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Sarah Catherine "Cass" Foland

Sarah Catherine "Cass" FOLAND was the fifth child of Michael and Elizabeth (SOWERWINE) FOLAND.


  Sarah Catherine "Cass" FOLAND was born February 5, 1851, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. She married first on December 29, 1870 [1874 according to Lafe's obituary], Decatur Co. IA to Lafayette "Lafe" BRAMMER, the son of Alexander (1815-1890) and Elizabeth (MORGAN) BRAMMER (1815-1901).

Cass and Lafe, a veteran of the Civil War, resided on a small farm northeast of Westerville, IA. They did not have children but fostered a boy, Johnny MILES.

Lafe, who was born in Jackson County, Indiana, died June 11, 1888 of dropsy. He was interred at the Young Cemetery east of Grand River.

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  • Lafe's obituary

    After Lafe’s death, Johnnie resided with Michael & Elizabeth (SOWERWINE) FOLAND Jr. for two years. Then, for some unknown reason, Johnny went to the home of F. M. (Francis M., Lafe’s brother) BRAMMER. Johnnie and committed suicide.

    The transcription for the Young Cemetery lists a "Johnnie MILES", the son of Naomi C. MILLES, who died in March of 1900 and was interred at the Young Cemetery. The transcription, however, states that this Johnnie MILES was four months old at the time of his death. Naomi, who died in 1895 - seven years after Lafe passed away, was interred at the Young Cemetery along with several of her children. Whether this is the Johnnie whom Cass and Lafe fostered seems doubtful if he did indeed die at the age of four months. The mystery as to the identity of the boy Cass and Lafe fostered continues. ~ SRB

    Cass married 2nd 1891 to Joseph W. BROWN. No children were born of this marriage.

    Joseph was born in 1846, Grassy Fork Twp. of Jackson Co. IN, the son of Isaiah BROWN (1811-1894) and Gartry (BRAMMER) (1816-1887). He was a brother of Harrison BROWN (1839-1911).

    At some time Cass and Joseph moved to Osborne County, Kansas. Cass had an operation for gallstones. She died of complications from this surgery on December 2, 1899, at the age of 38. Cass was interred at Round Mount Cemetery, Osborne County, Kansas.

    It isn't known where Joseph lived after Cass' death or when he died.

    Genealogical Sources: Reflections of Grand River 1881 - 1981, Leon Journal-Reporter articles and obituaries; Down 100 Years; family documents & records; photograph albums and genealogical scrapbooks of Pearle Veva (BRAMON) FOLAND and Norma G. (FOLAND) BECKER

    FOLAND, Wilma G. (RAMSEY). The Foland Family Record 1960; The Foland Family Record, Supplement One July 1960 to July 1965; The Foland Family Record, Supplement Two 1965 to 1971; The Foland Family Record, Supplement Three 1971 to 1982

    Written, complied and submitted by Sharon R. Becker, October of 2013

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