Decatur County Journal
Thursday, December 26, l9l8

American Expeditionary Force; Nov. l9th, l9l8.

My Dear Sister and Brother: I will try and drop you a few lines to let you know that I am O.K. at present and hope when these few lines reach you they will find you in the same good health. How is everybody back home getting along by this time? I haven't got any mail from my Company for over a month. I will have several letters to read when I get back to my Company. I think that I will be back with them before long. How does CLARENCE like his job? Has he left Camp Dodge yet? I have never heard from WILLIE yet but I may have a letter at my Company from him when I get my mail. If I hear from him I will write and let you know how he is. I haven't heard from JOHN yet. You can write and tell him that I am all right and I will write to him as soon as I get his address. Well, how is the weather back home? I suppose it is getting pretty cold there by this time. It is pretty cold here now and it froze ice one night this week. I suppose that ANNIE is flying around in her car and having a good time.

I will close for this time and hope to hear from you soon.


Copied April l3, 2002 by Nancee (McMurtrey) Siefert