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Henrietta "Ret" (Foland)
and Andrew Thurman "Ang" Weldon Family

Henrietta "Ret" was the seventh child of Michael and Elizabeth (SOWERWINE) FOLAND.

Henrietta "Ret" FOLAND was born on December 27, 1856 near Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. She married on June 11, 1876 Andrew Thurman "Ang" WELDON (1852 - 1928).

Andrew, the son of Thurman WELDON (1823, KY - 1852, IA) and Julia (McDANIEL) WELDON (1825, VA - 1908, IA), was born on the WELDON homestead, Decatur Co. IA, on May 22, 1852.

Andrew was three-months-old when his father died, leaving his mother Julia a widow with three small children. She moved in with her brother, Larkin McDANIEL
who resided south of DeKalb on Long CREEK.

[NOTE: Weldon River was named in honor of Andrew's grandfather Andrew Jackson WELDON and his two uncles who had settled in Missouri then moved to Iowa.]

  • Julia's obituary

    After their marriage, Henrietta and Andrew resided near DeKalb in Decatur County until they moved in 1916 south of Davis City. In 1922, the family moved to Leon, the county seat of Decatur County. Here, Andrew helped with court house official duties.

    All who knew Andrew agreed that he possessed all of the essential elements of manhood – he was a sturdy pioneer, honest, fair-dealing, kindly, and helpful to those in need. Henrietta was considered by all to be a wonderful homemaker, lovingly caring for her garden and flowers.

    Andrew died of diabetes on August 7, 1928, Leon, Iowa.

    After Andrew’s death in 1928, Henrietta lived part-time with her son Harve and her daughter Nora the rest of the time. While at Nora’s home, Henrietta fell and broke her hip. She developed pneumonia, dying three days later on March 13 of 1940 at the age of 83 years.

  • Andrew's obituary

  • Henrietta's obituary

    Henrietta and Andrew were interred at Munyon Cemetery, Decatur Co. IA

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    Andrew Jackson Weldon

    courtesy of

    Andrew Thurman Weldon

    courtesy of Kathy Scoville

    Andrew & John Weldon

    courtesy of

    Henrietta and Andrew were the parents of four children, three surviving to adulthood:

         1) Nina Isabel WELDON, born Aug. 27, 1877, DeKalb IA,
             died Jan. 4, 1956, Weldon IA
             Married June 29, 1898, Decatur Co., James Harrison MILLER (1863 - 1951),
             the son of Harrison MILLER (1842-1915)
             and Elizabeth "Jane" (McKEE) MILLER (1845-1921)

    James and Nina farmed for two years north of Grand River, then moved into town when James was employed by the CB&Q Railroad. They moved to a farm east of Grand River around the year 1903, residing there until James’ death on December 22, 1951 from a kidney ailment. [James was born on April 26, 1863.]

    Nina, a sincere Christian, spent her last years reading her Bible and writing letters of witness. She embraced the doctrine of the Pilgrim Holiness Faith. She partially recovered from a stroke she suffered in 1951.

    After James’ death, Nina resided at the Frost Nursing Home in Leon for a while before moving to Fortune’s Homes, Weldon, Iowa, where she died suddenly on January 4th, 1956. Nina and James were interred at Munyon Cemetery, Decatur Co. IA

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    Nina Isabel Weldon

    courtesy of Kathy Scoville

    Nina and James

    courtesy of Kathy Scoville

    James Harrison Miller Family

    courtesy of Kathy Scoville

    James & Nina Miller

    courtesy of Kathy Scoville

    Sisters, Nora & Nina

    courtesy of

    Nina & James

    50th Anniversary

    James' Funeral Card

    courtesy of
    Sharon R. Becker

    Nina's Funeral Card

    courtesy of
    Sharon R. Becker

             Nina and James were the parents of two children:
             1) Phillip "Andrew" MILLER
                 born Jan. 16, 1900, Grand River IA
                 died Oct. 16, 1957, Van Wert IA
                 Married April 26, 1922 Nellie Mae BOLES
                 (1901 - 1970), the daughter of Walter David
                 BOLES (1869-1953) and Susie Jane (DEAN)
                 BOLES (1877-1959)

  • The Walter and Susie BOLES Family

  • MILLER-BOLES Wedding

  • Nellie's obituary

    Nellie was born in Decatur Co. IA on August 2, 1901, and died at the Clarke County Hospital, Osceola IA on November 10, 1970.

    Andrew and Nellie were interred at Munyon Cemetery, Decatur Co. IA
                 Andrew and Nellie were the parents of three children:

                 1) Walter James "Walt" MILLER, born May 2, 1923, near Grand River IA
                     died Sept 25, 2003, Kellerton IA
                     Married June 10, 1945 Majorie "Eileen" JACKSON (1921 - 2003),
                     daughter of Mervyn G. JACKSON (1889-1976)
                     and Katherine (WEBB) JACKSON (1894-1970)

    Prior to her marriage, Eileen taught at the Foland School from 1942 to 1946. During this time she boarded with Homer and Pearle Veva (BRAMON) FOLAND and became a beloved member of the family. Eileen and Walt farmed northeast of Grand River IA, deep in the heart of the "Tennessee" rural community of Richland Township. Walt was a school bus driver for Grand Valley Community School District.

    Walt and Eileen retired from farming, selling the farm in 1971 and moving to Kellerton. Eileen worked in the housekeeping department at Graceland College, Lamoni, and eventually retired in 1984.

    Eileen was born on April 7, 1921 and died on March 25, 2003, Springfield, MO.

  • Walt's obituary

  • Eileen's obituary



                     Walt and Eileen were interred at Munyon Cemetery.
                     Walt and Eileen were the parents of four children:
                     1) Katheryn Mae MILLER married Dennis SCOVILLE
                         Parents of Paul Dennis and Sheri Denise
                     2) Carol Ann MILLER married JEarl ANDREAS
                     3) James Walter MILLER
                     4) Ronald "Rex" MILLER

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    Eileen & Homer
    with the barn cats

    Spring, 1943

    Eileen & Keith Smith *
    & Keith's sister

    Spring, 1943

    Former Miller Farm **


    Former Miller Farm **


    * I'm not really sure who Keith Smith was. ~ SRB
    ** These photographs are personally sad to me because Walt and Eileen kept an immaculate home, lawn and farm. ~ SRB

                 2) Loretta Fay MILLER, born Aug. 9, 1930, Van Wert IA
                     died Aug. 8, 2006, Iowa Methodist Medical Center, Des Moines IA
                     Married Aug. 9, 1948, Van Wert IA, Hubert Edward DUFF,
                     the son of Earl R. DUFF (1902-1981) and Reva (CROW) DUFF (1902-1990)

  • Loretta's obituary

                     Loretta was interred at Van Wert Cemetery, Van Wert IA.
                     Loretta and Hubert were the parents of five children:
                     1) Helen Mae DUFF married Gary L. LESTER, parents of Michelle Eileen and Karmon Sue
                     2) John Edward DUFF married Shirley Jane PETTY, parents of Nathan Leachman, Lacie Jane abd Amanda Lee
                     3) Virginia F. DUFF married 1st Dennis E. PALMER, born 1954, died in a car accident Sept. 14, 1975, inter. Van Wert
                         Virginia married 2nd Allen Wayne MILLER, parents of Travis Allen MILLER and Toney Darin
                     4) George Eugene DUFF
                     5) Alan Rex DUFF married Peggy (SMITH) WILKENS, parents of a son

                 3) Annetta Mae MILLER married Larry L. WAYMAN

             2) Homer Harrison MILLER, born Dec. 26, 1902, Grand River IA
                 died Oct 2, 1913 of a throat condition caused from a scratch (lockjaw? ~ SRB)
                 Interment at Munyon Cemetery, Decatur Co. IA

         2) Nora Katherine WELDON, June 5, 1888, DeKalb IA
             died July 10, 1955, Decatur Co. IA
             Married April 27, 1909 Job Arthur BURNS (1872 - 1966),
             the son of John Denny BURNS (1848-1912) and
             Elizabeth "Betsy" (ROBBINS) BURNS (1848-1921)

    Job Arthur BURNS married 1st to Estella May "Stella" LOVITT [born October 26, 1877, Taylor Co. IA]. Stella was expecting twin daughters when she was injured in a fall that ultimately caused her death, along with complications from childbirth, on December 7, 1904. Job and Stella’s twins, Lillian Louise and Della Mae, were born September 29, 1903. Della died of pneumonia on February 10, 1904 [interment at Clearfield Cemetery, Clearfield IA].

  • Stella's obituary

    Lillian lived with her grandparents, John F. (1852-1926) and Elmira M. (?) (1857-1919) LOVITT, until 1910 when she went to live with her father and step-mother, Nora Katherine (WELDON) BURNS. Lillian married Leroy Bennie “Roy” WOODS on November 23, 1921. Roy was born December 4th, 1901, Van Wert IA, the son of Charles Orielias (1871-1948) & Nellie Ann (HAMMOND) (1880-1981) WOODS.

    Roy and Lillian resided in Des Moines, Iowa, where they both graduated from Open Bible College in June of 1949, taking night classes. Lillian pursued her studies at Des Moines Technical High School and at Drake University.

    Roy and Lillian had eight children: Esther Louise BERGSTROM, Virgil Leroy WOODS, Paul James WOODS, Naomi Elizabeth ATKINSON, John George WOODS, Charles Job WOODS, George WOODS, Richard Don WOODS, and Raymond Eugene WOODS.

    Lillian died in Des Moines on July 16, 1990. LeRoy Benjamin "Roy" WOODS died on March 12, 1996, Des Moines IA. Lillian and Roy were interred at Clearfield Cemetery, Clearfield IA.

  • Lillian's obituary

    Nora and Job farmed northeast of Grand River, then moved to a farm near Barnard, Missouri, in 1920. They returned to Iowa, settling on a farm north of Leon. After enduring
    a long illness, Nora died in a nursing home, Weldon, Iowa, on July 10th, 1955. Job was born near Garden Grove, IA on November 18, 1872, and died at the Paul WATSON home, Leon, Iowa, on May 6, 1966.

  • Nora's obituary

  • Job's obituary

             Nora and Job were interred at Munyon Cemetery, Decatur Co. IA.


             Nora and Job were the parents of four children:

             1) Mansel Weldon BURNS, born Feb. 3, 1910, Grand River IA, died May 20, 1983, Des Moines IA
                 Married 1st Maxine ROSCOE, parents of a son, Gerald Lee "Jerry" BURNS

    After his parent’s divorce, Jerry lived with his grandparents, Job & Nora Katherine (WELDON) BURNS until he was 11-years-old when he went to live with his father. Jerry served in the U.S. Navy from 1951 to 1954. After his marriage to Shirley COOK, the family moved to Des Moines, Iowa, where he was employed by Firestone Tire & Rubber Company. Jerry and Shirley were the parents of four children: Rex Lee, Marie Elizabeth, Jordan Dale Sylvia Maythea

                 Mansel married 2nd Sylvia CLARK and they were the parents of a son:
                 1) James Warner BURNS, born Jan. 18, 1949, Des Moines, US Navy Veteran, Vietnam War Era
                     died Dec. 23, 2009, Des Moines, Interment Highland Memory Gardens Cemetery, Des Moines IA
                     Married Lynn, parents of two children, Melissa and Michael

  • James' obituary

             2) Winnie "Elizabeth" BURNS, born May 7, 1913, Grand River IA
                 died Nov. 29, 2002, San Diego CA
                 Interment at East Lawn Palms Cemetery, Tucson AZ
                 Note: There is a stone for Elizabeth at Munyon Cemetery near Grand River IA
                 with the death date uncut.
                 Married Sept. 4, 1942, George Eugene BOCOSKEY (1914 - 1996)
                 the son of Michael BOCOSKEY (1873-1914) and
                 Katherine Elizabeth (RIPPLE) BOCOSKEY (1884-1965)

    Elizabeth received her B.S. degree from Northwestern Missouri State Teacher’s College at Maryville, MO, 1938. She taught elementary school in Nodaway County, Missouri; Ames, Iowa; at Washington, D.C.; and at Winterset, Iowa.

    George was born on June 17, 1914. He served as a TSgt. in the U.S. Air Force. Upon their retirement, Elizabeth & George moved to San Diego, San Diego County, California. George died on June 23, 1996, and was interred at East Lawn Palms Cemetery, Tucson AZ.

                 Elizabeth and George were the parents of two children:
                 1) Ann Louise BOCOSKEY
                     Married 1st Charles MILLER Jr., parents of three children:
                     1) Portia Diane MILLER
                     2) Timothy Scott MILLER
                     3) Renie Adele MILLER
                     Ann married 2nd Frank TIGANO, parents of one son:
                     1) Frank Kermit TIGANO
                 2) Donna Jean BOCOSKEY

             3) John Dale BURNS, born Oct. 27, 1917, Grand River IA, died Nov. 10, 1988, Lacona IA
                 Married Jan. 21, 1943 Esther Jean PAINTER (1918 - 1996),
                 the daughter of Charles and Mamie PAINTER, Leon IA
                 Esther was born on Nov. 27, 1918, Leon IA, and died April 24, 1996, Lacona IA
                 John and Esther were interred at Liberty Center Cemetery, Warren Co. IA.
                 John and Esther were the parents of children:
                 1) Joyce Marie BURNS married Larry Allen DOLLISON, parents of two children:
                     1) Bradley Allen DOLLISON
                     2) Jayme Sue DOLLISON
                 2) Charles Arthur BURNS, U.S. Navy Veteran, Nuclear Submarine Div.
                     Married Mary Lynne OSWALD, parents of two daughters:
                     1) Danielle Monique BURNS
                     2) Corina Della BURNS

  • John's obituary

             4) Nina "Katherine" BURNS, born March 6, 1922, Barnard MO, died April 7, 1979 of cancer
                 Married Oct. 19, 1945, Ames IA, Irwin Earl NICHOLS (1920 - 1970),
                 the son of Jesse Alonzo NICHOLS (1881-1965) and Grace (LAMB) NICHOLS (1881-1952)

    Katherine attended the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois, in 1943. Irwin, a Veteran of World War II, served in the U.S. Air Force with 33 months overseas as a ground mechanic in China, Burma, and India. Upon his discharge from the Air Force in October of 1945, Irwin resumed his studies at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. The couple purchased a farm seven miles north of Leon in 1946.

    Katherine was stuck with polio on October 4th of 1952. During her hospitalization, 4-day-old Paula was cared for by the Roscoe IMHOFF family until she was 9-months-old and Katherine had recovered enough to tend to her daughter.

    Irwin was born at Spring Valley MN on June 6. 1920. He began his career with the Soil Conservation Service in 1953, working on the Honey Creek Watershed Project from Chariton, Iowa to Warrensburg, Missouri as an engineer’s aid. He was transferred to the S.C.S. office in Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri.

    Irwin was involved in a one-car accident on October 8th of 1970. He died of severe head injuries received in that accident on October 26th of 1970 at Kansas University Medical Center, Kansas City, MO.

  • Irwin's obituary

  • Katherine's obituary

                 Katherine and Irwin were interred at Leon Cemetery, Leon, Decatur Co., IA.
                 Katherine and Irwin were the parents of seven daughters:
                 1) Charlotte Fay NICHOLS married Dwight Leroy Mendenhall, parents of three children:
                     1) Douglas Leroy MENDENHALL
                     2) Marcinanna Faye MENDENHALL
                     3) Andrea Katherine MENDENHALL
                 2) Sharon Sue NICHOLS married Daryl Kenneth REGIER, parents of three children:
                     1) Lenessa Sue REGIER, born Panama, Centra America
                     2) Mario Kenneth REGIER
                     3) Polly Katherine REGIER
                 3) Mary Margaret NICHOLS married Paul Bradford HEINTZ, parents of two children:
                     1) Todd Bradford HEINTZ
                     2) Melanie Annete HEINTZ
                 4) Paula Jean NICHOLS, double wedding with sister Marletta
                     Married Donald Wayne CABEEN, parents of two children:
                     1) Adam Paul CABEEN
                     2) Janna Dawn CABEEN
                 5) Marletta Kay NICHOLS, double wedding with sister
                     Married Larry Ray HEMPHILL, parents of two daughters:
                     1) Jessica Rose HEMPHILL, born Manila, Philippines
                     2) Erica Joy HEMPHILL
                 6) Anita May NICHOLS
                 7) Carol Joy NICHOLS

         3) Winona Elizabeth "Winnie" WELDON, born May 31, 1888, DeKalb IA,
             died May 26, 1906 of pneumonia, aged 17 years
             interred Munyon Cemetery, Decatur Co. IA

  • Winnie's obituary

         4) Harve Thurman WELDON, born Aug. 25, 1891, DeKalb IA
             died Dec. 25, 1978 of Parkinson's disease, Maryville MO
             Married 1st Dec. 16, 1914 Florence Belle SOUTH (1894 - 1931),
             the daughter of George SOUTH (1869-1950)
             and Mary Elizabeth (DENTON) SOUTH (1869-1900)

    Florence was born on Nov. 19, 1894, Macon Co. IL. The SOUTH family came to Decatur Co. IA, settling in Long Creek Township. Harve and Florence resided for a time in New Buda Township prior to moving to Nodaway Co. MO around the year 1925. Florence died March 10, 1931, Barnard MO

  • Harve and Florence's Wedding announcement

             Harve and Florence were the parents of three children:

             1) Andrew "Thurman" WELDON, born Sept. 26, 1916, New Buda Twp., Decatur Co. IA
                 died April 19, 1988, Barnard MO, interred Bolckow Cemetery
                 Married Feb. 8, 1939, Maryville MO, Frances "Loree" PITTSENBARGER,
                 daughter of Artie Basil PITTSENBERGER (1898-1974) and
                 Emily Vie (WARE) PITTSENBARGER WELDON, Harve's second wife
                 Loree was born May 10, 1917, and died June 4, 2007.

                 Thurman and Loree were the parents of two daughters:
                 1) Nancy "Darlene" WELDON married Donald E. "Don" PATTON, parents of two children:
                     1) Patricia Ann "Tricia" PATTON
                     2) Thomas PATTON
                 2) Patricia "Arlene" WELDON

  • Thurman's obituary

  • Loree's obituary

             2) Oral Marion WELDON married Mary Margaret KEMPLE,
                 the daughter of Frank A. KEMPLE (1870-1947) and Evah Lesle (HALLIDAY) KEMPLE (1875/7-1940)
                 Oral and Mary Margaret were the parents of one daughter:
                 1) Deloris Marleen WELDON married Robert Edward WHITE,
                     son of Ernest Joseph and Ethel Phelina (WILLOUGHBY) WHITE
                     Deloris and Robert were the parents of one daughter:
                     1) Alexia Suzanne WHITE

             3) George Calvin WELDON married Helen Marie STANTON, parents of two children:
                 1) Wanda Marie WELDON
                 2) George Kirby WELDON married Vickie Van SICKLE, parents of two children:
                     1) Amy Marie WELDON
                     2) Adam Lee WELDON

             Harve married 2nd Oct. 4, 1934, Mount Ayr IA, Emily Vie (WARE) PITTSENBARGER,
             the daughter of William Franklin "Frank" WARE (1854-1923)
             and Etta Frances (CLARK) WARE (1867-1956)
             Emily's daughter Frances "Loree" PITTSENBARGER married Harve's son Andrew "Thurman"
             Emily was born on Dec. 7, 1897, Barnard MO, and died Oct. 8, 1984, Maryville MO.
             Harve and Emily did not have children

  • Florence's obituary

  • Harv's obituary

             Harve, Florence and Emily were interred at Bolckow Baptist Cemetery, Bolckow MO

    Genealogical Sources: Reflections of Grand River 1881 - 1981, Leon Journal-Reporter articles and obituaries; Down 100 Years; family documents & records; photograph albums and genealogical scrapbooks of Pearle Veva (BRAMON) FOLAND and Norma G. (FOLAND) BECKER

    FOLAND, Wilma G. (RAMSEY). The Foland Family Record 1960; The Foland Family Record, Supplement One July 1960 to July 1965; The Foland Family Record, Supplement Two 1965 to 1971; The Foland Family Record, Supplement Three 1971 to 1982

    Written, complied and submitted by Sharon R. Becker, October of 2013

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