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Christian "Chris" and Lucinda (Edwards) Foland Family

Christian "Chris" FOLAND was the fourth child of Michael and Elizabeth (SOWERWINE) FOLAND.

Christian "Chris" FOLAND was born in Muncie, Indiana on January 16, 1850. Chris married on December 25, 1871 to Lucinda EDWARDS (1851 - 1933), the daughter of Anderson EDWARDS (1832-1908) and Arminia (RAMSEY) EDWARDS (1826-1923) who came to Decatur County from Tenneesse, mostly by river boat.

Upon their marriage, Chris and Lucinda FOLAND were the first to live in the "weaning house" where their first child Benjamin Franklin “Frank” was born August 31, 1872. They soon afterwards purchased an 80-acre farm, purchasing more land until they had built up the farm to 200 acres. Leo McCONNELL said that Chris wouldn't go to the field unless he could be there by 7 a.m, saying "Vell, Vell, to get the time."

Chris died of cancer on this farm May 13, 1918. After Chris’ death, Lucinda moved into Grand River, residing with her daughter Gussie and son-in-law E. Ray MORRELL until her death from diabetes July 7, 1933.

Chris and Lucinda were interred Wheelis (Tennessee) Cemetery located northeast of Grand River, Richland Township of Decatur County, Iowa. Chris' gravestone was engraved "Christopher Foland." No family records nor documents refer to him as "Christopher."

  • Chris' obituary
    Gussie (FOLAND) and E. Ray MORRELL remodeled Chris and Lucinda's farm home and resided there. After Gussie's death in 1956, Ray remained on the property until he moved into a nursing home after suffering a stroke in 1968. Presently [2013], Chris and Lucinda's great-great grandson, Nick MORRELL, lives in the home with his family.

    Chris and Lucinda were the parents of four children. They also raised a niece, Nellie WEST, whom the FOLANDS took into their home when she was seven months old.

        1) Benjamin Franklin "Frank" FOLAND, born on Aug. 31, 1872, Grand River IA,
             died May 12, 1951, NE. Married on March 4, 1894 to Tersa Ann YOUNG,
             the daughter of Henry Harrison YOUNG (1833-1890) and Elizabeth
             (McCONNELL) YOUNG (1847-1910), the granddaughter of John Landis YOUNG          (1795-1882) and Judith A. (GOLDSMITH) YOUNG (1800-1883).
             Tersa was born Aug. 30, 1875, Richland Twp., Decatur Co. IA,
             and died Dec. 20, 1958, Lyman NE.

    Michael FOLAND'S 'weaning house' was moved onto Frank's farm where it remained. It was utilized as a smokehouse and later as a corncrib.

    Frank and Tersa farmed near Grand River, Decatur County, Iowa, until moving to Nebraska in 1927. They lived at Kimball, Henry, and later Scotts Bluff, Nebraska. Frank died following a bladder operation in 1951. Tersa then moved to Morrill, Nebraska, then in April of 1958 resided with her daughter Coyladean and her family at Lyman, Nebraska, where she died December 20, 1958.

             Frank and Tersa were interred at the Young Cemetery east of Grand River.
             Frank and Teresa were the parents of eleven children:

             1) Blanche FOLAND, born Sept. 25, 1894, Grand River IA, died Aug. 7, 1954, IA
                 married Dec. 24 1910 Albert William BRAMMER (1891 - 1954),
                 son of "Harvey" BRAMMER (1853-1930) and Druzilla (McCONNELL) BRAMMER (1855-1923)

                 Blanche and Albert were interred at Grand River Cemetery.
                 Blanche and Albert were the parents of nine children:
                 1) Ralph Merlin BRAMMER, born May 24, 1911, Grand River IA,
                     died Dec. 17, 2007. Married Aug. 14, 1930 Pauline PHIPPS (1913 - 2009),
                     the daughter of Charles and Alice PHIPPS

  • Ralph's obituary

  • Pauline's obituary

                     Ralph and Pauline were interred at Rose Hill Cemetery, Mount Ayr IA.
                     Ralph and Pauline were the parents of one daughter:
                     1) Judy Ann BRAMMER married Darrell STEWART
                         parents of Russell Wayne and Tracy Ann,
                         grandparents of Trent, Halle, Megann and Kyler

                 2) Carl Franklin BRAMMER, born Dec. 27, 1913, Grand River IA, died Feb. 4, 2005, Osceola IA.
                     Married Sept. 30, 1933 Lena "Lurene" Van LAAR, born June 17, 1917, Grand River IA, died February 25, 2014, Osceola
                     the daughter of Fred Van LAAR (1885-1963) and Helen V. (BAKER) Van LAAR (1893-1995)

    Carl was chosen as a member of the Clarke County [Iowa} sheriff’s posse, organized in 1963 by Sheriff Raymond “Buck” LIKES with 80 members. The posse sponsors annual rodeos in Osceola, IA, and participates in parades around the state. Carl was elected captain of the posse in 1964 and 1965. Carl and Lurene were interred at Grand River Cemetery.

  • Lurene's Obituary

                    Carl and Lurene were the parents of two daughters:
                     1) Carlene Ann BRAMMER married George Walter BURNETT Jr.
                         Carlene and George were the parents of two daughters:
                         1) Lynetta Ann BURNETT
                         2) LeAnn Lurene BURNETT
                     2) Cathlene Sue BRAMMER married Merrill Gene BROWN
                         Cathlene and Merrill were the parents of two sons:
                         1) Darrin James BROWN
                         2) Christopher Gene BROWN

                 3) Dennis Earl BRAMMER, born March 16, 1918, Grand River IA
                     died June 11, 1949, San Bernardino CA when hit by on-coming car when he stepped out of his vehicle
                     Married Oct. 14, 1936 Thelma Leona SHINN, born June 24, 1913 Warren Co. IA, died Sept. 7, 2005, Indianola IA,
                     the daughter of Roscoe David SHINN (1889-1916) and Mary Ethel (MORRIS) SHINN ROBINS (1891-1972)
                     Dennis was interred at Murray Cemetery, Murray IA.
                     Thelma was interred at Bethel Chapel Cemetery, Liberty, Warren Co. IA.
                     Dennis and Thelma were the parents of four children:
                     1) Danny Earl BRAMMER married Maria Irma Augilera (KARR) GRIMA, born in Mexico, parents of five children:
                         1) Jason Adam GRIMA
                         2) Nathan David GRIMA
                         3) Ethriam Cash BRAMMER
                         4) Danny Earl BRAMMER Jr.
                         5) Stephanie Michell BRAMMER
                     2) Marilyn Virginia BRAMMER married Charles MUSICK, parents of three daughters:
                         1) Terry MUSICK married Alberto JACOBO, parents of Fredrick JACOBO
                         2) Susan "Carol" MUSICK married Mark ALVAREZ, parents of Sonia and Mark Jr.
                         3) Charlotte MUSICK married Timothy CRAWFORD, parenst of Timothy Jr. and Christina Ann
                     3) Janet Marie BRAMMER married Donald Eugene PULLEN, US Navy Veteran, parents Sandra Kay and Becky Sue
                     4) Linda Lou BRAMMER married Wayne WORRELL, U.S. Navy Veteran, parents of Wayne Clinton and Debbie Marie

                 4) Helen Elaine BRAMMER, born April 1, 1920, Grand River IA,
                     died Aug. 22, 2013, Indianola IA
                     Married Aug. 8, 1938 Harold Thomas HORTON (1919 - 2007),
                     the son of Fred and Mary (OLIVER) HORTON.

  • Helen's obituary

                     Helen and Harold were interred I.O.O.F. Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Indianola IA.
                     Helen and Harold were the parents of three children:
                     1) Sharon Joline HORTON married Larry Leroy KERNS, parents of four children:
                         1) Thomas Ray KERNS
                         2) Larry Joe KERNS
                         3) Cheri Jolene KERNS married Joey MORRIS
                         4) Daniel Lee KERNS
                     2) Jerry Lee HORTON married Anita PRICE, parents of four children:
                         1) Paul Thomas HORTON married Lori GODLOVE, parents of Nicole Marie
                         2) Timothy Lee HORTON
                         3) Jennifer Lynn HORTON
                         4) David Allen HORTON
                     3) Sandra Kay "Katy" HORTON
                         Married 1st Herbert Bradley LAIRD, parents of Kelly Lee and Nicholas Bradley
                         Katy married 2nd Mike DURHAM, parents of Brady Allison

                 5) Margaret Louise BRAMMER, born Sept. 14, 1923, Grand River IA,
                     died March 1, 2013, Indianola IA
                     Married 1951 Harold Howard WILKINSON, Sr. (1914 - 2002),
                     World War II Veteran, Air Corps Signal Corps.
                     Margaret and Harold were interred I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Indianola IA.
                     Margaret and Harold were the parents of three children:
                     1) Gregory William WILKINSON, born and died July 7, 1953, stillborn
                     2) Barbara Jo (WILKINSON) MODLIN
                     3) Harold Howard "Harry" WILKINSON, Jr.

  • Margaret's obituary

                 6) Alberta Wilma BRAMMER
                     Married Johnny Wayne "John" WILCOX, Sr., World War II Veteran US Navy
                     son of Calvin Leslie WILCOX (1884-1935) and Anna (DELVECCHIO) WILCOX (1894-1983)
                     Alberta and John were the parents of four children:
                     1) Trudy Ann WILCOX married Danny Clark ADAMS, Vietnam War Veteran, USMC 1st Marine Airwing Utilities Section                      Trudy and Danny were the parents of two children:
                         1) Jacquelin Ann ADAMS
                         2) Justin Charles ADAMS
                     2) Toni Lynn WILCOX married Don GROSS
                     3) Johnny Wayne WILCOX, Jr.
                     4) Kelly Dee WILCOX, mother of Taylor Dalton

                 7) Paul Edward BRAMMER, born Aug. 12, 1929, Murray IA, died of telescoped bowels Oct. 10, 1929, Murray IA
                     interred Murray Cemetery, Murray, Iowa.

                 8) Naomi Blanche BRAMMER married 1st Junior MALLETT, son of Harry MALLETT, Van Wert IA
                     Naomi and Junior were the parents of one son:
                     1) Monty Joe MALLETT JOHNSON married 1st Dyan JARVIS, parents of Monty Joe "Chip" Jr.
                         Monty married 2nd Sue Elaine CHANCE, parents of Justin Michael (from Sue's 1st marriage) and Joseph Allen
                     Naomi married 2nd Richard JOHNSON, parents of two children:
                     1) Bonnie Blanche JOHNSON, born Feb. 16, 1954, Osceola IA, died of liver cancer on Nov. 19, 1976
                         interred Bondurant, Iowa
                     2) Dan Eric JOHNSON

                 9) Larry Gene BRAMMER, born and died June 11, 1939, stillborn, interred Grand River Cemetery.

             2) Helen FOLAND, born Jan. 29, 1896, near Grand River IA, died Nov. 8, 1914, near Grand River IA
                 interred Young Cemetery east of Grand River IA

    Family legend is that Helen FOLAND was unmarried and pregnant. She was 18-years-old. Newspaper articles of the day state that Helen died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the right temple. Upon finding her body, Dr. J. Ross CARR was called to the home to examine her body. Dr. CARR ruled that Helen did commit suicide. Helen's Obituary

             3) Geneva E. FOLAND, born Aug. 6, 1898, near Grand River IA, died March 26, 1969, Page Co. IA
                 Geneva was a school teacher for 40 years, retiring in 1964.
                 Married May 17, 1924 Everett Leroy FRYREAR (1885 - 1983)
                 Geneva and Everett were interred at Rose Hill Church Cemetery, Clarinda IA.
                 Geneva and Everett were the parents of two children:
                 1) Everett J. "Bill" FRYREAR, born August 25, 1928, Red Oak IA, died April 14, 2009, Mesa AZ, US Navy Veteran
                     Married Nov. 16, 1946 Vona Joan WHEELER, (1929 - 2008)

    Upon graduation from Villisca [Iowa] High School in 1946, Bill enlisted in the U.S. Navy, stationed in Pensacola, Florida, where Vona joined him. Upon his discharge in April of 1948, Bill and Vona returned to Iowa where he worked construction. In May of 1949, Bill was the assistant manager of Fullerton Lumber Company and bookkeeper for the town of Villisca. Vona was the secretary to the Superintendent of Schools in Villisca from 1951 to 1957. Bill was became the yard foreman for Johnson Cashway Lumber Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Vona was the executive secretary for the presidentn of Unipress Manufacturing Company and also served as the company’s advertising manager. They resided in Richfield, located south of Minneapolis.

  • Bill and Vona's obituary

                     Bill and Vona were interred at Arlington Cemetery, Stanton IA.
                     Bill and Vona were the parents of one daughter:
                     1) Angela Lynn FRYREAR married John MAYER, parents of four children:
                         Keitha MASLER, Kasey (MASLER) FEITEN, Michael MAYER and Meagan MAYER
                         grandparents of Jake MASLER, Cal MASLER and Kai FEITEN

                     2) Jacquelin Joyce "Jackie" FRYEAR married Clarence Dale JOHNSON, World War II Veteran

    Clarence served in the U.S. Infantry during World War II, 1941-1945. Three of those years were in service overseas at Aleutian Islands, Germany, and France. Upon his discharge from the Army, Clarence has been a brakeman and conductor for the Chicago North Western Railroad. Jackie and Clarence were the parents of four children:
                         1) Dale Leroy JOHNSON, born Oct. 24, 1952, Norfolk NE
                         2) Gary Dean JOHNSON
                         3) Connie Joyce JOHNSON
                         4) Michael Ray JOHNSON

              4) Zelma Beatrice FOLAND, born May 21, 1900, Grand River IA,
                 died May 18, 1991, Wheatland WY
                 Married Aug. 31 1918 Ralph Henry BAKER (1898 - 1975),
                 son of Richard BAKER (1863-1953) & Harriet Jane (STREET) (1873-1955),
                 brother of Ruby Estella BAKER who married Zelma's brother Johnny

    Zelma & Ralph farmed near Grand River until they moved to Bordeaux, Wyoming in 1930, where they raised wheat. A few years later, the family moved near Slater, Wyoming where their home burned in 1935. They moved to a basement homestead shack while Ralph built their new home. Many friends and relatives often gather at the BAKER home during hunting season to hunt deer and antelope.

                 Zelma and Ralph were interred Wheatland Cemetery, Wheatland WY.
                 Zelma and Ralph were the parents of five children:
                 1) Edgar Earl "Buck" BAKER, born Sept./Oct. 18/22 1919, Grand River IA,
                     died April 12, 2001, Iron Mountain WY, World War II Veteran
                     Married 1st June 10, 1942 Leona Dora CAMPBELL (1919 - 1972), interment Cheyenne, Wyoming

    After his discharge from the Army, Buck and Leona returned to Wheatland, Wyoming, and farmed. In 1950, they moved on an acreage near Leona’s parents farm east of Cheyenne, WY. Buck was employed as a welder for Morrison and Knudsen Co. and Leona delivered cream and eggs in Cheyenne. Her hobby is making fancy handiwork to sell.

    Leona, born September 22, 1919, Hardtner KS, the daughter of Charley and Goldie (ROOTS) CAMPBELL, died following heart surgery on October 31. 1972. She was interred at Cheyenne WY.

                     Buck and Leona were the parents of four children:
                     1) Eva Jean BAKER married Larry HUPP, parents of (Son) HUPP and Danielle HUPP
                     2) Steve Edward BAKER, born Oct. 4, 1946, Wheatland WY, died of a heart ailment Dec. 5, 1961, Denver CO
                         interred Memorial Gardens, Cheyenne WY
                     3) George BAKER
                     4) Iola Vern "Oly" BAKER, born Feb. 14, 1954, Cheyenne WY, died March 7, 1978, Cheyenne WY
                         Married Laverne STEEGE, parents of two children:
                         1) Shane LaVerne STEEGE, born Jan. 19, 1972, Burns WY, died Feb. 28, 1978
                         2) Shannon STEEGE, born July 26, 1976, Cheyenne WY

    Note: After a car accident, Shane died of his injuries at age 5. Iola died a little over a week later from her injuries. She was 24-years-old. Shane and Iola were interred at Cheyenne Memorial Gardens, Cheyenne WY.

                     Buck married 2nd Mary Jean McDOWELL, no children.

                 2) Eston Devere "Red" BAKER, born Dec. 10, 1922, Ringgold Co. IA,
                     died June 29, 2009, Gardnerville NV
                     World War II Veteran, Army Air Corps B-24 Liberator navigator
                     Married June 29, 1947, Palms CA to Carol Elaine BOVEE

    Red served with the U.S. Army Air Corps in Italy and in Casablanca from 1944 to 1946. Red and Carol moved to Wyoming in 1948 and farmed with his father, Ralph. Their home was demolished by a tornado on June 27th of 1955. Carol and son Kenny were injured by the storm. The family moved to Culver City, California, where Red was employed by Ryan Aeronautical Company.

  • Eston's obituary

                     Red and Carol were the parents of two children:
                     1) Kenneth Devere BAKER
                     2) Vivian Lynn (BAKER) KILLEN

                 3) Iva Verlene BAKER married Leonard Albert REDDING

    During World War II, Iva worked in the defense plant at Culver City, California. Leonard served as a machinist in the U.S. Army, based in the Marshall and Aleutian Islands and on Okinawa. After Leonard’s discharge from the Army, the family settled on a farm near Slater, Wyoming. They later moved onto an acerage near Wheatland, Wyoming.

                     Iva and Leonard were the parents of five children:
                     1) Beatrice Ann "Bea Ann" REDDING married Hershel JUSTUS
                         Bea Ann and Hershel moved to Tuscon, Arizona, where he was the Supervisor at the Post Office and she worked
                         at the Veterans Hospital. Bea Ann and Hershel were the parents of four children:
                         1) Janice Ann JUSTUS
                         2) Jason Hershel JUSTUS
                         3) Jodi Elaine JUSTUS
                         4) Jennifer June JUSTUS
                     2) Leonard Anthony REDDING married Carolyn Jean JOHNKE, parents of three children
                     3) Theresa Shirlene REDDING, a registered nurse.
                     4) Mary Jayne REDDING married Steven Todd BUDD
                     5) Johnny Joe REDDING

                 4) Randena "Jean" BAKER married Wesley WAGNER Jr.

    Jean worked at the defense plant at Culver City, California, during World War II. She returned to Wyoming in June of 1945. Wesley served 4 years during World War II with the Army Mule Pack in Colorado and Italy. After their marriage, Jean and Wesley farmed near Slater, Wyoming, until their home burned in March of 1955. They sold the farm in 1957. Wesley was then employed by Platte Falley Construction Company based near Manderson and Sundance, Wyoming. Wesley died February 5, 2004, aged 85 years, Wheatland, Wyoming. Jean died at age 88 years June 30, 2015, Wheatland, Wyoming. They were interred at Wheatland Cemetery, Wheatland, Wyoming.

  • Wesley's obituary

  • Jean's obituary

                     Randena and Wesley were the parents of nine children:
                     1) Wesley WAGNER Jr. married Gayle SNOOK, parents of Kimberly Sue, Wesley III and Sandi Jeannette
                     2) Lynda Kay WAGNER married Stanley JOHNSON, parents of four daughters:
                         1) 2) twin daughters, born and died March 30, 1970
                         3) Christie Alida JOHNSON
                         4) JoLana Kaye JOHNSON
                     3) Kerry Dennis WAGNER, US Air Force Veteran, married Susan HOLCOMB, parents of two children:
                         1) Dallas Shane WAGNER
                         2) Desa Rae WAGNER
                     4) Lavona Jokine WAGNER
                     5) David Wayne WAGNER married Jeannie LIPP, parents of Jessica Lorine, Travis Wayne and Gabrielle Elizabeth
                     6) Debra Winnette WAGNER married Ronald Edward HAVARD
                     7) Phyllis Jean WAGNER married Patrick WILHELM, parents of Candy Jean
                     8) Dwight Phillip WAGNER married Debbie KISSINGER, parents of Angela Marie
                     9) Dwane Kent WAGNER married Janet Mary LURENE, parents of Brandie Jolene and James Kent

                 5) John Franklin BAKER, born May 8, 1936, Wheatland WY,
                     died Oct. 25, 2008, Wheatland WY, interment Wheatland Cemetery, Wheatland WY
                     Married 1956 to Betty Lynn GRAVES

    John farmed with his father Ralph. Betty moved to Wyoming with her family in 1952. She worked for the Denver National Bank in Denver, Colorado, prior to her marriage. After her marriage, Betty has worked as a telephone operator in Wheatland, Wyoming, and in a real estate office. John and Betty resided near Slater, Wyoming.

  • John's obituary

                     John and Betty were the parents of four children:
                     1) Brett B. BAKER, born Feb. 22, 1958, WY died March 14, 1958, WY
                     2) John Eric "Jeb" BAKER married Barbara Lynn MATTOX,
                     3) Brad Lee BAKER
                     4) Darin Jay BAKER

             5) Elden Neal "Johnny" FOLAND, born June 4, 1902, near Grand River IA
                 died Aug. 27, 1967, Methodist Hospital, Des Moines IA
                 of a heart heart attack following spleen surgery. Johnny had been injured from a fall off his horse while driving cattle.
                 Married Sept. 27, 1924 Ruby Estella BAKER (1903 - 1969),
                 daughter of Richard BAKER (1863-1953) & Harriet Jane (STREET) (1873-1955),
                 sister of Ralph Henry BAKER who married Johnny's sister Zelma

    Ruby taught school prior to her marriage to Johnny in 1924. They began their married life near Torrington, Wyoming, where Ruby taught school and Johnny worked with a construction company. In 1924 they moved to a ranch after losing all of their belongings and house in a fire. In 1926 the family moved near Huntly and Veteran, Wyoming where Johnny farmed for nine years. In 1935, Johnny and Ruby returned to Iowa, farming near Hamlin and Audubon, and returning a farm they purchased near Grand River in 1943.

  • Ruby Estella (BAKER) FOLAND obituary

                 Johnny and Ruby were interred at Grand River Cemetery, Grand River IA
                 Johnny and Ruby were the parents of two sons:
                 1) Richard Franklin FOLAND, born Jan. 1, 1928, died 21 Oct 2004 as a result of a car accident, interred Scottsdale AZ
                     Married May 8, 1948 Margorie Jean CATUSKA, daughter of Samuel James and Esther Maude (HEALY) CATUSKA

    Marjorie graduated from Simpson College, Indianola, IA and taught country school for three years. After farming near Grand River, the family moved to Lincoln, Nebraska in 1951 where Richard was employed by Elgin National Watch Company and Marjorie worked in the office of Western Electric. They moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1956 where Richard worked for AiResearch Manufacturing Company and then for Sperry Rand. Majorie worked for Standard Oil of California based out of Phoenix. Richard and Majorie resided in Scottsdale, Arizona.

                     Richard and Marjorie were the parents of two children:
                     1) Gale Richard FOLAND

    NOTE: Gale is a gorilla keeper at the San Diego Zoo. He has appeared in several television productions regarding the zoo’s gorilla exhibit, including PBS’s documentary Animal Attractions: Amazing Tales from the San Diego Zoo which aired on the PBS series Nature. Gale also worked in the hospital conducting research. Articles about Gale Foland Of note, Nerissa Foland is currently senior keeper at the San Diego Zoo and writes blogs about the animals at the zoo.

                     2) Bonnie Jean FOLAND married Rodney Lee FULMER
                         Rodney and his father-in-law Richard operated a family business, “Foland’s Machinery, Inc.” in Gilbert, Arizona.
                         Bonnie and Rodney were the parents of Jennifer Renee, Weston and Kayla

                 2) Robert Bruce "Bob" FOLAND married 26 Aug 1950, Grand River IA, Baunadine Norine PERRY
    Robert farmed until he was injured in a car accident on December 23rd of 1956. Robert and Baunadine purchased an acreage near Osceola, Iowa, and he went to work for Kimball International Harvestor Company. Baunadine worked as a nurse’s aide at the Clarke County Public Hospital in Osceola IA.
    Robert died at age 86 December 3, 2016, Winterset IA.               Robert's obituary

               Robert and Baunadine were the parents of 5 children:

                     1) Myron Bruce FOLAND married Darlene Shirley (STINE-CIAMPA) WHITNEY
                         Myron b. 04 Sep 1951, Osceola IA; d. 26 Aug 2007, Yucca Valley CA, aged 55y Myron's obituary
                         Myron and Darlene were the parents of seven children:
                         1) Debbie CIAMPA married Mike UNGER
                         2) Rick CIAMPA
                         3) Susan CIAMPA married Bill WALLING
                         4) Kimberly Marie CIAMPA married Robert SOUKUP
                         5) Theresa Kay WHITNEY partner of Michelle (unknown)
                         6) James Marshall WHITNEY married Connie (unknown)
                         7) Jacquelin "Jacque" Alvada WHITNEY
                     2) Rodney Lee "Rod" FOLAND married 12 Sep 1980 Teresa Beth "Terri" GAY
                         Rod b. 30 May 1953, Osceola IA; d. 11 Dec 2015, Creston IA, aged 62y Rod's obituary
                     3) Craig Leroy FOLAND married Shellie Lynn (DUDNEY) HANSEN, parents of three childern:
                         1) Kami Lynn HANSEN
                         2) Dusti Nicole HANSEN
                         3) Nicki Beth FOLAND
                         Craig married 2nd Julie (unknown)
                     4) Brian Keith FOLAND married Carmen Fae FRIEHAGE, parents of three children:
                         1) Robert Keith FOLAND, born Sept 19, 1981, Leon IA, three months premature at 2 lbs. 14 oz.
                             died Oct. 24, 1981, aged 5 weeks old, interred Murray Cemetery, Murray, Iowa
                         2) Bruce Alfrd FOLAND
                         3) Dawn Elizabeth FOLAND
                     5) Bonnie Rae FOLAND married Michael "Mike" DECKER

             6) Ralph Warren FOLAND, born June 14, 1904, near Grand River IA, died March 17, 1973
                 Married Dec. 15, 1928 WY, Caroline Elizabeth GRAVES
                 daughter of Carroll Addison GRAVES (1881-1960) and Pearl Mabel (HALL) GRAVES (1883-1966)
                 After Ralph’s death, Caroline remained on the farm with her sons Jack & Ronnie and farmed the land.
                 Caroline was born Oct. 12, 1909, Palmyra NE, and died Sept. 2, 1995, Lyman NE
                 Ralph and Caroline were interred at Sunset Memorial Park, Scottsbluff NE
                 Ralph and Caroline were the parents of four children:
                 1) Patsy Carol FOLAND, born Jan. 31, 1930, Morrill NE, died Feb. 25, 2002, Scottsbluff NE,
                     interred Sunset Memorial Park, Scottsbluff NE
                     Patsy married 1st Stanley STILLMAN, parents Jerry Lee
                     Patsy married 2nd Louis DILLON, parents of two children:
                     1) Louise Carol DILLON married Don DAVID
                     2) Louis Lester DILLON, born and died Feb., 1958, stillborn
                     Patsy married 3rd Robert TRABERT, no children
                 2) Roland Warren "Ronnie" FOLAND married Ferrill Ann SPICER
                 3) Jackson Wayne "Jack FOLAND married Christine Elizabeth SHIELDS, parents of four children:
                     1) Lori Jean FOLAND
                     2) Jeffrey Wayne FOLAND
                     3) Ronny Ray FOLAND
                     4) Toby Jay FOLAND
                 4) Jerry Lee FOLAND married Carla ASPAAS
                     Jerry was a teacher & coach at Melbeta, NE, and Carla taught school at McGrew, NE.

             7) Menda "Dow" FOLAND, born May 15, 1906, near Grand River IA,
                 died May 1986, Scottsbluff NE, interred NE
                 married Aug. 6, 1932, Sidney NE, Belva CHILDS (1912 - 2011),
                 the daughter of Ralph and Rosetta "Rose" (COX) CHILDS

  • Belva's obituary

                 Belva was interred Sunset Memorial Gardens, Billings MT
                 Dow and Belva were the parents of two children:
                 1) Glenda Lee FOLAND, born Nov. 5, 1935, Henry NE, died before 2011
                     married 1st Feb. 10, 1955, Ft. Collins CO to Bill HENDREN, parents of:
                     1) Denni Lynn (HENDREN) CELLMER
                     Glenda married 2nd James ISREAL, parents of three sons:
                     1) Michael Shan "Mike" ISREAL
                     2) Martin Wade ISREAL, born Sept. 10, 1961, died May 5, 1963
                     3) Todd Darwin ISREAL
                 2) Dennis Eugene FOLAND married Beverly LITTLE, parents of three sons:
                     1) Douglas Brett "Doug" FOLAND
                     2) Randall Dow "Randy" FOLAND
                     3) Darren Jeffery FOLAND

             8) Herbert Angelo "Herb" FOLAND, born Sept. 11, 1908, near Grand River IA,
                 died Feb. 25, 1980, Osceola IA
                 Married Jan. 4, 1930, Osceola IA, Mabel Iola McDOWELL (1911 - 1989),
                 daughter of Harry and Lillie (BRYANT) McDOWELL

    Herb farmed with his brother Johnny in Wyoming and worked with Arthur EVANS and his crew harvesting wheat in South Dakota. After their marriage, Mabel and Herb lived in western Iowa until the fall of 1936 when they returned to Wyoming to work the beet harvest. Mabel and Herb returned to Iowa, farming various farms in Decatur County, mostly in the Grand River vicinity.

    Herb's obituary

    Mabel's obituary

                 Herb and Mabel were interred at Grand River Cemetery, Grand River IA.
                 Herb and Mabel were the parents of two children:
                 1) Herbert Eugene "Gene" FOLAND, Veteran Married Doris Jean PARSONS
                     daughter of Lee & Katie PARSONS
                 2) Betty Lou FOLAND, born Feb. 3, 1936, Emerson IA
                     died May 30, 2012, Aurora CO
                     Married Oct. 27, 1956 Ralph Darrell BETHARDS (1936 - 2009),
                     the son of Raymond and Dorothy (MYERS) BETHARDS

  • Ralph's obituary

  • Betty Lou's obituary

                     Betty Lou and Ralph were interred at Leon Cemetery, Leon IA.
                     Betty Lou and Ralph were the parents of three children:
                     1) Darrell Nicholas "Nick" BETHARDS married Bobbie Lou CREES
                         Nick and Bobbie were the parents of Shelly Kay and Nickolas Robert
                     2) Angela Rae (BETHARDS) ALWELL married Keith LAUGHLIN, parents of Ian May and Amanda Rae
                     3) Dora Lynn (BETHARDS) WEISSENBURGER

             9) Mary "Rosella" "Sis" FOLAND, born Nov. 7, 1910, near Grand River IA
                 died Dec. 27, 1995, Creston IA
                 Married 1931 William "Newell" FAIN (1909 - 1990)
                 the son of William Alfred FAIN (1882-1913) and
                 Magnolia "Nola" (STOCKSTILL) FAIN STEWART (1884-1978)

    Rosella and Newell resided on a farm near Emerson, Iowa, until they moved to Wyoming in 1936. They returned to Iowa, settling on a farm near Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa in 1940. In 1949, they purchased a 465-acre farm in Dodge Township in Union County, Iowa. Newell had served on the Dodge Township school board, as a trustee of Dodge Township, as director of the Afton Creamery board, and as a board member of the Dodge Center Church. Rosella was active in church and community affairs.

                 Rosella and Newell were interred at Greenlawn Cemetery, Afton IA.
                 Rosella and Newell were the parents of four children:
                 1) Willard Newell FAIN married Janice Marie SHIFLETT,
                     the daughter of Charles and Carrie (DODD) SHIFLETT

    Williard & Janice farmed near Afton. Janice served on the Union County Extension Council and was a long-term 4-H leader. Willard served as township trustee and on the Union County ASCS committee for many years.

                     Willard and Janice were the parents of four children:
                     1) Jacquline May "Jackie" FAIN married Roger DOHLMAN
                     2) Juliann "Julie" FAIN married Kent Wayne SINN
                     3) Robin Marie FAIN married Jon Lee SCHMIDT
                     4) Amy Renee FAIN
                 2) Joane Rae FAIN, born Oct.24, 1938, Lyman NE, died May 18, 1942 from injuries received when struck by a car
                     when crossing the road with her brother. Interment Greenlawn Cemetery, Afton IA
                 3) Dannie Ray "Dan" FAIN
                 4) Lana Lea FAIN married Dr. Larry W. HICKS

    Dr. HICKS was a Captain in the medical service corps of the U. S. Army and served as a staff Optometrist in the General Leonard Army Hospital, Fort Leonard Wood. Lana taught elementary school at Richland, Missouri. Upon their return to Creston, Union County, Iowa, Dr. HICKS established a private optometric practice and Lana taught English at the Creston High School.

                     Lana and Dr. HICKS were the parents of two children:
                     1) Brooke Alexis HICKS married Aaron DAHL, the parents of Garrett DAHL
                     2) MacKenzie Alexandra HICKS

             10) Dennis Dwane "Ike" FOLAND, born Dec 11, 1914, Grand River IA, died April 19, 1983, Morrill NE, interred Morrill
                   Married Virginia Arlene SNODGRESS

    Ike served eighteen months in the C.C.C. Camp near Halsey, Nebraska, during 1931-1932. Virginia served as a substitute teacher during World War II. She was employed later as assistant sales manager of the Chester B. Brown Company of Morrill, Nebraska. Ike operated a Hooysen packaging machine for the same company. Ike’s hobby was training horses, his greatest pride being his trained Palamino horse “Buck.”

                   Ike and Virginia were the parents of one son:
                   1) Gary Duane FOLAND, Veteran US Air Force, stationed 1961-65 at Elmendorf AFB,Anchorage, Alaska
                       Married 1st Bonnie May TERWILLER, parents of two children:
                       1) Shannon Duane FOLAND
                       2) Chad Eric FOLAND
                       Gary married 2nd Colleen Patricia (LINDSAY) ANDERSON, parents of one son:
                       1) Ronald Lindsay ANDERSON of Colleen's 1st marriage

             11) Coyladean Elaine FOLAND
                   Married 1st Harold Jay MILLER (1908 - 1972), interred Sunset Memorial Park, Gering NE
    ,              the son of Phillip and Martha (YOUNG) MILLER
                   Coyladean and Harold were the parents of three children:
                   1) Sandra Kay MILLER married David Lee COPPER, parents of two daughters:
                       1) Michelle Lea COOPER married Dennis EZELL, parents of three children
                       2) Sharon Ann COOPER
                   2) Rose Ann MILLER married Ralph Roy CARR, Veteran. Parents of four children:
                       1) Robin Ailee CARR
                       2) Randi Ann CARR
                       3) Ryan Adele CARR
                       4) Ricci Annette CARR
                   3) Harold "Dean" MILLER married Mary Lou STEINMETZ, parents of two children:
                       1) Eric Dean MILLER
                       2) Kari Lou MILLER
                  Coyladean married 2nd Robert "Bob" YAGER, no children.

        2) Armina Lavina FOLAND, born Aug. 25, 1873, Richland Twp., Decatur Co. IA,
            died Dec. 6, 1875 aged 3 years, Richland Twp., Decatur Co. IA, interred Wheelis Cemetery.

        3) Laura Ann FOLAND, born July 21, 1879, near Grand River IA,
            died Oct. 1, 1963, Decatur Co. IA
            Married March 16, 1902, Decatur Co. IA, Leo McCONNELL
            (1881 - 1970), the son of Frank Pierce McCONNELL (1852-1928)
            and Amanda Celesta McCONNELL (1848-1930)

    Laura and Leo bought Michael FOLAND'S 'weaning house' for $25. The 'weaning house' was moved to the southeast corner of the Chris FOLAND farm, where they lived during the two years they farmed the Chris' land.

    Leo was employed at many jobs and trades besides farming so the couple moved many times during their marriage. One of Leo's jobs was caring for race horses and working at the race tracks near Grand River and in California, Chicago, and Canada. Leo is fondly remembered for his stories, practical jokes and humor.

    After Laura's death Leo was notably disconsolate the rest of his days, the last of which were spent in a nursing home.

  • Leo and Laura Ann (FOLAND) McCONNELL family

  • Leo's obituary

            Laura and Leo were interred at Grand River Cemetery, Grand River IA. They did not have children.

        4) Gussie Edna FOLAND, born Oct. 12, 1888, near Grand River IA,
            died Sept. 17, 1956, near Grand River IA
            Married March 4, 1908 E. Raymond "Ray" MORRELL (1887 - 1972),
            the son of Henry Franklin MORRELL (1856-1930)
            and Maranda Cordelia "Rannie" (CARRIER) MORRELL (1856-1937)

    When Ray’s mother and her friend were expecting their babies, they agreed to name their newborns after one another. As promised, the first born of the two infants was named “Maranda” in honor of Maranda Cordelia (CARRIER) MORRELL. However, when Ray was born, Maranda could not name her son “Elvona.” To keep her promise, however, she placed the initial “E” in front of her newborn son’s name, christening him “E. Raymond MORRELL.”

    Ray taught school prior to going to Burlington, Iowa, where he was a mail clerk for the Burlington Railroad. The MORRELLS went to North Dakota where Ray built a sod house. After five unsuccessful years in North Dakota, Ray and Gussie, who was expecting a child, came back to Grand River. Ray taught at the Foland School where both he and Gussie had been former students. Ray then was Grand River's postmaster, retiring from this position in 1934. Ray and Gussie farmed her father Chris' homestead. Ray served eight years as the manager of the Grand River branch of the Decatur County State bank, retiring once again in 1953. Gussie and Ray's grandson, Nicolas "Nick" MORRELL, currently [2013] resides on the homestead (see photograph at the top of this webpage).

  • FOLAND and MORRELL families

  • E. Ray MORRELL biography

  • Gussie's obituary

  • Ray's obituary

            Gussie and Ray were interred at Grand River Cemetery, Grand River IA.

            Gussie and Ray were the parents of four children:
            1) Hazel Cordellia MORRELL, born Feb. 3, 1909, Shenandoah IA, died June 25, 1996, Glendale CA
                Married Oct. 28, 1939, CA, Clair Ennis HACKER (1910 - 1998),
                the son of Charles Ennis HACKER (1883-1966) and Arla Belle (WORDEN) HACKER (1887-1970)

    Clair was a supervisor of machine works for Lockheed Aircraft, Burbank, California. He held a pilot’s license and was a Mason. Hazel was active with P.T.A., a choral group called “Mother Singers,” League of Women Voters, and the Order of the Eastern Star. Clair and Hazel were members of the North Glendale Methodist Church and resided in Glendale, California.

    Clair, born January 20, 1910, died on January 16, 1998. Clair and Hazel were interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills), Los Angeles, California.
                Hazel and Clair were the parents of two children:
                1) Linda Kay HACKER married 1st Dean BROWN, parents of Robert Dean and Lynette
                    Linda married 2nd Oct. 14, 1966 Gary FROMER
                    Gary adopted Linda's children from her first marriage.
                    Linda and Gary were the parents of Kent Allen
                2) Charles Eddie HACKER married Glendale CA, Sandra FALLSTROM
                    Charles and Sandra attended Hoover High School in Des Moines IA together.
                    Charles and Sandra were the parents of Corwin Edward, Todd Edward and Scott Edward HACKER

            2) Bernadine Lucinda MORRELL, born Jul 28, 1912, in sod house near Dunn Center ND
                died Dec. 7, 2002, Killmar MN
                Married Aug. 20, 1932, Trenton MO, Victor Clark BURCHETT (1911 - 1966)
                the son of James and Emma (COON) BURCHETT)

    Victor taught school in Decatur County, Iowa, for a while they operated the Grand River Telephone Office for several years and were involved with telephone work at Rockford, Mitchell County, Iowa, when World War II broke out. During the War, Victor was employed at the telephone section of the Kansas Ordnance Plant located at Parsons, Kansas. After the War, Bernadine and Victor moved to Redwood Falls, Minnesota, where he was the representative and salesman for Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Company, serving his territory which included Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Victor was a Mason and an Elk. Bernadine was active in the Order of the Eastern Star and the Methodist Church of which the family belonged.

  • Bernadine's obituary

                Bernadine and Victor were interred at Redwood Falls Cemetery, Redwood Co. MN.
                Bernadine and Victor were the parents of three children.
                1) James Ray "Jim" BURCHETT married Merlynn Antoniette "Lynn" SHORT, parents of Pamela Sue and Mark James
                2) Judith Fay "Judy" BURCHETT married Dallas DeVRIES, parents of Scott James and Jodi Faye
                3) Frank Clark BURCHETT, did not marry. He resided at a care facility in Redwood Falls, Redwood Co. MN (2003).

            3) Walter Verner "Walt" MORRELL, born July 10, 1915 on Chris FOLAND farm near Grand River IA
                died May 7, 2002, Fullerton CA. Married March 23, 1940, CA, Cecilia Janet ENGLISH

    Walter went to Los Angeles, California, in 1936 where he was employed by Douglas Aviation, Santa Monica, becoming a supervisor of their punch card accounting system. In 1957, Walter was a salesman for the Univac Division of Remington Rand, selling both Univac Computers and tabulating machines. Walter and Cecilia moved to Fullerton, California, in 1952.

    Cecilia, who was a librarian for the city of Fullerton, California, died at the age of 95 years on January 21, 2013.

  • Cecila's obituary

                Walter and Cecilia were the parents of two children:
                1) Jean Ann MORRELL married Brian WARNER

    Jean Ann taught 2nd & 3rd Grades, Placenta School District and Brian taught graphic arts at LaHabra High School, both schools in California. Jean Ann and Brian were the parents of two daughters, Julie Ann and Jennifer

                2) John Walter MORRELL married Lenore LINDEN, parents of Jolene and Claudette

            4) Don Francis MORRELL, born Nov. 1, 1918, near Grand River IA, died Sept. 14, 1982, near Grand River IA
                World War II Veteran, SSgt. with US Army, South Pacific
                Married April 1, 1943, Washington, D.C. Edna "Velma" JARRARD (1919 - 1992)
                daughter of Thomas Santford JARRARD (1892-1971) & Ollie Adeline (GRIZZLE) (1901-1952)

    Don was a clerk in a bank at Rockford, Iowa, prior to enlisting in the Army Air Corps in May of 1942 during World War II. He served in the Pacific for two years, sailed in the fall of 1943 with the landings at New Zealand, Australia, New Guinea, Normfork Islands, Philippines, and Okinawa. Don was discharged from service in November of 1945. He met Velma in Washington, D.C. where the couple later married. Velma was employed as a clerk in the Navy Department when the couple met. The couple farmed at first near Grand River, later moving to a farm near Dahlonega, Georgia, where they ran a poultry and egg farm. They moved back to Grand River in 1959 where they farmed, later moving onto Don’s father’s farm and raised black Angus cattle. After Don’s death in 1982, Velma moved into Grand River.

  • Don's obituary

  • Velma's obituary

                Don and Velma were interred a Grand River Cemetery, Grand River IA.
                Don and Velma were the parents of three sons:
                1) Don Christopher "Chris" MORRELL, Veteran US Air Force

    Chris attended Iowa State University at Ames, Iowa, majoring in forestry. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in June of 1969. After attending Technical School at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi, for 10 months, Christ was sent to Guam in December of 1970 for 2 ½ months of temporary duty, then on to Thailand in July of 1971 for a tour of duty. Chris achieved the rank of Sergeant with the Strategic Air Command at U-Tapao Airfield in Thailand. He was an electronic systems repairman assigned to the 307th Strategic Wing that flew B-52 Stratofortress bombing missions against VietCong targets. Chris & Donna farmed his father’s farm near Grand River until they moved to Canyonville, Oregon in 1979 where Chris worked in a nickel mine.

                    Chris married Donna Sue ANDERSON, parents of Don Kenneth "Kenny", Tonya Georgette and Greg Mallory

                2) Clinton Francis "Clint" MORRELL

                3) Ray Nicholas "Nick" MORRELL married Lori BINNING, daughter of Max L. and Shirley (SMITH) BINNING
                    Nick and Lori reside on the ancestral Chris and Lucinda (EDWARDS) FOLAND farm northeast of Grand River.
                    Nick and Lori were the parents of Matthew Garret and Anna Marie

        5) Nellie Grace WEST, born May 21, 1879 near DeKalb IA,
             the daughter of Charles L. (1848-1917)
             and Mary Ann "Polly" (EDWARDS) WEST (1853-1899)
             died June 3, 1972, Westview Acres, Leon IA
             Married Sept. 9, 1906, Decatur Co. IA, Harry Lincoln LANDES (1878 - 1961),
             the son of John Franklin LANDES (1831-1923) and
             Frances "Isabel" (TROWER) LANDES (1858-1918)

    Mary “Polly” Ann (EDWARDS) WEST, Lucinda’s sister, died when Nellie was seven-months-old. Chris and Lucinda took in Nellie and raised her as though she were their own child. Nellie was the youngest of the five WEST children. Nellie was a seamstress around the year 1905 when bustles and long skirts were in fashion.

    Harry's father, John LANDES, ran a grist mill and a general store in Westerville, IA, for several years.

    Nellie and Harry resided on a farm and had three sons, all dying in infancy. Upon their retirement, Harry and Nellie moved to Grand River.

    Nellie broke her hip in 1961. The injury was not repairable forcing Nellie to live out the remainder of her life in a nursing home, exhibiting unusual strength of character. Harry moved to a nursing home due to failing health prior to his death in 1961. Nellie and Harry were interred at Grand River Cemetery, Grand River, Decatur Co. IA. Nellie and Harry’s sons were interred at Westerville Cemetery, Decatur County, Iowa.

             Nellie and Harry's three sons:
             1) Jessie West LANDES, born Sept. 15, 1907, Decatur Co. IA, died Oct. 20, 1907, Decatur Co. IA
             2) Cloyd LANDES, born Nov. 6, 1908, Decaur Co. IA, died Dec. 7, 1908, Decatur Co. IA
             3) Carl Henry LANDES, born June 23, 1911, Decatur Co. IA, died Aug. 6, 1911, Decatur Co. IA

  • John LANDES Family

  • Nellie's obituary

    Genealogical Sources: Reflections of Grand River 1881 - 1981, Leon Journal-Reporter articles and obituaries; Down 100 Years; family documents & records; photograph albums and genealogical scrapbooks of Pearle Veva (BRAMON) FOLAND and Norma G. (FOLAND) BECKER

    FOLAND, Wilma G. (RAMSEY). The Foland Family Record 1960; The Foland Family Record, Supplement One July 1960 to July 1965; The Foland Family Record, Supplement Two 1965 to 1971; The Foland Family Record, Supplement Three 1971 to 1982

    Written, complied and submitted by Sharon R. Becker, October of 2013

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