Decatur County Journal
Thursday, January 9, l9l9

A Letter from DAVID MCHARNESS; Somewhere in France, November 26, l9l8:
My Loved Ones at home: Being a very good opportunity to write I will take my pen in hand and let you know your loving son is well and getting along fine. I hope you are all well and can enjoy yourselves very much Thanksgiving. Today has been a very wet sloppy day for us and has been so, for almost a week now. It will soon be winter and I hope we do not freeze. It will be the happiest day and moment of my life when I can put my arms around and kiss you on my safe return to dear old home and mother's cooking. Gee how I miss you all. I get so blue. I keep wondering how things are at home and whether all are well or not. I hope mother is better and can be up and around. I received a letter and some pictures from GRACE and WALTER, my but they were lovely. Those kids are certainly very sweet. I also received a letter from Aunt FLETA and aunt GENIE. I certainly was glad to hear from them. By the way please send me OTTO's address as I haven't it. I hope CLARA has a large number of new pieces for the piano so I may get to hear her play again. I hope it can be soon. I do long for music. We do not get to hear any very often.

It was just two months ago today when my company and regiment went over the top to go on the big drive, which won the war. I can never forget the event. If you could have a picture of us going over after the Huns you would be proud of it. It was a picture no artist could paint and do it justice. It was very foggy the first morning and it was in our favor. Believe me there were a very large number of big guns, which put over a barage for us, also a number of tanks went just ahead of us. The tanks certainly did put the fear in the Boche. We certainly did cover a large piece of ground amid artillery fire and machine gun bullets. They certainly came thick and fast, but we were determined and as the Huns say, "We fool Americans were stubborn," and would not let up on them. We kept them going backwards. We went so fast we ran into our own artillery fire. Our batteries could not keep up with us.

I would love to tell you more but I can tell you better in person. So will now bring this to a close. I came out without being hurt. So bye bye for now, with love and kisses to all. Your loving son and brother,

DAVE MCHARNESS Cook Co. D., l40th U.S. Inf.

American E.F. 35th Division.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert March l4, 2002