Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, June 23, l898

In order to correct several erroneous reports as to the boys who returned from Creston last week, we give the following report of Corporal Lawrence as to the reason the boys were not accepted.

J.A. Bass, Major Smith and Chas. Penniwell on account of defective eyes.

John Boyd on account of being too old.

Will Adair on account of having less than an inch chest expansion.

Charles Adair for an effection of the heart.

Geo. Negley, Tom Negley, Orr Fletcher, Newt Sankey, Ben Stewart and Claude Beck on account of being too light weight.

Geo. Carmean, Ed Foreman, Ed Schenck, Freeland Bobbitt, Fred Rohr, Frank Watson and Bob Craig returned without taking the examination.

Rolla Moore passed the examination but was rejected for disobeying orders of recruiting officer.

Lew Simpson passed the examination but was out of money and hungry and came home before being mustered.

Dick Ledgerwood, "Fanny" Smith, Will Ray and Ira Peugh passed the examination and were accepted, but just before leaving for the west orders were received to reduce the number of recruits from l7l to l58 and l3 of the lightest men were let out, among them the above four, who were given honorable discharges by Lieutenant Gaines.

The eighteen men accepted left Thursday at l2:30 on a special train of Pullman sleeping cars to join their regiment at San Francisco. It is thought most of our boys will be assigned to Co. I. 5lst Iowa, of which the other Leon boys are members.

Copied by Cordelia Suzann
"With permission from the Leon Journal Reporter"
December 7, 2002

*Most enlightening!!