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Samuel "Sam" and Sarah Belle (Emley) Foland Family

Samuel "Sam" FOLAND was the sixth child of Michael and Elizabeth (SOWERWINE) FOLAND.

Samuel "Sam" FOLAND was born in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana, on April 10, 1854. When he was five-years-old, the family arrived in Decatur County, Iowa with a covered wagon three horses and a rig. They settled on their homestead located east of the town of Westerville and northeast of what would later become the town of Grand River.

On Feb. 2, 1879, Sam married Sarah Belle EMLEY in Decatur County. Sarah was the daughter of Thomas John EMLEY (1830-1910) and Mahulda "Hulda" (MOSS) EMLEY, (1832-1902) who resided approximately 1/2 a mile (or less) directly south of the Wheelis Cemetery in Richland Township of Decatur County, Iowa. The EMLEY family settled in Richland Township in 1856, coming from Danville, Illinois. Sarah was born on September 11, 1860, Richland Township, Decatur County, Iowa.

Of Michael and Elizabeth (SOWERWINE) FOLAND's seven sons, only two did not live in the 'weaning house' and run the sorghum mill. Those two sons were Sam and his older brother William Henry "Bill." Instead, Sam and Sarah Belle resided on the Cowan RAMSEY farm until they bought 75 acres east of the Foland School and Michael FOLAND’S homestead on February 24, 1886. Later Sam bought 80 acres located directly south of the original Michael FOLAND homestead.

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Cowan Ramsey Farm

ca. 2008

Sam Foland Farm


The Folands


Foland Farm House

ca. 1943

In the background to the right is the original Michael Foland homestead.
The farm house burned to the ground in May of 2012. The fire was attributed as an electrical fire.

Sam was a trustee of the Foland School, serving for many years. The schoolhouse originally stood at the T-intersection which was to the far left of the aerial photograph above.

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Arthur, Sam and Sarah

ca. 1882

Sam Foland Family

ca. 1888

The Folands

ca. 1908

New Manure Spreader

date unknown

Sunday Afternoon


Grandpa Sam's Car

ca. 1931/2

Foland Brothers

ca. 1904

Foland Brothers


NOTE: The 1944 Foland Brothers photograph was taken on the former Arthur Foland farm, located east of Grand River and the Young Cemetery. After Arthur and his family moved to California, Harry and Mary Foland resided there and farmed the land.
The barn is long gone now [2013].

  In July of 1910, Sarah took ill. She was diagnosed with neuralgia of the heart. knowing that her demise was in her immediate future, Sarah wrote a letter to her family on July 15, 1910. Sarah eventually was forced to take to her bed and died eleven hours later on December 17, 1910 at the age of 50 years. She was interred at the Wheelis Cemetery, Richland Twp., Decatur County, Iowa.

In The Foland Record, Wilma (RAMSEY) FOLAND wrote that Sarah "was a sincere Christian and loved by all who knew her."

  • Sarah's obituary

    Sam continued to reside on the home place, living with an extended family consisting of his sons and their wives as they married and began families of their own. Homer was taken under the wings of his much older sisters-in-law, Ollie (BROWN), Alice (JOHNSTON), and Mary (MILLER.) They helped raise him to become a strong and beloved man, respected by all who knew him. In essence, Homer was their child and they were his surrogate mothers.

    Sam FOLAND was the first person in Richland Township to purchase a Model T in 1914. He practiced driving the new vehicle in the pasture north of his home.

    Sam took great delight in his role as patriarch of a growing family and his pride shone through in all the family photographs. He was active in the Tennessee community, serving as treasurer of the Foland school for 27 years. He acquired land until his original 75 acres turned into a farm of 240 acres. After Sarah Belle’s death, Sam never remarried, living in the house he had built for her with his extended family until his death on October 24, 1932. Sam was interred beside Sarah at the Wheelis Cemetery, Richland Township, Decatur County, Iowa.

  • Sam's obituary

    Sam and Sarah were the parents of four sons:

         1) Arthur Alfred FOLAND, born Dec. 10, 1881, Richland Twp., Decatur Co. IA, died Feb. 27, 1946, Los Angeles CA
             Married Dec. 24, 1902 Ollie Mae BROWN, the daughter of Henry "Harrison" BROWN (1839-1911)
             and Martha Helen (HUKILL) BROWN (1844-1895).

    Ollie was born Sept. 8, 1883, near Grand River IA, died Jan. 22, 1968, Joshua Tree CA. She was the granddaughter of Isaiah BROWN (1811-1894) and Gartry (BRAMMER) BROWN (1816-1887).


     After their marriage, Arthur and Ollie resided with her father Harrison BROWN until his death. After Harrison’s estate was settled, Arthur and Ollie purchased 140 acres (east of Grand River and the Young Cemetery) where they built a new house. They sold the farm in 1919 and moved to Santa Rosa, California. They came back to Iowa in 1925 to repossess their farm. They moved back to California after renting the farm in 1932, settling in Los Angeles. The farm was farmed by Arthur's brother Harry for a time, then sold in 1950. The farm was later owned by Richard "Doc" and Teresa (JAMES) BOLES.

    Arthur was employed by Milo Harding Company until his health forced him into retirement. Arthur suffered from muscular dystrophy or, as it is more commonly known, Lou Grieg’s disease, which caused his death.

    Three of Arthur's children were 30-year employees of Milo Harding Company - Goldie, Norman and Carl.

    After Arthur’s death, Ollie married second April 6, 1951, CA, to John Kerigan MALLORY (1880-1967) and resided in Joshua Tree, San Bernardino County, California, where she died on January 22, 1968. Ollie was interred beside Arthur at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Liberty Section, Glendale, Los Angeles County, California.

  • Ollie visits Post-War Germany 1948

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    Arthur & his hog herd

    date unknown

    Ollie and Bethel

    ca. 1918

    Arthur Foland Family

    ca. 1918

    California Folands

    date unknown

    Norman, Goldie, Bethel & Carl

    date unknown

    The Foland Women

    ca. 1920

    Folands on the Beach, CA

    ca. 1939/39

    California Home

    ca. 1938

    Goldie and Bethel

    year unknown

    Arthur Foland Family


    Ollie, John,
    Norma Nadine & Dennis


    Former Foland Farmhouse


             Arthur and Ollie were the parents of four children:

             1) Goldie Pearl FOLAND, born July 14, 1908, near Grand River IA,
                 died Nov. 11, 1970, Banning CA
                 interment Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Liberty Section, Glendale CA

    Goldie attended the Comstock country school near Grand River, Decatur County, Iowa. Upon graduating from high school in Santa Rosa, California, Goldie was hired in 1923 as a bookkeeper for Milo Harding Company. The company manufactured Tempo duplicating machines, stencils and ink. When the company moved to Los Angeles in 1928, Goldie moved too.

                 Goldie married 1st April 6, 1927 San Rafael, Charles Leroy HEISER (1894-1950)
                 son of Charles Sylvester HEISER (1866-1955) and
                 Ellen Ella (WILLIAMS) HEISER (1876-1946)
                 Goldie and Charles were the parents of one son:
                 1) Charles "Richard" HEISER, born April 7, 1928, Glendale CA
                     Married Jean SHEPPARD (later divorced)
                     Parents of one daughter:
                     1) Sharon Kay HEISER

                 Goldie married 2nd May 6, 1951, John Henry CARRIGAN (1900-1989),
                 no children.

    Like her father, Goldie suffered from Lou Gehreig's disease. There is no known cure. As of August 1989, John CARRIGAN was residing in Port Orford, North Curry County, Oregon.

    Very little is known about Charles Richard HEISER'S adult life. In her diary, Pearle V. (BRAMON) FOLAND noted that Richard served an 18-month prison sentence in Chino, CA after being convicted of robbing laundromats. A search through the archives uncovered a brief newspaper account of the incident. Upon his release from prison, Richard disappeared as far as the Iowa relatives knew. He was listed in the Social Security Death Index as dying on Aug. 5, 2004, Pinetop, Navajo Co., AZ, and interred at Chloride Cemetery, Chloride AZ (findagrave.com). It isn't known if Richard remarried or had any other children besides his daughter Sharon.

    In 1991, Sharon HEISER had married and was the mother of two sons. Sharon and her family were residing in Anchorage, Alaska where both Sharon and her husband were school teachers.

  • Goldie's obituary

    Goldie and Pearle Foland

    ca. 1920

    Goldie Foland & Bluebird

    date unknown

    Goldie & Charles Heiser?

    date unknown

    Goldie & Charles Heiser?

    date unknown

    Norma Foland
    & Richard Heiser


    Charles "Richard" Heiser


    Norma Foland
    & Richard Heiser

    ca. 1930

    Richard Heiser

    ca. 1936

    Goldie and Richard


    Sharon Kay Heiser


             2) Norman Lowell FOLAND, born Nov. 1, 1910, Grand River IA,
                 died Sept. 28, 1979, Lake Elsinore CA
                 Married Aug. 28, 1933, Leon IA, Harriette Jean SWITZER (1911- )
                 the daughter of Albert "Roy" SWITZER (1873-1957)
                 and Nora Melissa (OVERHOLTZER) SWITZER (1876-1951)
                 the granddaughter of Jacob F. SWITZER (1844/6-1911)
                 and Sarah Jane (QUIETT) SWITZER (1847-1928)
                 the granddaughter of Christian S. OVERHOLTZER (1831-1906)
                 and Harriet Ann (EIKER) OVERHOLTZER (1835-1923)

  • The OVERHOLTZER Family

  • The SWITZER Family

    Norman was a long-time employee of Milo Harding Company where his father Arthur had been employed, along with Norman's brother Carl and sister Goldie. Like his father Arthur, Norman suffered from Lou Gehreig's disease of which there is no known cure. Norman was interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Liberty Section, Glendale CA

                 Norman and Harriette were the parents of three children:
                     1) Harriette Jean FOLAND, born July 14, 1934, Osceola IA, died June 10, 2003, Medford OR
                     Harriette Jean married 1st Jackson Wells "Jack" DeLONG, parents of three children:
                         1) Jacqueline Ann "Jacque" (DeLONG) KELSO
                         2) Norma Jean (DeLONG) LAVIN
                         3) Margaret (DeLONG) GONZALES
                     Harriette Jean married 2nd Thomas Charles LAVIN Jr.
                     Harriette and Thomas ran a business called Dash Plaques by Lavin in Ventura CA.
                     Harriette Jean and Thomas were the parents of two sons:
                         1) Thomas Charles LAVIN III married Patricia (DOMINGUES) GARCIA, parents of three children:
                             1) Annette Rose (GARCIA) LAVIN
                             2) Thomas Charles LAVIN IV
                             3) Laura Michelle LAVIN
                         2) Norman Patrick LAVIN

  • Harriette's obituary

                     2) Norma Nadine FOLAND married 1st Stephen Joel COPANS (1934 - 1963)
                         Stephen died in a computer plane crash, Salt Lake City UT
                         Norma and Stephen were the parents of one daughter:
                         1) Sheri Lynn COPANS
                         Norma married 2nd Reno NV Troy Morris GARRISON (1933 - 2010), no children

  • Troy's obituary

                     3) Dennis Lee FOLAND, born Feb. 17, 1948, Los Angeles CA, died July 1, 1970, Santa Barbara CA,
                         Interred Garden of Remembrance, Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale CA

  • Letter regarding Dennis' death

    Switzer House

    built 1911

    The Switzer Family

    ca. 1913

    The Switzer Family

    ca. 1921

    Norman, Sam and Carl

    ca. 1919

    Harriette Jean Foland

    ca. 1938

    Harriette, Norman
    & Norma Nadine


    Norma Nadine &
    Johnnie Malley


    Jacqueline Ann DeLong


    Norma Jean DeLong

    Thomas Charles Lavin III


    Norman Lowell Foland

    1932 Bible Grad

             3) Carl Vernon FOLAND, born June 1, 1912, Grand River IA,
                 died April 8, 1968, of cancer, Pasadena CA
                 Married Sept, 1933, Yuma AZ, Winnelle Louise WOODMANSEE
                 born Aug. 13, 1913, Lamoni IA, died May 20, 2002
                 the daughter of George Ernest WOODMANSEE (1885- )
                 and Mayme "Esther" (SHIELDS) WOODMANSEE (ca. 1888- )
                 granddaughter of James W. WOODMANSEE (1816-1898 )
                 and Rachel B. (HAMMER) WOODMANSEE ( -1889)
                 Carl and Winnelle interred at Gardens of Memory, Forest Lawn Cemetery,
                 Glendale CA

    Winnelle attended East Elk rural school in Decatur County. She then attended and graduated from Leon High School. Winnelle attended Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa for two years, then attended one year at California Tech in Pasadena. She was employed as an engineering draftsman, working with computers, for Richfield Oil Company. Carl was a long-time employee of Milo Harding Company, as was his father Arthur, brother Norman and sister Goldie. They resided in Los Angeles, California. Carl and Winnelle were the parents of one son:
                 1) Ronald Eugene "Ronnie" FOLAND, U.S. Army Veteran

                     Married Nancy Hanks McCULLOUGH, parents of two children:
                     1) Chesley Ann FOLAND
                     2) (Son) FOLAND

    Winnelle, Ronnie & Carl

    ca. 1940

    The Folands, Los Angeles CA

    ca. 1940

    The Folands, Los Angeles CA

    date unknown


    Ronnie and Carl


    Ronald Eugene Foland

    5 mos. old, 1939

    Ronnie and Winnelle


    The Folands

    Christmas 1940

    Carl Foland

    ca. 1957

             4) Bethel Glae FOLAND, born Oct. 7, 1917, Grand River IA,
                 died May 11, 2003, Mother's Day, CA
                 Married Nov. 15, 1940, LA CA, John Davidson "Jack" MALLEY (1916-1974),
                 World War II, Korean War & Vietnam War Veteran, US Air Force
                 the son of Dr. Henry Ashworth MALLEY (1885, England - 1970) and
                 Ruby Elizabeth (McINTYRE) MALLEY (1887, Australia - 1988)

    Malley-Foland Wedding

    Nov. 15, 1940
    Malley-Foland Wedding article
    Bethel and Jack

    Dec., 1940

  • Jack's obituary

                 Bethel and Jack were the parents of two children:
                 1) John Arthur "Johnnie" MALLEY, born March 7, 1946, Los Angeles CA
                     died Dec. 18, 2010, Riverside CA, interred Olivewood Memorial Park, Riverside CA
                     John was an administrator of an extended care facility, Riverside CA
                     Married Alma GARZA, parents of two sons:
                     1) John Aquiles MALLEY
                     2) David MALLEY

  • John's obituary

                 2) Glae Lynn MALLEY married Dave KAN, parents of four children:
                     1) Jessica Lee KAN
                     2) Andy David KAN
                     3) Davey Gilbert KAN
                     4) Christine Elizabeth KAN


    Bethel Glae Foland


    Bethel Glae Foland

    ca. 1917/18

    Bethel Glae Foland

    ca. 1922

    Bethel Glae Foland

    Santa Rosa CA

    A Visit to Iowa

    ca. 1947

    Bethel and Johnnie


    Johnnie and Bethel

    in Germany, 1946

    The Malleys

    in Germany, 1946

         2) Harry Irvin FOLAND
             born Oct. 27, 1884, Richland Twp., Decatur Co. IA,
             died Nov. 11, 1961 following a stroke, Leon IA
             Married Oct. 15, 1913, Chapman Hotel, Grand River,
             to Mary Ann MILLER (1893 - 1980),
             daughter of Searight Dixon "S.D." MILLER and
             Viola (LADD) MILLER (1867-1956)

    Mary's parents were running the Chapman Hotel at the time of her marriage to Harry. Mary was a teacher in the rural schools of Decatur County. An avid and able horsewoman, Mary often rode her horse to school and back home at the end of the day.

    Roy CLAWSON said that Harry drove the sportiest team pulling the spiffiest rig.

    After their marriage, Harry and Mary resided with Sam FOLAND on the
    FOLAND farm. Later, Harry and Mary moved to a farm near Lamoni
    which they later lost during the Depression. They went to Garden Grove,
    residing there until Arthur and Ollie moved to California. Harry and Mary
    moved to this farm located east of Grand River.

    Mary worked for some time at Piper’s Grocery Store in Leon. Upon retiring from farming, Harry and Mary moved to Decatur City. Mary took her grandson Mike RICHARDS under her wing after Harry’s death. She cared for Mike until he moved back home with his father and step-mother. Much later Mary moved to a little house in Leon, residing there until her health required that she move to Leon Care Center.

    Mary was born on July 18, 1893, and died at the age of 96 years on October 15, 1989.

  • Harry's obituary

  • Mary's obituary

             Harry and Mary were interred at Grand River Cemetery, Grand River IA.
             Harry and Mary were the parents of two children:
             1) Beulah Belle FOLAND, born Sept. 29, 1914, Grand River IA
                 died April 28, 1963 of a stroke, Creston IA
                 Beulah taught in Decatur County, Iowa rural schools for nine years.
                 Prior to her marriage, Beulah was an airline stewardess.
                 Married April 3, 1943, Durham NC Max Everett RICHARDS (1916 - 1992),
                 World War II Veteran
                 son of Charles and Gustine (FURLONG) RICHARDS
                 Note: Max married 2nd June 14, 1966 Elizabeth A. (?) ROUTH (1926-1977),
                 no children


  • Beulah's obituary

  • Max's obituary

                 Beulah, Max and Elizabeth were interred at
                 Graceland Cemetery, Creston IA
                 Beulah and Max were the parent of two children:
                 1) Mary Elizabeth "Mary Beth" (RICHARDS) HENDERSON
                 2) Michael Edwin "Mike" RICHARDS, born March 22, 1956, Creston IA
                     died Nov. 10, 2012, interment Graceland Cemetery, Creston IA

  • Mike's birth announcement

  • Mike's obituary

             2) Arba "Dale" FOLAND, born Jan 15, 1916, Richland Twp., Decatur Co. IA
                 died at the age of 2, May 5, 1918, St. Mary's Hospital, Rochester MN
                 Interment Grand River Cemetery, Grand River IA

    When Dale was about 2 1/2-years-old, he was in the barn lot with his father, Harry FOLAND. As the story has been handed down, Harry had an anvil in the yard that was sitting on a tree stump. When Dale attempted to climb up on the stump, he fell, pulling the anvil over on him. It landed in Dale’s kidney area. Harry and Mary immediately sought medical help but in those days injuries such as that were not recoverable, especially for toddler. Eventually pneumonia set in. Leaving Beulah with Alice and Ernie FOLAND, Harry and Mary took Dale to the St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, hoping for a miracle. Unfortunately, that miracle – penicillin – hadn’t been discovered yet. As Dale lay in his hospital bed, Mary did all she could to entertain her tiny son. On April 27, 1918, Mary traced Dale’s hand on a piece of paper and then dated the tracing. An age-old activity many mothers have done to entertain a small child. Dale died eight days later.

    After Aunt Mary’s death in 1989, my mother and I received a box of her belongings which contained items of no interest to anyone attending the estate sale. Among the items in the box was the tracing of Dale’s hand. Aunt Mary had kept it folded and tucked away for 73 years. The last time I saw Aunt Mary (before her death), she talked about Dale, the son she lost and grieved for the remainder of her life. - SRB

  • Arba's obituary



    Harry Irvin Foland

    ca. 1889

    Harry Irvin Foland

    ca. 1904

    Miller Sisters

    Clara, Amy, Mary

    Chapman Hotel

    Grand River IA


    Mary & Harry


    ca. 1914

    Dale & Beulah

    ca. 1916

    Dale & Beulah

    ca. 1918

    Beulah Foland

    ca. 1924/5

    Beulah Foland

    date unknown


    date unknown


    engagement, 1943

    Mary Beth & Beulah


    Family Gathering

    June 1950

    Mary Beth,
    Mary and Harry


         3) Ernest Everette "Ernie" FOLAND
             born Nov. 18, 1886, Richland Twp., Decatur Co. IA,
             died June 30, 1955 of muscular dystrophy, Leon IA
             Interment Wheelis Cemetery, Richland Twp., Decatur Co. IA
             Married Jan. 29, 1911 Alice Myrtle JOHNSTON (1890 - 1977),
             daughter of Thomas Theodore JOHNSTON (1860-1929) and
             Elizabeth Ann (HESS) JOHNSTON (1859-1908)

    Ernie farmed with his father Sam and brother Harry on the home place. A few years after their marriage, Alice and Ernie moved into Grand River where they owned and operated a restaurant for several years. Alice and Ernie divorced in 1934. They did not have children.

  • Ernie's obituary






    Ernie & Homer Foland

    ca. 1910

    Alice Johnston


    Alice and Ernie


    Ernie, Homer & Albert

    date unknown

    Foland Women

    ca. 1920/21

    Foland Men

    ca. 1921

    Grand River Cafe*

    ca. 1920's

    Alice at the Piano

    ca. 1918

    Alice and
    The Barn Cats

    Alice, Norma & Pearle

    Fall of 1939

    Frank and Alice


    Frank and Shep


    Frank and Norma

    ca. 1949

    Ernie & Alice's home

    ca. 1920

    Ernie & Alice's home


    * I think this cafe is the present-day Charles Ladd American Legion Post. If so, the Overholtzer's ran the cafe after Alice and Ernie.

    Alice Myrtle (JOHNSTON) FOLAND was born on the JOHNSTON farm near Ellston, Iowa, on May 1, 1890. Although she and Ernie had divorced, she remained a beloved and vital member of the FOLAND family and was a surrogate mother to Homer who had lost his mother, Sarah Belle (EMLEY) FOLAND, at age twelve.

    Alice remarried March 14, 1936, Des Moines, Iowa, to George Franklin "Frank" REDMAN. They did not have children but opened their home and hearts to their nieces and nephews. Frank died on November 28, 1950. Alice owned a vintage 1930's black coupe. After Harry FOLAND died, Alice would motor over to Decatur, pick up Mary, then tour the countryside to visit friends and relatives. When Alice's health began to fail, she moved in with Lela REDMAN, the two widows taking care of one another. Crippling arthritis forced Alice to move into Clearview Nursing Home, Mount Ayr IA, where she resided many years before her death on March 22, 1977. Alice and Frank were interred at Leon Cemetery, Leon IA.

  • Frank's obituary

  • Alice's obituary

         4) Homer Lowell FOLAND
             born May 20, 1898, Richland Twp., Decatur Co. IA
             died Feb. 4, 1963 of a heart attack in his sleep, Grand River IA
             Homer was twelve-years-old when his mother died. His sisters-in-law,
             Ollie, Alice and Mary, lovingly helped raise him to adulthood.
             Married Feb. 1, 1920, Delphos IA, Pearle Velva BRAMON (1898 - 1969)
             daughter of Fred B. BRAMON (1874-1948) and
             Luella (YOUNG) BRAMON (1879-1960)
             granddaughter of W.H. (William Hamilton) "Bill" YOUNG (1854-1939)
             and Nervesta (EDWARDS) YOUNG (1855-1939)
             great-granddaughter of John Dale YOUNG (1829-1909)
             and Catherine (WARRICK) YOUNG (1836-1875)
             great-granddaughter of Anderson EDWARDS (1832-1908)
             and Armina (RAMSEY) EDWARDS (1826-1923)

    Homer farmed the land with his beloved team of mules Bill and Dave for many years before he finally purchased a tractor. Bill and Dave originally belonged to Pearle's brother Cleo. When Cleo was preparing to move his family to Nampa, Idaho, Homer bought the mules, which solved the problem - no one in the family wanted to see the team sold off to a stranger.

    Homer had quite a few "exotic" animals as pets over the years. One was Coonie, pictured at left. Another was Suzie the Squirrel. She lived in the cottonwood tree directly south of the farmhouse. Suzie would eat out of your hand, but would dash away if you tried to touch her. When it came time to have her babies, she moved to the timber, returning back to her cottonwood tree once her babies were out and on their own. When Susie died, Homer and I had a funeral for her, complete with a muslin-lined shoebox coffin. Assuring that Susie had a good funeral, we said Scriptures and sang hymns at her gravesite. ~ SRB

    Homer served his county and community well as director of the Foland School for fifteen years and later as treasurer. He held the office of Clerk for Richland Township and served on many farm committees and organizations, the A.A.A., Farmer’s Home Administration, Decatur County Tax Board of Review, and as a member of Decatur County’s Board of Soil Conservation. Homer was the first farmer in the area, if not southern Iowa, to plant Pioneer hybrid corn.

    Pearle attended the Normal School, obtaining her teaching certification. She taught at the Comstock rural school in Decatur County and later went to work for Horace A. JOHNSTON and Albert SPRAY as a bookkeeper of the Ford Garage in Grand River. Here she met Homer FOLAND.

    Homer and Pearle resided with Homer's father, Sam, on the farm. Later they purchased the farm from Sam and lived there, farming the land, until Homer and Pearle retired and moved (December of 1962) into a new home they built in Grand River.

    Pearle served as the Sunday School superintendent of the United Methodist Church, Grand River IA, and was one of the church's organist. She sang alto with a quartet for many funerals. She was a charter member of the Women's Society for Christian Service, a world-wide organization of Methodist women. Pearle was also an accomplished seamstress.

    Pearle took an active interest in photography and genealogy. Many of the photographs contained in this work have come from her photo albums. She also clipped out many obituaries of family members and friends and kept funeral cards from all of the services where she provided music either by singing or by playing the organ. Many of the obituaries in this work came from Pearle’s “obituary box” which her daughter Norma inherited and has maintained to the present day. Many of Pearle's photographs appear throughout this website.

    Pearle was born on November 7, 1898, in rural Delphos, Ringgold Co. IA,
    and died on November 15, 1969, University Hospitals, Iowa City IA.

  • Homer's obituary

  • Pearle's obituary

             Homer and Pearle were interred at Grand River Cemetery, Grand River IA.
                 Homer and Pearle were the parents of one daughter:
             1) Norma Gertrude FOLAND

    Norma started school by attending the Foland School just down the road from the FOLAND'S farm house. She struggled and her teacher, Etola GRIMM, did all she could to help Norma progress in her studies. Eventually Etola came to the conclusion that Norma was deaf but had learned at an early age to read lips, a talent that has helped Norma throughout her life to overcome her handicap skillfully. It has never been determined if Norma was born deaf or became deaf during early childhood. The decision to send Norma half-way across the state of Iowa was a difficult one for Homer and Pearle. Norma was their only child. Norma didn't want to leave the bossom of her home and rural community full of friends and relatives. However when Norma learned that the Iowa School for the Deaf (IDS) had an indoor swimming pool, she changed her mind. Norma thrived at ISD and made many life-time friends there. One of her friends, Beverly BECKER, introduced Norma to her brother, Grant.

    Norma graduated from ISD in 1947. She then attended High School at Leon, Iowa, graduating with the class of 1949.

                 Norma married Grant Lorimor BECKER (1924 - 2008), US Navy Veteran,
                 the son of Dewey Clarence BECKER (1897 - 1980) and Blanche Beryl (PHIPPS) BECKER (1904 - 1991)

    Grant was born on April 17, 1924, Fraser, Iowa, and died May 21, 2008, Leon IA.
    Grant was interred at Grand River Cemetery, Grand River IA

  • Grant's obituary

                 Norma and Grant were the parents of four children:
                 1) Sharon Rae BECKER, mother of:
                     1) Sara Jean BECKER married Matthew Joseph THOME, parents of one son:
                         1) Evan Matthew THOME

                 2) Sheryl Kae (BECKER) HARRISON married Danny R. "Dan" HARRISON, parents of two sons:
                     1) Kenneth Robert "Ken" HARRISON married Lauren FLAHERTY, parents of three children:
                         1) Brynn Wilene HARRISON
                         2) Augustus Gregg "Gus" HARRISON
                         3) Luke, arrived Christmas Day, 2013
                     2) Kyle Ryan HARRISON married Melody SMITH, the parents of two children:
                         1) Delaney Elizabeth HARRISON
                         2) Grant Parker HARRISON

                 3) Stanton Lowell "Stan" BECKER married 1st Cathy Lynn (THOMAS) PETTYJOHN, parents of three children:
                     1) Latisha Mae "Tisha" BECKER married Kenny FRENCH, parents of four children:
                         1) Dylon FRENCH
                         2) Jacob Harvey FRENCH
                         3) Grant Ellis FRENCH, born and died June 23, 2004, interred at Babyland, Fairview Cemetery, Bedford IA
                         4) Carlie Jo FRENCH
                     2) Kandi Kae BECKER, mother of two sons:
                         1) Christopher Allen ANING
                         2) Jesse John ANING
                     3) Jonathan Lowell "Jon" BECKER married Helena Marie HOUCK, parents of two sons:
                         1) Aiden Lowell BECKER
                         2) Baylor BECKER
                     Stan married 2nd Sue Ferrell

                 4) Steven Doyle BECKER, US Air Force Veteran & US Army Reserves
                     Married 1st Melinda Michelle REYNOLDS, parents of one son:
                     1) Joshua Steven BECKER engaged to marry Fall of 2013 Heather GARLANDO
                     Steven married 2nd Pat Phillips AUSTIN

    Homer Foland


    Homer Foland

    ca. 1900

    Homer Foland

    ca. 1904

    Homer, aged 14



    ca. 1920

    Pearle Bramon


    Pearle Bramon

    aged 6

    Pearle at Normal College

    Des Moines IA

    Pearle Bramon

    ca. 1920

    The Folands

    Feb. 1, 1920

    Pearle & the Flock

    ca. 1922

    Pearle & Collie

    ca. 1925/6

    Homer & Pearle go west


    Homer & Coonie

    Aug. 1950

    Homer, Bill and Dave


    Norma Foland


    Norma Foland


    Norma, Pearle & Homer


    Pearle and Luella

    Shucking Sweet Corn



    Norma Foland

    Nov. 1949

    Grant L. Becker


    Sheryl, Norma & Sharon


    Stanton & Steven


    Becker Kids

    Becker Kids, 1960

    Becker Family, 1977

    Becker Kids, 2008

    Kenny and Kyle, 1979

    Sara, 1979

    Sara and Evan, 2011

    Evan, 2012

    Ken Harrison Family


    Ken and Gus


    Kyle Harrison Family



    Stan and Sue

    Tisha Kandi & Jon

    The French Family



    Carlie Jo


    Christopher and Jesse

    Grant and Jon


    Four Generations



    Steven & Pat's Family


    Josh & Heather


    Norma G. (Foland) Becker


    Genealogical Sources: Reflections of Grand River 1881 - 1981, Leon Journal-Reporter articles and obituaries; Down 100 Years; family documents & records; photograph albums and genealogical scrapbooks of Pearle Veva (BRAMON) FOLAND and Norma G. (FOLAND) BECKER

    FOLAND, Wilma G. (RAMSEY). The Foland Family Record 1960; The Foland Family Record, Supplement One July 1960 to July 1965; The Foland Family Record, Supplement Two 1965 to 1971; The Foland Family Record, Supplement Three 1971 to 1982

    Written, complied and submitted by Sharon R. Becker, October of 2013

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