Decatur County Journal
Thursday, November 20, l9l9

Decatur County lost many brave lads who were serving with the navy, the army, or with the marines, during the late world war. The local chapter of the D.A.R. has compiled a list of these soldiers, sailors and marines with facts concerning their lives, home, parents and the manner in which death came to them. Our people hold the memory of these brave boys sacred. The list with the information given in each case will be of the deepest interest to the people of Decatur County. It is believed that the list is complete but if any have been missed in compiling this list the D.A.R. at Leon would be glad to have such information. The following facts concerning the brave Decatur County boys who went into the army, the navy and the marines to fight for the democracy of the world, should be preserved by Journal readers:

During the recent great World's War, Decatur County was called upon to mourn the loss of many of the brave lads who made the supreme sacrifice for their country, serving as soldiers, sailors and marines. Some were killed on the field of battle, others died of sickness contracted while defending their country, and their memory will be held sacred, no matter in what line of duty they lost their lives, for each gave his all. The Decatur County Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution undertook to compile an authentic record of each Decatur County boy who died while in the service, and the members have spent many hours getting the roster completed, so as not to miss any names. It is thought the list is now complete, but if any name is missing the D.A.R. Chapter will be under obligations to anyone who will furnish them with the missing information. The list is one which should be carefully preserved, for in years to come, it will be of even greater value than at the present time.


Son of W.P. COWL, born at Afton, Iowa, October 27, l890. Enlisted at Kansas City, June 2l, l9l7, with the Marines. Was a member of 83rd, 6th Reg. Received wounds at Chateau Thierry of which he died at Base Hospital No. l5. Buried at Chaumont, France.


Was born July 3rd, l887, in Decatur County near Woodland, Iowa. He was mustered into the service February 26, l9l8, at Leon, Iowa. Was sent to Camp Dodge, Iowa, and from there was transferred to Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan, and assigned to Company B. 55th Engineers, and died May lst, l9l8, at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan, of pneumonia. His parents' names are CHARLES H. and MARIA J. HOLLIDAY. Was buried at Leon, Ia.


Son of MR. and MRS. CHAS. MUSSELMAN, born near Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas, September 27, l895. Called to the colors August 7, l9l8, and was sent to Jefferson Barracks. Later sent to Camp McArthur. Sailed for France near September 23. Reported sick at sea October 2. Died October 4, l9l8, of influenza. Buried at sea with highest military honors. Co. 9, A.R.D. Inft.


Son of MR. and MRS. JNO DALE, was born December l6th, l895, at Grand River, Iowa. He was called to Camp Dodge, Iowa, May 25th, l9l8, and was placed in Co. F, 35lst Infantry, 88th division. Died at Herring Court Hospital, Belfast, France, of Bronchial Pneumonia, October l2, l9l8.


Son of JAS. W. and ELLA HONNOLD was born in Leon, Ia., Aug. l2, l882. Enlisted at Des Moines, December, l9l7, in Co. C, 2nd Prov. Ord. Bn. Died in France, December l3, l9l8.


Son of THOS. and SUSAN MCCONNELL, was born in Decatur County. Enlisted and was sent to Camp Funston, Kans. Died at Ft. Riley, November 27, l9l8, aged 27 years, 9 months and 3 days, of influenza.


Born near Van Wert, Iowa, January 2, l890. Registered at Kimball, Nebraska, June 5, l9l7. Called to service September 2l, l9l7. Sent to Camp Funston, Kansas. Later sent to Camp Cody, New Mexico, there sent to Camp Merritt, N.J. Killed in action October 26, l9l8 on the Verdun Sector. Co. D, l0lst U.S. Inf.


Son of WM. and ELLEN LADD, was born in Decatur County, Iowa. Enlisted October 8th, l9l7, in Co. B, 342. Was killed in action in France.


Son of JAMES and HANNAH DAUGHTON, was born in Richland Township, Decatur County, June 2, l895. Enlisted in U.S. Navy as 2d class seaman, June 6, l9l8, at Des Moines, Iowa. Was transferred to Camp Logan, Great Lakes and later to Glen Burnie, Md., where he was coach on the N.R. range. Took influenza and was sent to Annapolis Hospital where he died October l4, l9l8.


Son of MARY E. and ---WREN. Born near Hardy, Sharp County, Arkansas, June l2, l895. Enlisted at Vinita, Okla., but do not know exactly when. Was in Co. L, 358th Inf. Killed Sept. l2 or 30, l9l8, according to two different reports.


Born near Andover, Mo., October l8, l895. Enlisted at Des Moines, August lst, l9l8. In Marine Corps. and was sent to Paris Island. Discharged at Quantico, Va. January 24, l9l9. Died February 2, l9l9.


Born in Decatur County, Eden Township, May 23, l892. Enlisted February l7, l9l8. Killed October l7, l9l8, in action. Co. K, ll9th Infantry Regiment.


Born October 23, l895. Died March 6, l9l8. Father's name E.F. DAWSON. Mother's name ROSA DAWSON. Enlisted September l8, l9l7. Discharged October 25, l9l7. Left wife, ETHEL, and child, REX. Discharged for disqualification from which he never recovered. Battery E, 339 F.A.


Son of CHAS. AUSTIN and ELLEN MAY REYNOLDS. Corp., Co. E. Reg. 336 Field Art. Died of pneumonia in France, February 22, l9l9, 26 years of age.


Son of MR. and MRS. ARTHUR JUDSON, of Lamoni, Iowa. Born in Lamoni, Iowa, l892. Enlisted at Phoenix, Arizona. Later transferred to Camp Cody, Wyo., from which place he went in the first draft contingent. Was a member of Co. M. l25th Inf. Killed in action July 3, l9l8.


Son of MR. and MRS. HUGH T. SMITH, of Garden Grove, Iowa. Private, Co. F. Reg. 357 Inf. Died of pneumonia in France, October l2, l9l8, at the age of 24 years.

LYMAN F. CASE, Lamoni, Iowa --

Born at Nokemis, Illinois, August 7, l896. Enlisted May l9l7. First Lieut. Signal Reserve Corps, Aviation Section. At the time of his death, August l4, l9l8, was in l7th Aero Squadron.


Born in Leon, Iowa, April l3th, l897. Enlisted at Des Moines, Iowa, June 4th, l9l8. Died on the U.S.S. Ohio, Base 2, September 25th, l9l8.


Born near Weldon, Iowa, September 4th, l893. Enlisted at Camp Dodge, Iowa, September 6th, l9l8, in Co. 42, ll Bat. l63 Depot Brigade, where he served four weeks, afterwards transferred to l36 Base Hospital Corps and moved to Camp Sheridan, Ala. Died there October l5, l9l8 of pneumonia, following Spanish Influenza.

WM. TOWNER BOHN, Lamoni, Iowa --

Born near Lamoni, Iowa, December 23, l896. Was drafted May 24, l9l8. Was Corporal in 35l Inf. Hd. Co., 88th Div. Died of pneumonia somewhere in France. Parents, DANIEL and EMMA BOHN. Enrolled at Mt. Ayr. The parents live in Lamoni.


Born April 8, l89l, in Eagleville, Mo., Harrison County. Enlisted July 3lst, l9l7, in Des Moines, Iowa, in aviation branch. Wast lst Lieut. in 263 Hd. Co. Son of C.U. and W.K. GRENAWALT.


Born October l4, l896. Place, Weldon, Iowa. Date of entry into service, September 6th, l9l8. Place, Camp Dodge in what unit he served, Co. 42 ll B.M. l63 R. Date and place of death, Camp Dodge, October l5, l9l8. Place of burial, Metier Cemetery. Name of father, VERNE MILNER.


Born February 28, l895, near Grand River, Iowa. Enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve July 20, l9l8. Died at Great Lakes Training Station, September 22, l9l8, of pneumonia. Father W.H. CAMPBELL; mother, MINNIE, Grand River, Iowa. Co. L. 4th Reg., Camp Perry, Great Lakes, Ill.

EARL BAKER, Grand River, Iowa --

Son of RICHARD and HANNAH BAKER, born near Grand River, Iowa, October 25, l897. Enlisted in the navy at Des Moines, Iowa, June 3rd, l9l8. While at the Great Lakes he was in Co. l, Reg. 5. While at Norfolk, Va., went to Quartermaster School and was steerman on the U.S.S. Missouri at the time of his death.

TRU W. MYERS, Lamoni, Iowa --

Born May l, l896, at Deloit, Crawford County, Ia. Enlisted April 26, l9l8. Was a member of Co. l, 357 Regiment. Killed September 26, l9l8. Was buried where he fell, three-fourths mile from Prenys Moselle, France.

WHEELER BOVER, Lamoni, Iowa --

Born at Mount Ayr, Iowa, March l8th, l884. When 2l years old, enlisted in the U.S. Army. He served his time there and was honorably discharged but re-enlisted in the U.S. Infantry and was stationed at Fort George Wright, Washington. At the time of his death he was with Co. M. l59th Inf. Died of Meningitis January l5, l9l8. Parents, NANCY and HARRISON BOYER.


Son of CHAS. F. and ROSA A. COMBS. Was born October 6, l894, at Leon, Iowa. Enlisted June l7, l9l8. Died April 6, l9l9, at Luxemburg, of pneumonia. Was a member of Battery C. 20th Field Art., 5th Division. Red Diamond Division. Corporal.

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March l8, 2002