Decatur County Journal
Thursday, January l6, l9l9

A Letter from WILLARD CHASTAIN; Somewhere in France, December ll, l9l8.

Home Folks: How is everybody? I am alright and have been seeing quite a lot of country. We have in the lst two months traveled from near Metz to the Argone forests across the Muese River at Stenay, over part of Belgium, through Luxemburg and are at Kyllburg, Germany. We have been here a day or two but don't expect to stay long. We are with the Army of occupation and won't start home as soon as the rest, but it won't be long until we will. The people are as good to us as can be. We sleep in their houses on feather beds, something we haven't been in the habit of doing since we left home.

I got a letter from ROY today. I guess he will be home before I will as they didn't come into Germany with us. I will tell you about the cards some other time when I see you.

From WILLARD CHASTAIN, 3l4 Mobile Vet. Sect. American E. Forces, A.P.O. 76l.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
March l4, 2002