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Isaac Randolph "Ike" and
Martha Elizabeth "Betty" (Boles) Foland Family

Isaac Randolph "Ike" was the eighth child of Michael and Elizabeth (SOWERWINE) FOLAND.

Isaac (Ike) Randolph Foland was born April 3, 1860, Decatur Co., Iowa near Short Creek where his parents spent their first winter in Iowa. When Elizabeth, his mother, was able to travel, the family made the final leg of their journey from Muncie, Indiana to their homestead in Richland Township.

Ike married Martha Elizabeth "Betty" BOLES on August 7, 1881. The daughter of William BOLES (1828-1895) and Sarah (GILMORE) BOLES (1837-1892), Betty was born west of Van Wert, Iowa, on January 11, 1863.

Ike and Betty lived with his parents, Michael and Elizabeth, for a while before they moved into the "weaning house." In 1890, Ike and Betty bought an 80-acre farm and moved there. Ike acquired land until he owned 245 acres. In 1923 they rented their farm out and moved into a home they had purchased in Grand River. They sold the farm in 1942.

Ike will be remembered for his gentle disposition; and Betty, for her sincere Christian life.

Betty died on July 15, 1943, Richland Twp., Decatur Co. IA. Ike died on September 13, 1945, Grand River IA. He was interred beside his wife at Grand River Cemetery, Grand River, Iowa.

  • The William and Sarah (GILMORE) BOLES Family

  • The Isaac (Ike) Foland Family

    Ike and Betty were the parents of six children:

         1) Charles Wilbert "Charley" FOLAND, born May 14, 1882, Grand River IA,
             died Sept. 23, 1968, Creston IA
             married March 30, 1909 Jennie S. WOODS (1892 - 1947),
             the daughter of John WOODS & Eliza Jane (PARKER) WOODS FOLAND

    Jennie was born Oct. 5, 1892. Her mother married 2nd Sanford Marion FOLAND, Charley's uncle.

    Charley and Jennie resided with his parents for two years, then purchased a portion of that farm where they made their home. Jennie suffered from a stoke in November of 1943 which left her in poor health. She died July 25th of 1947 of a heart attack. Following Jennie’s death, Charley sold the farm and moved into Grand River. He died September 23rd of 1968. Charley & Jennie were interred at Grand River Cemetery, Grand River, Decatur County, Iowa.

             Charley and Jennie were the parents of one daughter:
             1) Lois Louise FOLAND, born June 21, 1912, Grand River IA, died Jan. 14, 2001, Creston IA
                 Married 1st Jan. 28, 1930, William STEEN. William was born near Van Wert IA June 26, 1901
                 Lois and William were the parents of three children:
                 1) Wilma Marie STEEN, Grand River IA
                     Married June, 1951 Ellree "Max" BROWN (1931 - 2008)
                     the son of Ellee BROWN (1900-1981) and Mary (GREENLAND) BROWN (1906-1981)
                     Max was born on Oct. 30, 1931, near Grand River IA,
                     and died Aug. 15, 2008 at Greater Regional Medical Center, Creston IA, interred Westerville Cemetery.

  • Max's obituary

                 Wilma and Max were the parents of one daughter:
                 1) Dixie Jane BROWN married Mitchell McCUMBER, parents of four children:
                     1) Jamie Ranea McCUMBER
                     2) Moya Michelle McCUMBER
                     3) Ozley Chad McCUMBER
                     4) Machaela Lori McCUMBER
                     Dixie married 2nd Ron WAFFLE, no children.

                 2) Don Elvin STEEN, born Grand River IA
                     Married 1st Barbara BUCHANAN, parents of three children:
                     1) Ronald Ward STEEN
                     2) Julie Ann STEEN
                     3) Scott Allen STEEN
                     Don married 2nd Lorene Mae JOHNSON, parents of one son:
                     1) Charles Henry STEEN

                 3) Doyle Kenneth STEEN, born Nov. 24, 1936, Grand River IA, died April 20, 2003, Virginia Beach VA

    Doyle served with the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. He achieved the rank of Chief Boatswain BM-C, He concluded his 22-year naval career as a Chief Petty Officer with the River Assault Squadron 13 in 1969.

                     Doyle married Feb. 1958, Mona Fay EVANS, parents of three children:
                     1) Wyatt Eugene STEEN
                     2) Rennie Dwain STEEN
                     3) Kenneth Glenn STEEN

                 Lois married 2nd Dec. 2, 1967, Grand River IA, Eldred "Chubby" McCLURE (1913-1981), no children.
                 Lois and Eldred were interred Grand River Cemetery, Grand River IA.

                 Eldred's father, Verne McCLURE (1888-1957), ran a grocery store and restaurant in Grand River.
                 His mother, Virginia Blanche "Jenny" (SPRAY) McCLURE (1891-1968) was in charge of the first hot lunch program
                 at the Grand River School.

         2) George Wesley FOLAND, born May 6, 1885, Grand River IA, died Dec. 4, 1967, Hazelton IA
             Married Jan. 4, 1905, Fort Madison IA, Ollie May BRINER (1886 - 1949),
             the daughter of William BRINER (1841-1918) and Sarah (McCONNELL) BRINER (1848/9-1933)

  • George and Ollie's wedding

             George and Ollie were interred at Mount Hope Cemetery, Independence IA.
             George and Ollie were the parents of ten children:

             1) Mildred Orlena FOLAND, born March 31, 1906, Grand River IA, died Oct. 9, 1988, San Jose CA
                 Married May 2, 1925, Leon IA, Lynn Varner OVERHOLTZER (1901 - 1957),
                 son of John Christian OVERHOLTZER (1867, IL – ?) and Eunice L. (VARNER) OVERHOLTZER (1876, OH- ?)
                 grandson of Samuel S. OVERHOLTZER (1838-1922) and Harriet (JONES) OVERHOLTZER (1846-1900)

    Lynn was born in Leon IA on April 25, 1901. He graduated from Leon High school and attended college in Quincy, Illinois. He started his banking career in Grand River, then Sac City, to Independence, and finally became the bank president of Ida Grove around the year 1931. He died of cancer November 3rd, 1957 at the University of Iowa Hospitals, Iowa City IA. He was interred at Ida Grove, Iowa.

    Mildred maintained their home in Ida Grove for several years, worked as a legislative secretary for Representative Art KITNER 1961-1970. She later moved to San Jose, California. Mildred was interred at Ida Grove IA.

  • Mildred's obituary

                 Mildred and Lynn were the parents of two sons:
                 1) Richard Lynn OVERHOLTZER, Veteran Lt. US Navy, Japan & Korean
                     Married Joan Ellen KOOPMAN, parents of three children:
                     1) Gregory Lee OVERHOLTZER
                     2) Lynne Deborah OVERHOLTZER
                     3) Stuart Wayne OVERHOLTZER
                 2) Robert Wayne OVERHOLTZER, US Army Veteran
                     Married Joyce Elaine YOUNG, parents of two children:
                     1) Jeffrey Lynn OVERHOLTZER
                     2) Julie Fay OVERHOLTZER

             2) Ruby Evelyn FOLAND, born Oct. 25, 1907, Grand River IA,
                 died Oct. 24, 1995, Independence IA
                 Married June 15, 1925, Rollie Lawrence BRAMMER

    Rollie was born Dec. 13, 1903, the son of Henry L. BRAMMER (1872-1940/46) and Stelley (WYCOFF) BRAMMER (1882-1971). He was a nephew of Lafayette and Sarah Catherine "Cass" (FOLAND) BRAMMER. Rollie attended school at the Foland School and later graduated from from Grand River High School.

    After their marriage, Ruby and Rollie lived in Grand River where he worked for the CB&Q Railroad until 1928. Rollie did carpentry work for loan companies until 1935 when they moved to Buchanan County, Iowa, and farmed. Upon moving in 1947 to Independence, Iowa, Ruby became the deputy city clerk at city hall and Rollie worked for the Mental Health Institute. He later was employed by the Miller Implement Company, then as the parts department manager for International Harvester.
    Upon retirement, Rollie and Ruby moved to Loveland, Colorado, then back to Independence, Iowa.

                 Rollie died from complications of arthritis on Nov. 2, 1978.
                 Ruby died at East Towne Care Center, Independence, Iowa, on Oct. 24, 1995.
                 Ruby and Rollie were interred at Mt. Hope Cemetery near Independence IA.

                 Ruby and Rollie were the parents of two children:
                 1) Norman Dean Brammer married Sylvia B. MILLERD, parents of four children:
                     1) Cynthia Carol BRAMMER, RN, married Stephen SAMPLES
                     2) Paul Dean BRAMMER, married Paula HOYER, daughter of Lt. Col. Max J. HOYER
                     3) Linda Sue BRAMMER
                     4) Melanie Ann BRAMMER

    Norman Dean BRAMMER received his Master’s Degree and taught Business Adminstration at Western Illinois University. He obtained his Ph.D from the University of Iowa. The family moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, where Norman was an associate professor at Colorado State University, Business Administration & Data Processing.

                 2) Barbara Faye BRAMMER married Steven Paul HOEMMAN, parents of one son:
                     1) Steven James HOEMAN

    Barbara Faye (BRAMMER) HOEMAN taught Physical Education, Wheaton High, Illinois & Steven HOEMAN taught in Aurora & later at Downers Grove. They moved to Denver where Steven taught English & was the Sophomore football coach & Head wrestling coach, Bear Creek High School.

             3) Ruth Elizabeth FOLAND, born Aug. 11, 1909, Grand River IA,
                 died Dec. 15, 1921, Grand River IA, Interment at Grand River Cemetery

             4) Raymond Ellis FOLAND, born July 13, 1911, Grand River IA, died Oct 26, 1968, Independence IA
                 Married April 3, 1935, West Union IA, Rosemary PORTER,
                 the daughter of Willis A. and Mae L. (STEVENS) PORTER

                 Raymond was a mechanic for the Oldsmobile Garage, Independence IA.
                 Rosemary was born in Independence IA on Feb. 17, 1914.
                 She died on November 5, 2006, at Prairie Hills, Independence IA

  • Rosemary's obituary

                 Raymond and Rosemary were interred at Mount Hope Cemetery, Independence IA.
                 Raymond and Rosemary were the parents of two children:
                 1) Jeanne Ann FOLAND married Kenneth DORTON, parents of one daughter:
                     1) Christine Kay DORTON
                 2) Ronald Raye FOLAND, born May 13, 1942, Independence IA
                     died Dec. 2, 2012, Iowa Falls IA
                     Married 1st Marilyn Rose BAGBY, parents of three children:
                     1) Shelly Ann FOLAND
                     2) Susan Raye FOLAND
                     3) Michael Edward "Mike" FOLAND, born June 5, 1970, Independence IA, died 1970
                     Ronald married 2nd Sandra POPP, no children.

    Ronald was a mail carrier and part owner of a gun shop. He later was employed at the Animal Disease Control Center for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Iowas State University, Ames, Iowa. Sandra is a landscape designer and certified nursery woman, working with Ames Nursery. They resided in a restored 1855 home, Moingona, Boone County, Iowa.

  • Ronald's obituary

             5) Ralph Duane FOLAND, born March 26, 1913, Grand River IA, died Oct. 28, 1973, of kidney failure, Burlington IA
                 Married Jan. 29, 1937, Verna Blanche KING, (1918 - 2008), the daughter of Carl L. and Sylvia KING

    Ralph and Verna moved to San Francisco, California, in October of 1941, where he was employed by Lockheed Aircraft. They moved to Vellejo, California, in August of 1942 where he worked at the Mare Island Navy Yard for three years. The family returned to Iowa, settling in Independence where Ralph was a maintenance mechanic for the Mental Health Institute. He later transferred to the Iowa Annie WHITTENMYER Home in Davenport as the chief engineer in 1951. Verna is the laundry manager at the home. [The home closed in 1976.]

    Verna was born in 1918, and died on Feb. 9, 2008. Ralph and Verna were interred at Fontana Cemetery, Hazelton IA.

  • Verna's obituary

                 Ralph and Verna were the parents of two sons:
                 1) Richard Duane FOLAND married Shirley Ann BECKER, parents of two daughters:
                     1) Lisa Kay FOLAND
                     2) Cynthia Ann FOLAND
                 2) Kenneth Eugene FOLAND, born Oct. 2, 1939, Independence IA, US Air Force Veteran,
                     died Jan. 22, 2005, Davenport IA, Interred Augusta Cemetery, Des Moines IA

  • Kenneth's obituary

             6) Donald Wayne "Heavy" FOLAND, born June 10, 1915, Grand River IA, World War II Veteran
                 died June 2, 2004, North Fort Myers FL, Interment at Lee Memorial Park, Fort Myers FL
                 Married June 2, 1942, Bethany MO, Luella Mae TODD

    Donald served with the U.S. Army during World War II from June of 1941 to October of 1945, in England, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Austria, and Czechoslovakia. After his marriage to Luella, the couple moved to California where he was employed by Lockheed Aircraft. They returned to Independence, Iowa, in 1958 where Donald went to work for Miller Implement Company. They retired to North Fort Meyers, Florida. Donald and Luella did not have children.

             7) Dorothy Darlene FOLAND, born March 18, 1918, Grand River IA
                 Married 1935, Orville Stuart ARMSTRONG (1913 - 1994),
                 the son of William M. & Maude E. (WILSON) ARMSTRONG
                 Dorothy and William were the parents of one daughter:
                 1) Carol Kay ARMSTRONG married Richard DEAN, US Coast Guard Veteran, parents of two daughters:
                     1) Susan Louise DEAN
                     2) Sally Jane DEAN

             8) Doyle Dean "Barney" FOLAND,
                 born Dec. 20, 1919, Grand River, World War II Veteran
                 died June 23, 2011
                 Married March 10, 1947, Independence IA to
                 Ellen Virginia SMITH, the daughter of Alva Marshall SMITH
                 (1878-1941) & Leona Margaret (HOUSE) SMITH (1900-1970)

    Barney farmed with his father until his enlistment in the U.S. Army, April of 1942. Barney served during World War II from July of 1942 to November of 1945 in the Pacific. Upon his discharge from the Army, Barney returned to Independence and was employed by Lange and Wilson Implement Company and Belgrade Oil Company.

    After their marriage, Ellen and Barney moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, in June of 1947. He joined the New Mexico Air National Guard, employed as a refueling chief until he was called back into active duty in February of 1951 with the U.S. Air Force. Barney was transferred to Long Beach, California, serving as a non-commissioned officer in charge of refueling until his discharge in May of 1952.

    The family moved back to Independence, Iowa, where Barney was employed by Rath Meat Packing Company. Ellen served seven years as the executive assistant for the Independence Area Chamber of Commerce, president of the Buchanan County Historical Society in 1979; and various other community and Buchanan County genealogical organizations.

  • Virginia's obituary

  • Barney's obituary

                 Barney and Virginia were interred at Mount Hope Cemetery,
                 Independence IA. They were the parents of two children:
                 1) Linda Lou FOLAND, born Oct. 13, 1949, Albuquerque NM
                     died June 23, 1980, Iowa Lutheran Hospital, Des Moines IA
                     Married July 19, 1969, Phillip Jesse CAFFERTY, Vietnam War Veteran, US Army

  • Linda's obituary

                     Linda was interred at Story City Memorial Gardens, Story City IA
                     Linda and Phillp were the parents of one son:
                     1) Jonathan Phillip CAFFERTY

                 2) David Dean FOLAND, born Sept 30, 1952, Independence IA, died Oct. 22, 1991
                     Married Karen Phyllis GLASER, parents of one son:
                     1) Daniel Dean FOLAND

             9) William Robert FOLAND, born Jan. 20, 1923 (Nov. 15, 1921, courthouse records)
                 died May 1989

             10) George Junior FOLAND, born Oct. 23, 1924, Richland Twp., Decatur Co. IA
                 died Jan. 29, 1998, Pershing IA

    George enlisted in the U.S. Army in January of 1945, serving with the occupation forces in Japan and in Korea during the Korean War. He was transferred to Germany, then to Denver, Colorado, in the summer of 1959. He was later stationed in Germany. George retired from 25 years of service with the U.S. Army in August 1969. He moved to Independence, Iowa, in the spring of 1971, and later lived in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.

         3) Leonard Luther FOLAND,
             born Dec. 1, 1887, Grand River IA,
             died Sept. 9, 1974, Osceola IA
             Married Jan 1, 1908 to Dena Ruth JONES
             Dena was born on Aug. 23, 1888, Decatur Co. IA,
             the daughter of James and Minnie (DENHAM) JONES.
             Leonard and Dena lived and farmed along the road going
             north out of Westerville to Hopeville.
             Dena died on Sept. 29, 1973, Decatur Co. IA.
             Leonard and Dena were interred at Grand River Cemetery.
             Leonard and Dena were the parents of four children:

             1) Gussie Irene FOLAND, born Nov. 7, 1910, Richland Twp., Decatur Co.
                 died Dec. 24, 1996, Chillicothe MO
                 Married Feb. 1, 1933, Grand River IA, Joseph Patrick "Joe" O'GRADY,
                 son of Edward O'GRADY (1862-1947) and Celena (LaPORTE) O'GRADY (1876-1911),
                 grandson of Patrick O'GRADY (1820-1899) and Margaret (McNAMARA) O'GRADY

    Upon her graduation from Grand River High School, 1929, Gussie FOLAND attended summer school at Corning, Iowa. She returned to Decatur County to teach at Denham, which was named in honor of Gussie’s great-grand-mother Angeline DENHAM, the first teacher at the school. Gussie represented the fourth generation tho either attended or taught at the school. Later, when the school closed, it was moved to the Russell VANDERFLUGHT farm where it was used as a garage.

    Gussie and Joe O’GRADY farmed in Clarke and Decatur Counties. In 1945, Gussie and Joe sold their farm, moving to Goodland, Kansas, where Joe worked for Gamble Company and Gussie resumed her teaching career. They moved to York, Nebraska, in 1957. Joe was employed as a maintenance man on the farm owned by Farm National Company. The couple later moved to Chillicothe, MO.

  • Gussie's obituary

                 Joe was born on July 7, 1907, and died Sept. 28, 1978.
                 Gussie and Joe were interred at O’Grady Cemetery, Decatur County, Iowa.
                 Gussie and Joe were the parents of four children:

                 1) Infant Son O'GRADY, born July 11, 1933, died July 12, 1933
                     Interment O'Grady Cemetery, Decatur Co. IA

                 2) Garel Joesph O'GRADY married Ruby Marie ALLEN on Leonard and Dena's 51st wedding anniversary

    Garel and Ruby raise registered Quarter Horses. They were the parents of five children:
                     1) Bonnie Ann O'GRADY married Jerry FARNSWORTH, Veteran, parents of two children:
                         1) Joseph Cleo FARNSWORTH
                         2) Rebecca FARNSWORTH
                     2) Kitty Marie O'GRADY married David SNYDER, parents of two children:
                         1) Jessie SNYDER
                         2) Jordan SNYDER
                     3) Patty Jo O'GRADY married Mendell CLINE, parents of three children:
                         1) Clinton Donald CLINE
                         2) Chance CLINE
                         3) Trisha CLINE
                     4) Bill O'GRADY married Sherrie HANES, parents of four children:
                         1) Justin HAINES
                         2) Travis HANES
                         3) Shelby O'GRADY
                         4) Wyatt O'GRADY
                     5) Jim Dean O'GRADY, born July 1, 1969, Albany MO,
                         died April 25, 1999 from injuries received in one-car accident, Williston FL
                         Interment Orange Hill Cemetery, Williston FL

                 3) Gayle John O'GRADY, born Jan 13, 1939, died March 8, 1962 near Alencon, France

    Gayle enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in October of 1960, receiving his basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, then at Heppards Air Force Base. He left Kansas City in July of 1961 for overseas duty, stationed with the 5th Aerial Fort Squadron at Evreux, France. There, he was a loadmaster for the four-engine jet-prop plane. Gayle and 14 other crewmen of a C-130 Hercules Aircraft were killed March 8th of 1962 when the plance crashed as it was returning to Evreus Air Base. Gayle was interred at O’Grady Cemetery north of Grand River, Decatur County, Iowa.

                 4) Gary James O'GRADY married Yvonne Marie HAYES, parents of four children:
                     1) Angela Marie O'GRADY married Sean WIEDMAIER, parents of two children:
                         1) Alexandria WIEDMAIER
                         2) Dominique WIEDMAIER
                     2) Patrick Michael O'GRADY
                     3) Michael Shawn O'GRADY
                     4) Ryan Joseph O'GRADY

             2) Roy Isaac FOLAND, born Aug. 24, 1914, Grand River IA, died February 07, 1997, Osceola IA
                 Married June 22, 1940, Indianola IA, Gertrude Louise GRIMES (1914 - 2004),
                 daughter of Harley W. GRIMES and Alma (PEARSON) GRIMES

    Gertrude was born on September 27, 1914, Stanwood IA. She taught for eight years in rural schools of Ringgold and Linn Counties, and at the Consolidated School of Waukee, Iowa. Upon their marriage, Roy and Gertrude farmed in Decatur County, primarily the Dalton McCUTCHAN farm located seven miles northwest of Grand River and directly south of Hopeville since 1945.

    Gertrude died on April 3, 2004, Clearview Home, Mount Ayr IA.

  • Roy's obituary

  • Gertrude's obituary

                 Roy and Gertrude were interred at Hopeville Cemetery, Hopeville IA
                 Roy and Gertrude were the parents of three sons:

                 1) Harold Dean FOLAND married Linda Lou VIRDEN, parents of two daughters:
                     1) Cherie Renee FOLAND
                     2) Stacey Lynn FOLAND

                 2) Glen Alan FOLAND, born February 21, 1948, Osceola IA
                     died Nov. 21, 2007, Fort Collins CO, Vietnam War Veteran, Bronze Star recipient
                     Married Aug. 18, 1968, Gallatin MO Janet Sue KNIGHT
                     Glen and Janet were the parents of two children:
                     1) Jennifer Rebecca "Jenni" FOLAND married Dan ROMERO, parents of two children:
                         1) Cameron ROMERO
                         2) Sydney ROMERO
                     2) Randy Roy FOLAND

  • Glen's obituary

                 3) Kendall Roy FOLAND married Cheryl Ann OLSEN

             3) Mary Maxine FOLAND, born March 29, 1917, Richland Twp. Decatur Co. IA
                 died May 30, 2001, Des Moines IA, Interment Grand River Cemetery, Grand River IA

  • Mary's obituary

             4) Eugene Leonard "Gene" FOLAND, born Oct. 8, 1920, Richland Twp., Decatur Co. IA
                 died Dec. 29, 2008, Osceola IA, Interred Westerville Cemetery, Westerville IA
                 Married March 11, 1943, MO, Alberta Elaine LAMB

  • Gene's obituary

                 Gene and Alberta were the parents of two daughters:

                 1) Anita Louise FOLAND

    Anita spent 15 months from June 26, 1969 to October 6, 1970 as Recreational Program Director with the Army Special Services in Vietnam. She went to Fuerth, Germany on March 8, 1971 for a 3-year tour of duty with the same program. Anita is the conservation officer for Clarke County IA and is actively involved with the trumpeter swan
    re-population project in Iowa.

                 2) Illa Jean FOLAND married Keith Eugene CARSON, US Army Veteran, parents of two sons:
                     1) Brian Keith CARSON
                     2) Matthew Gene CARSON

         4) Minnie Catherine FOLAND
             born Aug. 21, 1889, died May 1, 1905, Richland Twp., Decatur Co. IA
             Interred Wheelis Cemetery, Richland Twp., Decatur Co. IA

  • Minnie's obituary

         5) Bertha "May" FOLAND
             born Aug. 1, 1892, near Grand River IA
             died Aug. 7, 1967, Grand River IA
             Married Jan. 1910 William Robert WARRICK
             son of Henry WARRICK (1840-1865)
             and Samantha (NEEDHAM) WARRICK (1867-1951)
             grandson of Robert WARRICK (1809/10-1865) and
             Martha Jane (HATFIELD) WARRICK (1812-1903)

    William Robert WARRICK was born on September 15, 1891, Decatur Co. IA. He lived his entire life of over 80 years within a 10-mile radius of Grand River. After his marriage to May FOLAND, the couple moved on to the BAILEY farm on the east bank of Sand Creek. Here, Phyllis Fern was born in 1910. Carl Wesley was born in
    1914 when the family was residing on the BARR farm. During the winter of 1916-1917, they moved back to Samantha WARRICK’S farm on Sand Creek where Darl Kenneth was born. After a few more moves later, the family was residing on the old NEEDHAM farm where Bill was born in 1891. Bill inherited the 40-acre NEEDHAM homestead from his uncle Wes NEEDHAM.

    Bill later purchased 200 acres adjoining this land. In 1964, Bill and May retired and moved into Grand River, renting the Sand Creek farm to their grandson Ronald STARK and his wife Rosemary (BROWN) STARK.

    May died on August 7, 1967, Grand River IA. Bill died of leukemia on Oct. 10, 1971, Leon IA.
    May and Willie were interred at Grand River Cemetery, Grand River IA

  • Bill's obituary

             May and Willie were the parents of three children:

             1) Phyllis Fern WARRICK, born July 15, 1910, Decatur Co. IA
                 died June 19, 1968, Osceola IA
                 Married Dec. 29, 1939 Vernon "Noel" STARK

    Prior to her marriage, Phyllis worked as a telephone operator for Grand River.

    Noel, born on June 9, 1910, Decatur County, Iowa, was the oldest of 17 children born to John Leslie STARK (1888-1947) and Esther (COLE) STARK (1893-1984). He was the grandson of Doc and Candace (ADAMS) COLE.

    Phyllis and Noel purchased the family farm located north of Grand River. Tragedy struck the family when eleven-year-old Shirley died from kidney problems. Noel escaped near death on June 4th, 1959 when he was gored by a Holestein bull on the farm. Tragedy struck the family again when Phyllis died of a blood clot after undergoing surgery at Clarke County Hospital in Osceola, Iowa.

    Noel remarried on October 4th of 1973 to Ruby (EDWARDS) TARLTON from Crivitz, Wisconsin.

    Noel died March 11, 1982, Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa. Shirley, Phyllis and Noel were interred at Westerville Cemetery, Decatur County, Iowa.

  • Noel's obituary

                 Phyllis and Noel were the parents of four children:
             1) Sharyilyn Louise STARK married Abe Perea GARCIA, parents of two children:
                 1) Lisa Marie GARCIA
                 2) Mark Anthony GARCIA
             2) Shirley Ann STARK, born July 22, 1942, Decatur Co. IA
                 died Sept. 23, 1953, interred at Westerville Cemetery
             3) Ronald Edwin "Ronnie" "Ron" STARK married Rosemary BROWN,
                 daughter of Ellree Monroe BROWN (1900-1981) and Mary L. (GREENLAND) BROWN (1906-1981)
                 Ron and Rosemary were the parents of three children:
                 1) Ronald Douglas STARK
                 2) Dennis Ray STARK
                 3) Sheila Ann STARK
             4) Robert Leslie STARK married Donna Gail SNYDER, parents of three children:
                 1) Tami Michele STARK
                 2) David Ryan STARK
                 3) Michael Wade STARK

    Abe Garcia Family

    Ron Stark Family

    Robert Stark Family

             2) Carl Wesley "Ole" WARRICK, born Jan. 10, 1914, Sand Creek, Decatur Co.
                 Married Feb. 11, 1937, Macon MO, Mildred "Lorine" DeVRIES,
                 daughter of Arthur W. and Bonnie Lorine (HYATT) DeVRIES

    When Carl was a boy he lost a few teeth at one time which made it somewhat difficult to understand him when he talked. A couple of the hired hands began to call him “Ole Swanson” after the Swedish man who ran the general store in Westerville and spoke in broken English. The nickname stuck and most people knew Carl as “Ole WARRICK” throughout the rest of his life.

    In 1928, an electrical storm blew up while Ole was cultivating corn. He found shelter in a nearby barn. While waiting out the storm, a lightning bolt struck the metal track of the barn, richocetted and struck Ole on the head. His straw hat was shattered and his shirt sleeve was shredded. However Ole completely recovered after being
    ill for approximately three months.

    Lorine graduted Valedictorian of her Kellerton High School class of 1934. She obtained her B.A. degree in August of 1959, and began her career teaching school. She earned her Master’s degree in 1970 from Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Kansas, specializing in library studies. A musical family, the WARRICKS preformed at many social events and songfests.

                 Carl died June 14, 1983, Decatur Co. IA

                 Lorine married 2nd John IRWIN who died in April, 1977 AZ.
                 Lorine died on January 23, 2012, Tucson AZ.
                 Carl and Lorine were interred at Grand River Cemetery, Grand River IA

  • Carl's obituary

  • Lorine's obituary

                 Carl and Lorine were the parents of two sons:

                 1) Carl "Dwayne" WARRICK married Shirley Alice LOWDER

    Dwyane earned his Master’s in Foresty and is U.S. Forest Ranger, Reserve, NM. He was a Range & Wildlife staff officer at Prescott [AZ] National Forest which included 1 ¼ million acres. Shirley was the head nurse at Hillside Care Center.

                     Dwayne and Shirley were the parents of three children:
                     1) Gregory David WARRICK
                     2) Karla Kae WARRICK
                     3) Kara Lynn WARRICK

                 2) Dr. Arthur Will WARRICK married Shan Irene BROTHERS

    Arthur received a Doctorate in Soils Physics and is a professor in Department of Soils, Water, & engineering at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. Shan received her Master of Education degree in Behavior Disorders from the University of Arizona.

                     Arthur and Shan were the parents of three children:
                     1) Amber WARRICK
                     2) Abbie Lynn WARRICK
                     3) Amy Shan WARRICK

    Carl & Lorine

    Lorine, Karla, Kara,
    Gregory, Carl

    Lorine, Abbie, Amy, Amber

             3) Darl Kenneth "Jack" WARRICK, born April 21, 1918, Grand River IA
                 died Jan. 16, 2003, Albuquerque NM, World War II Veteran
                 Married 1938 Elda Virginia "Jerry" WILLIAMS

    Darl earned the nickname “Jack” from the hired hands because of his mischievous pranks reminded them of of the child actor Jackie COOGEN, The nickname stuck and most people knew hims as “Jack.” He served with the U.S. Army in several Europena countries during World War II. After the War, Jack did contract work before re-entering the U.S.A.F., working in the United States Civil Service until his retirement in 1978. The family resided in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    Jerry was born on Nov. 13, 1920, Good Hope MO, and died at Albuquerque NM on October 7, 1987.
    Jack and Jerry were interred at Mercy Section, Sandia Memory Gardens, Albuquerque NM.

  • Jack's obituary

                 Jack and Jerry were the parents of two children:
                 1) Robert Lee "Bob" WARRICK, US Army Veteran
                     Married 1st Carolyn STALLMAN, parents of three children:
                     1) Barbara Denise WARRICK married Craig Mitchell HARRIS, parents of one daughter:
                         1) Amie Rochell HARRIS
                     2) Debra Elizabeth (WARRICK) CAMPAGNOLA
                     3) Robert Gene WARRICK
                     Bob married 2nd Aug. 3, 1975 Donna Jean NAVALESI
                 2) Darla K. WARRICK married 1st Charles Orville CUMIFORD, parents of one son:
                     1) Gary Nicholas CUMIFORD HARPER, US Navy Veteran
                     Darla married 2nd Roy Lee HARPER, parents of two sons:
                     1) Kenneth Wiley HARPER married Mary Lou OCANNAS, parents of one son:
                         1) Jeffrey Clint HARPER
                     2) Roy Lee HARPER
                     Darla married 3rd Earl C. GLEASON

         6) Nina Ellen FOLAND, born Nov. 6, 1895, near Grand River IA,
             died May 29, 1970, Blooming Prairie MN
             Married 1st Jan. 1, 1913 Albert LEEK
             Albert was born July 14, 1888, Burt IA, and died Dec. 15, 1918 of pneumonia, Grand River IA.
             Albert was interred at Grand River Cemetery

             Nina and Albert were the parents of three sons:

             1) Willis Charles LEEK, born Oct. 10, 1914, Kossuth Co. IA, died 1980
                 Married Aug. 24, 1939 Avonelle JOHNSON
                 Willis and Avonelle were the parents of two sons:

                 1) Larry Albert LEEK, born March 10, 1943, Oak Park IL, died Oct. 14, 2012, Salem OR
                     Married 1968 Linda Arlene (CHAPMAN) HAYWARD, parents of two sons:
                     1) Randy LEEK
                     2) Zane Albert LEEK

  • Larry's obituary

                 2) Roger Willis LEEK married Patty KNOWLAND, parent of two children:
                     1) Gregory Charles LEEK
                     2) Christine Anne LEEK

             2) Gale Ellis LEEK, twin born May 14, 1918 Kossuth Co. IA, World War II Veteran
                 died Oct. 24, 2008, Prairie Manor Nursing Home, Blooming Prairie MN
                 Interment at St. Columbanus Catholic Cemetery, Blooming Prairie MN
                 Married Feb. 4, 1946 Martha Theresa PLATT (1922 - 1998), daughter of Joseph PLATT

    During World War II, Gale served four years in the Quartermaster Corps, stationed in the Middle East, Palestine, and Egypt. He was discharged from service in November of 1945. Upon his marriage, Gale and Martha resided in Waukegan, Illinois, where he was employed by Abbott Laboratories. They later moved to a farm near Whittenmore, Iowa, residing there for three years prior to purchasing their farm near Blooming Prairie, Minnesota.

    Martha was born on Dec. 22, 1922, Algona IA, and died Nov. 11, 1998, Rochester MN. She was interred at St. Columbus Catholic Cemetery, Blooming Prairie MN.

  • Gale's obituary

                 Gale and Martha were the parents of six children:
                 1) Nancy Ann LEEK married Gerald Kazuo TSUKAMOTOA, parents of three daughters:
                     1) Diane Melissa TSUKAMOTO
                     2) Jenny Marie TSUKAMOTO, twin
                     3) Joy LynAnn TSUKAMOTO, twin
                 2) Richard Joseph LEEK married Jan MALM, parents of one daughter:
                     1) Janella Jolynne LEEK
                 3) Kathleen Diane LEEK married Blake RISCOE, parents of two children:
                     1) Amy RISCOE
                     2) Robert Gale RISCOE
                 4) Karen Kay LEEK married Richard BISPING
                 5) Bruce David LEEK, born July 25, 1955, Austin MN
                     died Aug. 22, 2006, Blooming Prairie MN, interment Udolpho Cemetery, Mower Co. MN
                     Married Ann LEWIS, parents of two children:
                     1) David LEEK
                     2) Danielle LEEK

  • Bruce's obituary

                 6) Shelia Jo LEEK married Keith LEAVELL

             3) Garel Dellis LEEK, twin born May 14, 1918, Kossuth IA, died May 3, 2008, Algona IA
                 Married March 29, 1943 Bernice REAPER

    Garel and Bernice lived in Wesley, Kossuth Co. IA where he was an auctioneer and livestock buyer. Bernice died in 1987. Garel and Bernice were interred at, Algona IA

  • Garel's obituary

                 Garel and Bernice were the parents of three daughters:
                 1) Barbara Gail LEEK married Marvin Herbert MAAS, parents of three children:
                     1) Eric James MAAS
                     2) Tyler Charles MAAS
                     3) Ann Elizabeth MAAS
                 2) Janice Lynn LEEK married Timothy Lawrence LONG, parents of three children:
                     1) Kimberly Sue LONG
                     2) Todd Lawrence LONG
                     3) Jennifer LONG
                 3) Carol Jean LEEK, RN, married William Lee FUNNEMARK, US Army Veteran, parents of three children:
                     1) Stephanie FUNNEMARK
                     2) Mickolyn Elizabeth FUNNEMARK
                     3) Chad William FUNNEMARK

             Nina married 2nd Feb. 25, 1920 Chris P. OLSEN

    Chris was born on Sept. 11, 1886, Varde, Denmark. He arrived in America during April of 1909. Chris and Nina farmed near Waltham, Mower County, Minnesota. They moved to Blooming Prairie, Minnesota around the year 1952.

    Nina died May 29, 1970. Chris died on Nov. 28, 1972. They were interred at Blooming Prairie City Cemetery.

             Nina and Chris were the parents of two children:

             1) Martha Marie OLSEN, born May 4, 1921, Armstrong IA,
                 died Dec. 16, 2012, Rochester MN
                 Married July 3, 1939 Harold John LUEDTKE
                 Harold was born Nov. 16, 1917, Lotts Creek Twp., Kossuth Co. IA.
                 He retired Aug. 1980, a 23-year employee of IBM.
                 Harold died Oct. 8, 2006, Byron MN.

  • Harold's obituary

  • Martha's obituary

                 Martha and Harold were the parents of three children:
                 1) Noel Allen LUEDTKE married Judy BUCK, parents of two daughters:
                     1) Jodi Lynn LUEDTKE
                     2) Julie Ann LUEDTKE
                 2) Linda Joyce LUEDTKE married Stanley Leroy JERVISS
                     Stanley was born Oct. 1941, Rochester MN, son of Charles & Naida JERVISS, died 1989 ID
                     Stanley and his plane disappeared while flying over the State of Nevada.
                     Linda and Stanley were the parents of three children:
                     1) Aaron Kristian JERVISS
                     2) Matthew Colin JERVISS
                     3) Kyle John JERVISS
                 3) Neil Arthur LUEDTKE, US Air Force Veteran, served 13 months in Korea
                     Married Rita PUHL, parents of one son:
                     1) Brian Christopher LUEDTKE

             2) Christy OLSEN married Helen Marie GRAHAM, parents of five children:
                 1) Chris Leslie OLSEN, USMC Veteran, married Rise Denise WALTON
                 2) Arla PAUL OLSEN married Evelyn HEEREMA, parents of two children:
                     1) Ann Marie OLSEN
                     2) Jay OLSEN
                 3) Don Lloyd OLSEN
                 4) Sheri Marie OLSEN
                 5) Luann Louise OLSEN

    Genealogical Sources: Reflections of Grand River 1881 - 1981, Leon Journal-Reporter articles and obituaries; Down 100 Years; family documents & records; photograph albums and genealogical scrapbooks of Pearle Veva (BRAMON) FOLAND and Norma G. (FOLAND) BECKER

    "The Ike Foland Family." Reflections of Grand River 1881-1981. p. 215.

    FOLAND, Wilma G. (RAMSEY). The Foland Family Record 1960; The Foland Family Record, Supplement One July 1960 to July 1965; The Foland Family Record, Supplement Two 1965 to 1971; The Foland Family Record, Supplement Three 1971 to 1982

    Written, complied and submitted by Sharon R. Becker, October of 2013

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