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Dr. Josiah Robinson McClelland Family

Dr. Josiah Robinson McClelland was the son of:
 Elder Josiah McClelland, born 05 Sep 1785, White Oak, Bladen Co. NC; died 30 Nov 1854, Princeton MO; Inter. Goshen Cemetery, Princeton MO.
   the son of Andrew McClelland, Jr. (1748 - 1827) & Rebecca (Robinson) McClelland (1748 - 1827); Inter. unknown
   Elder McClelland married 1st Rhoda (Condra) McClelland; married 2nd Elizabeth (unknown), d. 02 Nov 1886 AE 74y 19d;
    Inter. Goshen Cemetery, Princeton MO
   Known Children of Elder Josiah & Rhoda (Condra) McClelland:
      1) Matilda McClelland, b. 15 Oct 1815, Monroe Co. KY; d. 28 Jul 1900, Jackson Co. TN; Inter. Jesse Mabury Family Cem., Dodson Branch TN
          married Jesse Mabury, b. 14 Jun 1815, Jackson Co. TN; d. 09 Dec 1888, Jackson Co. TN; Inter. Jesse Mabury Family Cem.
          Known Children of Matilda (McClelland) & Jesse Mabury:
          1) Josiah Robinson Mayberry, b. 03 Jun 1844, Jackson Co. TN; 7 Feb 1864, Corinth MS
              Civil War Soldier, injured and bled to death attempting to keep up with brother, John; Interment unknown
              named in honor of his uncle Dr. Josiah Robinson McClelland
          2) Elizabeth Mabury, b. 29 Dec 1845, Jackson Co. TN; 04 Jun 1902, Knox Co. TX
              married Sampson Bartlett, b. 17 Mar 1842, Jackson Co. TN; d. 16 Nov 1911, Goree TX
              Interments at Johnson Memorial Cemetery, Munday TX
              Known Children of Elizabeth (Mabury) & Sampson Bartlett:
            1) William Jesse Bartlett, b. 04 Feb 1868, Jackson Co. TN; 16 May 1926, Goree TX
                Interment at Johnson Memorial Cemetery, Munday TX
                married Margaret "Olive" Jaquess, b. 01 Jan 1856; d. 26 Dec 1942
                Interment at Springlake Cemetery, Springlake TX
                Known Children of William Jesse & Margaret "Olive" (Jaquess) Bartlett:
              1) Claude Malcom Bartlett, b. 26 Mar 1894; d. 02 Jan 1919
                  Interment at Plainview Cemetery, Plainview TX
                  married Vera Catherine Cooper, b. 05 Apr 1898, TX; d. 25 Dec 1895 Maricopa Co. AZ
                  Interment at Valley of the Sun Cemetery, Chandler AZ
                  Known Children of Claude Malcom & Vera Catherine (Cooper) Bartlett:
                1) Melvin Malcom Bartlett, b. 09 Oct 1916; d. 21 Feb 1919
                    Interment Grassland Cemetery, Lynn Co. TX
                2) Josephine Olive Bartlett, b. 29 Dec 1917, Floydada TX; d. 05 Jan 1997, Chandler AZ
                    married Robert "Bob" Stafford, b. 07 Aug 1915 TX; d. 28 Apr 1991, Gilbert AZ
                    Interment Queen of Heaven Cemetery, Mesa AZ
              2) Janie Elizabeth Bartlett, b. 31 Jan 1900; d. 06 Aug 1976; married Mr. Way
                  Interment at Springlake Cemetery, Springlake TX
                  Known Child of Janie Elizabeth (Bartlett) Way:
                  1) Mildred Loretta Way, b. 28 Jan 1920; d. 14 Feb 1995
                      married Ernest William "Soup" Goforth, b. 03 Oct 1916; d. 26 Jun 2001
                      Interments at Springlake Cemetery, Springlake TX
              3) Jessie Coy Bartlett, b. 10 Dec 1903, d. 26 Feb. 1968; World War II Veteran, Pvt. 877 CML Co Air OPRS
                  Interment at Springlake Cemetery, Springlake TX
            2) Josiah R. Bartlett, b. 1869; d. 1949
                married Sarah Jane West, b. 20 Oct 1863, Putnam Co. TN; d. 31 Dec 1943, Terry Co. TX
                Interments at Meadow Cemetery, Meadow TX
                Known Children of Josiah R. & Sarah Jane (West) Bartlett
              1) William Averet Bartlett, b. 05 Jul 1898 TN; d. 05 Dec 1978, Lubbock TX
                  married Geneva Dewey Conger, 03 Oct 1897 TX; 12 Nov 1968, Lubbock TX
                  Known Child of William Averet & Geneva Dewey (Conger) Bartlett
                1) Wallace Calvin Bartlett, b. 27 Jun 1926, Munday TX; d. 01 Feb 1985, Lubbock TX
                    Interments at Resthaven Memorial Park, Lubbock TX
              2) Gomer C. Bartlett, b. 12 Oct 1901, Collins TX; d. 28 Jul 1956, Abilene TX
                  married May Bartlett, b. 1904; d. 1994
                  Interments at Willow Cemetery, Haskell TX
                  Known Child of Gomer C. & May Bartlett:
                1) Gomer Deen Bartlett, b. 11 May 1928, Munday TX; d. 13 Apr 2015, Tarrant Co. TX
                    married Alfred E. Waller, b. 1924; d. 1997
                    Interments at Memorial Park, Oklahoma City OK
            3) James Ivan Bartlett, b. 07 Dec 1873, Jackson Co. TN; d. 17 Jul 1964, Post TX
                married Martha "Mattie" Allen, b. 03 Aug 1876, Jackson Co. TN; d. 05 Jun 1948, Slaton TX
                Interments at Resthaven Cemetery, Southland TX
                Known Children of James Ivan & Martha (Allen) Bartlett:
              1) Cora "Eva" Bartlett, b. 28 Aug 1895; d. 15 Sep 1968
                  married Elmer Ewin Trimble, Sr., b. 01 Jan 1883, Ballinger TX; d. 21 Jan 1954, Lynn Co. TX
                  Interments at Englewood Cemetery, Slaton TX
                  Known Children of Elmer Ewin & Cora "Eva" (Bartlett) Trimble:
                1) Elmer Ewin Trimble, Jr., b. 236 Feb 1928; d. 10 Jun 1995
                    Interment at Englewood Cemetery, Slaton TX
                2) Loy Trimble, b. 12 Feb 1932, Goree TX; d. 11 Dec 2016, Lubbock TX
                    married 28 Oct 1955 Paul Roscoe Mercer
                    Interment at Englewood Cemetery, Slaton TX
              2) Lannie Edgar Bartlett, b. 18 Jan 1897; d. 27 Dec 1892
                  married 1st Minnie T. Hefner, b. 14 Jun 1895 TX; d. 27 Feb 1965 Lubbock TX
                  married 2nd Ethel Bell Bartlett, b. 09 May 1895; d. 04 Dec 1977
                  Interments Resthaven Memorial Park, Lubbock TX
                  Known Children of Lannie Edgar & Minnie T. (Hefner) Bartlett:
                  1) Theo Docia Bartlett, b. 20 Dec 1919; d. 16 Jun 1998
                      married 28 Nov 1935Juel Ray Spence, b. 02 Apr 1916; d. 22 Apr 1995
                      Interments Englewood Cemetery, Slaton TX
                  2) Katherine Ann (Bartlett) Marshall, b. 25 Aug 1925; d. 27 Apr 1958
                      Interment Resthaven Memorial Cemetery, Lubbock TX
              3) William "Hobart" Bartlett, b. 18 Jul 1899; d. 25 Jan 1979
                  married Mamie Jones, b. 03 Jul 1899; d. 13 Dec 1979
                  Interments Resthaven Cemetery, Southland TX
                  1) James Otis Bartlett, b. 08 Jan 1918, Malone TX; d. 22 Feb 2010, Baytown TX
                      married Nila Maye Russell, b. 03 Feb 1922, Katemcy TX; d. 17 Apr 2005, Carlsbad NM
                      Interments Carlsbad Cemetery, Carlsbad NM
                  2) Mildred Virginia Bartlett, b. 03 Sep 1919, Goree TX; d. 18 Mar 2001, Muleshoe TX
                      married 23 Mar 1940 W. F. "Dub" Bartley, b. 06 Jan 1916, TX; d. 22 Jul 1992, Muleshoe TX
                      Interments at Muleshoe Memorial Park, Muleshoe TX
                  3) Helen Irene Bartlett, b. 15 Jun 1921; d. 03 Jun 1988
                      married Richard Lynnwood "Pete" Rhoads, b. 30 Oct 1919; d. 20 Dec 2005
                      Interments at Green Memorial Park, Wilson TX
                  4) Billy Joe Bartlett, b. 07 Dec 1924, Garza Co. TX; d. 17 May 2011, Lubbock TX; Korean War Veteran, U.S. Army
                      married 10 Jan 1953 Dorothy Bolton
                      Interment at Resthaven Memorial Park, Lubbock TX
              4) Bailey Lafayete Bartlett, b. 11 Nov 1875, TX; d. 14 Oct 1952, Lorenzo TX
                  married Mary H. Allen, b. 25 Dec 1880, d. 13 Dec 1918
                  Interments at Goree Cemetery, Goree TX
                  Known Children of Bailey Lafayete & Mary H. (Allen) Bartlett:
                  1) Benton McMillian Bartlett, b. 31 Aug 1899, Putnam Co. TN; d. 05 Aug 1983, Lubbock TX
                      married 25 Dec 1925 Jo Bartlett, b. 15 Feb 1903, Collin Co. TX; d. 29 Mar 2000, Lubbock TX
                      Interments at Resthaven Memorial Park, Lubbock TX
                  2) Lillie Mattie Bartlett, b. 06 Aug 1901, TN; d. 04 Jan 1982, Lubbock TX
                      married Floyd Frankin Meers, b. 22 Jun 1900, TX; d. 15 Jun 1961, Munday TX
                      Interments at Goree Cemetery, Goree TX
                      Known Children of Floyd Franklin & Lillie Mattie (Bartlett) Meers:
                      1) Bryce Collier Meers, b. 21 Dec 1920, Goree TX; d. 03 Nov 1998, Wichita Falls TX; World War II Veteran, U.S. Army
                          married 08 Oct 1949 Viola Navaratil, b. 01 Apr 1923, Truscott TX; d. 11 Mar 2012, Vernon TX
                          Interments at Wilbarger Memorial Park, Vernon TX
                      2) Bette Irene Meers, b. 01 Aug 1922, TX; d. 30 Mar 2010, TX
                          married 28 Jan 1940 Robert "Wendell" Saunders, b. 13 Oct 1912 Chillicothe TX; d. 14 Oct 2002, TX
                          Interments at Englewood Cemetery, Slaton TX
                  3) Albert Bartlett, b. 12 Mar 1903, TX; d. 24 Jan 1917, TX
                      Interment Goree Cemetery, Goree TX
                  4) Pete Lansden Bartlett, b. 29 Nov 1907, TX; d. 08 Dec 1977, Lubbock TX
                      married Mary Flossie Wynn, b. 09 Apr 1901, OK; d. 04 Jul 1974, Lubbock TX
                      Interments at Resthaven Memorial Park, Lubbock TX
                  5) Buster Bartlett, b. 18 Aug 1908; d. 04 Jan 1987
                      married Katherine Inda Perry, b. 18 Oct 1915; d. 07 Feb 1999
                      Interments at Lorenzo Cemetery, Lorenzo TX
                  6) Loyd Bartlett, b. 23 Aug 1911, TX; d. 10 Jul 1938, Lubbock TX
                      Interment at Goree Cemetery, Goree TX
                  7) Jewel (Bartlett) Perry, b. 02 Feb 1914, TX; d. 11 Jun 1964, Lubbock TX
                      Interment at Resthaven Memorial Park, Lubbock TX
              5) Mary Frances Bartlett, b. 09 Oct 1882; d. 08 Jan 1962
                  married William Jefferson Lovorn, b. 21 Nov 1861; d. 22 Dec 1951
                  Interments at Portales Cemetery, Portales NM
                  Known Children of William Jefferson & Mary Frances (Bartlet) Lovorn:
                  1) Tom Lovron, b. 16 Dec 1904; d. 10 Mar 1980
                      married Julia Starnes, b. 25 Sep 1900; d. 27 Mar 1991
                      Interments at Portales Cemetery, Portales NM
                  2) Rosa Lee Lovorn, b. 25 Dec 1906, Goree TX; d. 15 Feb 1993, Bakersfield CA
                      married William Aaron Griffin, b. 05 Jan 1909; d. 25 Ju 1968
                      Interments Greenlawn Memorial Park, Bakersfield CA
                  3) Joe Buster "Jody" Lovorn, b. 11 Jan 1909; d. 28 Jul 1984
                      married 24 Dec 1936 Ollie Maud McClendon, b. 11 Jan 1915; d. 22 Jan 2010, Portales NM
                      Interments at Portales Cemetery, Potales NM
                  4) Mary Elizabeth "Dolly" Lovorn, b. 17 Nov 1910, Goree TX; d. 01 Apr 1999, Ruidoso NM
                      married Cleve Pippin, b. 12 Oct 1904, TX; d. 12 Dec 1960, Portales NM
                      Interments Portales Cemetery, Portales NM
                      Known Child of Mary Elizabeth "Dolly" (Lovorn) Pippin
                      1) Jimmy George Pippin, b. & d. 28 Jun 1938
                      Interment Mount Zion Cemetery, Dora NM
                  5) Flora Etta Lovorn, b. 04 Oct 1912, Goree TX; d. 10 Dec 1945
                      married Kenneth Robert Luttrell, b. 15 Aug 1913, Lea Co. NM; d. 21 Sep 1995, Poretales NM
                      Interments at Portales Cemetery, Portales NM
                  6) Annie Mae "Jack" Lovorn, b. 30 Apr 1915, Goree TX; d. 05 Apr 1999
                      married Cyril C. Carter,b. 19 Jan 1914; d. 15 Apr 1991
                      Interments at Mount Zion Cemetery, Dora NM
                  7) Delmer Lovorn, b. 27 Aug 1917, Goree TX; d. 04 Mar 1997, TX
                      married 11 Feb 1940 L. V. "Blackie" Ellison, b. 09 Nov 1918; d. 28 Mar 2006
                      Interments at Jal Cemetery, Jal NM
                  8) Christine Marie Lovorn, b. 30 Jun 1920, Goree TX; d. 01 Feb 2003, Santa Fe NM
                      Interment at Portales Cemetery, Portales NM
                      married 1st Feb 1938 Homer Carroll Johnson (1918 - 1976)
                      married 2nd Feb 1948 George Theodore Ted" Bilberry (1908 - 1976)
              6) Henry Lawrence Bartlett, b. 04 Feb 1886, Putnam Co. TN; d. 19 May 1973, Plainview TX
                  Interment Rose Hill Cemtery, Tulia TX
                  married 1st Idera May Mayberry, b. 20 Oct 1881, Jackson Co. TN; d. 01 Oct 1957, Siloam Springs AR
                  Interment at Plainview Cemetery, Plainview TX
                  married 2nd Dora Lee Stuckey, b. 26 Sep 1902, TX; d. 22 Aug 1976, Amarillo TX
                  Interment Rose Hill Cemtery, Tulia TX
              7) Scytha Jane Bartlett, b. 16 Feb 1888, TN; d. 12 Jul 1964, Goree TX
                  married William Allen "Bill" Parmley
                  Interments at Gorlee Cemetery, Gorlee TX
                  Known Child of Sytha Jane (Bartlett) & William Allen "Bill" Parmley:
                  1) Buena Belle Parmley, b. 20 Jan 1907, Goree TX; d. 24 Aug 1971, Quanah TX
                      married 22 Nov 1924 Andrew Jackson "Jack" Bilderback, b. 25 Aug 1902 OK; d. 24 Apr 1979 TX
                      Interments at Chillicothe Cemetery, Chillicothe TX
          3) William Jefferson Mabury, b. 29 Mar 1847, Jackson Co. TN; d. 23 May 1891, Jackson Co. TN
              married Sophia Betsy McDowell, b. 10 Jun 1845, Jackson Co. TN; d. 31 Jan 1911, Jackson Co. TN
              Interments at Jesse Mabury Family Cemetery, Jackson Co. TN
              Known Children of William Jefferson & Sophia Betsy (McDowell) Mabury:
              1) Linden Lawrence Mabry, b. 14 Feb 1881, Jackson Co. TN; d. 31 Dec 1965
                  married 23 Oct 1898 Celina May Gentry, b. 10 Mar 1883, Jackson Co. TN
                  Interments at Jesse Mabury Family Cemetery, Jackson Co. TN
                  Known Children of Linden Lawrence & Celina May (Gentry) Mabry:
                  1) Maude Francis Mabry, b. 15 Sep 1901, Jackson Co. TN; d. 10 Dec 1945, Nashville TN
                      married Henry Cummins Sliger, b. 07 Jan 1901, Jackson Co. TN; d. 18 Jan 1988, Jackson Co. TN
                      Known Child of Maude Francis (Mabry) & Henry Cummins Sliger:
                      1) James Linden Sliger, b. 21 Aug 1933, Jackson Co. TN; d. 02 Oct 1973, Jackson Co. TN
                      Interments at Zion Cemetery, Jackson Co. TN
                2) Avannah Mabry, b. 03 Oct 1904, Jackson Co. TN; d. 06 Jan 1988, Jackson Co. TN
                    married 01 Jun 1946 John O. Boozenny, b. 15 Mar 1900; d. 25 Nov 1961, Jackson Co. TN
                    Interments at Zion Cemetery, Jackson Co. TN
                3) William Jeff Mabry, b. 29 May 1912, Jackson Co. TN; d. 20 Feb 1939, Franklin KY
                    Interment at Zion Cemetery, Jackson Co. TN
                    married Eunice Wilma "Una" Brown, b. 24 Oct 1909, Putnam Co. TN; d. 21 Mar 2006, Sumner Co. TN
                    Interment at Crest Lawn Cemetery, Cookeville TN
                4) Opal L. Mabry, b. 02 Aug 1917, Jackson Co. TN; d. 27 Feb 1985, Jackson Co. TN
                    married 22 May 1933 Robert Otha Moss, b. 01 Nov 1915, Jackson Co. TN; d. 23 Jul 1991, Jackson Co. TN
                    Interments at Zion Cemetery, Jackson Co. TN
            2) Leonard Martin Mayberry, b. 03 Oct 1886, Jackson Co. TN; d. 19 Sep 1978, Jackson Co. TN
                married Jemima "Mima" Loftis, b. 07 Jul 1889, Jackson Co. TN; d. 14 May 1954, Jackson Co. TN
                Interments at Zion Cemetery, Jackson Co. TN
                Known Children of Leonard Martin & Jemima "Mima" (Loftis) Mayberry:
                1) Infant child Mabury, b. & d. 03 Apr 1909
                    Interment at Jesse Mabury Family Cemetery, Jackson Co. TN
                2) Infant child Mabury, b. & d. 26 Jul 1910
                    Interment at Jesse Mabury Family Cemetery, Jackson Co. TN
                3) Lassie B. Maberry, b. 20 Mar 1913; d. 29 1994
                    married Albert Robinson Davis, b. 17 Dec 12904; d. 24 Jan 1968
                    Interments at Cookeville City Cemetery, Cookeville TN
                4) Mary "Estelle" Mabry, b. 09 Feb 1920, Jackson Co. TN; d. 06 May 2000, Cookeville TN
                    married 01 Jun 1940 Charles Polk "Charlie" Allen, b. 02, Jun 1918, Jackson Co. TN; d. 26 Dec 1995, Cookeville TN
                    Interments at Algood Cemetery, Algood TN

      2) John Condra McClelland, b. 23 Oct 1817, Monroe Co. KY; d. 20 Feb 1897, Kirksville MO; Civil War Veteran
          Interment at East Center Cemetery, Kirksville MO
          Known Child of John Condra McClelland:
          1) Andrew Lee McClelland, b. 06 Nov 1870, Kirkwood MO; d. 08 Aug 1941, Long Beach CA
              married Ethel Angeline Worthington, b. 14 Dec 1880 CA; d. 11 Oct 1959, San Bernardino Co. CA
              Interments at Mountain View Cemetery, San Bernardino CA

      3) Dr. Josiah Robinson McClelland.

Dr. Josiah Robinson McClelland

Dr. Josiah Robinson McClelland, b. 15 Dec 1823, KY; d. 24 Dec 1893, Leon IA
    married Amanda M. Rhea, b. 16 Jul 1829, Roane Co. TN; d. 12 May 1910, Leon IA
               daughter of Sebird Rhea (1795 - 1878) & Nancy (Cooke) Rhea (1797 - 1879)
    Dr. & Amanda McClelland were interred at Leon Cemetery, Leon IA
    Known Children of Dr. Josiah Robinson & Amanda M. (Rhea) McClelland:
    1) Etta May McClelland, b. Nov 1858, Leon IA; d. 11 Nov 1914, Denver CO
        married Joshua P. Hall, b. 11 Nov 1854, Chariton IA; d. 22 Apr 1925, Denver CO
        Interments at Leon Cemetery, Leon IA
    2) Edgar B. McClelland, b. 19 Aug 1860, Leon IA; d. 03 Aug 1908, Leon IA
        Interment at Leon Cemetery, Leon IA
    3) Emma G. McClelland, b. 20 Nov 1863, Decatur City IA: d. 10 Apr 1924, Elgin IL
        Interment Leon Cemetery, Leon IA
        married 27 May 1886 Willard P. Clark
        Known Child of Emma G. (McClelland) Clark:
        1) Etta Geraldine Clark, b. 29 Sep 1889; d. 05 Aug 1957
            Interment Leon Cemetery, Leon IA

Extract From 1870 Center Twp, Leon; Decatur Co. Census

Josiah McClelland   47   Physician
Amanda McClelland   40   Keeps House
Etta Mary McClelland   11   At Home
Edgar B. McClelland    9  
Emma G. McClelland    7 

Residing next door:

Sebird Rhea  75   Farmer
Nancy Rhea  70   Keeps House
Tiller Rhea  53   Black, Servant

Note: Amanda (Rhea) McClelland is the daughter of Sebird & Nancy (Cook) Rhea. Tiller Rhea was one of the freed slaves brought by Sebird & Nancy (Cook) Rhea when they moved from Tennessee to Missouri in 1838.


Extract From 1880 Center Twp, Leon; Decatur Co. Census

Josiah McClelland   56   Physician
Amanda McClelland   51   Wife
Edgar B. McClelland   18    Medical Student
Emma G. McClelland   16 

Note: An article about William Rhea, earlier posted, says that Tiller Rhea married after the death of her Master and Mistress -- Sebird & Nancy Rhea.


Extract From 1900 Center Twp, Leon; Decatur Co. Census

Amanda McClelland   70   Head of Household, Widow
Edgar B. McClelland   38   Son, single
Eva Rhea   27   Niece, single

Residing next door:

Willard Clark   38   Head of Househole
Emma G. Clark   36   Wife
Etta Clark   10   Daughter
Albena Cranford   16   Servant

Note: Willard P. Clark (husband of Emma G. McClelland) was part of the firm of McClelland & Clark. In 1903, he left home and was presumed missing according to the following newspaper artices.


Leon Reporter
Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, November 12, 1903

W.P. Clark left his home in Leon, Iowa, on Oct. 13, 1903, intending to visit friends in Atchison, Kansas. He was last seen at the Union depot in St. Joe. Mo., on the afternoon of Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1903, and it is believed he purchased a ticket from St. Joe to Kansas City and boarded a train for the latter point. The half-tone above is from a photograph taken some 15 years ago. It is a very good likeness of Mr. Clark, except that he has grown stouter and somewhat bald. He is 41 years of age, married and left a wife and daughter 14 years of age. He will weigh about 215 pounds, has a full face, dark brown hair, small blue gray eyes, wore a mustache, has the left lateral incisor tooth crowned with gold, and his height is about 5 feet 10 inches. He wore a sack suit of blue-gray cassimere showing a very faint stripe making a plaid, a yachting cap of light gray with black band and visor, a pair of Selz "Perfecto" lace shoes, with plain wide toe, probably no. 9. He carried a leather suit case marked upon the end "Mrs. W.P. Clark," containing a suit of clothes, three shirts, cuffs, socks, etc. He also carried with him a gold hunting case watch with the initials W.P.C. engraved on one side, a gold vest chain with a locket-charm attached engraved on one side with the Masonic and K.of P. Emblems. He is a Mason and also a Knights sf Pythias in good standing in both of these orders.

Mr. Clark was one of the leading retail grocers in Southern Iowa, and it is believed by his family and friends that he left home because of supposed financial difficulties. His affairs have been taken in hand by his family and friends and straightened up and he has been found to be perfectly solvent, and is amply able to pay all obligations.

Mr. Clark belongs to an excellent family, leaving in addition to his wife and child, his father a man 72 years of age, and his mother who is 65 years of age and in delicate and dangerous condition of health. He is a man of high social and business standing, and his family and friends, both business and social, are exceedingly anxious to learn of his whereabouts and have him return, and any information leading to his location or whereabouts will be highly appreciated and amply rewarded. It is requested that any and all information with reference to him be directed to E.B. McClelland, Leon, Iowa.


Leon ReporterLeon, Decatur, Iowa
Thursday, May 26, 1904

The readers of The Reporter are all familiar with the circumstances of the mysterious disappearance of W.P. Clark, the well known grocer of this city, who left Leon on Oct. 13th of last year, ostensibly to visit his brother-in-law at Atchison, Kas. He never reached Atchison, and all trace of him was lost after he reached St. Joe. His disappearance has caused his family and friends great uneasiness, as there were suspicions that he had been foully dealt with, but from information received during the past week.

It appears that he has been in Cuba the past winter, and is probably at some place on that island at the present time.

The discovery of his whereabouts came about in rather a strange manner. A sistant relative of Mrs. I.N. Clark, who lives at Port Arthur, Texas, was talking to some friends who spent the winter in Cuba, and told them that the family thought Mr. Clark might have gone there. The lady said they had met an American at Matanza, Cuba, in a hotel the first of February, and on being shown Mr. Clark's photograph said she was sure she had seen him. She gave the address of the hotel and it was sent to Leon, from which place a photo of Mr. Clark and his description was forwarded to the hotel keeper. Last Saturday a letter was received by Mr. I.N. Clark from the hotel keeper, John B. Escalante, proprietor of the Grand Hotel at Matanzas, saying that on Feb. 2, 1904, a man who registered as B.P. Clark, Leon, Iowa, stopped at his hotel four days and that he resembled the picture of Mr. Clark so much that he was satisfied he was the same man. He writes that Mr. Clark was talking of buying land but did not find any that suited him, and when he left that city was going to Puerto Principe. There is no question but what W.P. Clark was there at that time and the registering under the name of B.P. Clark can be explained by the Cuban being mistaken. Mr. I.N. Clark has written for the page of the register containing the signature and is confident that when it arrives he will recognize Willard's handwriting.

This is the first definite news that has been heard from Willard since he left home, and efforts will be made to trace him in Cuba, and his friends hope that before long he will return to Leon and explain his long absence.


Willard P. Clark did not return home. According to Emma (McClelland) Clark's obituary, she went to Denver which is where her sister Etta (McClelland) Hall lived. She went on to Elgin, Illinois where she taught school, until her death in 1924.


Extract From 1910 Center Twp, Leon; Decatur Co. Census, Commercial Street

Amanda McClelland   80   Head of Household, Widow
Eva Rhea   37   Niece, single

Note: Amanda (Rhea) McClelland died May 12, 1910. Eva Rhea married Van Rensselaer McGinnis in December of 1923.


Extract From Leon Cemetery Transcriptions

McClelland, Amanda (Rhea)   16 Jul 1829 - 12 May 1910   (footstone - Mother)
McClelland, Dr. Josiah R.   15 Dec 1823 - 24 Dec 1893   (footstone - Father)
McClelland, Edgar B.   19 Oct 1860 - 03 Aug 1908   (footstone - Edgar)


Extract From 1920 Center Twp; Leon; Decatur Co. IA census: Main Street

M. Clayton Rhea   83   Head of Household, widower
Eva E. Rhea   47   Daughter, single
Helen M. Rhea   30   Grandchild, single

Note: M. Clayton Rhea was Amanda (Rhea) McClelland's brother.


RE: William Rhea, the freed slave of Seibirt & Nancy (Cook) Rhea. The first that I find him in census records is as follows:
1880 Leon; Decatur Co., IA census:
William Rhea, black, 37, waiter; Restaurant owned by Samual A. Miller.

1900 Leon; Decatur Co., IA census:
William Rhea, Head, black, 57.

WILLIAM RHEA died in 1910 - exact date unknown.. I looked for an obituary after the article that talked about him coming to Decatur County, dated June 23, 1910. I did not find one. Perhaps it was printed in the Princeton, MO newspaper.

Leon Cemetery:
WILLIAM RHEA - 1832-1910.

SOURCES: Various obituaries, cemetery transcriptsion, censuses and newspaper articles
~ Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert


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  • Amanda (Rhea) McClelland obituary

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  • Etta Mary (McClelland) Hall obituary

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  • Eva Rhea - Van Resselaer McGinnis wedding