Decatur County Journal
Thursday, January l6, l9l9

A Letter from WILLIAM R. CHASTAIN; Blois, France; December l3, l9l8.

Home Folks: I was sent down here from the hospital at Toul. I wrote a letter from there. I am in a hospital but will leave here in a few days to a classification camp and I might be sent back to my company from there or I may be put in some other company. I am feeling fine, I had my picture taken a few days ago and will send some home if I ever get them.

I have not seen any one that I knew since I left the company. I have not received any mail since I have been here but I expect they will send it to me as I have been away more than ten days. I wrote Grandpa a letter the other day, I hope he will get it. I suppose everybody is feeling all right at least I hope so. Has GEORGE got back yet?

You had better not write until you receive another letter from me. I think I will be in a place where I will stay a while, or have some address to give so you can write. I will close for this time. I will write every day or two, with love to all.


Base Hospital 43, Blois, France.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
March l4, 2002