Decatur County Journal
Thursday, November l, l9l7

The following letter was written by HARLEY BULLARD to his mother, MRS. J.C. BULLARD, of this city: U.S.S. Wyoming; October l4, l9l7.

Dear Mother:

I received your letter and sure glad to hear from you. How is everyone, all well I hope. I received the packages that both you and sister, PEARL, sent me. I sent all the girls and also CHARLEY a post card of the Wyoming and you a large picture of the ship. BUD PHILLIPS was transferred yesterday. He went womewhere in Philadelphia. He will probably go to France on a merchant ship. What do you all think of the Wyoming? You ought to see her plowing through the Atlantic. She sure is a beautiful ship. I have had a fine time today, the best time I have had since we left New York. Thirteen of us took a row boat and went ashore. We took our dinners with us and ate ashore. Then we went up a small river and tied the boat and took a walk. We never thought of the tide and when we came back the tide had gone out and left our boat high and dry. We had to wait all afternoon for the tide to come in. You ask me if I had been very far out at sea. I have been out several hundred miles and did not see any land for a week. Well I cannot think of any other news right now so I will close.


Copied April l, 2002 by Nancee McMurtrey Siefer