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JUNE, 1961




  Peter Street born February 18, 1849 in Wales. We have record of one brother John and one sister who married Mr. Charles Tucker. Peter married, June 19, 1869, Alice Weston, born December 6,1852, in England.

They started their life together in the old country. He did public works (like working for the city in this country). They had two children, James and Hannah, born in England. In 1871 Peter came to Amercia and settled around Colesburg, Iowa, in Delaware County. The next summer he sent for his family. His wife, Alice, came across the ocean in a boat with their two children. Later they moved to Earlville, Iowa, also in Delaware County.

There is on record, at the Decatur County Courthouse, where Peter Street bought 30 acres of land from Kate Martin, in October 1880, for $270.00. And in another place on record where he bought 60 acres from Charles Tucker on September 6th, 1886.

All records that we have show that they moved to these parts in 1882.

In 1908 they built a new house on the 120 acre farm. In 1910 they moved to Faith, So. Dakota and lived a little over a year [there] and their son Ernest moved on the farm. They moved back to Grand River in the Crees house, in 1912. Here they celebrated their Golden Anniversary, June 19, 1919, with three of their children, Hannah, Ernest and Henry, present with their families for a get-to-gether.

Later they moved to the Henry Binning property (now the Assembly of God Parsonage). While there, in June 1929, they celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary with a few relatives present.

May 30, 1930 Alice died of a heart attack in her sleep.

After the death of his wife Alice, Peter made his home with his daughter Hannah. But, while he was visiting at the home of his son Bert, at Williamsburg, Iowa, he suffered a stroke and died August 2, 1932. They were both devout christians and members of the Grand River Methodist Church. Both were buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery.

  • Peter Street Family, Reflections of Grand River 1881 - 1981

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                    Eleven children:

      James Street  b. Aug.      1870   died [Delaware Co. IA] summer of 1879.
    *  3.
      Hannah Elizabeth Street  b. Dec. 12, 1871   died Sept. 26, 1955.
    *  4.
      Harriet Jane Street  b. Dec. 14, 1873   died Dec. 25, 1918.
    *  5.
      John Edward Street  b. Dec. 20, 1875   died Sept. 7, 1947.
    *  6.
      George Street  b. Dec. 12, 1877   Delaware Co., Ia.
    *  7.
      William Street  b. June   5, 1880   died Sept. 17, 1895.
    *  8.
      Henry James Street  b. Jan. 26,  1882   Delaware Co., Ia.
    *  9.
      Albert Street  b. Aug.   6, 1884   died Sept. 7, 1937.
      Alice Mary Street  b. July 18,   1886   Decatur Co., Ia.
      Bertha Street  b. Feb. 9,    1889   died Feb. 28,  1889.
      Ernest Street  b. Sept.   7, 1890   died Apr. 12, 1929.

    James Street was born in England in 1870 and came to this country on a boat with his mother and sister, Hannah, in 1871. He died in the summer of 1879 and was buried in Delaware County, Iowa.

    (Handwritten Notes: Hannah Elizabeth Street married 1892 Richard Franklin Baker. Harriet Jane Street married 1892 John Francis Baker. Richard Franklin Baker and John Francis Baker were brothers.)


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    Submission by Ken Baker, January of 2018