20, 1956. In 1960 he graduated from Parker High School and in 1961 is attending Parson College at Fairfield, Iowa.

  Donald is attending Central School in Evergreen Park, Ill.


  Myrna Olive Maus born July 15, 1914 near Grand River, Decatur Co., Ia. Attended grade school in Valley Junction and Des Moines, Ia., and three and one-half years in Parker High School in Chicago, Ill. Married January 9, 1933, Porter James Pierce born January 13, 1913, son of Myron and Fannie (Roebuck) Pierce. Porter was born in Chicago and attended Tilden Tech High School four years. He worked for Gen. Spring and Bumper Co., and now works for Crane Company in Chicago, Ill.

They started their life together in Chicago at 63rd and Wentworth Street. Since 1949 they have lived at 9111 So. Harding Ave., Evergreen Park, Ill. Myrna works with ceramics as a hobby. Myrna has a noise in her head and dizziness called Minear Disease, which causes her much discomfort.

Transcriber's Note: Myrna Olive (Maus) Pierce died February 9, 1993, Tinley Park, Cook County, Illinois. Porter James Pierce married second Myrna's sister-in-law, Dorothy M. (Bohlman) Maus (See Record 46 above). Porter died March 22, 1999, Tinley Park, Cook County, Illinois.

                Two children:

  Kenneth James Pierce  b. Aug. 23, 1934   Chicago, Ill.
  Charles Porter Pierce  b. Apr.   7, 1942   Chicago, Ill.

  Charles graduated from Evergreen Park Grammar School in June 1956. At age 6 he had rheumatic fever, left no ill effects. He graduated from Evergreen Park Community High School in June 1960.


- 61 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

  Ruth Ada Maus born September 26, 1916 in Leon, Decatur Co., Ia. She attended grade school in Des Moines for three years when the family moved to Chicago, and she was graduated from Parker Senior High in 1934. She worked for the First National Bank of Chicago for two years. Married June 20, 1936 at the Stone Church in Chicago, Ill., Howard Edward Dexheimer born November 6, 1909, son of George and Emma Henrietta (Yoost) Dexheimer. Howard was born in Chicago and attended school there.

They started their life together in Chicago and still live there at 8208 So. Carpenter, Chicago 20, Ill. Howard works for the U. S. Quartermaster having been on the government pay roll since 1934. They both work in the Assembly of God Stone Church. He is Superintendent of the Adult Dept. of the Sunday School and has served 6 years on the Board as Treasurer of the Church. Ruth has been Sunday School Secretary since 1956. She works for Recording of the Blind. Her hobby is with ceramics.

Transcriber's Note: Howard Edward Dexheimer died January 25, 1985, Orland Park, Illinois. Ruth Ada (Maus) Dexheimer died July 29, 2006, Orland Park, Illinois.

                Three children:

  Ronald Howard Dexheimer  b. Mar. 18, 1940   Chicago, Ill.
  Sharon Ruth Dexheimer  b. Apr. 28, 1944   Chicago, Ill.
  Marian Alice Dexheimer  b. May 11, 1946   Chicago, Ill.

  Ronald graduated from Calumet High School in Chicago in February 1958. He graduated from Wilson Jr. College and served six months in the Coast Guard. He is now a salesman for American Greeting Corp.

  Sharon was born with bones in her back missing and died of spinal meningitis [June 2, 1945, Chicago, Illinois].

  Marian attends Cook Elementary School and has been on the honor roll for two years. She graduated from grammar school in January 1960. She has taken piano lessons since she was 13 years of age.


  Paul David Maus born November 1, 1919 in Valley Junction, now known as West Des Moines, Ia., and moved with his family to Des Moines in 1923 and to Chicago in 1926. He attended Parker Elementary and High School. He went into the Army March 20, 1942 [World War II], and later on enlisted into the Paratroops and then into the Glider Infantry. Married May 18, 1943, on Paul's 15-day furlough, Virginia Irene Mills born September 27, 1921 in So. Zanesville, Ohio, daughter of Milton and Mary (Shook) Mills. They were both survivors of one of the worst Ohio floods in 1913. Virginia moved to Chicago with her family in 1923 and attended Parker Elementary and High School; also attended four months of Business College.

Paul was "medically discharges" from Ft. Bragg, North Carolina on September 28, 1943. During the war they both worked at the Chrysler Corporation Plant making B-29 Airplanes. In May 1948 Paul took out a Union Carpenter's Card and later on went into the construction business. They moved to Roseland where they enjoy Sunday School and Church at St. Stephens Methodist Church. The children enjoy their Jr. Choir and the week-day religious class and Virginia in her activities as Sunday School and Vacation Bible School teacher. Paul now owns and operates the Maus Construction Company.

Transcriber's Note: Paul David Maus died Mary 28, 2007, Orland Park, Illinois.


- 62 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

              Two children:

  Sandra Lee Maus  b. Sept. 16, 1946   Chicago, Ill.
  Carol Lynn Maus  b. May 16, 1949   Chicago, Ill.


  John Jr. Maus born November 14, 1922 in Valley Junction, Ia. He moved to Chicago with his family in 1926. Attended Scanlon School one year, Brownul School one year, Parker School 7 years and graduated from 8th grade. He attended Parker High School and graduated, then attended Pullman Aircraft School for four months. He worked for Campbell's Soup, Wisconsin Steel Mills and for George Krug Construction Co. In the fall of 1942 he joined the Merchant Marines for three and one half years. Married September 9, 1944, Rosemary Sullivan born June 22, 1925 in Chicago, Ill., daughter of John J. and Agnes (Ring) Sullivan. She attended Lorretto High School and graduated in June 1943, and worked several places before she was married.

They started their life with his parents, while he was in the service. In 1947 they moved to an apartment and later in 1952 they moved to their own home at 5425 W. 89th St., Oak Lawn, Ill., where they now live.

Transcriber's Note: John Jr. Maus died August 28, 1985. Rosemary (Sullivan) Maus died in February of 2017. Interment was made at St. Mary Cemetery, Evergreen, Illinois. [Rosemary's obituary link at bottom of webpage.]

                Two children:

  Rita Anne Maus  b. Apr. 22, 1947   Chicago, Ill.
  John Michael Maus  b. Dec. 19, 1950   Chicago, Ill.

  Transcriber's Note: Rita Anne Maus married Michael Glenn. She died at age 46, July 30, 1993, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.


  Betty Jean Maus born January 9, 1926 in Des Moines, Ia., one of triplets. Married December 9, 1944 in Chicago, Earl Milton Vance born July 15,1920, son of Paul and Amanda (Brunt) Vance, who live in Toledo, Ohio.

They started their life together in Toledo, Ohio, and moved to Chicago, Ill., in June 1951 where they now live.

Betty was the third of triplets born and was kept at the hospital until she was 3 months old. She weighed 7 1/2 lbs. when they took her home. She moved with her family to Chicago when she was 8 months old. She attended Parker Senior High School and graduated in 1944. She took piano lessons for 9 years and was teaching piano when she was married.

Earl went to Thomas A. De Vilbus High School and Tri-State Business College in Toledo. He was in the Navy two years in the medical corps. He spent some time in the South Pacific. He now works at Ball & Lewis Optical Co., in Chicago, Ill. They now live at 466 W. 126th St., Chicago, Ill.

Transcriber's Note: Earl Milton Vance died January 3, 1986, Hazel Crest, Cook County, Illinois. Betty Jean married second Fred Louis Schwickrath, Jr., the son of Fred L. and Minnie (Koebler) Schwickrath, born April 23, 1917, Chicago, Illinois; died July 29, 2004, Tinley Park, Illinois, cremated. Betty Jean died February 10, 2008, Tinley Park, Cook County, Illinois. Earl and Betty were interred at Cedar Park Cemetery, Calumet Park, Illinois. [Betty Jean's obituary link at bottom of webpage.]

              Three children:

  Sharon Ruth Vance  b. Nov. 15, 1945   Toledo, Ohio
  James Edward Vance  b. Dec. 20, 1947   Toledo, Ohio
  Barbara Jean Vance  b. Nov. 28, 1949   Toledo, Ohio


  Donald Herbert Maus born January 11, 1927 in Chicago, Ill. Married February 14, 1951 to Lucille Marie Farley born December 17, 1925 in Pittsburgh, Pa., daughter of James Edward and Nellie (Hagerty) Farley who live in Pittsburgh, Pa. She lived with his parents for a few years as he was in the Merchant Marines.

Donald attended Parker High School for two years. Served in the Merchant Marines for ten years. Traveled to 42 foreign countries. He entered service in


- 63 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

      the fall of 1943 and came home to stay in 1954. He built his new home himself, where they now live in South Holland, Ill. He is employed by General Mills Co.

Lucille, known as Lucy, attended Latimer Jr. High School and went through the 11th grade at Allegheny High School in Pittsburgh, Pa. They were married in Mississippi. Lucy worked as a waitress and as a clerk in a department store before she was married.

Transcriber's Note: Donald Herbert "Don" Maus was a World War II and Korean War Veteran. Don and Lucy had a third child, a daughter Vicky. Lucy preceded Don in death. Don died May 17, 2016, Naples, Florida [Obituary link at bottom of webpage].

                Two children:

  Gary Allen Maus  b. Mar. 23, 1952   Chicago, Ill.
  Shirley Jean Maus  b. Feb. 12, 1957   Toledo, Ohio

  Gary attends Madison School in South Holland.




  Phyllis Street born February 24, 1916, Grand River, Decatur Co., Ia. Attended Grand River School and was a 1933 graduate. She played clarinet in highs school band. She received her B. S. Degree in Home Economics Education from Iowa State College [present day Iowa State University], Ames, Ia. She played clarinet in both band and orchestra in college. She taught one year in Winthrop High School and one year in Kalona High School. Married May 20, 1939 at the Congregational Church in Iowa City, Ia., Floyd Richard Kratoska born January 1, 1914 at Belle Plaine, Ia., son of Charles and Emma (Formanek) Kratoska, both were born near Belle Plaine, Ia. Floyd attended school at Ames and graduated from High School in 1932. He played trumpet in high school band. He received his B. A. Degree at State University of Iowa in Iowa City, 1937. Received Juris Dr.'s Degree at Iowa Law School in 1939 and admitted to practice law in Iowa.

They lived in Chicago for a few years and Floyd practiced law there in 1940. He started working in the Claim Department of Chicago and North Western Railway January 1, 1944, hence moving to Boone, Ia. In 1961 Floyd is still District Claim Agent of the same company. He is interested in gardening and wood working. He was a Congregationalist and she a Methodist and they both changed to the Presbyterian Church in 1945. Phyllis was Den Mother for Cub Scouts in 1954, President of Page School P.T.A. in Boone in 1955-56 and is still active in P.T.A. They are both members of the Order of the Eastern Star and Floyd of the Masonic Lodge. In 1960 Phyllis served as chairman of a church circle in the United Presbyterian Women's Group. Also a member of the Camp Fire Board in the city of Boone, Ia. Their home is at 1204 Aldrich Ave., Boone, Ia.

Transcriber's Note: Floyd Richard Kratoska died in 1997. Phyllis (Street) Kratoska did in 2002. They were interred at Grand River Cemetery, Grand River, Iowa.

                Two children:

  Paul Harold Kratoska  b. Sept. 14, 1945   Chicago, Ill.
  Mary Kay Kratoska  b. Aug.   7, 1951   Des Moines, Ia.

  Paul attended school in Boone, Iowa, in 1961 is completing his 10th (sophomore) year in High School. He took piano for six years and plays clarinet in City and High School bank and Eb Alto Saxophone in High School marching band and High School dance band. Likes to read and garden and is a member of the Presbyterian Church. Paul won an award for being one of the top ten boys scholastically in


- 64 -

  Third Generation - Continued.

Jr. High (7, 8 & 9). Recently he had an original poem accepted for publication in the annual ANTHOLOGY OF HIGH SCHOOL POETRY by the National High School Poetry Association. Printed elsewhere in this book.

  Mary attends school in Boone, is just completing her 4th year in grade school and has been an A student the last few years. This is the 4th year she has taken dancing lessons and each June she dances 2 nights in a recital. She dances toe, tap and hula. She has taken piano lessons two years. She is active in Camp Fire Girls and Youth Club of the Presbyterian Church. Transcriber's Note: Mary Kay was a 1977 graduate of the Creighton University School of Medicine. A certified diplomate of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, she was the first female physician to open a private obstetrics and gynecology practice in Omaha. Dr. Kratoska died September 25,, 2010. [Obituary link at bottom of webpage.]


- 65 -



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  • Betty Jean (Maus) Vance-Schwickrath's obituary

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    Submission by Ken Baker, January of 2018