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Mary Ann (Foland) and James Marion Bradshaw Family

Mary Ann (FOLAND) BRADSHAW was the eldest child of Michael and Elizabeth (SOWERWINE) FOLAND.

Mary Ann FOLAND was born May 30, 1843, Delaware County, Indiana. She married Oct. 6, 1864 to James Marion BRADSHAW (1845 - 1928). James, the son of Joel Jefferson III BRADSHAW (1819-1899) and his first wife Mary Miget (HUSTON) BRADSHAW (1818-1858). James was born April 17, 1845 in Illinois.

Mary Ann and James BRADSHAW moved to Illinois, then to Jefferson Co., IA; then on to Decatur County, Iowa. James had a restless nature, and the family moved to Kansas, settling on a farm in Osborne County in 1880. Mary suffered from a stroke in 1918 and partially recovered. In the winter of 1920, Mary and James traveled west to visit their daughter Minnie and her family where Mary suffered fatal stroke on Januray 21, 1920. While visiting his children in California, James suffered a stroke in the spring of 1927. Minnie brought him back to Kansas where his son Grover cared from him until his death on February 10, 1928. Mary Ann and James were interred at Victor Cemetery, Victor Township, Osborne County, Kansas. They were charter members of the Church of the Brethren that was built on their farm 12 miles from the town of Waldo, Kansas.

Mary Ann and James BRADSHAW were the parents of seven children:

1) Henry Francis BRADSHAW, born August 30, 1865, Westerville IA, died July 14, 1914, Waldo KS. Married March 6, 1887 to Agnes Ellen WINDER, born December 6, 1870, Troy, Kansas, the daughter of Daniel Boone (1831-1904) and Nancy Ellen (ILES) (1842-1910) WINDER; died February 8, 1955. Interments at Victor Cemetery, Victor Twp., Osborne County, Kansas, along with their infant, born and died July 16, 1911.

Henry was a thresherman. He managed a grain elevator and was a banker. He played the violin and loved to sing, serving several years at the choir director of the Victor Church of the Brethren. He also served in the deacon’s office of the church.

  Children of Henry Francis and Agnes Ellen (WINDER) BRADSHAW:

  1) Elva A. BRADSHAW, born February 10, 1889, Covert KS; died July 21, 1980.
      Married 1915 to Ray E. DEARDORFF (1889-1988). Interments at Victor Cemetery KS.

Elva attended several short terms of normal school and one year at Bethany Biblical Seminary in Chicago, Illinois where she met Ray. Elva taught grade school for 3 ½ years. After the couple married in 1915, they settled in Waldo, Kansas, where Ray was a distributor of petroleum products, operated a diesel road maintainer, and a trucking business. Elva and Ray belonged to the Church of the Brethren. After Elva’s death, Ray resided with daughter Lois in Sacremento, California.

      Elva and Ray were the parents of 4 children:
      1) Paul Raymond DEARDOFF, born April 18, 1917, Waldo KA; died April 23, 1917,
          interred Victor Cemetery KS
      2) Dean Dwight DEARDORFF, adopted son born April 1, 1917, Wichita KS, WWII Veteran
          father of Merle Clifford DEARDORFF
      3) Louise Aureen DEARDORFF, adopted twin daughter, born Nov. 24, 1919, Morrill KS, died March, 1961
          Married April, 1943 Elza Eugene HOLLAND. Parents of:
          1) Dana Dean HOLLAND, married ____, parents of Scott and Jason.
      4) Lois Aileen DEARDORFF, adopted twin daughter, born Nov. 24, 1919, Morrill KS, died March 22, 1962.
          Married Dec. 25, 1941 to Jacob Howard BEAN, parents of three children:
          1) Lois Dee BEAN married Donald "Don" HAWKINS, parents of Robert Dean HAWKINS
          2) Jacob Howard BEAN Jr., born June 1945, died Feb. 17, 1980. Married Marlene L. GREEN,
              parents of Connie Jo and Christie.
          3) Theodrore Archibald BEAN married JoAnn DAVIS, parents of Alicia and Nathan.

  2) Vernon BRADSHAW, born June 25, 1892, Covert KS, died Nov. 28, 1977, Waldo KS.
      Married July 2, 1916 KS to Maudie Bell REITZELL (1894 - 1964)

Vernon was a long-term manager of the Osborne County Farmers Union Elevator, Waldo, Kansas, commencing in 1937.

      Vernon and Maudie were the parents of two daughters:
      1) Frances Alberta BRADSHAW, born July 2, 1917, Waldo KS,
          died Jan. 11, 1983, Roseville CA.
          Married 1st 1935 Irvin J. PRUTER, parents of two children:
          1) Barbara Jo PRUTER married Carl SWENSON, parents of two children:
               1) Keith Vernon SWENSON
               2) Carla Jo SWENSON.
          2) Bruce Irvin PRUTER married Nola Clarisa EATON, parents of Donna Charlene and Glenn Bruce.
          Frances married 2nd 1975 to William BOWERS, no children.

      2) Myrla Marie BRADSHAW married John David "Jack" WILLIAMS, parents of five children:
          1) Larry Dean WILLIAMS married Carol CHANDLER, parents of Shaun David, Todd Eric and Cheri Lynn.
          2) Donald Lee WILLIAMS married Lila Jean FRIESEN, parents of Sharon Lynell and Ellen Gail.
          3) Wanda June WILLIAMS married Rev. Jams Michael BRADY, parents of Lewanna.
          4) Lois "Elaine" WILLIAMS married Peter VLASTELICA, parents of Peter John and Kristen Marie.
          5) Linda Kay WILLIAMS married Robert Paul RAINBOW, parents of Marci Marie, Paul David and Jeremy Vernon.

  3) Albion Lewis BRADSHAW, born Feb.4, 1906, Victor Twp., Osborne Co. KS,
      died June 15, 1947, Waldo KS, inter. Victor Cemetery KS. Married Freddie SCHILLING, no children.

  4) Infant BRADSHAW, born and died July 16, 1911, interred Victor Cemetery KS

2) Ulrich BRADSHAW, born 1867, died 1869.

3) Hugh Delvis BRADSHAW, born 1870, Leon IA, died April 6, 1932, Merced CA.
    Married Dec. 24, 1893, Osborne Co. KS to Mary Ann SLATER (1872 - 1956/7).

In 1897, Hugh and Mary Ann left Kansas, moving to Oregon where he worked in the lumber mills. In 1899, the family moved by covered wagon to Seattle, Washington, and in 1904 they moved again to Fresno, California, where Hugh was employed as a carpenter. Five months later, daughter Ethel came down with a severe case of scarlet fever and the family moved back to Seattle. Hugh worked on the first skyscracper in the Beacon Hill district of Seattle. A heart condition forced Hugh to move his family to Yakima Valley in Washington where he farmed for five years before moving again to Idaho where he farmed for two years. Hugh and Mary Ann moved to Merced, California, where he suffered a fatal heart attack while working in the field on April 6, 1932. Mary carried on at the farm with some help for a while before moving into town. She worked as a real estate agent, living in her own home and driving her car until she was past the age of 81. She suffered three strokes and eventally a fatal heart attack on September 30, 1956. Hugh and Mary Ann were interred in Merced, Merced County, California.

  Children of Hugh Delvis and Mary Ann (SLATER) BRADSHAW:

  1) Ethel Elizabeth BRADSAHW, born Nov. 9, 1894, KS, died Nov. 3, 1987, Pleasant Valley
      CA. Married March 4, 1914, CA, Robert Monroe WILSON (1890 - 1975).
      Ethel and Robert were ranchers near Turlock CA. Parents of three children:
      1) Ellen Mary WILSON, born June 18, 1915, Merced CA. Married Jim DeFRANCO,
          parents of two children:
          1) Pamela DeFRANCO married Nathan BAKER, parents of Jeffrey Nathan.
          2) Wayne Gordon DeFRANCO, U.S. Navy Veteran, married Carol RAE
               Parents of Michael Wayne and Matthew James.

      2) Elmer Hugh WILSON, born Aug. 16, 1916, Merced CA, World War II Veteran.
          Married Margaret TAYLOR, parents of one son:
          1) Michael Stephen WILSON, father of Carrie Lynn.

      3) Maxine Virginia WILSON married Clarence A. BAUER, parents of two children:
           1) Donald Lee BAUER, father of Dustin.
           2) Carol Ann BAUER married Loy NESSER, parents of Kyle Jason and Shannon Nickol.

      4) Wayne Robert WILSON, World War II Veteran, married Mariane HERRING, parents of three children:
           1) Regan Monroe WILSON, , Vietnam War Veteran, father of Joshua Monroe and Elyxia Ann.
           2) Vicki Lee WILSON
           3) Randall Wayne WILSON, born Sept. 28, 1956, died July 31, 1977.

      5) Derle Lee WILSON, World War II Veteran, married Neva SMITH, parents of three children:
           1) Cheryl Ilene WILSON married Tony HUGHES, parents of Chad Michael and Derric Lee.
           2) Greg Robert WILSON
           3) Keven Roger WILSON

  2) Fred Delvis BRADSHAW, born Oct. 31, 1901, died June 18, 1972, Merced CA.
      Married 1st May 27, 1921 to Fae Irene MINGES (1902 - 1977). Parents of four children:
      1) Betty Lucille BRADSHAW married 1st Robert Charles McLAUGHLIN, parents of:
          1) Robert Charles McLAUGHLIN, U.S. Navy Veteran.
          2) Fay Ann McLAUGHLIN married Dominick CUTTAIA, parents of Angelo and Dominick.
          Betty married 2nd Frank ARRUDA, no children.

      2) Donna Mae BRADSHAW married Walter Vincent KUNTZ, parents of one son:
          1) Chester Fred KUNTZ, Veteran, Green Berets, married Jeannie McMURPHY, parents of Donjia, Mardell and Laurel

      3) Myrna Rae BRADSHAW, born April 1936, Merced CA, died Jan. 18, 1937 of scarlet fever & pneumonia, inter. Merced CA.

      4) Lloyd Delvis BRADSHAW, born Dec 3, 1938, Merced CA, died Aug. 25, 1959, inter. Merced CA.

      5) Glenn Westley BRADSHAW, U.S. Air Force Veteran. Married Becky SMITH, parents of Michael Lloyd and Heather Dawn.

     Fred Delvis BRADSHAW married 2nd in 1961 to Erma ____, no children.

  3) James BRADSHAW, born 1904; died 1939, interred Merced Cemetery CA

4) Minnie Belle BRADSHAW, born Sept. 27, 1872, Decatur Co. IA, died Oct. 9, 1945, San Diego CA.
     Married in Kansas to Thomas Earl FOSTER (1871 - 1951).

Minnie and Thomas farmed for a while in Kansas before moving to Seattle, Washington, and then on to a homestead located on the Big Horn River in Montana where they raised alfalfa and Bermuda onions. In 1910, the family moved to California where Thomas worked as a carpenter. They retired to a ranch where they raised turkeys for market in San Diego, California. Minnie and Thomas were interred at Greenwood Memorial Park located in San Diego, San Diego County, California. Minnie and Thomas were the parents of three children:

      1) Ica Belle FOSTER, born April 4, 1895, San Diego CA, died Nov. 13, 1964.
         Married William Hite MYTINGER (1893 - 1954), parents of one son:
           1) DeWitt Hite MYTINGER, born May 15, 1916 CA, died Dec. 1977. World War II Veteran.
               Married Persis Mary SPOFFORD (1918 - 1998).

After serving four years in Germany, DeWitt returned to the United States in 1959 and was assigned as the bandmaster of the 24th Army Division Band. He was re-assigned to Red Stone Arsenal in Alambama and founded a new Army band there. DeWitt was the bandmaster of the 3rd Armored Division marching band from 1965 to 1967 and he wrote several songs which could be preformed as either a march or a concert piece, one being Spearhead Song.

               DeWitt and Persis were the parents of two children:
               1) Persis Elaine MYTINGER
               2) Dee Carol MYTINGER

      2) Anna Elizabeth FOSTER, born May 31, 1896, San Diego CA, died May 1936.
          Married 1920 Albert Elmer WELCOME (1900 - 1984). Parents of one son:
           1) Gordon Foster WELCOME

      3) Earl Delvis FOSTER, born March 11, 1901, San Diego CA, died Jan. 1979, El Cajon CA.
          Married Helen Carolyn LACMILLER (1905 - 1947). Parents of two daughters:
           1) Phyllis Ann FOSTER married David SNOOK, parents of two sons.
           2) Earleen Helen FOSTER married Judson MURPHY, parents of three sons:
               1) Donivan Ray MURPHY
               2) William Gordon MURPHY
               3) Michael MURPHY

5) Elizabeth Ellen "Libbie" BRADSHAW, born Sept. 27, 1874, Leon IA, died April 3, 1923, Pasco WA, interred City View Cemetery, Pasco WA. Married Dec. 25, 1898, Kansas, to Lemuel Nathaniel GOODELL (1879 - 1960). Lemuel was an engineer with the Northern Pacific Railroad. Libbie and Lemuel were the parents of two daughters:

      1) Myrla Atlena GOODELL, born Oct. 6, 1899, Yakima WA, died March 22, 1992,
          Jerome Co. IA. Married Carl WOMMANCK (1900 - 1987).

Carl ran a grocery and meat market in Pasco, WA until the family moved to Bonners Ferry, ID where Carl ran a cattle ranch. Myrla was a receptionist for a doctor in 1959. They were the parents of two children:

          1) James Elmer WOMMACK married Gladys JONES, parents of three children:
              1) Kathy Jo WOMMACK
              2) Carl Glen WOMMACK
              3) Kyle WOMMACK
          2) Carol Jean WOMMACK married Vincent COOKE Jr., parents of one son:
              1) James Vincent COOKE Jr. married Mary Therese HENNING, Parents of:
                  1) Karen Ann COOKE
                  2) James Phillip COOKE

      2) Elsie Belle GOODELL, born Dec. 27, 1904, Seattle WA., died April 12, 1981,
          ashes scattered at Sunset Memorial Park, Portland OR.
          Married Oct 12, 1930 Vernon C. THOMAS (1906 - 1988). Parents of one daughter:

          1) Myrla Ellen THOMAS married Rev. Robert DEAN, minister of the
              Presbyterian Church, Yachats OR. Parents of four children:
              1) Susan Elaine DEAN
              2) Nancy Ellen DEAN
              3) Thomas Shearman DEAN
              4) James Kenneth DEAN


  6) Mary "Altena" BRADSHAW, born February 19, 1882, Covert KS
     died July 8, 1972/78, Sunnyside WA
     Married March 29, 1902, Waldo. KS,
     to Franklin Abraham "Frank" WAGNER (1877 - 1952).
     Frank was the minister of the Victor Church of the Brethren.

Franklin was called to the office of deacon with the Church of the Brethren in 1903 and the family resided in Arriba, Colorado, for four years. When Franklin was called into the ministry in 1910, the family returned to Kansas where Franklin was called into full ministry in 1915. In 1942, the family moved to Outlook, Washington, where Franklin served the church as a minister for four years before being called to as the minister and elder of the Outlook and Sunnyside churches, serving for 42 years until his death in 1952. Altena resided with her daughter Ruby and her family after Franklin’s death. Altena and Franklin were interred at Sunnyside Memorial Cemetery, Sunnyside, Yakima Co., WA. Altena and Frank were the parents of eight children:

      1) Marvin Earl WAGNER, born, Oct. 6, 1902, Waldo KS, died Feb. 12, 1964.
          Married June 24, 1924 Nellie Mae SWITZER (1904 - 1978).

Marvin and Nellie were in the produce and trucking business at Arriba, Colorado until they moved to Grand Junction, Colorado, in 1936. Marvin traveled in the fruit and grocery business before he began selling Watkins Products in 1939, first at Blackwell, OK, then at McPherson, KS, and later Assaria, KS. Marvin & Nellie interred McPherson Cemetery, KS. Marvin and Nellie were the parents of six children:
           1) Charles Dean WAGNER
           2) David Earl WAGNER
           3) Dorothy June WAGNER married Eugene William BRYAN, a farmer and owner of his own
               tool design company, Bryan Eng. & Mfg. Co., Canton KS. Parents of four children:
               1) Marcia Jean BRYAN married David SMITH, parents of Rev. Delbert and Barbara.
               2) Eugene William BRYAN Jr. married Peggy LURENY, parents of Jennifer Ann.
               3) Scotty Ann BRYAN
               4) Katherine Louise BRYAN married Getulio LEAL, resides in Salvador, Brazil
           4) Dennis Leroy WAGNER married Nancy ATTEBERRY, parents of LeAnn Sue
           5) Georgine Mae WAGNER married William HARPER, Jr.

Georgine was the office manager & secretary to the Executive Vice-President of Houston Apartment Association. William, an ordained minister of the Universal Church of the Master, was the Executive Vice-President of the Houston Apartment Assoc. & President of Wm. Harper & Associates, Houston, Texas. Terry & Billie BALDWIN owned their own company, Husky Moving Co. Georgine and William were the parents of four children:
               1) Terry Lynn HARPER arried Billie Ray BALDWIN, parents of Ashley Ann.
               2) William Mark HARPER married Lynn Marie CAREY.
               3) Amy Dawn HAPER
               4) Timothy Allen HARPER
          6) Phillip WAGNER, born March, 1943, died 1943

      2) Ruby Irene WAGNER, born, Oct. 15, 1904, KS, Waldo KS, died Oct. 11, 1985, Naches WA.
          Married Oct. 4, 1923 Eugene P. GORDON (1900/01 - 1972). Ruby and Eugene were interred at Sunnyside WA.

Ruby & Eugene farmed in Kansas until they moved to Outlook, WA in 1945, raising mostly asparagus. During the winter months, Eugene worked at the co-op dressing turkeys and at the cannery. Ruby worked during the summer sorting fruits and vegetables at Sunnyside, WA, and did housework for others. They moved to Mossy Rock, WA in 1968.

          Ruby and Eugene were the parents of seven children:
          1) Maxine Pauline GORDON, born Dec. 5, 1924, Paradise KS, died March 10, 1971.
              Married March 14, 1946 WA to Don Ellsworth CARR. Parents of five children:
              1) Shirley Jean CARR, twin, married 1st 1964 Erick ANDERSON, parents of Erick Jr. and Carl DeWayne
                  Married 2nd Albert KIEFER, parents of Amanda.
              2) Sharon June CARR, twin, married 1st Steven SEIDAL, parents of Donald Steven and Matthew Wayne
                  Married 2nd Donald LANE, no children.
              3) John Leroy CARR
              4) Belinda Eileen CARR married Kenneth Bruce BARNS,parents of Julie Annette, Cristena Louise and Melissa Ann.
              5) Clifton Michael CARR
          2) Kenneth Eugene GORDON, born April 14, 1927, Oborne KS, died May 29, 1944, Osborne KS.

Kenneth came down with the flu in 1943 which affected his heart and made it impossible for him to finish his junior year of high school. He returned the following year and graduated. Three weeks later he came down with the mumps and died May 29th of 1944. Kenneth Eugene GORDON was seventeen-years-old at the time of his death.

          3) Gertrude Eileen "Trudy" GORDON married Richard Eldo MAIB (1928 - 1976), parents of four children:
              1. Richard Gordon MAIB Sr. married Joanie HOLLINGBERRY, parents of Richard Jr., Erika and Heather
              2) Jeffrey Charles MAIB married Carmen BORG, parents of Rachel and Maggie.
              3) Cynthia Heanine MAIB
              4) Tena Nadine MAIB
          4) Nadine May GORDON, born May 6, 1930, Waldo KS, died of pneumonia June 24, 1931, Waldo KS.
          5) Leland Edward GORDON, Korean War Veteran. married Veneta Lee SMITH, parents of two children:
              1) Gergory Scott GORDON
              2) Debra Joann GORDON
          6) Verla Jean GORDON married James Woodrow GRAHAM, parents of three children:
              1) James D. GRAHAM
              2) Keith Edward GRAHAM
              3) Katherine Marie GRAHAM
          7) Wanda June GORDON married 1st Charles Walter EBERT (1937 - 1978), parents of two children:
              1) Kem Edward EBERT married Patricia BUNDY.
              2) Lori Ann EBERT married Raymond RICHARDSON, parents of Michelle Lynn.
              Wanda married 2nd William H. LAMBERT

      3) Nellie May WAGNER, born Sept. 7, 1906, Victor Twp. Osborne Co. KS.,
          died Dec. 30, 1985, Portis KS
          Married August 15, 1928 to William Wallace "Mac" McDANELD (1907 - 1986),
          a school teacher for over 30 years, a Church of Brethren minister, Osborne Co. KS,
          Superintendent of Schools, Osborne Co. KS, and Register of Deeds (1969-1981).
          Nellie and Wallacer were interred at Osborne Cemetery KS.
           Nellie May and William were parents of five children:

          1) Robert Lee McDANELD, born and died Nov. 15, 1929, KS.

          2) Donald Earl McDANELD, born April 14, 1931, McPherson KS,
              died March 21, 2002, Fort Worth TX. Korean War Veteran.
              Married Jan. 14, 1952 KS to Marcella Mae BUSS (1930 - 2005).
              Parents of two children:
             1) Margo Dawn McDANELD

Margo Dawn was born prematurely & given too much oxygen which caused her to become blind. She was fitted with artificial eyes and was an exceptionally well-adjusted & happy child. Margo graduated Valedictorian of her class at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Austin. She won a scholarship and attended college at Denton, Texas. Margo married Grant DOWNEY. Grant was born blind. The couple resided in New Orleans where he worked for Internal Revenue Service and Margo attended Loyla University. Margo acquired a seeing eye dog to help her navigate the busy streets.

             2) Belinda Denise McDANELD, born and died Sept. 2, 1957.

          3) Arthur Raymond McDANELD, Aug. 27, 1932, Osborne Co. KS, died Oct. 19, 1983, Kansas City KS. Veteran.

Arthur was a student of the School of Pharmacy at Kansas University when he enlisted in the U.S. Army October of 1956. He was stationed at Seattle, Washington, and then re-assigned to Hawaii in July of 1957. While there, Arthur worked as a pharmacist at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. After his discharge from the Army in October of 1958, he was a pharmacist at Johnnie Watkins in Prairie Village, Missouri. Shirley Ann, a 1956 graduate of Kansas University, was a social welfare worker in Kansas City, Missouri. Arthur married Shirley Ann KETCHUM, parents of two children:
              1) Dana Leah McDANELD married Peter STEINWART.
              2) Michael Ketchum McDANELD
          4) Shirley Ann McDANELD married Rodney WILLOUGHBY, parents of four children:
              1) Lisa Kay WILLOUGHBY married Steve STEGMAN.
              2) Marc Richmond WILLOUGHBY
              3) Todd William WILLOUGHBY
              4) (Child) WILLOUGHBY
          5) Sharon Arlee McDANELD married Ronald Dean BARRAGREE, parents of three children:
              1) Douglas Wayne BARRAGREE, born and died Aug. 4, 1962. Inter. Rose Lawn Memorial Park, Salina KS
              2) Ronda Diane BARRAGREE
              3) Russell Dan BARRAGREE

      4) Orval Calvin WAGNER, born Sept. 24, 1907, Waldo KS, died Nov. 11, 2004.
          Married June 16, 1931Florence Marie WILLIAMS (1931 - 2006).

Orval & Florence moved to McPherson, Kansas, where they ran and operated the McPherson College farm for four years. They then served as administrators of the Church of the Brethren Home for the aged, known as “The Cedars” Health Care Ceneter in McPherson, Kansas for eighteen years. Orval farmed and owned & operated Wagner Mercantile Store in Covert, Kansas. Florence & Orval WAGNER were interred at McPherson Cemetery, McPherson, McPherson Co., Kansas.

Orval and Florence were the parents of two children:
          1) Velva Marie WAGNER married Donald Lee BUTLER, parents of two children:
              1) David Lee BUTLER married Yolanda Alea GROVE, parents of Daniel Landon.
              2) Denise Marie BUTLER
          2) Dr. Irvin LeRoy WAGNER married JoAnn BIELEFELDT.

Irvin graduated from Church of the Brethren College, McPherson, KS, in 1959. JoAnn received her nursing degree from University of Iowa in August of 1959, placing 4th in her class. Irvin & JoAnn moved to Rochester, NY, where he entered the Eastman School of Music. Irvin played 1st trombone in the Eastman Philharmonic Orchestra and JoAnn worked with the Monroe County Public Health Department, mostly working in the Rochester Schools. Irvin received his doctorate in music from the University of Rochester in 1966. He taught low brass at the University of Oklahoma and is the principal trombonist for the Oklahoma City Symphony. He was nominated as an outstanding young man of America in 1969.
              Irvin and JoAnn were the parents of three children:
              1) Brenda Marcyea WAGNER
              2) Janet Marie WAGNER
              3) Karen Altena WAGNER

      5) Edith Lucille WAGNER, born Aug. 30, 1909 KS. Married Sept. 9, 1935 to Lawrence C. GORDON (1904 - 1974).

Edith & Lawrence ran a general store at Fairport in Russell County Kansas for nine years during which time Edith served as postmistress for seven years. They moved to a farm near Outlook, WA, in August of 1944 where they operated a dairy & raised turkeys. Edith was also employed at the Co-op Poultry Plant, retiring after 26 years at the plant. Edith and Lawrence were the parents of one son:
          1) Frank Jerome "Jerry" GORDON married 1st Janis LAKE, parents of five children:
              1) Tena Kathleen GORDON
              2) Audra Jo GORDON
              3) Lucile Marie GORDON
              4) Arusha Malik GORDON
              5) Tai Taylor GORDON
              Jerry married 2nd to Julia KANE

      6) Una Mildred WAGNER, born April 23, 1914, Waldo KS, died Sept. 16, 1916, Waldo KS
          Interred Victor Cemetery, Victor Twp., Osborne Co. KS

      7) Harold Ellis WAGNER, World War II Veteran, married Olive BURNETTE.

Harold served 4 ½ years in the U.S. Navy during World War II. After the War Harold was a bookkeeper for Pacific Power & Light Co. at Sunnyside, Washington. In January of 1947, the family moved to Seattle where he worked as a field director of the United Church Overseas Relief. Harold received his B. A. In 1950 from the College of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA, and his B.D. degree from Bethany Biblical Seminary in Chicago. He served two years as the pastor of the Church of the Brethren in Phoenix, Arizona, before moving back to Washington to run his mother-in-law’s farm. In 1957, Harold became the pastor of the Church of the Brethren in Sunnyside, Washington. Later Harold sold real estate. Olive was a junior high teacher.

             Harold and Olive were the parents of three children:
              1) Tamara Joy WAGNER married Roger STEEN, parents of Hanalee Monique and Bret Gregory.
              2) Mark Stanley WAGNER
              3) Debra Gay WAGNER married Ross MILLER,
                  parents of Jamie Michelle, Johana Marie, Holly Nichole and Tiffany Noelee.

      8) Paul Amos WAGNER, born Feb. 11, 1919, Waldo KS, died Feb. 7, 1986, inter. Newton Burial Park, Nevada MO.
          World War II and Korean War Veteran. Married Ellen Jane AYRES.

Paul taught school for five years before entering the U.S. Navy, serving in the Pacific during World War II from 1943 until 1946. After the War, Paul attending college, graduating in 1950 from the Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, with a degree of Doctor of Surgical Chiropody. He established his practice in Junction City, Kansas, since 1950 with the exception of serving 18 months with the Merchant Marines during the Korean War. He was a podiatrist. Paul and Ellen were the parents of a daughter:
             1) Paula Jayne WAGNER married Jeff PENNOCK, parents of Brenton David, Tyler Paul and Ashley Jayne.

7) Grover Cleveland BRADSHAW, born August, 1884, Covert KS, died April 22, 1949, Osborne Co. KS.
     Married Dec. 25, 1904, Osborne Co. KS, Iva Lee MOYE (1886 - 1978).

Grover was a farmer for most of his life. The family moved to Waldo, Russell County, Kansas, in 1903 where Grover farmed and managed the Farmers Union Elevator off and on over the years. Grover, who was very civic-minded, served on the township board, district school board, and was the chairman of the Covert High School board for 23 years. He was a member of the board of the Farm Program from the time it was organized until his death. Grover served as deacon and Sunday school superintendent of his church, chairman of the district Sunday school board and president of the County Sunday school organization.

When his father James Marion BRADSHAW suffered a stroke, Grover and Iva took James into their home, caring for him until his death in 1928. Poor health caused Grover and Iva to sell their farm and move into Osborne, Kansas, where Grover managed the Farmers Union elevator until his death in 1949. Grover and Iva were interred at the Osborne Cemetery, Osborne, Kansas.

    Grover and Iva Lee were the parents of four children:

    1) Delvis Francis BRADSHAW, born August 15, 1906, Osborne Co. KS, died April 3, 1962, Senaca KS.
        Married Ruth Christine STEFFEY.

Delivs graduated from college with a major in history and in manual arts. He taught school prior to his marriage to Ruth. After farming for two years, Delvis resumed his teaching career. He was called to the ministry and served as Elder for the Church of the Brethren. For a time he pastored a church while teaching school. Delvis and Ruth were the parents of three children:
          1) Kent Alan BRADSHAW, U.S. Marine Veteran.
          2) Mark Edward BRADSHAW
          3) Lois Elaine BRADSHAW

    2) Alma Esther BRADSHAW, born April 17, 1908, Osborne Co. KS.
        Married Oct. 6, 1927, Osborne Co. KS to Harold Ernest LUND (1907 - )

Alma & Harold farmed until 1944 when they moved to Osborne, Kansas, so their children could attend high school there. Harold worked as a meat cutter for the Farmers Union Locker until he experienced health problems. He then began driving a truck for Randy Meat Company, delivering meat, frozen fruit, and vegetables to cafes, grocery stores and other institutions throughout the state of Kansas.

       Alma and Harold were the parents of four children:

       1) Doyle Lee LUND married Marjory Joan WHEELER, parents of three children:
           1) Marla Joan LUND married 1st Robert MOONEY, parents of Lincoln Robert.
               Married 2nd to Alan SHARKEY.
           2) Brenda Lee LUND
           3) Deanna Kay LUND married Paul FRIEDRICKSON, parents of Marta Lee and Christopher Paul
           Doyle married 2nd Evelyne Louise (CULLIGAN) BUTTLE, no children.

        2) Lowell Royce LUND, born Dec. 28, 1931, Waldo KS, died July 19, 2013, Wichita KS, interment Osborne City Cemetery
            Married July 25, 1954 KS, Janice Lee MURPHY, parents of five children:
           1) Rodney Lowell LUND, twin
           2) Rex Leon LUND, twin, died in infancy
           3) Ricky Lynn "Rick" LUND married Patricia Ann WHITMAN, parents of Kendra Ann
           4) Tamlea Lee LUND married Kendall Allan SCHULTZE.
           5) Trudy Leanne (LUND) KAMPHAUS

  • Lowell's obituary

           3) Buena "Marvelene" LUND married 1st to Ted Lee THORNBURGE (1931 - 1955), parents of Donetta Lee.

    Ted served 4 years as a RM3 with the U. S. Navy for 18 months during the Korean War and later stationed in Japan. After Ted was discharged from the Navy, the family resided in Stockton, Kansas, where Ted was employed by Quenzer Appliance Company. On the evening of June 7, 1955, Ted was returning home from work when a heavy truck struck his vehicle, completely demolishing his pickup and killing him instantly. He was interred at Osborne Cemetery, Osborne, Kansas. Ted and Marvelene’s daughter Donetta was born six months after her father’s death. Marvelene returned to Osborne and was employed as a dental assistant and a secretary. She married 2nd Richard Duane SHREIBER, parents of Gary Duane.

           4) Phyllis Donetta LUND narried 1st Gerald William KREFT (1933 - 1967), parents of three children:
                1) Kendall Ray KREFT married Dalia DeLos ANGELES.
                2) Ginger Lynette KREFT married Paul REINERT, parents of Katie LeAnn.
                3) Valeria Lee KREFT
               Phyllis married 2nd Gail Dean PARSONS, no children.

        3) Orpha Gladys BRADSHAW, born Oct. 21, 1908, Osborne Co. KS, died Sept. 12, 1989, Ablilene KS.
            Married 1st April 20, 1930, Osborne Co. KS to Donald John LAKE (1908 - 1937). Parents of two children:

           1) Leo Roy LAKE, Korean War Veteran, Superintendent of Schools at Abilene KS. Married Dorothy Marie HOOTON
               Parents of three children:
               1) Randall Wayne LAKE
               2) Rodney Roy LAKE, associate editor of The Salina Journal. Married Galye ELLIOTT.
               3) Jolynn Marie LAKE
           2) Delmar Leon LAKE, born Jan. 7, 1936, Osborne Co. KS, died Feb. 10, 1937, Osborne Co. KS.

               Orpha married 2nd Dec. 26, 1944 Natoma KS to Edward Stanley MARR (1900 - 1973). Parents of two children:

               1) Darrell Edward MARR married Donna LIFE, parents of Dustin Edward, Dawn Renee and Debra Lynn.
               2) (Daughter) MARR.

        4) Jettelea Pauline BRADSHAW, born June 7, 1912, Waldo KS, died April 17, 1993, Fresno CA.
            Married Oct 23, 1928, Covert KS to Paul Milton SIGLE (1908 - 1989).

    After Jettelea and Paul separated in 1935, Jettelea resided with her mother, Iva Lee (MOYE) BRADSHAW in Osborne, Kansas, and was employed by the hospital where she was in charge of Pharmacy and Supply. She retired to Fresno, Fresno County, California. Jettelea and Paul were the parents of three children:

           1) Dean Leo SIGLE, U.S. Army Veteran. Married Jane Arlene MacDONALD, parents of three children:
                1) Stephen Dean SIGLE married Elizabeth B. HOLLAUER, parents of Tamara Deanna
                2) Gregory Scott SIGLE married Sherri BECKETT
                3) Richard Bradley SIGLE

           2) Delores Bethel SIGLE married Donald Lee WAGONER.

    Delores & Donald served 2 years in the Brethren Volunteer Service, teaching high school in Puerto Rico. Donald received his MA degree in 1959 from the University of South Dakota. They moved to Santa Ana, CA, where Donald taught at Tustin, Orange County, California. Parents of five children:
               1) Barry Lynn WAGONER, born in Puerto Rico, married Cecilia GONZALES, parents of Kristopher Robyn.
               2) Curtis Dean WAGONER
               3) Dorinda Kay WAGONER
               4) Joy Jeannine WAGONER
               5) Wendy Joleen WAGONER

           3) Delbert Roy SIGLE, born Jan 23, 1935, Osborne Co. KS, interment Victor Cemetery, Victor Twp. Osborne Co. KS

    Genealogical Sources: Reflections of Grand River 1881 - 1981, Leon Journal-Reporter articles and obituaries; Down 100 Years; family documents & records; photograph albums and genealogical scrapbooks of Pearle Veva (BRAMON) FOLAND and Norma G. (FOLAND) BECKER

    FOLAND, Wilma G. (RAMSEY). The Foland Family Record 1960; The Foland Family Record, Supplement One July 1960 to July 1965; The Foland Family Record, Supplement Two 1965 to 1971; The Foland Family Record, Supplement Three 1971 to 1982

    Written, complied and submitted by Sharon R. Becker, September of 2013

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