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The John Landis Young Family
of Decatur County, Iowa

The Jung Brothers

The YOUNG family, according to oral legend handed down from one generation to the next, originated with four brothers who came to America from Germany. The manifest of the ship Ann shows that 99 families boarded her on June 29th of 1780 and set sail from Germany with ship master John Spurrier guiding her through the waters on a long journey across the Atlantic Ocean. The “Ann” docked at Halifax, Nova Scotia, on September 2nd of 1750. Among her passengers were four brothers from Lizelinden in Weilbourg, Germany:

Adam JUNG   Andreas JUNG, Sr.   Johann JUNG   Henrick JUNG

The JUNG (later Americanized to YOUNG) brothers were descended from Antione LeJEUNE of Germany who was born circa 1650. His son Johannes JUNG (1670-1743) married Anna Elizabeth MENGES (1673-1756) and resided in Hessen-Litzelinden, Germany.

Johannes and Anna Elizabeth (MENGES) JUNG’S third child and oldest son was born in December of 1696, Hessen-Litzelinden, Germany. The couple named him George Andreas. George married Anna Maria CLOSS. Anna was born February 11, 1969 in Hessen-Litzelinden. Among their children were four sons; Adam, Andreas, Johann, and Henrick, the four brothers who came to America aboard the Ann.

The JUNG family was members of the Dutch Reformed Church. It is quite possible that their sons left Germany due to religious persecution. Or, perhaps their sons left Germany to avoid being drafted into the army and serve during one of the many civil wars that occurred in Germany during this time. In the 1750’s there was a mass migration of Palatinate immigrants into the lands of North Carolina. Johann JUNG (John YOUNG) was among those settlers.

Of the four brothers, the YOUNG family of Decatur County, Iowa descended from Johann JUNG (John YOUNG), son of George Andreas JUNG (1696-1741) and Anna Maria CLOSS (1696-1763). Johann was born in 1740, Weilburg, Hessen-Nassau, Germany. From Halifax, Nova Scotia, Johann went to Pennsylvania where he married ca. 1758 to Anna Barbara SCHNIEDER (1741-1789). Johann died in 1789, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Anna, who was born in Concord, North Carolina, died there in 1758.

Jacob and Rachel (Goodnight) Young

Johann and Anna Barbara's third child, Jacob YOUNG (often referred to as Jacob YOUNG, Jr.) was born ca. 1764, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Jacob and his older brother, Andrew S. YOUNG, served eight or nine months prior to the Battle of Eutaw Springs during the American Revolutionary War. The Battle of Eutaw Springs occurred in September of 1781.

In December of 1792, Jacob married Rachel GOODNIGHT.

Jacob's brothers Andrew S. and Martin sold their land in North Carolina and moved to Kentucky sometime between 1796 and 1798. The remainder of the YOUNG and the GOODNIGHT families soon followed. Jacob and Rachel settled in Shelby County, Kentucky.

Jacob YOUNG served again with the Kentucky Militia in Penn's Company in 1815.

Rachel GOODNIGHT, the daughter of Hans "Michael" GOODNIGHT (1721, Germany - 1781, Kentucky) and Mary (LANDIS) GOODNIGHT (1725, Germany - 1761, Virginia), was born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina on April 15, 1771. She died in Shelbyville, Kentucky on November 22, 1828.

Jacob YOUNG married second to Catherine (?) and moved to Jackson County, Indiana, where he died on August 24, 1836. He was interred at Waskom Cemetery, Tampico, Jackson County, Indiana.

Of note: Solomon YOUNG (1815-1892), Jacob and Rachel's twelfth of thirteen children, married Harriet Louisa GREGG (1818-1909). They went west to Missouri. Their eighth child, daughter Martha Ellen. married John Anderson TRUMAN on December 18, 1881. Mary Ellen and John Anderson named their first born child Harry S who grew up to become the thirty-third President of the United States.

John Landis and Judah (Goldsmith) Young

John Landis YOUNG, Jacob and Rachel's third child, was born in Mercer County, Kentucky on April 8, 1795. In September of 1814, John Landis served for six months, from November 10, 1814 to May 10, 1815. He served first as a Corporal in Captain Joseph Funk's Company of Infantry, 13th Regiment, Kentucky Detached Militia. At this time the War Department permitted General Andrew JACKSON to draw upon Kentucky for reinforcements in the defense of New Orleans. On January 4, 1814, the Kentuckians began to arrive on flatboats. They were ill-clothed and poorly fed. Most of them didn't have weapons.

Upon being informed as to the condition of the Kentucky reinforcements, General Andrew Jackson remarked, "I don't believe it. I have never in my life seen a Kentuckian without a gun, a pack of cards and a jug of whiskey."

The people of New Orleans quickly supplied rifles, clothing and food to the Kentuckians.

John Landis was wounded in the left leg just above his knee during the Battle of New Orleans. This was the final battle in the War of 1812.

John Landis was discharged from service at Middleton, Jefferson County, Kentucky, not far from his father's farm on Long Run Creek in Shelby County.

John Landis YOUNG married on December 25, 1817 Judah GOLDSMITH in Shelby County, Kentucky. Judah was born on January 25, 1800, the daughter of Vincent GOLDSMITH (1772-1816) and his second wife Elizabeth (CLARK) GOLDSMITH (1776-1850). (Some family records and histories have recorded Judah's name as "Judith" or "Julia.")

In the Spring of 1830, John and Judah, along with their children Matilda, Jacob, Hulda and John, moved to Jackson County, Indiana. [Apparently their son Michael had died before they went to Indiana.] They settled in Grassy Fork Township, about 3 miles north of the Muscatatuck River. Here the last seven of John Landis and Judah's children were born: William Hamilton, Henry Harrison, Judah, Allen, Sarah, Eliza Ann, and Andrew Jackson. Two of the children, Allen and Sarah, died and were probably buried in the Waskom Cemetery.

John and Judah, along with John's brother, William Harrison YOUNG, were among those who organized the Freedom Missionary Baptist Church in 1838. William Harrison YOUNG became an ordained minister and served the church for many years.

In 1852, John Landis packed the family's possession into a wagon, hitched up a team of oxen and moved the family West. They arrived in Decatur City on June 7th, then the county seat of Decatur County, Iowa. Here they found found “only one house in the city and that was a log house and was not finished, not even doors or windows in it, and only one man inhabited the town, which was James BRITTON, the County Surveyor. He had what they called a ‘wecky up’ to live in, with a large box filled with hay for a bed. He also used his saddle for a pillow and blanket for cover.”

During the summer John Landis erected a cabin, the family's residence for several years.

John Landis eventually acquired 525 acres of government land in Sections 22 and 33 of Richland Township. In 1860, he deeded a plot of ground to the public for the purpose of establishing a cemetery - the Young Cemetery located east of present-day Grand River.

In 1869, John Landis and Judah were living by themselves after their youngest son, Andrew Jackson, married in 1869. During their declining years, they resided with their son Harrison and his family.

John Landis YOUNG died at the age of 86 years on January 15, 1882. Judah followed less than two years later on December 4, 1883 at the age of 83. John Landis and Judah were interred at the Young Cemetery.

The Goldsmith Family

John GOLDSMITH grew up on his father’s plantation in Hanover County, Virginia. In November of 1762, he served as a juror in Augusta County, prior to moving to Stafford County. He appears in the Tax List for Stafford County, Virginia, the owner of seven slaves, three horses, and five head of cattle. He was summoned to court on June 14, 1790 to answer to a charge of “attainment” brought against him by Peter HANSBROUGH. On June 15th, the charges were dropped due to Mr. HANSBROUGH’S non-appearance in court. John GOLDSMITH married Martha POWELL, the daughter of Charles & Elizabeth (?) POWELL on January 19, 1756, Stafford County, Virginia. The couple had three known sons, John Rolland GOLDSMITH, Sr., Vincent GOLDSMITH, and Samuel GOLDSMITH.

John Rolland GOLDSMITH, Sr. married 1st in 1776 to Jane POWELL. They became the parents of six children. A bricklayer by trade, John Rolland enlisted in the militia in February of 1776, serving two years in the 9th Virginia Regiment under Col. MATTHEWS during the American Revolutionary War. He was a participant at the Battle of Valley Forge where a great number of his regiment “The Tall Virginians” were taken prisoner. Along with the rest of the men in his regiment, John suffered from cold, hunger, and sickness, forcing him to be hospitalized occasionally. He was discharged from the service on October 25th, 1789, suffering from black-water fever. After the War, John Rolland moved his family to Burke County, North Carolina where he raised his family. After the year 1800, John Rolland, his family, and the SUTHERLAND family crossed over into the newly formed State of Kentucky, settling in Casey County. By the year 1820, John Rolland was residing in the town of Shepherdsville, Bullitt County, Kentucky near two of his sons, Samuel and John Jr. His brother Samuel was farming nearby. John Rolland GOLDSMITH died in Bullitt County, Kentucky on October 30, 1825, leaving behind his widow Jane.

Vincent GOLDSMITH was born April 10, 1772, Stafford County, Virginia. He, along with his brother Samuel, moved to the new State of Kentucky several years before John Rolland joined them. Vincent married Elizabeth CLARK. Eventually Vincent moved his family to Fulton County, Illinois. Vincent died February, 26, 1853 in Fulton County. Elizabeth was born December 26, 1776 in Pennsylvania. She died April 3, 1850 in Fulton County, Illinois. The couple had two known children: Nicholas GOLDSMITH and Judah GOLDSMITH who married John Landis YOUNG. Vincent died in 1816, Washington County, Kentucky.

Samuel GOLDSMITH was born in the year 1760, Stafford County, Virginia. He served in the American Revolutionary War from 1781 to 1782 with Captain Thomas STOCKLEY’S Rangers from Old Yohogania County, Virginia. In 1782, Samuel was among the signers of a petition that objected to the State of Pennsylvania taking control of the region. He continued to serve in the militia until he moved to Nelson County, KentucK y in 1786, settling in the Salt River region. During 1786 and 1787, Samuel joined forces with other settlers, fighting against the Indians. Samuel married 1st Nancy BOWLING (1765-1794). No children were recorded for this marriage. Samuel married second to Elizabeth CASE on November 15, in 1796, Nelson County, Kentucky. Samuel was a charter member of Barker Lodge, Hardin County, Kentucky.

Samuel and Elizabeth (CASE) GOLDSMITH had ten children: John, Nancy, William, James, Rachel, Reuben, Daniel, Thomas, and Jesse. Elizabeth was born 1779, Kentucky and died in 1822. Some family genealogies state that Judah GOLDSMITH was Samuel & Elizabeth’s child.

The Children of John Landis and Judah (Goldsmith) Young

Click on the name that is underlined to follow that YOUNG family line.

According to the YOUNG family Bible, John Landis and Judah (GOLDSMITH) YOUNG were the parents of twelve children:

1) Matilda YOUNG, born March 3, 1821, Shelby Co. KY; died ca. 1870
    Married Jan. 20, 1840, Jackson Co. IN, Duncan CAMERON, born ca. 1825, IN, a farmer

2) Jacob W. YOUNG, born Jan. 5, 1823, Shelby Co. KY; died Jan. 24, 1872, Decatur Co. IA, Mexican War Veteran
    Interment Young Cemetery east of Grand River, Decatur Co. IA
    Married 1st Amanda A. HUTCHINSON ( - ca. 1854)
    Married 2nd ca. 1855 Mary Jane ____ (1823 - 1886)

3) Michael YOUNG, born July 10, 1825, Shelby Co. KY; died 1830, Shelby Co. KY

4) Hulda or Huldah Goldsmith YOUNG, born June 16, 1827, Shelby Co. KY; died May 10, 1900, Grand River IA
    Married Aug. 24, 1848 Jackson Co. IN, Joseph BROWN Jr. (1825 - 1906)
    Joseph's brother Isaiah married Hulda's sister Eliza.

5) John Dale YOUNG, born Oct. 19, 1829, Shelby Co. KY; died Feb. 12, 1909, Decatur Co. IA
    Married 1853, Decatur Co. IA Catherine WARRICK (1836 - 1875)
    John Dale and Catherine interred Warrick Cemetery, Decatur Co. IA

6) William Hamilton "Ham" YOUNG, Sr., born Nov. 20, 1831, Jackson Co. IN; died March 28, 1920, Decatur Co. IA
    Interment Young Cemetery east of Grand River, Decatur Co. IA
    Married 1st 1859 Nancy M. COMSTOCK (1829-1883)
    Married 2nd Oct. 2, 1884 Eliza J. (DOWDEN) EDWARDS (1834- ), the widow of Abel EDWARDS

7) Henry "Harrison" YOUNG, born Feb. 20, 1834, Jackson Co. IN; died Sept. 1, 1890, Decatur Co. IA
    Interment Young Cemetery east of Grand River, Decatur Co. IA

8) Juda YOUNG, born March 20, 1835/36, Jackson Co. IN; died Feb. 16, 1918, Stuart Co. IA
    Married August 15, 1852, Decatur Co. IA Rev. Alexander Burrell HANNER (1831-1897)

9) Allen YOUNG, born April 24, 1838, Jackson Co. IN; died before 1840, Jackson Co. IN

10) Sarah YOUNG, born April 14, 1840, Jackson Co. IN; died 1840, Jackson Co. IN

11) Elizabeth Ann "Eliza" YOUNG
      born April 15, 1843, Grassy Fork Twp., Jackson Co. IN; died Nov. 11, 1864, Richland Twp., Decatur Co. IA
      Married June 1864 Henry "Harrison" BROWN (1839-1911)
      Interments at Young Cemetery east of Grand River, Decatur County, Iowa

12) Andrew Jackson YOUNG, born Feb. 13, 1846, Jackson Co. IN; died December 20, 1929, Decatur Co. IA
      Married Nov. 19, 1869 Rachel Jane WILSON (1850-1926)
      Interments Young Cemetery east of Grand River, Decatur Co. IA


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